Marietta Pike

West Hempfield Township

Lancaster County



Located next to

Silver Spring Baptist Church


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Ambros B. BARD 1/20/1864-2/22/1871, aged 7y 1m 2d


Barbara G. BARD 8/28/1817-6/5/1895, aged 77y 9m 9d, wife of Jacob(?) S. Bard


Byart BARD 6/21/1859-9/17/1861, aged 2y 2m 26d, son of J. and S. Bard


Catharine BARD  View 2  ?/9/1859(?)-1/3/1860, daughter of ? Bard, next to Elias M. Musser


Catherine L. BARD 1837-1893, with Elsie E. BARD 1882-1900


Christiana BARD 10/2?/186?-3/24(?)/1866(?), daughter of ? Bard


Frederick BARD 4(?)/1?/1829-?/4/1875, aged 46y(?) 4m(?) 13d(?)


Frederick BARD 5/25/1852-4/6/1854, aged 1y 10m ?d


Henry BARD  View 2  1809-1901, with wife Elizabeth BARD 1820-1892


Jacob W. BARD 4/5/1817-11/12/1899, aged 82y 7d


John BARD 12/10/1824-5/3/1896(?), aged 71y 4m 25d(?)


John BARD 5/2/1847-9/11/1854, aged 7y 4m 9d


John BARD d. 9/30(?)/1867(?), aged 14y(?) 8m 22d, son of Jacob and Catharine Bard


Joseph L. BARD 9/21/1858-4/12/1919


Martha BARD daughter of Henry(?) and E------ Bard


Peter BARD 11/10/1860-9/26/1861, aged 10m 16d, son of Frederick and Catharine Bard


Philip BARD 5/16/1849-1/11/1850, aged ?m


Philip BARD  View 2  1781-1836, with wife Anna BARD 1789-1860


Sarah BARD 


Cornelia BENTLINGER 4/28/1830-11/14/1893, aged 63y 6m 16d


Elizabeth Weller BERNTHEISEL 11/29/1796-6/27/1875, aged 78y 6m 28d, wife of George Berntheisel




Isaac BERNTHEISEL 6/11/1806-3/14/1894, aged 87y 9m 3d


Leah BERNTHEISEL 7/9/1803-10/19/1894, aged 91y 3m 10d


Mary BERNTHEISEL 9/28/1820-4/13/1882, aged 60y 6m 15d


Wm. BERNTHEISEL 7/20/????-6/27/1895(?), aged 86y 10m ?d


Annie H. BESHORE d. 2/16/1923, aged 73y 5m 8d, wife of John S. Beshore


Cathrine M. BESHORE 12/10/1872-12/22/1942


John S. BESHORE d. 7/18/1929, aged 88y 8m 15d


Lydia M. BESHORE 8/23(?)/180?-7/28/18??, aged ?y 7m 29d(?)


Susan BESHORE d. 4/14/1886, aged 10y(?) 5m 2?d, daughter of John and Annie Beshore


Mary BOLLACK  View 2  11/?/1796-7/8(?)/1879, aged 82y 8m 24d(?), next to illegible stones


Barbara BOLLOCK b. 9/27/1836


John BOLLOCK 1/10/1835-8/27/1894, aged 59y 7m 17d


C.(?) BOLOCK aged 11m


David BOLOCK aged 2y(?) 4m(?) 18d, son of J. and B. Bolock


Fanny BOLOCK aged 3y 11m 10d, daughter of J. and B. Bolock


John BOLOCK aged 4y(?) 5m 11d, son of J. and B. Bolock


Susan CASSEL d. 8/9/1863(?), aged 53y(?) 6m 8d


Albert GRAM d. 4/?/1858(?), son of J. and C. Gram


Elmira GRAM d. 1/2/1874, aged 11y 10m 25d, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Gram


Franklin GRAM 


Jacob GRAM 8/16/1822-12/22/1904, aged 82y 4m 6d


Katherine GRAM 5/20/1825-1/24/1916, aged 90y 10m 4d


Mary GRAM 4/3/1839-12/29/1861, aged 22y 8m 26d, wife of Abraham Gram


Ray M. HAHN 9/9/1925-6/22/1999




Catharine HERSH d. April(?)


Ezra M. HOSTETTER d. 2/23/1923, aged 65y 3m 14d


Fannie S. HOSTETTER d. 2/10/1923, aged 72y 6m 10d


Jacob S. HOSTETTER 2/25/1832-12/8/1920, with first wife Elizabeth Musser HOSTETTER 1/3/1830-2/6/1884, and second wife Louisa Reeser HOSTETTER 3/23/1841-10/21/1915


Katie N. HOSTETTER d. 10/12/1924, aged 66y 6m


Martin M. HOSTETTER d. 1/20/1924, aged 71y 17d


Illegible Stones:  1  2  3  4  5




Agnes S. KAUFFMAN 4/18/1868-2/8/1957, aged 88y 9m 20d, wife of Michael M. Kauffman


Anna KAUFFMAN 1/25/18??-2/?/18??, aged 18d(?)


Anna C. KAUFFMAN 7/18/1840-8/17/1899, aged 59y 29d, wife of Henry S. Kauffman


Elizabeth KAUFFMAN 7/19/1863-11/19/1888, aged 25y 4m, also an Infant


Henry L. KAUFFMAN 1851-10/9/188?


Michael M. KAUFFMAN 9/2/1868-3/16/1929, aged 60y 6m 14d


Catharine KESSLER d. 1870(?)


Abraham B. LENHARD 9/21/1877-3/24/1881, aged 3y 5m(?) 3d, son of ? Lenhard


Barbara LENHARD 2/28/1820-12/1/1854, aged 34y 9m 3d


David R. LENHARD 11/16/1839-5/27/1921, with wife Hannah LENHARD 3/28/1840-9/15/1914


John LENHARD 8/18/1879-3/25/1881, aged 1y 7m 7d, son of Martin and Susan Lenhard


John W. LENHARD 5/20/1878-12/3/1880, aged 2y 6m 13d, son of David and Hannah Lenhard


Martin LENHARD 1855-1937, with wife Susan LENHARD 1850-1927


Henry M. MILLER 11/18/1833-1/11/1914, aged 80y 1m 23d(?)


Mary B. MILLER  View 2  5/3/1840-7/20/1894, aged 54y 2m ?d, next to missing stone


John MUMMA 2/25/18??-4/5/18??, aged 1y ?m 10d


Anna MUSSER 3/21/18??-9/24/1894, aged 66y ?m ?d, wife of Michael Musser


Catharine MUSSER 9/16/1827-6/1/1901, aged 73y 8m 16d, wife of Martin S. Musser


Christian H. MUSSER d. 10/13/1931 aged 72y 3m 29d, with Elizabeth W. MUSSER d. 6/2/1946 aged 88y 6m 13d


Christian S. MUSSER 1827-1907, with Martha S. MUSSER 1831-1919, and Sarah MUSSER 1854-1870


Elias M. MUSSER  View 2  8/27/1856-10/8/1856, aged 1m 11d, son of Jacob and Susan Musser, next to Catharine Bard and unidentified stones


Elizabeth MUSSER 3/12/1816-7/1?/1857, wife of Michael Musser


Emma H. MUSSER 1902-1998


Henry F. MUSSER 1/23/1905-5/6/1917


Henry H. MUSSER 1864-1956, with Elmira W. MUSSER 1864-1932


John H. MUSSER aged 7y(?), son of John and Catharine Musser


Martin(?) MUSSER d. 2/7/1839(?), aged 68y 1m 1d(?)


Martin S. MUSSER 1/20/1825-6/9/1905, aged 80y 4m 20d




Mary H. MUSSER 10/9/1878-5/29/1889, aged 10y 7m 20d, daughter of Christian(?) Musser


Michael MUSSER 


Michael MUSSER 2/24/1815-12/2?/1894, aged 79y 10m ?d


Michael H. MUSSER 1884-1941, with wife Sallie C. Fry MUSSER 1884-1967


Miriam MUSSER daughter of Simon and Susie Musser


Unknown MUSSER d. 2/3/1861, aged 68y 10m 17d


Christian H. NISSLY 5/18/1820-9/14/1849 aged 29y 3m 27d, with wife Anna S. MUSSER 8/30/1821-9/9/1897 aged 76y 10d


Martin S. NISSLY 6/14(?)/188?-4/15/188?, aged 10m 1d, son of ? Nissly


Tobias S. NISSLY 12/27/1878-5/30/1885, aged 7y 5m 3d, son of ? Nissly


David K. PEIFER 11/21/1857-2/9/1930, with wife Barbara H. PEIFER 4/6/1861-2/19/1951


Martin M. PEIFER 1890-1923, with Harriet PEIFER 1893-1975


Emma SNEATH d. 5/17/1871, aged 8y 11m 9d, daughter of Michael and Mary Ann Sneath


Lizzie SNYDER 4/2/1874-2/8/1880, aged 5y 11m 6d, daughter of Jacob and ? Snyder


Peter SNYDER d. 3/26/1899, aged 86y 9m 6d


Abram B. WAKEFIELD  View 2  next to missing stone


Ann WAKEFIELD 11/10/18??-4/?/18??, daughter of Samuel and Mary Wakefield


H. WAKEFIELD d. 1898, Co. H 215th PA Inf.


John B. WAKEFIELD d. 10/8/1864, aged 29y 4m 7d, son of Samuel and Mary Wakefield, member of Co. B 157 Reg. P.V., Died in the service of his country in front of Petersburg, Va


Samuel WAKEFIELD 6/5/1812-9/14/1869, aged 57y 3m 9d


Joseph WALTER 4/?/1808(?)-5/6/185?, aged 49y 21d


Samuel WAY 12/15/1821-9/30/1904, aged 82y


Anna D. WELLER  View 2  next to John S. Weller


Barbara S. WELLER 6/4/1862-8/19/1862, daughter of H. and M.(?) Weller


John S. WELLER  View 2  10/24/1859(?)-4/2?/18??, son of ? and Matilda Weller, next to Anna D. Weller




Fred C. WERLICK 4/25/1854-12/3/1914 aged 90y 7m 8d, with Josephene O. WERLICK b. 5/3/1831


Elizabeth WISMER 4/14/1804-3/5/1882, aged 77y 10m 21d


Mary WISMER 4/21/1810-10/11/1881, aged 71y 5m 20d


Frank WORLICH 1874-1951




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