Gross Cemetery


Located on Franklin Street


Ephrata, Lancaster County



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Harvey S. ADAMS  7/12/1879-?, with Carrie L. ADAMS 9/24/1882-2/21/1945


Infant ADAMS  d. 11/18/1907, son of H.S. and Carrie L. Adams


W. H. ALTHOUSE  1881-1938, with Mathilda S. ALTHOUSE 1888-1930


Andrew(?)  6/22/1860-4/26/1887, aged 26y 10m 28d


Miranda Sprecher BECHTEL  d. 10/10/1909, aged 56y 10m 19d


Emma V. BRUBAKER  d. 4/17/1910, aged 56y 10m 22d


Frank S. BRUBAKER  1852-1941


John Edward BRUGGER  10/13/1885-2/18/1888 son of J.R. & Lizzie Brugger, with Theodore E. BRUGGER 11/7/1877-4/1/1885 son of John R. & Elizabeth Brugger, and Henry BRUGGER 6/3/1832-5/20/1833 son of J. Edward & Lucy Brugger


Hugh S. CARRA  5/29/187?-2/24/1893(?), aged 16y 8m 25d


Annie E. CARTER  d. 5/15/1904, aged 66y 5m 15d, wife of William M. Carter


Harry M. CARTER  9/13/1885-10/26/1955


William CARTER  d. 7/8/1913, aged 72y 9m 3d


Walter B. EMIG  d. 12/10/1887, son of Frank B. and Ida Emig


Abraham G. FRANKHOUSER  4/15/1851-12/24/1929 aged 78y 6m 9d, with Alwilda Bowman FRANKHOUSER 4/15/1849-11/25/1924 aged 75y 7m 10d


FRANKHOUSER Children  Amelia d. 9/11/1877, Mary Ann d. 1/21/1879 aged 20d, John F. died 9/15/1880 aged 2y 2m 12d, Luther d. 12/17/1885 aged 3m 11d, and William C. d. 8/23/1888 aged 25d, children of A.G. and Alwilda Frankhouser


Linnie FRANKHOUSER  1/31/1884, daughter of A.G. and Alwilda Frankhouser




Emma C. GROSS  1852-1934


Fianna S. GROSS   View of plot  2/13/1816-3/14/1872, aged 56y 1m 1d, wife of Martin Gross


George W. GROSS  6/24/1837-9/30/1917, aged 80y 3m 6d


Horace Benett(?) GROSS  10/5/1856-5/5/1875, aged 18y 7m, son of Martin and Sarah Gross


Martin Roth GROSS  2/28/1855-9/2/1875, aged 6m 4d, son of Marin S. and Sarah Gross


Martin GROSS   View of plot  3/2-/1808-8/12/1877, aged 69y 4m? ?d


Martin S. GROSS  7/26/1831-12/1/1911, aged 80y 4m 5d


Sarah GROSS  4/9/1833-5/14/1898, aged 65y 1m 5d, wife of Martin S. Gross


Walter K. GROSS  1877-1959


Annie L. HEISER  d. 4/22/1930, aged 78y


Annie M. HEISER  d. 7/23/1885, daughter of Jacob S. and Annie I. Heiser


Jacob S. HEISER  d. 3/27/1912, aged 53y


Anna Eliza HULL  10/25/1821-2/17/1892


Benjamin HULL   Close-up  7/24/1833-8/14/1866, Civil War Veteran


Franklin W. HULL  1860-1921, with wife Elizabeth I. HULL 1860-1935


Julia F. HULL  d. 4/18/1914, aged 51y 1m 28d


Oscar G. HULL  d. 8/7/1934, aged 79y 3m 12d


Samuel HULL  9/26/1797-8/7/1876, with Eliza HULL 2/9/1802-10/21/1870


Dr. Henry G. KEMPER  1863-1935


Lizzie KEMPER(?)  between Mary and Peter Kemper


Mary A. KEMPER  10/14/1830-11/26/1912, aged 81y 1m 12d


Peter KEMPER  9/28/1821-7/18/1905, aged 83y 9m 20d


Bella R. LEBER  10/3/1841-4/14/1915


Charlotte M. LEBER  d. 9/30/1883, aged 66y 7m 11d, wife of John W. Leber (d. 1900)


Jacob W. LEBER  11/30/1840-6/1/1893, aged 52y 6m 1d


Jennie Belle LEBER  5/13/1885-5/3/1914


John W. LEBER  2/28/1817-3/22/1900, aged 83y 22d


John W. LEBER  2/16/1874-11/2/1951


Minnie M. LEBER  3/28/1875-1/2/1962, with Lottie M. LEBER 11/13/1876-6/24/1972


Willie Beecher LEBER  d. 5/3/1880, aged 1y 17d, son of Jacob W. and Bella R. Leber


Isaac N. LEIBOLD  9/26/1869-4/11/1945, with Helen A. LEIBOLD 3/16/1882-3/30/1977


William MILEY  and wife


Benjamin F. OVERLEY  11/4/1861-12/1/1870, son of William M. and Catharine Overley


Catharine REIDENBACH  1865-1877


William S. REIDENBACH  11/8/1875-7/16/1909, aged 33y 8m 8d


Alpheus F. RESSER  d. 9/3/1905, aged 33y


Anna M. ROTH  6/18/1891-7/16/1955


C. Cecelia ROTH  d. 2/6/1934, aged 79y 10m 4d


Jeremiah ROTH  d. 8/24/1905, aged 75y


Samuel RUPP  1/26/1809-4/18/1889, aged 80y 2m 23d


W. S. S.  near Sprecher stones


Annie E. SNYDER  d. 4/28/1909, aged 59y 3m 24d, wife of John Snyder


Lincoln Ellsworth SPRECHER(?)  3/11?/1862-1/?/1872, aged 9y? ?m 28d, son of ? and Sarah Sprecher(?)


Sarah SPRECHER  d. 9/2/1918, aged 82y, wife of Wm. G. Sprecher


Helen STEINMETZ  12/30/1902-6/28/1904, daughter of Geo. R. and Lizzie Steinmetz


Annie J. UNDERCUFFLER  12/18/1865-3/30/1887, aged 22y 11m 12d, wife of Harvey Undercuffler


Annie J. UNDERCUFFLER  1/16/1885-10/21/1891, aged 6y 9m ?d, daughter of Harvey and Annie Undercuffler


UNKNOWN  Possibly a ROTH - between Anna M. and Jeremiah


UNKNOWN  with George Brubaker's stone


Unknown/Illegible:  1  2  3


Elias S. WEINHOLD  d. 11/5/1925 aged 82y 9m 12d, with Fannie B. WEINHOLD d. 10/13/1919 aged 72y 8m 27d


Frank F. WEINHOLD  1/2/1886-4/2/1956, with Mary F. WEINHOLD 10/27/1880-6/23/1943


William --ran(?)  d. 2/18(?)/1912, aged 59y 2m 6d(?)


Barton N. WINTERS  1835-1891, with wife Mary A. WINTERS 1841-1920


Benjamin F. WRIGHT  1854-1929, with M. Annie WRIGHT 1855-1938


YOUNG  In Memory Of Young




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