Marietta Cemetery


Marietta, Lancaster County


Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Keith McKain



Edmund W. HART  1864-1953, with Jennie M. HART 1869-1944


Harry S. HARTIG  4/4/1858-3/10/1920 aged 61y 11m 6d, with Anna M. HARTIG 7/18/1861-11/18/1929 aged 68y 4m


Annie H. LEADER  d. 2/8/1906, aged 30y 6m 8d, wife of Edward Leader


George M. MARLEY  1872-1951, with Maud M. MARLEY 1875-1961


Walter C. MARLEY  1917-1950, with Sarah E. MARLEY 1918-1957, and Richard C. 1936-1936


A. Elizabeth McKAIN  1892-1978


Charles McKAIN  1891-1938


Elizabeth R. McKAIN  11/25/1883-6/8/1971


Elmer L. McKAIN  1892-1974, with Emily E. McKAIN 1899-1992


Frank McKAIN Jr.  1880-1959, with Elizabeth McKAIN 1884-1939, and infant children Ralph and Helen


Frank McKAIN Sr.  1852-1924, with Annie L. McKAIN 1860-1947


J. Mary McKAIN  1824-1901, wife of William McKain


John F. McKAIN  1910-1950, S 1/C U.S. Navy WW II


Richard L. McKAIN  1915-1975, with Blanche E. McKAIN 1916-1954


Samuel J. McKAIN  3/7/1879-10/23/1961 Co. I 8th Reg. PA Vol. Inf. Spanish American War Vet.


William McKAIN  1817-1907


Annie R. Libhart MILLER  1850-1935, wife of Joseph Miller


John H. NAGLE  5/1/1877-9/18/1946, with Mary NAGLE 5/24/1879-2/23/1955


William NAGLE Sr.  1893-1968, with Josephine M. NAGLE 1892-1976


George R. NAYLOR  1888-1952


George PAULES Jr.  1883-1953


Harry B. PAULES  2/18/1860-1/25/1935, with wife Oreanna PAULES 11/26/1866-2/23/1946


George PAULIS  Co. D 195 PA. INF., GAR marker


George RETTEW  1883-1952, with wife Agnes RETTEW 1886-1942


Philip A. STALEY  2/15/1856-12/22/1927, with wife Mary J. STALEY 3/28/1858-4/28/1942


John THUMA  1843-1915 Cor. Co. B 215 PA VOL INF, with Catherine Warner THUMA 1840-1921


Samuel THUMA  1834-1923, with wife Emma N. A. THUMA 1838-1905, and wife
Jennie R. THUMA 1867-1954




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