Penryn Union



1258 Newport Road

Penn Township


Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Judy Sahm




Christian HABECKER 8/27/1840-4/1/1904, aged 63y 7m 4d


Mary HABECKER 6/14/1845-7/9/1912, aged 67y 25d, wife of Christian Habecker, daughter of Daniel and Lydia Sahm


Margaret JEFFERIES 11/16/1769-6/30/1847, aged 77y 7m 14d, consort of David Sahm


Jacob OBER   View of Plot    d. 1798, with wife Susanna OBER 2/8/1799-1/28/1885 aged 86y 4m 20d


Andreas SAHM 12/5/1783-8/31/1802, son of George Sahm Sr (b. 1736) and Catharina Muller Sahm (b. 1741)


Anna(?) SAHM d. 1830, aged 2y


Barbara SAHM 10/23/1815-9/28/1884, aged 68y 11m 5d, wife of Benjamin Sahm


Catharina SAHM 


Catharina SAHM 1741-10/21/1813, aged 71y 10m 12d, wife of George Sahm Sr., daughter of Jacob Miller


David SAHM  View 2  View 3  1803-1888, son of Jacob Sahm (d. 1779), husband of SArah Walker Sahm


Georg SAHM d. 1806, son of Johannes Sahm (d. 1776) and Mary Plasterer Sahm


Georg SAHM  View 2  View 3  d. 1736, son of Andreas(?), husband of Catharina Muller Sahm (d. 1741)


Jacob SAHM 5/5/1831-4/22/1852, aged 20y 11m 17d, son of Heinrich and Maria Singer Sahm


Jacob SAHM  View 2  View 3  d. 1736, son of Andreas(?), husband of Catharina Muller Sahm (d. 1741)


Johannes SAHM  View 2  9/20/1776-10/6/1823, aged 47y 16d


John H. SAHM  View 2  11/22/1839-11/29/1907, aged 68y 7d


Moses SAHM 1837-1862, son of Benjamin and Barbara Hollinger Sahm


Christian SINGER d. 1796, Immigrated from Freudenstadt, Germany 1752, married Anna Eva Menck 1761 and Elisabeth Sebald 1771


Jacob SINGER 4/20/1813-5/17/1873 aged 60y 27d, with wife Lydia SINGER 12/23/1816-12/3/1905 aged 88y 11m 10d




Applied for Grant 1752, Deeded by Thomas and Richard Penn 1766



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