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Millersville Pike

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Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Kay Arnold










Robert S. BREIGHNER    View of Plot    6/5/1928-8/18/1998


Rudolph S. BREIGHNER   View of Plot   1908-2001, with Mary H. BREIGHNER 1903-1947


Chester H. KEEPORT   View of Plot   5/9/1912-1/24/1994, with Elsie M. KEEPORT 12/13/1916-8/3/1990


Elvina H. KEEPORT 1908-1999, with siblings Infant Son 1912-1912, Isaac H. 1914-1914, and Henry H. 1920-1920


Emory B. KEEPORT   View of Plot   1877-1947, with wife Anna H. Herr KEEPORT 1877-1928, and wife Fannie H. Herr KEEPORT 1884-1966


Marian M. KEEPORT 8/23/1941-3/8/2005


Aaron KEEPORTS   View of Plot   1857-1916, with wife Anna KEEPORTS 1859-1938


Anna H. KEEPORTS 1886-1972


Clara H. KEEPORTS   View of Plot   1894-1964


Emeline S. KEEPORTS   View of Plot   1899-1986


Harry H. KEEPORTS   View of Plot   1882-1924, with Elizabeth A. KEEPORTS 1882-1958


Margaret KEEPORTS d. 9/9/1895, aged 77y 4m 9d


Vernon S. KEEPORTS 11/16/1922-5/20/2001, with Teresa M. KEEPORTS 6/14/1925-11/12/2005


Elizabeth LINTNER 12/1/18?7-4/10/1898, aged 52y(?) 4m 9d, wife of John H. Lintner, daughter of John and Margaret Keeport


John H. LINTNER 9/9/1834-9/24/1917


Willis R. NEWSWANGER  View From Plot  1/21/1917-12/19/1995, with Alice K. NEWSWANGER 2/14/1918-9/8/2001




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