Limeville United Methodist

Church Cemetery

Formerly an Evangelical

United Brethren Church


Located on Limeville Road,

Salisbury Township








Photos contributed by

Lynne Witte











Earl B. AMMON  1897-1979 son of Diller and Lucy Ammon, with Blanch M. AMMON 1900-1962 daughter of Elmer and Jennie Templeton


Maurice S. DOUTRICH  1900-1991, with Anna M. DOUTRICH 1896-1997 daughter of Elmer and Jennie Templeton


Annie A. MARDOCK  3/21/1852-10/6/1907, daughter of Abraham and Catherine Whitaker of Berks County. Robert and Annie Mardock were the parents of Jennie Mardock Templeton.


Infants McNELLY  5/17/1888-5/19/1888, "Our Pets", twin daughters of Harry F. and Katie M. McNelly. Harry later became Reverend Harry F. McNelly, a Brethren Pastor. His wife was the former Kathryn M. Wise. Both born in Salisbury Township.


Laura M. McNELLY  5/9/1889-6/18/1889, infant daughter of Samuel and Mary McNelly, "Our Babe"


Samuel McNELLY  born 5/27/1852 Salisbury Twp, died 4/19/1909 Salisbury Twp, with Mary McNELLY born 1/1864, died 9/4/1900 in Altoona, PA


Anna M. TEMPLETON  12/1/1850-3/23/1919, aged 68y 3m 22d, wife of Jacob Templeton, "Pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided."


Elmer H. TEMPLETON  1871-1931, Anna & Jacob Templeton, and the husband of Jennie (Mardock) Templeton


Harvey E. TEMPLETON  12/22/1876-10/23/1959, son of Anna and Jacob Templeton


Jacob TEMPLETON  10/29/1838-7/18/1896, aged 57y 8m 19d, "He served his Country as a member of the Penna Reserve Volunteers"


Jennie TEMPLETON  1874-1947, wife of Elmer, daughter of Anna (Whitaker) Mardock and Robert Mardock. Their children were: Anna A., Blanche M., and Maurice


Maurice R. TEMPLETON  1903-1948




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