Hahnstown United Zion

Church Cemetery


Glenwood Drive


Ephrata Township, Lancaster County



Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman



Views of Church and Cemetery:

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Richard W. ALTHOUSE Sr.  2/8/1907-8/3/1990, with Anna M. ALTHOUSE 11/18/1924-11/16/2004


A. B.  (?)


William B---  d. 5/15/1907, aged 75y 5m 23d


Katie R. BAIR  1902-1953


Ronald Lee BARD  6/13/1960-8/21/2004


Lori Anita BAUMAN  7/4/1960-12/9/1960


Mary Lou BAUMAN  2/8/1936-11/21/2001


Ruth G. BEAM  2/29/1928-1/1/1988


Martin L. BIXLER  8/29/1891-3/11/1968, with Edna M. BIXLER 5/26/1894-12/15/1981


Lloyd BOWMAN  12/7/1911-1/5/1981


Mary E. BOWMAN  1918-1966


Betty Jane BOYER  4/21/1932-3/14/1959


Daniel M. BOYER  1/7/1904-9/18/1970, with Carrie E. Boyer 9/4/1908-7/16/1977


Frances G. BURKHOLDER  4/17/1906-6/6/1986


Mary A. BURKHOLDER  8/20/1924-11/14/2003


Mary W. BUSHMAN  8/21/1904-12/28/1995


M. C.


George W.(?) COOPER  d. 12/21/1871(?), aged 18d, son of ? Cooper


Benjamin DEIBLER  1861-1925 aged 63y 7m 6d, with Emma DEIBLER 1869-1933 aged 63y 2m 24d


Benjamin H. DEIBLER  d. 4/26/1907, aged 1y 5m 12d, son of Benjamin and Emma Deibler


Israel M. DEIBLER  9/1/1889-4/5/1907, aged 17y 7m 5d, son of Benjamin and Emma Deibler


John F. DEIBLER  1883(?)-1934, with Florence DEIBLER 1890(?)-1979(?)


William DEIBLER  9/14/1855-2/19/1909, aged 53y 5m 5d


Albert DEITRICH  9/16/1852-4/15/1924 aged 71y 6m 29d, with Fietta DEITRICH 1/30/1852-2/21/1924 aged 72y 21d


Alice Grace DICKERSHEID  1876-1950


George DITZLER  7/13/1900-1/9/1967, with Mamie I. DITZLER 12/12/1901-11/28/1983


Mabel L. DITZLER  3/16/1916-11/26/1957


Fred'k DOLLA  Co. D 87th PA. INF., G.A.R.


Lydia A. DUBBS  8/30/1873-8/30/1927, aged 54y


Irene Faye ESCH  3/13/1947-6/1/2003, aged 56y 2m 20d, next to Wilmer W. Sensenig


Henry ESHLEMAN  3/17/1874-3/3(?)/1875, aged 1y 11m ?d, son of Benjamin and ? Eshleman


C. F.


L. F.  (?)


M. F. and L. F.


Richard P. FASNACHT  6/26/1914-12/30/1975


Catharine FLICKINGER  10/12/1830-3/29/1868, aged 37y 5m 17d, daughter of Richard and Anna Flickinger


Isaac FLICKINGER  10/26/1825-4/3/1904, aged 78y 5m 8d


Mary FLICKINGER  11/20/1828-2/8/1880, aged 51y 2m 19d, wife of Isaac Flickinger


Henry FOX  1864-1951, with Lizzie FOX 1863-1928


James E. FRANCK  2/26/1937-5/27/1996


Fianna FRANTZ  10/?/18??-5(?)/?/1897


Harry M. FRANTZ  d. ?/?/1901, son of ? and Mary Frantz


John C. FRANTZ  12/13/1814-4/8/1897, aged 83y 4m 25d


John K. FRANTZ  1868-1933, with Mary A. FRANTZ 1865-1953, and daughter Ella M. FRANTZ 1893-1982


Polly FRANTZ  10/27/1832-11/2/1906, aged 74y 5d


Wallace A. FRECHT  1871-1943


Benjamin FREDERICK  1870-1949 aged 78y 11m 26d, with Lizzie FREDERICK 1876-1933 aged 56y 10m 18d


Alvin FRY  d. 7/14/1922, aged 5d, son of Norman and Magdalena Fry


Charlotte Marie FRY  1935-1938


Donald M. FRY  1/3/1944, son of James L. and Alverta M. Fry


Edith L. FRY  10/6/1913


Ellen L. FRY  6/5/1903-2/13/1927, aged 23y 8m 8d, daughter of Rev. John F. and Ellen R. Fry


Harvey L. FRY  1895-1960, with Sarah L. FRY 1896-1969, and son Harvey Lee FRY 1941-1941


Henry Adams FRY  d. 8/?/1877, aged 6d, son of Washington and ? Fry


Henry L. FRY  1899-1945, with Maggie M. FRY 1899-1972


Ira E. FRY  6/15/1943-1/15/1980


Ira L. FRY  9/12/1911-10/24/1987, with Virginia M. FRY 5/3/1911-4/18/1994


James L. FRY  12/27/1914-8/1/1960, with Alverta M. FRY 6/12/1913-6/30/1999


John Christian FRY  d. 5/10/1920, aged 4m 13d, son of Henry L. and Maggie Fry


Rev. John F. FRY  6/7/1870-8/25/1929 aged 59y 2m 18d, with wife Ellen R. FRY 9/10/1876-2/21/1954 aged 77y 5m 10d


John L. FRY  5/26/1905-12/30/1970, with Helen M. FRY 11/6/1907-8/17/1996


John M. FRY  4/11/1836-5/2/1913 aged 77y 21d, with wife Eliza C. FRY 11/18/1842-9/28/1916 aged 73y 10m 10d


John Z. FRY  7/3/1922-11/16/1996


Kathryn FRY  d. 4/21/1921, aged 1d, daughter of Norman and Magdalena Fry


Lizzie FRY  d. 8/9/1871, aged 5m 27d, daughter of Washington and Sallie Fry


Martin Z. FRY  d. 3/30/1925, aged 1y 1m 6d, son of Norman and Magdalena Fry


Mary Jane FRY  11/17/1942-12/11/1998


Mazie Matilda FRY  11/13/1906-11/2/1910, aged 3y 11m 19d, daughter of John F. and Ellen Fry


Rev. Norman L. FRY  8/15/1900-6/26/1995, with Lena W. FRY 9/17/1900-11/19/1979


Samuel L. FRY  9/29/1901-3/10/1924, aged 22y 5m 11d, son of Rev. John F. and Ellen R. Fry


Samuel Z. FRY   Rear view  8/16/1928-1/30/1994, son of Norman and Lena Fry


Scott F. FRY  10/19/1962-6/25/1988


Unknown FRY  son(?) of Washingotn and ? Fry


William Randolph FRY  12/21/1952-11/20/2003


C. G.


H. G.


Jane GAUBY  4/10/1835-2/2/1916, aged 81y 9m 22d


John GAUBY  11/5/1831-12/21/1908, aged 77y 1m 16d


John Franklin GAUBY  d. 5/20/1877, aged 4y 2m 17d, son of John and Jane Gauby


John W. GEHR  7/5/1881-7/28/1956 aged 75y 23d, with Annie GEHR 9/9/1881-3/15/1971, Pvt. Paul M. GEHR d. 6/15/1944 on Saipan Island aged 19y 6m 6d Co. M. & L. 3 BN. 23RD. MARINES 4TH DIVISION, and Edwin B. GEHR d. 3/4/1915 aged 3y 11m 25d son of John W. and Annie Gehr


William GEHR  5/25/1917(?)-8/5/1990, SGT US ARMY WWII


William M. GEHR  4/8/1976-10/11/1997, "Shorts"


Katie S. GETZ  8/27/1870-9/22/1918, aged 48y 25d


Caroline GIBB  3/11/1864-8/12/1946, aged 82y 5m 1d, next to John


John S. GIBB  5/1/1857-5/9/1922, aged 65y 8d, next to Caroline


Minerva F. GONZALEZ   Rear view  6/22/1944-4/18/2001,
beloved mother of Fabian, Michelle, Michael


David H. GOOD  1915-1993, with Naomi M. GOOD 1918-1973


J. Clemence GRIFFITH  1905-1974, with Annie H. GRIFFITH 1905-1979


Catharine GRUMBEIN  10/13/1814-4/17/1879, aged 64y 6m 4d, wife of Rev. Henry Grumbein


Rev. Henry GRUMBEIN  10/2/1812-7/28/1889, aged 76y 9m 20d


Aaron Y. GRUMBINE  6/8/1915-6/30/1964 Pvt. Inf. U.S.A. WW II, with Martha S. GRUMBINE 4/8/1926-9/25/1999


Clarence L. GRUMBINE  born and died 3/28/1939(?), son of ? and Cora(?) Z. Grumbine


William G. HABECKER  1900-1981, with Eva R. HABECKER 1910-2000, and son Wilmer R. 1927


Lizzie Viola HACKER  5/18/1878-12/7/1883, daughter of Emrick and Anna Hacker


Luther E. HARVEY  1880-1933, SGT. CO. B. 8th U.S. INF.


John HAUSMAN  8/28/1815-4/11/1887, aged 71y 7m 24d (see HOUSMAN)


Emma Sever Sweigart HEIL  11/3/1876-7/24/1940, with Albert F. Sweigart and Wayne Heil


Esther L. HEIL  1/14/1920-11/26/2002


Leon I. HEIL  3/3/1909-7/26/1972, with Gertrude G. HEIL 2/12/1921-7/16/1993


Wayne HEIL  2/15/1883-10/8/1954


Agnes HELLINGER  1909-1909, daughter of Pierce and Cora Hellinger


LeRoy G. HELLINGER Jr.  d. 1992


LeRoy G. HELLINGER  8/18/1898-7/3/1972, with Ellen R. HELLINGER 6/2/1901-5/28/1966




Alfred HERTZLER  4/11/1900-6/29/1953


C. Lester HERTZOG  7/20/1915-6/9/1990, with Cora M. HERTZOG 4/21/1919-4/13/1986


Carrie A. HERTZOG  1922, daughter of Charles and Katie Hertzog


Charles R. HERTZOG  3/23/1893-11/22/1987, with Katie M. HERTZOG 7/12/1897-7/26/1981


Rev. Clarence R. HERTZOG  9/12/1918-3/17/2003, with Esther I. HERTZOG 12/9/1916-7/5/1976


Dorothy A. HERTZOG  d. 2/23/1914, aged 26d, daughter of Cahrles and Katie Hertzog


Luella HERTZOG  6/28/1916-6/21/1980, second wife of Clarence R. Hertzog


John S. HILTON  7/15/1892-4/17/1925 aged 32y 9m 2d, with Emma S. HILTON 3/31/1881-6/21/1945 aged 64y 2m 20d


Kathryn L. HINKLE  5/21/1935-10/28/1993


Ada May HORNBERGER  d. 1/2/1895(?), aged 2y ?d, daughter of Elias F. and Adaline Hornberger


Alice Ruth HORNBERGER  3/7/1927-7/3/2000


Amanda HORNBERGER  7/20/1876-7/19/1960, next to David


Christian E. HORNBERGER  6/30/1906-7/15/1974, with Viola M. HORNBERGER 8/10/1904-3/10/1991


Rev. David HORNBERGER  5/26/1877-2/13/1942, next to Amanda


Bishop Elias F. HORNBERGER  12/13/1849-11/30/1925 aged 75y 11m 17d, with Adaline HORNBERGER 2/4/1853-8/17/1935 aged 82y 6m 13d


James W. HORNBERGER  1889(?)-1954, with Susanna HORNBERGER 1889-1971


John Ira HORNBERGER  12/30/1901-1/23/1928, aged 26y 24d, son of David and Amanda Hornberger


Ralph L. HORNBERGER  1/16/1910-4/27/1967, with Violet M. HORNBERGER 11/16/1916-9/8/2000


Raymond HORNBERGER  8/13/1927-7/31/1999


Annie B. HORST  8/29/1893-1/25/1960


Leona M. HORST  5/29/1919-5/22/2004


Titus Z. HORST  3/14/1916-3/25/1979


Elizabeth HOUSMAN  5/6/1814-12/21/1896, aged 82y 7m 15d, wife of John Housman (name spelled HAUSMAN on his stone)


Irvin L. HOWE  7/7/1934-9/17/1992


Steward F. HUYARD  10/23/1904-7/25/1985, with Elsie May HUYARD 5/15/1909-2/22/2005


Edna Zimmerman KELLER  1922-1981, with Amos and Anna Zimmerman (see Zimmerman photos)


Isaac R. KELLER  3/1/1854-4/24/1931, with wife Lizzie S. KELLER 9/20/1856-10/3/1937


James C. KELLER  d. 8/13/1893, aged 9m 18d, son of Isaac R. and Lizzie Keller


John C. KELLER  1/18/1876-8/24/1895, aged 19y 7m 6d, son of Isaac R. and Lizzie Keller


Kate G. KELLER  4/26/1883-12/4/1904, aged 21y 7m 8d, daughter of Isaac R. and Lizzie Keller


Scottie C. KELLER  d. 3/7(?)/1897(?), aged 1y 3m 20d, son of Isaac R. and Lizzie Keller


Silas H. KELLER  1926-1969


Samuel KILHEFNER  8/12/1861-1/5/1937, aged 75y 4m 23d


Kenneth Kay KLOPP  8/31/1949-11/15/1949, son of Marvin and Dorothy Klopp


William A. KLOPP  1911-1953, with wife Pearl M. KLOPP 1912-1960


Charlotte KRAFT  11/24/1817(?)-12/3/189?, aged 86y 9d


Samuel B. KURTZ  11/8/1925-3/17/2006


E. L.


J. H. L.


Florence LAUSCH  1919-1921


Harry S. LAUSCH  1884-1954, with Lavina M. LAUSCH 1884-1972


Elizabeth C. Eshleman LEEKING  9/21/1869-2/6/1914, aged 44y 4m 15d, nee Eshleman


Andrew G. LEID  8/8/1882-4/22/1963 aged 80y 8m 14d, with Carrie M. LEID 11/4/1892-4/26/1974 aged 81y 5m 22d


Harry G. LEID  1879-1953, aged 73y 7m 27d


Dale L. LEISEY  5/8/1959-8/2/2004, with Martha Ann LEISEY 1/12/1967-1/15/1967


Edward H. LEISEY  3/31/1828-6/8/1899, aged 71y 2m 8d, Co. H. ----- Pa. vols.


John R. LEISEY  12/27/1894-2/29/1948 aged 53y 2m 2d, with Mazie G. LEISEY 4/21/1905-7/27/1992 aged 77y 3m 6d


Martha LEISEY  d. 2/26/1949, aged 8y 7m 3d, daughter of John and Mazie Leisey


Harry L. LIED  10/16/1885-1/21/1978, with Sallie LIED 6/30/1889-7/4/1921


Angeline LINE  2/8/1844-5/3/1927, aged 83y 2m 25d, wife of Edward Line


Anna Grace LINE  d. 1/21/1878, aged 5y 10m 20d, daughter of Edward and Angeline Line


Edward LINE  View of plot   7/7/1836-3/21/1899, aged 62y 8m 14d


Chester K. LONG  5/17/1930-10/8/2000


Charles W. LUCAS  1907-1988, with Vera W. LUCAS 1912-1964


Harvey S. LUDWIG  10/11/1884-4/19/1964, with Maggie M. LUDWIG 12/25/1894-1/17/1977


Jonathan David LUDWIG  8/7/1991-10/17/1991


M. M.


Alice P. MARTIN  d. 1/19/1888, aged 3y 7m 5d, daughter of Rev. Joseph H. and Sarah Martin


Anna S. MARTIN  11/13/1910-3/10/1978, second wife of Clayton M. Martin


Annie MARTIN  d. 1/9/1889, aged 2m ?d, daughter of ? and Sarah C. Martin


Chester P. MARTIN  d. 10/12/18??, aged 1y 1m 11d, son of ? Martin


Clair Ray MARTIN  born and died 2/21/1951


Clayton M. MARTIN  1908-1999, with Suetta S. MARTIN 1906-1968


Eli W. MARTIN  1900-1978, with Minnie G. MARTIN 1894-1952


Elizabeth M. MARTIN  2/20/1924-11/27/1983, with Harold G. Martin (see his photos)


Emma(?) MARTIN  d. 4/??/1899?, aged 4m ?d, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Martin(?)


Erma R. MARTIN  born and died 11/20/1950


Harold G. MARTIN  Close-up   ?/14/1923-5/19/1992, with Elizabeth M. Martin (see her photo)


J. Milton MARTIN  11/12/1900-2/5/1956, with Nora M. MARTIN 2/27/1904-6/8/1967


Jacob P. MARTIN  d. 9/15/1887, aged 4m 3d, son of Rev. Joseph and Sarah C. Martin


Jeanette MARTIN  9/14/1961-10/20/2003


John L. MARTIN  1/21/1933-1/21/1972


Bishop Joseph H. MARTIN  5/21/1842-4/7/1922 aged 79y 10m 16d Corp. Co. K. 56(?) Reg. PA Inf., with Sarah C. MARTIN 11/12/1858-11/4/1928, aged 69y 11m 8d (sic)


Joseph P. MARTIN  11/30/1885-7/3/1952, aged 66y 7m 3d


Sadie E. MARTIN  d. 8/18/1886, aged 1y 4m 21d(?), daughter of Bishop Joseph and Sarah Martin(?)


Mary C. McCLOUD  1872-1940


Rufus R. McCOLM  9/14/1887-5/12/1973, with Emma S. McCOLM 4/8/1877-1/26/1981


Molly Lou McKENZIE  4/8/1963-9/11/2001, nee Hornberger


Anna MEASE  5/21/1901-3/22/1977


Melvin M. MEASE  11/11/1921-10/23/1977


Wilbur E. MEASE  8/27/1923-6/11/2000


David MEISKY  2/29/1828-3/12/1901, aged 73y 12d


Mary MEISKY  8/1/1830-3/19/1915, aged 84y 7m 18d, wife of David Meisky


Milton I. MELLINGER  d. 4/15/1900, aged 10d, twin son of Katie S. Getz


Reuben I. MELLINGER  born and died 4/5/1900, twin son of Katie S. Getz


Son MELLINGER  2/6/1906, stillborn son of Lemon and Emma Mellinger


Harry MESSNER  4/16/1890-6/7/1978, with Kathryn M. MESSNER 9/11/1890-3/22/1978


Helen I. MESSNER  1/22/1912-11/27/1994


Infant MILLER  son of John and Mary Miller


John H. MINNICH  12/29/1933-5/25/1995


Amanda MOORE  7/1/1879-4/29/1906, aged 26y 9m 28d, wife of Irvin Moore


Mabel Celesta MOORE  d. 1/17/1906, aged 3m 21d, daughter of Irvin and Amanda Moore


Clayton M. MULL  1909-1958, with Anna R. MULL 1913-2001


Elizabeth R. MULL  1912-2005


Daniel MURPHY  1918, US Navy


Earl C. MUSSER Sr.  3/7/1905-1/10/1975, with Brita O. MUSSER 1/25/1903-11/27/1999


Christian M. NAUMAN  6/18/1907-9/10/1972, USA WWII, husband of Gertrude L. Sweigart


Nathaniel NICHOLAS  d. 11/8/1926, PA PVT 151 Field Art. 42 Div.


Lizzie NOLT  3/28/1868-7/22/1965, aged 97y 3m 24d


Phares H. NOLT  6/26/1865-11/24/1912, aged 47y 4m 28d


Frank PATE Sr.  1922-1985


David K. PFAUTZ  d. 4/5/1872, aged 4y 9m 13d, son of Jonas and Elizabeth Pfautz (see photo for Elizabeth Pfautz Reidenbach)


Jacob PFAUTZ  3/24/1807-3/15/1898, aged 90y 11m 19d


Jonas PFAUTZ  1/18/1831-6/21/1871, aged 40y 5m 3d


Lizzie H. PFAUTZ  d. 10/30/1871, aged 6y 11m 2d, daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth Pfautz


Sallie Kemper PFAUTZ  1/18/1812-3/30/1885, aged 73y 2m 12d, wife of Jacob Pfautz


Samuel K. PFAUTZ  d. 4/6(?)/1872, aged 2y 5m(?) 8d(?), son of Jonas and Elizabeth Pfautz


K. R.  (?)


R. B. R.


Ivan REDCAY  1923-1998, with Esther REDCAY 1923-1964


John M. REDCAY  1890-1960, with Emma F. REDCAY 1893-1966


Lavina E. REDCAY  12/21/1931-4/18/2002, married Ivan Redcay 12/26/1964


Martin N. REDCAY  12/3/1907-3/13/1986, son of Amos M. and Bertha N. Redcay


Adam W. REICH  5/19/1875-5/20/1921, with Lizzie S. REICH 9/16/1879-1/14/1966


Barbara Ann REICH  7/15/1937


Clarence L. REICH  2/12/1901-11/17/1926(?)


Edna M. REICH  d. 2/5/1913, aged 5y 11m 13d, daughter of M.W. and Daisy M. Reich


Emma R. REICH  d. 12/15/1908, aged 1y 2m, daughter of Adam W. and Lizzie Reich


Ethel A. REICH  1922-1937


Everett E. REICH  12/29/1918-3/16/2002


Rev. Harry W. REICH  10/28/1897-1/26/1950 aged 52y 2m 28d, with Elsie S. REICH 5/26/1895-8/4/1988 aged 93y 2m 8d


John R. REICH  6/29/1912-3/15/1965, with Carrie L. REICH 2/13/1916-8/22/2001, Kenneth Ira 1940 and Larry Jay 1938


John W. REICH  d. 1/28/1914(?), aged 34y(?) 6m 8d


Kenneth Ira REICH  d. 11/16/1940, aged 17d, son of John and Carrie Reich


Larry Jay REICH  10/15/1938, son of John and Carrie Reich


M. Edgar REICH  1909-1939


Martin W. REICH  1879-1934, with Daisy M. REICH 1885-1936


Melvin L. REICH  1917-1982, PFC US Army WWII


Raymond H. REICH  d. 5/1(?)/1900, aged 4m 29d, son of Adam W. and Lizzie Reich


Valentine R. REICH  1905-1965, with Mary M. REICH 1906-1972, Charles P. 1930, and Blanche I. 1934-1935


Elizabeth Pfautz REIDENBACH  1/12/1838-9/18/1903, aged 65y 8m 6d, wife of Jonas Pfautz and second wife of Elder R. S. Reidenbach


Joan R. REPPERT  2/2/1941-6/3/2001


Child RHOADS  born and died 9/2/1880, child of Vogan and Lydia Rhoads


Elvira(?) RHOADS  d. ??/??/1884(?), aged 8y(?) ?m 28d(?), daughter of Vogan and Lydia Rhoads


Infant Daughter RHOADS  born and died 11/?/1882(?), daughter of Vogan and Lydia Rhoads


Lydia RHOADS  1/6/1852-1/16/1889, aged 37y 10d, wife of ? Rhoads


Vogan C. RHOADS  d. 5/1/1903, aged 52y 11m 28d


William H. RHOADS  d. 6/20/1908 aged 78y 4m 15d, with Lydia RHOADS d. 9/21/1910 aged 79y 3m 4d


Anna Flickinger RUPP  6/9/1804-9/17/1882, aged 78y 3m 8d, wife of Franklin Rupp and widow of Richard Flickinger


Anna(?) Irene RUPP  3/13/1899-3/17/1899, aged 4d, daughter of ? and ? Rupp


Benjamin G. RUPP  5/10/1832-2/21/1912, aged 79y 9m 11d


Frank S. RUPP  1866-1940, with Lizzie F. RUPP 1871-1940


Jefferson RUPP  1845-1921, with Caroline RUPP 1841-1924


Kate RUPP  ?/20/????-8/19/190?, aged 68y(?) 6m 9d, wife of Benjamin Rupp


C. S.


R. S.


S. E. S.


John J. SAUDER  1896-1968, with Grace M. SAUDER 1898-1967


Barbara A. Hertzog SCHWANKL  1953-1984


Brita A. SENSENIG  9/3/1917-1/29/1953, aged 35y 4m 26d, next to Wilmer Sensenig


Donald H. SENSENIG  8/23/1938-8/25/1938


Elmer H. SENSENIG  1905-1986, with Clara E. SENSENIG 1904-1973


Harvey M. SENSENIG  11/22/1909-7/26/1984, with Katie G. SENSENIG 8/20/1908-9/28/1976, and Donald H. 8/23/1938-8/25/1938


Kirk SENSENIG  12/24/1983-11/15/1984, son of James and Brenda Sensenig


Oliver H. SENSENIG  4/2/1906-9/13/1974, with Mary W. SENSENIG 11/6/1904-11/10/1970


Walter R. SENSENIG  4/2/1906-9/13/1974, with Mary


Wilmer W. SENSENIG  2/27/1917-10/21/1989, aged 72y 7m 24d, next to Irene Faye Esch


Anna E. SHEAFFER  5/21/1920-11/11/1990, next to Samuel


Arthur L. SHEAFFER  2/14/1917-6/30/1929, son of Samuel F. and Cora V. Sheaffer


Cora Violet SHEAFFER  1893-1942, wife of Samuel Sheaffer


Samuel SHEAFFER  5/2/1894-2/8/1974, next to Anna


A--- SHERLY  (?) d. 1870(?), in the middle of Sherly stones


Catharine SHERLY  4/1/1840-1/20/1894, aged 53y 9m 19d, wife of Martin Sherly


Emma Lizzie SHERLY  2/11/1866-12/14/1899, aged 33y 10m 3d, wife of Washington M. Sherly


Harvey SHERLY  d. 4/13/1908, aged 28y 8m 21d


Martin SHERLY  9/6/1834-3/3/1901, aged 66y 5m 25d


Washington M. SHERLY  5/31/1862-3/28/1940, aged 78y 9m 28d


Daughter SHIMP  born and died 7/9/1882, still born daughter of S.E. and Rebecca Shimp


Lizzie G. SHIMP  9/14/1873-10/24/1961, aged 88y 1m 7d, Rev. 22. Cha. 14 Vers.


Rebecca SHIMP  11/20/1845-7/15/1900, aged 54y 7m 25d, wife of Rev. Samuel E. Shimp


Rev. Samuel E. SHIMP  6/14/1840-4/16/1916, aged 75y 10m 2d


Jacob M. STEINMETZ  1902-1948, with Edna M. STEINMETZ 1902-1967


William M. STEINMETZ  1909-1978, with Elizabeth STEINMETZ 1919-2001


Monroe S. STOVER  1/14/1852-8/20/1925, with Annie M. STOVER 9/29/1859-1/15/1924


Rebecca STOVER  7/24/1838-6/3/1912, aged 73y 10m 9d, next to Samuel


Samuel STOVER  12/13/1827-8/9/1903, aged 75y 7m 26d, next to Rebecca


Aaron SWEIGART  3/3/1886-2/2/1889, aged 2y 10m 29d, son of Martin and Catharine Sweigart


Albert F. SWEIGART  1/13/1871-10/27/1919, with Emma Sever Sweigart Heil (see photo under her name)


Albert S. SWEIGART  3/15/1898-9/1/1982, with Lizzie SWEIGART 1/20/1902-12/5/1966


Alverta M. SWEIGART  3/8/1914-6/21/1993


Betty J. SWEIGART  2/20/1938-7/14/1999


Catharine SWEIGART  12/10/1888-8/9/1890, aged 1y 7m 29d, daughter of Martin and Catharine Sweigart


Charlotte(?) SWEIGART  18??-11/16/1876(?), aged 19y(?) ?m ?d, wife(?) of A. W. Sweigart


Clara A. SWEIGART  4/8/1880-9/18/1881, aged 1y 5m 10d, daughter of Martin and Catharine Sweigart


Dale L. SWEIGART  10/28/1953-10/28/1953, with Darla J. SWEIGART 6/26/1957-6/26/1957 and Jeffrey L. SWEIGART  8/7/1959-8/7/1959


Edwin SWEIGART  1/9/1883-9/9/1886, aged 3y 8m, son of Martin and Catharine Sweigart


Ellsworth L. SWEIGART  1902-1991, with Martha SWEIGART 1906-1963


Elmer E. SWEIGART  8/18/1941-10/7/1941, son of Ellsworth and Martha SWEIGART


Elverta K. SWEIGART  d. 2/16/1904 aged 6m 22d, with Viola K. SWEIGART d. 2/9/1893 aged 1d


Frank L. SWEIGART  8/29/1912-10/28/1976, US Army WW II


George SWEIGART Jr.  12/18/1925-7/4/1993, WWII Veteran


George F. SWEIGART  1/6/1853-6/24/1922 aged 59y 5m 18d, with Catharine SWEIGART 2/7/1863-6/13/1939 aged 76y 4m 7d


George L. SWEIGART  3/12/1900-3/17/1981, with Esther M. Lefever SWEIGART 2/2/1904-4/9/1977


Glenn Lee SWEIGART  3/11/1950-12/25/1978


Harry S. SWEIGART  9/12/1877-4/10/1966 aged 88y 6m 28d, with Emma G. SWEIGART 9/24/1878-1/21/1947 aged 68y 3m 27d


Henry SWEIGART Jr.  1932-1946, Sonny


Henry L. SWEIGART  1908-1937, with Gertrude I. SWEIGART 1910-1973


James E. SWEIGART  8/10/1933-3/12/1939


John L. SWEIGART  1929


Martin SWEIGART  3/19/1851-7/31/1954 aged 103y 4m 12d, with Catharine SWEIGART 9/24/1850-7/8/1927 aged 76y 9m 14d


Minnie J. SWEIGART  d. 9/27/1909, aged 31y 9m 28d


Norman SWEIGART  9/8/1915-8/9/1987, with Blanch M. SWEIGART 2/21/1918-2/8/1975


Paul R. SWEIGART  11/17/1917-1/19/1995, with Edna M. SWEIGART 3/21/1919-11/30/1988


Paul S. SWEIGART  8/19/1899-2/2/1947, with Mabel M. SWEIGART 4/15/1899-2/13/1994


Ray Eugene SWEIGART  11/21/1945-6/19/1985


Robert SWEIGART  3/21/1927-3/24/1927, son of Stephen H. and Susan G. SWEIGART


Stephen H. SWEIGART  3/25/1887-6/15/1980, with Susan G. SWEIGART 4/8/1888-3/28/1985


Bertha May SWIGART  d. 12/25/1918, aged 11y 7m 20d


J. E. T.  (?)


Laura TISH  d. 7/25/1902, aged 10y 6m 21d, daughter of Harry Z. and Mary Tish


Mary TISH  5/18/1866-10/28/1897, aged 31y 5m 10d, wife of Harry Tish


B. Franklin TOWNSLEY  1865-1940, with wife Frances TOWNSLEY 1868-1959


Florence J. TOWNSLEY  2/23/1909-5/5/1909


John F. TOWNSLEY  11/10/1889-2/20/1890


Peter R. TOWNSLEY  1894-1976, PVT US ARMY WWI


Phares G. TOWNSLEY  3/5/1902-7/29/1902


Stanley M. TOWNSLEY  10/23/1898-4/1/1899


Ada Carrie TREGO  d. 10/14/1886(?), aged 1y 5m 17d, daughter of George C. and Caroline Trego


Adam Evans TREGO  5/27/1859-4/10/1884, aged 24y 10m 14d, son of George C. and Caroline G. Trego


Caroline G. TREGO  10/27/1836-8/23/1928, aged 91y 9m 27d


Charles Emerson TREGO  d. 8/24/1876, aged 5d, son of George and Caroline Trego


George C. TREGO  10/14/1834-11/23/1904, aged 70y 1m 9d


George W. TREGO  1875-1955


James Davis TREGO  d. 2/9/1871, aged 1y 5m, son of George C. and Caroline G. Trego


James E. TREGO  1899-1965, with Gertrude E. Waid TREGO 1902-1967


John H. TREGO  6/4/1902-10/15/1971, with Florence E. TREGO 8/1/1903-1/7/1987


Laura Jane TREGO  d. 2/1?/1872, aged 7y 11m 5d, daughter of George C. and Caroline G. Trego


Mary S. Snyder TREGO  1875-1941, nee Snyder


Michael James TREGO  4/8/1969-2/7/1970, son of Richard G. and Miriam Trego


Paul W. TREGO  1909-1943


Richard G. TREGO  10/16/1924-3/18/1991


Ruth E. TREGO  1915-1915


Lillian Mae Trego TREISCH  1895-1929, nee Trego


Peter K. TREISCH  3/7/1856-2/1/1920 aged 63y 10m 24d, with Caroline TREISCH 5/6/1860-8/14/1944 aged 84y 3m 9d


W. Scott TREISCH  1884-1949, with Lottie P. TREISCH 1889-1977


Unknowns: 1 (between Rhoads and Flickinger d. 2/14(?)/187?)  2  3  4  (View 1)  4  (View 2)


Stanley L. VON NIEDA  1901-1973, with Doris M. VON NIEDA 1902-1970


A. W.  with WEINHOLD stones


C. G. W.


J. H. W.


S. W.  with WEINHOLD stones


W. W.


Monroe W. WALTER  1890-1971, with Ella F. WALTER 1898-1952


Aldus W. WANNER  7/19/1923-5/8/1994


Anna WEINHOLD  d. 3/20/1876, aged 2y 3m 16d, daughter of John and Catharine Weinhold


Catharine M. WEINHOLD  2/16/1843-11/14/1923


Daniel C. WEINHOLD  2/16/1860-12/21/1916, aged 56y 10m 5d


Samuel WEINHOLD  d. 3/24/1879, aged 2y 3m 24d, son of John and Catharine Weinhold


Wilson WEINHOLD  d. 8/1/1873, aged 1y 6m 28d, son of John and Catharine Weinhold


Levi WEISE  3/14/1831-9/22/1916, aged 85y 6m 8d


Mary Ann WEISE  12/5/1830-10/22/1874, aged 43y 10m 17d, wife of Levi Weise


Salinda WEISE  2/22/1839-1/12/1919, nee Brenneman


Henry R. WEITZEL  7/?/1860(?)-12/10/1937(?), aged 77y 4m 10d


Mary D. WEITZEL  5/9/1858-10/24/1932, aged 74y 4m 15d, wife of Henry R. Weitzel


Richard C. WHITEKETTLE  9/26/1974-9/5/1984


J. Amos WILLWERTH  12/19/1875-9/2/1969 aged 93y 8m 13d, with Stella M. WILLWERTH 7/13/1876-3/12/1956 aged 79y 7m 29d, and Fietta E. WILLWERTH 10/29/1898-8/24/1919 aged 20y 9m 26d


Ruby L. WILLWERTH  4/14/1916-8/24/1969, PA Captain Army Nurse Corps WW II


Levi WINEHOLD  d. 5/15/1855(?), aged 7y 8m 4d, son of John and Catharine Winehold


Infant WINGENROTH  (?) next to Isaac B.


Isaac B. WINGENROTH  1889-1957


Warren L. WINGENROTH  10/14/1893-3/12/1985, with Annie A. WINGENROTH 9/29/1900-11/28/1987, and Mabel K. WINGENROTH 7/17/1896-1/3/1925


Anna WISE  8/30/1829-3/12/1914, aged 84y 6m 12d, wife of William Wise


Clayton G. WISE  d. 7/26/1906, aged 12y 2m 15d


Jacob W. WISE  7/26/1903-8/17/1967, with Luella E. WISE 11/1/1905-2/19/1982


John Henry WISE  11/26/1850-5/21/1885, aged 34y 5m 25d


Lester L. WISE  d. 9/7/1900, aged 7m 8d, son of Jacob and Lillie Wise


Unknown WISE  Child(?) of William and ? Wise


William WISE  4/27/1824-12/31/1896, aged 72y 8m 4d


Henry P. WITMAN  1877-1956, with Katie G. WITMAN 1882-1974


Harry S. WITMER  12/24/1922-1/7/1923, aged 14d, son of Amos and ? Witmer


Melvin S. WITMER II  9/4/1969-9/18/1993


Norman Levi WITMER  d. 8/20/1908, aged 1m 24d, son of Levi and Katherine Witmer


Xa YANG  Close-up 1/30/1983-2/3/1983, with Feihau YANG 1/30/1983-8/21/1984, twin brothers   


Ada M. ZIMMERMAN  1/13/1910-2/3/1983, daughter of Reuben S. and Maria W. Zimmerman


Amos ZIMMERMAN  Family Stone  1895-1958, with Anna and Edna Zimmerman Keller


Anna ZIMMERMAN  1902-1984, with Amos and Edna Zimmerman Keller


Daniel W. ZIMMERMAN  3/28/1902-11/30/1980, with Sadie G. ZIMMERMAN 11/21/1906-1/17/1981


Elsie ZIMMERMAN  8/8/1898-5/13/1937


Irwin H. ZIMMERMAN  5/10/1917-12/26/1999


James H. ZIMMERMAN  8/8/1929-2/22/1990, with James L. ZIMMERMAN 6/10/1952-2/25/1999


Laura ZIMMERMAN  7/17/1913-7/23/2000, aged 87y 6d


Loraine ZIMMERMAN  8/12/1943-8/13/1943, daughter of Rev. Daniel and Sadie Zimmerman


Robert Paul ZIMMERMAN  1950-1951, aged 17m, son of Paul R. and Annetta Zimmerman


William F. ZIMMERMAN  4/23/1892-4/7/1977, with Sallie S. ZIMMERMAN 12/27/1893-5/16/1966


William M. ZIMMERMAN  2/11/1878-5/4/1951 aged 73y 2m 23d, with Cora ZIMMERMAN 9/27/1882-8/15/1962 aged 79y 10m 18d




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