Mount Ober


Harrisburg Pike

(Route 230)

Northwest of Elizabethtown

West Donegal Township



Transcribed by

Keith McKain


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman



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Listed below are all stones visible in 2007.

There are a number of others interred here

for which no marker exists.



Ira R. BARNHART 1888-1958, with wife Bessie C. BARNHART 1894-1946


Leona BARNHART 1905-1978


Nancy BARNHART 1901-1929


Sherman BARNHART 1890-1976


Anna I. BECKER Infant daughter of Harry & Anna BECKER


Anna M. BECKER 1886-1982


Clyde R. BECKER 1923-1978 Veteran WWII, with wife Clare P. BECKER 1922-1980 and daughter Shirley A. BECKER 1950-1966


Elam H. BECKER 1891-1965, with wife Fannie W. BECKER 1890-1980


Frederick W. BECKER 1917-1996, son


Harry W BECKER 1876-1933, father


Lillian J. BECKER 1914-1918, daughter of Harry & Anna BECKER


Marie A. BECKER 1910-1912, daughter of Harry & Anna BECKER


William BECKER 1912-1918, son of Harry & Anna BECKER


Anna BRENEMAN 03/26/1859-08/24/1859, aged 4m 29d daughter of David and Ann BRENEMAN


Anna BRILL 02/18/1827-04/30/1897


George BRILL 03/09/1831-04/05/1912, aged 81y 26d


Wm. B. CAMPBELL 02/03/1804-03/16/1870, aged 66y 1m 13d


Edward B. COBLE 1884-1983, with Nellie G. COBLE 1892-1983


Mary COBLE 03/04/1917, daughter of Byron and Mary COBLE


Richard H. COBLE 02/14/1919-05/31/2003


Mary Foster COLLINS 1862-1960


Jacob H. CONRAD   View 2  View 3  View 4   03/04/1869-07/11/1956, with wife Cora M CONRAD 09/05/1879-11/24/1981 and daughter Alice E. CONRAD 08/06/1902-10/11/1930, same stone as Charles and Bertha Meads


William C. DAVIS 02/18/1968-02/15/1993, Son


Ora V. DIMELER 03/06/1920-03/30/1998


Thadeus N. ECKERD 04/03/1980-02/14/2005, with son Ethan Tyler ECKERD 10/07/2004-02/16/2005


Angelina EISENBERGER 01/07/1854-09/17/1926, with husband Jacob EISENBERGER [No Dates]


Amanda B. ENGLE 04/16/1862-05/13/1935, aged 73y 27d


Jacob A. ENGLE 02/24/1854-07/10/1937 aged 83y 4m 16d


Harriet FIRESTONE 05/28/1803-03/30/1859, aged 55y 10m 2d


John W. FISHER 10/18/1877-05/25/1951, with Maggie P. FISHER 04/11/1878-05/03/1945 and Myrtle FISHER 03/17/1902-09/04/1902


Eli FOSTER   View 2 View 3 View 4 View 5 View 6 View 7   08/23/1829-12/30/1912, with wife Mary FOSTER 04/13/1838-01/19/1912, wife Elvina FOSTER 10/10/1831-10/29/1855, John S. FOSTER 1854-1857 son of Eli & Elvina FOSTER, Stover FOSTER son of Eli & Elvina FOSTER aged 2m, and Addison J. FOSTER




John G. FOSTER 1871-1950


Mary FOSTER b. 04/17/1800, wife of Elias FOSTER


Mary A. FOSTER d. 1833


Washington FOSTER 04/16/1842-02/21/1925


Mary Ann GALL 07/27/1846-04/18/1850, aged 3y 8m 22d, daughter of Abram & Ann Gall


Barbara GISCH 05/09/1775-12/04/1864, grandmother, same stone as Isaac and Catharine Ober


Anna M. GOODMAN d. 05/17/1905, aged 5m 6d, daughter of John S. and Mary GOODMAN


Barbara S. GOODMAN d. 09/16/1903, aged 9m 6d, daughter of John S. and Mary GOODMAN


Charles C. Goodman 10/16/1952-07/04/1965, son


Clarence S. GOODMAN 12/04/1915 - 04/02/1960 father, with grandson Kenneth Paul GOODMAN 12/12/1963-03/26/1964


John S. GOODMAN 1876-1961, with wife Mary Ann GOODMAN 1877-1941


Joseph S. GOODMAN 1855-1935, with wife Anna S. GOODMAN 1855-1935 and son Clayton S. GOODMAN 1895-1896


Richard C GOODMAN   View 2   1937-1946, son of Clarence & Erma GOODMAN


William S. GOODMAN 1888-1981 Veteran WWII, with wife Georgia A GOODMAN 1891-1980


Carl F. GORDON 1921-1941


Harry D. GORDON 06/16/1894-02/17/1979, with Kathryn M. GORDON 05/09/1898-02/05/1986, Carl E. GORDON 1921-1941, and Infants


Hazel GORDON d. 06/09/1917, daughter of Harry D. & Barbara GORDON


Wilbur H. GORDON 01/15/1920-11/15/1986, Tec 5 US ARMY - World War II


Children GREENAWALT of William & Fanny(?) GREENWALT


Elizabeth HANSPERGER d. 10/02/1824. Her time in this world was 97y and 7m and she died in hope of entering into a better world. [Inscribed in German]




C. Richard HEIN   View 2  View 3   1912-1974 SSMB2 --USNI (SA) WWII, Odd Fellows Marker, with wife Vera G. HEIN 1915-1987


Jacob E. HEISEY 05/18/1868-05/02/1940, father


Lavinia W. HEISEY 02/03/1867-09/07/1893, aged 26y 7m 4d, wife of Jacob E. HEISEY, mother


Nancy HEISEY 11/06/1809-06/14/1893, aged 83y 6m 8d, wife of John E. HEISEY


Barbara HORST 01/04/1808-04/16/1883, aged 75y 3m 15d


Everett T. HUGHES 1924-1990


Jacob G. INNERS   View 2   1870-1948, with Clarence V. INNERS 1897-1948, next to missing stone


Jennie M. INNERS 1888-1950, mother


Mary S. INNERS 1874-1955, mother


Raymond J. INNERS 1894-1962


Raymond J. INNERS Jr. 1923-1961


Unknown INNERS 


T. W. JACOBS 11/25/1847-07/01/1857, aged 10y 7m 6d


Mary E. KALEY 1911-1978


Paul G. KALEY 10/18/1901-04/05/1967, with wife Bertha A. KALEY 10/31/1901-10/11/1944


Adolf KAUFFMAN 07/31/1878-07/13/1957


Fanny S. KELCHNER 12/21/1849-07/05/1873, aged 23y 6m 14d, daughter of Isaac & Fanny Kelcher


Isaac S. KELCHNER 1856-1937, with Anna M. KELCHNER 1856-1931


John S. KELCHNER 11/18/1869-10/07/1871, aged 2y 6m 19d, son of Isaac W & Fanny KELCHER


Unknown KELCHNER d. 1/13(?)/18??, aged 3y 11m ?d, daughter of Isaac and Fanny Kelcher


Lyle Henry KOSER d. 05/29/1923, son of Victor R. and Nellie Koser


Harriet KROUSE 10/21/1805-07/05/1842, aged 36y 8m 15d, daughter of John & Mary KROUSE


William E. LAWING 03/12/1929-07/02/1969


Levi LAWRENCE 03/12/1842-06/23/1843, aged 1y 3m 11d


Florence S. LAYNE 02/16/1922-12/13/1983


Elizabeth LEHMAN 1829-1916, wife of Christian LEHMAN


G. M. 


Benjamin MAYER 05/11/1809-10/10/1843, aged 34y 4m 29d


Unkinown MAYER 


Samuel McLANAGHAN   View 2   06/17/1827-01/21/1915 Father, with wife and mother Lydia A. McLANAGHAN 11/11/1831-06/16/1874, daughter Catharine McLANAGHAN 03/21/1857-11/12/1875, and Robert McLANAGHAN 1759-1824


Charles McNORTON   View 2  View 3  View 4   10/18/1870-04/14/1912, aged 41y 5m 26d, with Lizzie McNORTON 1878-1967, and Infant children Amos, Florence, and Ellen


Charles A. MEADS   View 2 View 3   8/31/1896-05/18/1968, with wife Bertha M. MEADS 04/18/1898-01/14/1964, same stone as Jacob, Cora and Alice Conrad


Kenneth L. MEADS 11/30/1927-09/29/1999, with wife Mary E. MEADS 08/21/1930-04/28/2006, married 10/15/1950


Sarah MEYER 11/21/1816-03/27/1852, wife of Henry MEYER


Catharine MEYERS d. 04/23/1847, aged 3d, daughter of Henry & Sarah MEYERS


Robert Allen MILLER 05/26/1973-01/20/1991


Robert L. MULHOLLEM 02/25/1927-06/29/2006, Veteran WW II


Christian MYERS d. 09/15/1903, aged 64y 3m 1d


Christian M. MYERS 1874-1962, with Katie S. MYERS 1879-1963


Henry MYERS 10/3/1803-09/21/1890, aged 86y 10m 29d


Maria MYERS 01/19/1831-09/09/1902, aged 71y 7m 20d, wife of Henry MYERS


Martha J. MYERS d. 05/31/1913, aged 74y 3m 14d, wife of Christian MYERS


George H. NAUMAN III 1922-1981, Veteran


George W. NAUMAN Jr. 1895-1974 Husband, with wife Mary A. NAUMAN 1910-1982


George W. NAUMAN Sr.   Family Stone   1864-1932 Father, with Lillie E. NAUMAN 1868-1943 Mother, Elizabeth M. NAUMAN 1897-1924, and Daniel C. NAUMAN 1924-1925


Henry W. NAUMAN 1905-1977, with wife Mary A. NAUMAN 1905-1981


Edward A. NILAN 05/26/1911-09/10/1917, son of John & Ada NILAN


John J. NILAN 1881-1953, with Ada M. NILAN 1889-1979 and Michael J. NILAN 1909-1928


Mary H. NITRAUER d. 02/23/1915, aged 44y 10m and 7d, wife of Ambrose D. NITRAUER


Christian OBER 09/29/1762-11/27/1840, "so his time in this world was 78 Years 1 Month & 28 Days & it pleased the Lord to take him away" [in German]


Christian Marya OBER 1762-1840, Revolutionary Soldier PA. Militia Lancaster Co. 2nd Battalion


Elizabeth OBER 11/19/1764-06/12/1845, "so her time in this world was 80y 6m 23d", wife of Christian OBER


Isaac OBER    View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  View 6  02/13/1790-01/22/1863, with Catharine OBER 09/04/1795-07/28/1879, Catherine OBER 09/20/1834-02/18/1898, and children Christian OBER 07/19/1821-07/15-1822, Jeremiah OBER 04/19/1819-02/09/1838, Samuel OBER, 06/24/1815-06/27/1841, Henry OBER 03/18/1843-05/22/1844, and grandmother Barbara GISCH 05/09/1775-12/04/1864


Jacob OBER 08/10/1786-06/19/1837, aged 50y 10m [remaining inscription buried in soil]


Bernice A. OTIS 04/30/1911-08/03/1986, nee COLLEGE


Ida A. PAUL 1882-1955, nee SHANK


John B. POORMAN 1849-1909


Marcus REICHERT 1854-1934


Rose A. REICHERT 1855-1941


S   with Shank stones


Dorkis Shank SEIBERT   View 2   11/04/1914-07/08/1996


Erma J. SHAAK 03/31/1921-06/15/1996


Abraham H. SHAFFER 09/13/1831-03/08/1910, with wife Mary A. SHAFFER 08/16/1838-05/16/1920, same stone as Daniel and Alice Shaffer


Daniel M. SHAFFER   View 2 View 3   11/27/1872-[NoDate], with Alice B. SHAFFER 10/03/1876-11/06/1932, Mary E. SHAFFER 1906-1906, Alice M. SHAFFER 1915-1920 and Daniel M. SHAFFER 1908-1908, same stone as Abraham and Mary Shaffer


Albert H. SHANK 12/27/1879-11/24/1953, with Ida M. SHANK 10/13/1883-05/01/1966


Annie SHANK d. 02/27/1899, wife of Michael SHANK, Mother, in front of  ????abeth  


Beatrice E. SHANK 01/01/1911-11/19/2000, daughter


Clifford E. SHANK 12/14/1922-04/21/1999 Veteran WWII, with Emma Z. SHANK 12/17/1922-01/19/2005


Daryle W. SHANK 02/21/1941-06/07/1955


David S. SHANK   View 2   1878-1921, with wife Mary A. SHANK 1871-1953, Jacob M. SHANK 1899-1918, Ruth A. SHANK 1917-1918, and children Mamie W. SHANK 1897-1898, Sarah C. SHANK 1909-1910 and Dorothy W. SHANK 1911-1911


Edna S. SHANK d. 08/29/1901, aged 10m 6d, daughter of Albert H. & Ida M. SHANK


Effie L. SHANK 11/10/1885-01/26/1968


Elizabeth SHANK 


Ella SHANK 08/28/1872-10/11/1894, aged 22y 1m & 13d, wife of John S. SHANK


Ephraim D. SHANK 03/19/1856-04/19/1924 Veteran, aged 68 y 1m, with wife Ellen M. SHANK 07/08/1857-12/03/1935


Israel S. SHANK 1890-1946, with wife Sue C. SHANK 1890-1979


John H. SHANK 08/25/1892-03/13/1914, aged 21y 6m 18d, son of Martin S. & Lovisa SHANK


John H. SHANK 12/05/1866-12/15/1939, with wife Fannie B. SHANK 02/11/1866-12/29/1943


John S. SHANK 07/22/1862-05/09/1954


Leroy S. SHANK d. 04/07/1902, aged 2m 14d, son of Albert H. & Ida M. SHANK


Lovisa S. SHANK 05/19/1871-07/09/1960, Mother


Martin S. SHANK 02/14/1870-06/13/1941, Father


Mary SHANK 1857-1934, Mother


Mary S. SHANK daughter of John & Fanny SHANK


Michael SHANK 


Michael S. SHANK   Plot  07/02/1852-06/09/1922


Milford C. SHANK 1920-1920, with Lloyd A. SHANK 1923-1925 and Harry C. SHANK 1917-1925, children of Albert H. & Ida M. SHANK


Norman H. SHANK 1897-1963 Father, with Sara O. SHANK 1897-1983 Mother


Norman Y. SHANK 05/21/1921-11/11/1987, Cpl US Army Air Corps World War II


R----- SHANK 


Raymond H. SHANK 1892-1982 Father, with Stella R. SHANK 1895-1954 Mother


Robert E. SHANK 1939-1939


Russell W. SHANK 05/08/1893-05/24/1963


Sara Ann SHANK 09/13/1925-01/11/1926


Unknown SHANK 


Victor SHANK d. 11/26/1912, aged 3d


Wallace SHANK 


David SHARER 2/12/1822-2/6/1888, aged 65y 11m 24d


Elmer G SHARER   View 2 View 3  08/20/1872-04/19/1927, with Jacob S. SHARER 03/01/1862-08/07/1927 and Mazie G. SHARER 05/26/1875-[No DATE]


Mary SHARER b. 9/29/????, wife of David SHARER


Edward C. SHAW 1901-1972 with Anna M. SHAW 1907-2000


Hezekiah C. SHEAFFER 12/13/1864-09/27/1936, with wife Minnie C. SHEAFFER 09/29/1870-12/08/1934


Catherine SHEARER 9/18/1818-5/25/1891, aged 72y 9m 7d, wife of John B. SHEARER


Elizabeth SHEARER 01/07/1835-01/31/1906, aged 71y 24d, wife of John S. SHEARER


George G. SHEARER 10/16/1859-03/17/1906, aged 46y 5m 3d


Hettie SHEARER   Rear View   10/06/1798-11/07/1869, wife of John SHEARER


John B. SHEARER 11/22/1821-05/08/1900, aged 78y 6m 16d


John S. SHEARER 12/22/1836-12/6/1907, aged 70y 11m 14d


David SHENK 08/12/1882-01/22/1967


David S. SHENK 10/01/1849-01/29/1910, aged 60y 3m 28d, Father


Rebecca SHENK 05/29/1849-08/18/1937, aged 88y 2m 20d, Mother


Ralph B. SHOPE 05/21/1905-9/15/1996 (dod per SSDI), with Virginia G. SHOPE 03/14/1908-11/13/1983


Charles D. SMITH 07/16/1906-12/11/1928


Daniel G. SMITH 08/22/1881-03/24/1926


Daniel G. SMITH 01/28/1913-03/28/1962, PA Pvt 1302 Sig Opr Tng Co World War II


Margaret R. SMITH 09/24/1884-03/25/1952


Harry F. SNYDER 1908-1979 Veteran, with Pearl S. SNYDER 1907-1976


Jacob M. SWEIGART 02/12/1830-12/30/1911, aged 81y 10m 18d, with wife Elizabeth SWEIGART 11/19/1832-02/23/1917, aged 84y 3m 4d


Frank K. UNDERKOFLER 1877-1960, with Anna Foster UNDERKOFLER 1876-1977


Unknowns:  1  2  3  4  5 


Catharine WELSH 02/24/1842-04/18/1842, aged 1m 25d, daughter of John & Anna WELSH


Abraham WINTERS 05/24/1836-01/18/1909, aged 72y 7m 24d


Abraham E. WINTERS 08/23/1870-07/11/1940, with Louisa W. WINTERS 09/07/1873-12/09/1944, Dorothy A. WINTERS 1914-1917, Pearl A. WINTERS 1899-1904, and Leroy A. WINTERS 1896-1896


Daniel H. WINTERS   View 2   10/30/1882-04/04/1974, with Andrew H. WINTERS 09/21/1880-03/23/1959


Elizabeth B. WINTERS 11/20/1841-06/12/1917, aged 75y 6m 22d, wife of Samuel WINTERS


Harry E. WINTERS d. 09/18(?)/1897(?), aged 2m 13d, son of Martin & Elizabeth WINTERS


Joseph H. WINTERS   View 2  01/09/1835-10/05/1880, aged 45y 8m 26d, next to fallen stone


Lee A. WINTERS Sr. 11/10/1911-07/08/2000 with Rachel M. WINTERS 05/20/1913-06/05/2007


LeeROY J. WINTERS   View 2  1899-1985, with Elsie E. WINTERS 1912-1976


Martin WINTERS   View 2   11/30/1800-10/14/1871, next to Unknown WINTERS


Martin H. WINTERS 1871-1949, with Sarah E. WINTERS 1866-1941


Mary WINTERS 09/24/1837-04/04/1885, aged 47y 6m 10d, wife of Samuel WINTERS


Mary A. Horner WINTERS 1/7/1843-5/22/1893, aged 50y 4m 15d, wife of Abraham WINTERS


Samuel WINTERS 02/29/1828-01/22/1911, aged 82y 10m 22d


A. Lincoln ZEAGER d. 12/22/1918, aged 10m 17d, son of Lehman & Parthene B. LEHMAN


Lehman ZEAGER 09/08/1893-02/05/1953 Father, with wife Parthene B. ZEAGER 10/23/1889-07/09/1972 Mother




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