Central Manor


a.k.a. Shenk Cemetery or

Point Cemetery


Blue Rock Road

Manor Township

Lancaster County



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Abby Bowman


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Barbara  b. November


Mabel BOYD with Irene, infant daughters of Samuel M. and Mary S. Boyd


Amanda S. DIETRICH 5/27/1864-11/28/1955


Barbara S. DIETRICH 8/25/1825-7/3/1905, aged 79y 10m 8d


John DIETRICH  View 2  d. 11/3/1902, aged 91y 4m 19d


David F. ESHLEMAN 1860-1918, with wife Lizzie F. ESHLEMAN 1864-1951, and daughter Irene 1898-1918


Adam FRY 2/8/1822-10/31/1894


Martin FRY 1/9/1818-12/26/1870, aged 52y 11m 17d


Rosannah E. FRY b. 8/20/1827, wife of Adam Fry


Elizabeth GREENWALT d. 7/6(?)/1857(?), aged 47y 11m 23d(?), wife of Henry Greenwalt


Henry GREENWALT 10/5/1805-9/9/1867, aged 61y 11m 4d


H. H. H. 


Abraham HUBLEY with Isaac, children of Henry and Anna Hubley


Anna C. HUBLEY 3/31/1817-2/29/1868, aged 40y 10m 29d, wife of Henry Hubley


Caroline HUBLEY d. 7/24/1910, aged 68y 9m 18d


David HUBLEY with George, children of Henry and Anna Hubley


Henry H. HUBLEY  View of Plot  2/10/1817-11/28/1888, aged 71y 9m 18d


Joseph HUBLEY d. 1862, with William d. 1862, children of Henry and Anna Hubley


Samuel HUBLEY with Elizabeth, children of Henry and Anna Hubley


Christian M. KLINE  View 2  1861-1941, with wife Barbara F. KLINE 1863-1926, Oliver N. KLINE 1889-1923, and children Isaac 1884-1884, Irene, Christian(?) 1895-?, and Barbara(?) 1899(?)-18??


Abraham LUTZ 11/30/1861-12/2/1897, aged 36y 2d


Elizabeth Shenk LUTZ 2/1/1828-10/5/1886, aged 58y 8m 4d, wife of Jacob H. Lutz


Jacob LUTZ 10/26/1828-5/28/1899, aged 70y 7m 2d


Lizzie LUTZ 4/22/1867-4/20/1868, aged 11m 28d


Mary LUTZ 4/22/1867-9/2?/1867, aged 4m 2?d


Ella S. MARTIN 5/8/1859-1/31/1883, aged 23y 8m 23d, wife of Benjamin S. Martin


Mary NEFF d. 7/27/1872, aged 52y, born in York County


Ambrose PAULES b. 6/2/1860-3/25/1891, aged 31y 9m 23d


Anna S. PAULES 4/13/1863-9/2/1911, aged 48y 5m 14d


Unknown PAULES 


Father SHANK Next to Lydia H. Shank


Henry F. SHANK 6/?/1860-8/31/1860, aged 2m 21d


Henry S. SHANK 12/13/1822-3/28/1897, aged 74y 3m 15d


Jacob K. SHANK 5/12/1836-6/27/1904, aged 68y 1m 15d


Lydia H. SHANK 8/27/1840-3/12/1913, aged 73y 7m 15d, next to "Father Shank"


Abraham SHENK ?/22/1795-?/18(?)/1841(?), View of Plot with Anna and Mary


Anna SHENK 1796(?)-1862, wife of Abraham(?) Shenk


Barbara SHENK 9/4/1798-12/10/1856, aged 58y 3m 6d, wife of Henry Shenk


Fanny SHENK 2/8/1836-?, wife of Abraham R.(?) Shenk


Henry SHENK 6/9/1791-2/7/1869, aged 77y 7m 28d


Isaac S. SHENK d. 2/18/1904, aged 73y 1m 2d


Mary SHENK 2/13/1838-10/?/1846, aged 8y 8m(?) 10d(?), daughter of Abraham and Anna Shenk


Sarah Ann SHENK d. 2/7/1884, aged 64y 2m 2d, wife of Isaac S. Shenk




A. Y. 


Abraham S. YOUNG 7/21/1854-4/19/1932, with wife Elizabeth S. YOUNG 1/5/1858-9/27/1941


Alice M. YOUNG 11/11/1860-4/20/1932


Annie YOUNG 8/25/18??-8/1?/18??, aged ?m 15d


Benjamin YOUNG 1792(?)-1863(?), aged 71y(?) ?m ?d


Benjamin YOUNG 6/15/1821-1/5/1892, aged 70y 6m 20d


Elizabeth YOUNG 5/18/183?-7/7/18??, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Young


Hiram S. YOUNG 1/27/1852-6/10/1918


Ida YOUNG d. ?/?/18?2, aged 3m 20d, daughter of Abraham and Anna Young


Mary Ann YOUNG 1/14/1830-4/26/1888, aged 58y 3m 12d, wife of Benjamin Young


Susanna YOUNG 2/25/1796-11/7/1868, aged 72y ?m 12d, wife of Benjamin Young




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