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Bridgeville, Lancaster County



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Photos contributed by

Dan Lindley



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H. Hoyt ALTHOUSE  1878-1943, with Sara W. ALTHOUSE 1876-1960


Clay Leroy BEAM  10/10/1934-7/1/2005


Virginia C. BRINTON  12/15/1905-5/13/1976


Wm. Clark BRINTON  2/17/1941-2/19/1941, son of W. Henry and Virgina C. Brinton


Elsie Mae CLARK  12/12/1904-7/3/1967


Nelson Park CLARK  1880-1948, with Mary Martha CLARK 1874-1962


John H. DILLER  2/19/1896-7/9/1984 Lodge #2 Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, with Helen C. DILLER 8/16/1899-7/29/1974 St. Alban Chapter --- Order of the Eastern Star


L. Evens DILLER  1900-1937


Jacob R. FETTER  1881-1954, with Mary W. FETTER 1882-1964


William FETTER  6/14/1855-11/15/1933, with Mary Jane FETTER 10/4/1856-2/8/1923


Charles S. HOUCK  1894-1975, with Myrtle C. HOUCK 1897-1950


Robert W. HOUCK  1924-1942


John M. LAUFFER  5/2/1864-4/30/1930, with Elizabeth E. LAUFFER 5/2/1871-1/11/1957


Harlan SANDOE  d. 12/29/1908, aged 4y 4m 27d, son of Henry and Eleonora Sandoe


Henry SANDOE  1862-1932, with wife Ellen Nora SANDOE 1858-1942


Derrick R. THOMAS  8/10/1966-9/27/1991


Jason L. WEIR  9/2/1975-10/12/1999


Robert WEITZEL  4/23/1916-2/21/2001, with Anna E. WEITZEL 5/22/1913-7/2/2000


Susan Diller WHITAKER  3/11/1860-9/15/1944




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