Churchtown United

Methodist Church Cemetery


Churchtown, Lancaster County



Partial Photo Transcription


Photos contributed by

Dan Lindley



Views of Church and Cemetery:

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Frank and Margaret E. AMMON


George and Mary AMMON  George 9/27/1809-3/2/1865, Mary 2/8/1817-4/18/1857


Ellen CLEMSON  1860-1937


Elmer B. and Mae CLEMSON  Elmer 1888-1977, Mae 1889-1968


Harry Z. CLEMSON  1856-1923


Donald Henry FETTERS  6/1/1929-4/26/2001


George Henry and Dorothy Evans FETTERS  George 12/4/1905-11/29/1982, Dorothy 7/10/1905-9/8/1987




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