Presbyterian Cemetery


Churchtown, Lancaster County



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Dan Lindley



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The church is also the location of the Caernarvon Historical Society.



Capt. Ichabod AND Fransina Blair ALLEN  Ichabod b. Nantucket, RI, d. at Windsor 3/1829, Fransina d. 12/1870 Daughter of Rev. John Carmichael


Capt. Ichabod AND Fransina Blair ALLEN


Capt. Ichabod AND Fransina Blair ALLEN


George E. and Sarah Nevin CONRAD  George d. 8/13/1931, Sarah 7/1/1855-5/5/1935


Adell Ledorie JACOBS  d. 9/11/1870, Aged 28y, Second Daughter of Catherine Jenkins and Hanson B. Jacobs


Anna H. JACOBS  10/27/1848-8/19/1910


Hanson B. JACOBS  6/6/1812-6/27/1879


Robert Jenkins JACOBS  2/25/1838-8/3/1898


Catharine JENKINS  d. 9/23/1856, Aged 83y


Catharine JENKINS  4/1812-11/1886, Wife of Hanson Bentley Jacobs


John C. and Annis Dunbar JENKINS  John d. 10/14/1855 at Elgin Near Natchez Miss, Annis d. 9/16/1855


Robert JENKINS  b. at Windsor 7/10/1769, d. 4/18/1848, Gr-Grandson of David Jenkins who emigrated from Wales abt. 1700. Grandson of John Jenkins Original Proprietor of Windsor, Son of David and Martha Jenkins


Mary Jenkins LATTA  Full view, 2/18/1815-2/9/1869, Wife of Rev. W. W. Latta


Mary Jenkins LATTA  Close-up view, 2/18/1815-2/9/1869, Wife of Rev. W. W. Latta


W. W. LATTA  Full view, 7/1/1810-9/5/1883, A Minister of Jesus Christ


W. W. LATTA  Close-up view, 7/1/1810-9/5/1883, A Minister of Jesus Christ


Susan MCCOY  2/1/1855-9/15/1855, Aged 7m 14d, Daughter of ???? McCoy


Jane MILLER  d. 10/29/1887(?), Aged 77y 7d, Wife of Samuel Miller




Amanda MOONEY  d. 3/17/1889(?)?, Aged 43y 7m 3d, Wife of Thomas Mooney




Alfred and Sarah Jenkins NEVIN  Alfred 3/14/1816-9/2/1890 D.D.LL.D., Sarah 7/1/1818-5/30/1902 Daughter of Robert and Catherine Jenkins


Catherine E., Alfred Henry, and David Jenkins NEVIN  Catherine 10/28/1842-6/13/1844, Alfred 10/5/1848-7/31/1856, David 2/19/1847-1/25/1902


David Jenkins NEVIN  2/19/1847-1/25/1902


Theodore F. and John C. NEVIN  Theodore 1/13/1845-5/22/1869, John 5/16/1852-2/4/1907


Marietta REIGARD  5/??/1830(?)-18??, Daughter of ---- and Elizabeth Reigard


Philip Wager REIGARD  7/4/1799-9/9/1833, Son of Adam and Mary Reigard


Adams W. and Elizabeth J. REIGART


Catharine Carmichael ROGERS  d. 6/16/1870, Aged 59y, Wife of the late Evan Rogers, Daughter of David and Mary Jenkins


Evan ROGERS  d. 10/22/????


Rev. J. W. Scott, D.D.LL.D.  11/27/1807-7/25/1879, Husband of Phebe Anna Jenkins


Phebe Anna Jenkins SCOTT  d. 12/10/1872, Aged 66y, Wife of Rev. J. W. Scott, D.D.LL.D.


Ann SILKNITTER  d. 10(?)/28/1859(?), Aged 50y 9m 27d


Hannah SILKNITTER  d. 10/9/1875, Aged 8?y 11m 6d, Wife of Jacob Silknitter


Susan SILKNITTER  2/6/1828-3/31/1912


SIMPSON  David, Mary A., John and Esther A., David 12/18/1771-12/18/1848, Mary 1/18/1784-8/31/1870, John 2/3/1816-2/7/1889, Esther 5/1/1840-4/4/1920


George SPOTTS  7/1/1784-2/21/1857, Aged 72y 7m 21d


Jacob SPOTTS  d. 6/19/1858(?), Son of George and ------ Spotts


Susanna SPOTTS  d. 9/19/1861, Aged 72y, Wife of George Spotts


John WIEDEMER  2/9/1851-7/6/1912




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