Old Bethany



Ephrata, Lancaster County


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman

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This wall is dedicated to
Charles W. Mentzer
who for many years
worked for the benefit of
Bethany Cemetery.
Funds he raised were used to
build this wall with stones from
Old Bethany Church
and inset are tombstones from
Old Bethany Cemetery


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A.D. 1931



                    Front View                                                                                                                    Rear View

Additional views of

Cremation Garden:  1  2



Adam d. 4/?/1859(?), aged 5m(?) 25d(?), son of William and S----- ?


John ALBRIGHT  Stone 2  ?/17/1861-10/?/1861, son of Martin and Lea Albright


Ann Elizabeth with Mary Ann and Unknown; view of plot


A. B. 


E. A. B. 


J. B. 


Annie G. BECHTEL 1867-1912, aged 44y 10m 14d


J. Floyd BECHTEL 1892-1910, aged 17y 7m 27d


Reuben BECHTEL 4/1/1848-4/26/1852, aged 4y 25d, son of Anna Bechtel


W. Henry BECHTEL 1867-1930, aged 53y 3m 7d


Catharina Stock BECK d. 5/30/1828, aged 38y 11m(?), wife of Johannes Beck, daughter of Adam and Elisabeth Stock


Georg BECK 2/23/1807-10/25/1838, aged 31y 8m 1d


Henry BECK 2/9/1825-8/28/1847, aged 22y 6m 19d, son of Samuel and Catharine Beck


Jacob BECK 9/22(?)/1727-4/5/1774, aged 46y(?) 6m(?) 16d(?)


Jeremiah BECK 7/25/1837-8/14/1840, aged 3y 20d, son of George and Sarah Beck


Johannes BECK 4/19/1792-1/30/1844, aged 54y 9m 12d


Lowisa BECK 1699-1759(?)


Peter BECK 6/4/1762-6/30/1837, aged 75y 26d


Sarah BECK 9/23/1798-8/25/1852, aged 53y 11m 2d, daughter of Peter and Susanna Beck


Susanna BECK 8/25/1766-2/6/1844, aged 77y 5m 11d, wife of Peter Peck


Christianna BECKER 8/8/1766-6/3/1848, aged 81y 9m 4d(?), wife of Henry Becker


Daughter BECKER 1840, daughter of George and Elizabeth Becker


Henry BECKER  Stone 2  son of Henry and Christianna Becker, aged about 2 years


Henry BECKER 9/14/1773-1816, aged 43y(?)


Jacob BENTZ 1769-1847


Joseph BENTZ 1/9/1846-3/10/1850, aged 5y 9m 4d, son of William and Anna(?) Bentz


Martin BENTZ 8/8/1816-7/13/1874, aged 57y 11m 5d


Samuel BENTZ 2/26/1792-3/21/1850, aged 58y 23d


Son BENTZ 1849, aged 14d, son of Ruben and Catharina Bentz


Maria(?) BENTZ d. 1821(?)


Susanna BOHANAN 8/5/1804-2/7/1839, aged 34y 6m 2d, wife of John Bohanan


Peter Beck BOHANNAN 3/16/1834-8/24/1841, aged 7y 5m 8d


Nevin K. BRUGGER 3/7/1929-6/11/1997


Elisabet BUSER(?) 11/20/180?-10/3(?)/1830(?), aged 2?y ?m 13d(?)


Andrew BUSHONG d. 7/4/1849, aged 54y


Elizabeth BUSHONG d. 12/13/1829, aged 20y


Elizabeth Ann BUSHONG d. 2/?/1831, aged 8m, daughter of Andrew and Sarah Bushong


Elizabeth Gray BUSHONG d. 11/6/1829, aged 25y, wife of Philip Bushong, daughter of Justus and Catharine Gray,

Contributor:  Adam Boyd


Elizabeth Rutter BUSHONG d. 2/21/1852, aged 78y 1m 6d, wife of Jacob Bushong


Jacob BUSHONG d. 10/26/1828, aged 61y


Maria BUSHONG d. 5/17/1835(?), wife of John Ad-----, daughter of Jacob(?) and Elizabeth Bushong


Samuel BUSHONG d. 6/18/1817, aged 11y


Sarah BUSHONG 12/3/1795-8/16/1887, aged 91y 8m 13d, wife of Andrew Bushong


William BUSHONG d. 12/19/1815, aged 1y


J. J. C. 1826


Annie E. CRAY(?) d. 2/?/1871, aged 47y(?), with Reemsnyder stones and Cray stones


Eliza CRAY d. 8/18/1886, aged 84y 7m 10d, wife of Henry Cray


Henry CRAY d. 7/3/1876, aged 70y 5m 8d


Atem DANER ?/28/1768-1/30/1820


Elisabeth DANER 4/2/1777(?)-1841(?), wife of Atem Daner


Michael DANNER 12/29/1767-8/6/1845, aged 77y 7m 8d


Jacob D. DISSINGER 3/3/1839-7/19/1854, aged 15y 4m 16d, son of John and Susanna Dissinger


John DISSINGER 4/?/1805(?)-11/16/1861(?), aged 6?y 7m 8d


Susanna DISSINGER 9/11/1810-1/20/1963, aged 72y 4m 9d, wife of John Dissinger


Elizabeth DITTRICH 2/3/1809-8/24/1874, aged 65y 6m 21d, wife of Lawrence Dittrich, daughter of Henry and Christina --cher(?)


Lawrence DITTRICH 3/30/1813-3/11/187?, aged 64y(?) 1m 14d(?), born in Baden Germany(?)


Emma 4/12/18?6-1/19/186?, daughter of ?


Isaac FAIR 1816-1835


Elizabeth FREY 11/5/1788-2/4/1872, aged 83y 2m 29d


Lavan FREY 1846, aged 1y 6m 5d


M. F. near Fry/Frey stones


Maria FREY 8/13/1843-9/14/1843, aged 1m 1d, daughter of Susanna and Peter Frey


Peter FREY 12/28/1817-10/30/1846, aged 28y 10m 2d


Samuel FREY 11/26/1792-7/27/1838, aged 45y 9m


Unknown FREY d. 9/13/1846, aged 6m 5d, child of Peter and Susanna(?) Frey


Susanna FRY 12/4/1815-6/27/1853, aged 37y 6m 23d


D. G. 


Catharine GARBER 1/4/1814-3/30/1834, aged 20y 2m 26d


Elizabeth GARBER 9/23/1815-7/30/1824, aged 8y 9m 12d, daughter of John and Elisabeth Garber


Anna Elizabeth GLASS 9/20/1819-9/2/1898, aged 78y 11m 12d, wife of Francis V. Glass


Bertha E. GLASS 8/24/1892-5/24/1922


Emma GLASS d. 11/11(?)/18??, aged 13y(?) 8m 24d(?), daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Glass


Francis C. H. GLASS d. 11/27/1860(?), aged 16y 2m 9d, ---- of ? and Elizabeth Glass


Francis V. GLASS 8/16/1814-9/13/1881, aged 67y 28d


Henry S. GLASS Died at Harrisburg 8(?)/10/1864(?) Being a member of Co. I(?) 17th Pa. Cavalry, aged 21y 7m(?) 5d, G.A.R.


J. Donald GLASS 5/14/1915-2/17/1916


Janet F. GLASS 6/27/1868-6/18/1902, aged 33y 11m 21d, wife of Addison C. Glass


John H. GLASS d. 8/?/1882, aged 2y 11m 12d, son of ? Glass


Lizzie Y. GLASS 3/16/1867-5/5/1887, aged 20y 1m 19d, wife of Addison C. Glass


Elisabeth GLEHS 8/4/1804-6/4/1847, aged 42y 10m, wife of Peter Glehs, daughter of Gottlieb and Agnes Danner


Jacob GOOD aged ?, son of Samuel Good


Hannah GORGAS 1/2/1801-10/2/1840, aged 39y 9m, wife of Joseph Gorgas, born(?) Bentz


Matilda GORGAS daughter of Joseph and Hannah Gorgas


Clarence Moore GRAHAM 12/9/1916-8/14/2005, with Martha Jeanne Conner GRAHAM 5/27/1922-9/8/2000


Catharine GRAY 10/16/1781-10/17/1857, aged 76y 1d, consort of Justus Gray


Justus GREY 8/?/1797(?)-2/?/1833, aged 36y 6m(?)


George GROSS 9/?/1838(?), aged 6y(?) 9m 4d


John GROSS 1773-1847


Martin GROSS son of Samuel(?) and ? Gross, died 1861(?)


Mary GROSS 10/31/1784-7/19(?)/1850, wife of John Gross


Ottilia GROSS d. 3/28/1850, aged 3m(?) 16d, daughter of Jacob L.(?) and Hannah Gross


Annie L. HABERSTICK 4/15/1850-1/27/1943, aged 92y 9m 12d, with Charles


Charles E. HABERSTICK 3/2/1834-2/23/1895, aged 60y 11m 23d, G.A.R., with Annie


Heinric Marien HAHN 6/20/1828-11/9/1829, aged 1y 4m 19d


Henrietta HAHN 3/3/1824-12/8/1829, aged 5y 9m 5d


Joanna HAHN 3/2/1836-11/5/1837, aged 1y 8m 3d


Frances(?) HAHN 8/25/1826-11/4/1829, aged 3y 2m 10d


Catharine HECKER 12/2/1823-5/23/1854, aged 30y 5m 21d, wife of Reuben Hecker


Charles HECKER  Stone 2  1816-5/?/1839


Hannah HECKER 


Jacob HECKER 7/17/1791-8/24/1885, aged 94y 1m 7d


Lydia HECKER d. 3/10(?)/18??, aged 5m(?) ?d, daughter of Charles(?) and Hannah(?) Hecker


Mary Elisabeth(?) HECKER ?/14/1848, aged 29y(?), daughter of Reuben and Catharina Hecker


Reuben K. HECKER 1/28/1826-5/9/1882, aged 56y 3m 11d, Civil War Veteran


Sarah HECKER 8/3/1786-2/7/1844, aged 57y 4m(sic) 4d


Elizabeth HEISER 5/25(?)/1791-10/16(?)/1874, aged 82y 4m 22d, wife of John Heiser


George HEISER  2/15/1806-6/26/1884, aged 78y 4m 11d, with S. H. , and  Unknown
View of Plot 1  View of Plot 2


John HEISER 1/25/1788-1/29/1855, aged 67y 4m(sic - s/b days)


Martin HEISER 11/13/1834 aged 5m 24d, with Rebecca HEISER 12/30/1832 aged 9d, children of Michl. and Eliza Heiser


Michael HEISER 2/2/1813-3/31/1846, aged 33y 1m 29d


Mary Ann HEISTAND d. 4/24/1887(?), aged 59y(?) 5m 19d, wife of Jacob Heistand


Joseph HIETRICH d. 4/1825(?), aged 3?y


Catharine HILL d. 11/19/1876, aged 66y 6m 6d


Susan HORST 1855-1888


Walter H. HORST 1882-1912


Michael HUDAK 8/16/1935-12/2/2005, located in the Cremation Garden


Jacob son of William and ?, aged ?y 6m 9d




Jane JOHNSTON d. 8(?)/?/1881(?), aged ?0y 11m, consort of H------ , a daughter of Samuel Martin(?)


Gerhard KAFROTH 


Jacob KAFROTH 12/9/1754-10/7/1824, aged 69y 9m 29d


Anna Maria(?) KELLER(?) 3/22/1756(?)-8/15(?)/1757(?)


Leah K. KELLER d. 11/4/1916, aged 29y 7m 3d


Peter KIELHEFNER 1833-1889


Anna KREYLE 9/25/1774-4/17/1853, aged 80y 6m 22d, wife of John Kreyle


Johannes KRYLE 12/16/1770-11/17/1831, aged 60y 11m 1d


C. L. 


J. L. possibly originally stone of Jacob Leber


Amanda LEAD 1840-1863


Emma LEAD 1863-1864


Ann LEBER 5/4/1795-5/16/1864, aged 68y 12d, wife of Jacob Leber


Christina LEBER 10/16/1805(?)-9/3/1870(?), aged 65y 11m ?d


Elizabeth LEBER d. 8/22/1824, aged 4y(?) 1m(?) 8d(?)


Jacob LEBER 1783-1838


Samuel LEBER 2/28/1813(?)-4/18/1818(?), aged 5y 1m 20d, son of John and ?


Sarah Ann LEBER 5/7/1843-1/20/1844, aged 8m 23d


Unknown LEBER 


William LEBER aged 2y 3m 16d, son of ?


D. M. 




Elizabeth MANDEL 11/30/1799-8/2/1877, aged 77y 8m 3d, with UnknownView of Plot


Elisabeth MEKKLAUT 4/15/1838-3/16/1842


Luma M. MENTZER d. 10/20/1919, aged 27y 10m 20d


Catharina MERCKLEY 4/12/1768-12/19/1843, aged 75y 8m 7d, born RESSLET(?)




C. Gehman MILLER   View 2  11/20/1918-12/8/2003, WW II Veteran


William MOORE 10/13(?)/1805(?)-11/17/1892, aged 87y 1m ?d


Sebastian MOYER 8/29/1891(?)-12(?)/18/1891(?), son of Irvin(?) and Kate(?) Moyer


Elizabeth MUCKEL d. 4/8/1889, aged 87y, wife of Ludwig Muckel


Ludwig MUCKEL 1795-1867, with Elizabeth MUCKEL 1802-1889, see other photos (note: Ludwig's name spelled MUCKLE in other photo)


Ludwig MUCKLE d. 11/24/1867, aged 72y


C. N. 


Ella NAGEL  View of Plot  with Isaac, daughter of Edward and Mary Nagel


Heinrich NAGEL 1798-1846


Isaac NAGEL  View of Plot  with Ella, d. ?/19/1865(?), aged 6y 1m(?) 2d(?),

son of Edward and Mary Nagel


Ann Maria NAGLE 10/16/1797-11/28/1853, aged 56y 1m 12d


Edward R. NAGLE d. 10/14/1915 aged 82y 9m 12d, with Mary NAGLE d. 11/1/1930 aged 92y 6m 22d


Emma G. NAGLE 7/17/1862-4/26/1889, aged 26y 9m 9d, daughter of Edward and Mary Nagle


Emma S. NAGLE 1/5/1860-1/11/1917, aged 57y 6d


Samuel R. NAGLE 7/16/1827-10/3/1900, aged 73y 2m 17d


Sophia E. Hambright NAGLE 3/1/1833-8/15/1891, aged 58y 5m 14d, wife of Samuel B. Nagle, daughter of Frederick and Hannah Hambright


Henry NETZLEY 5/12/1823-3/19/18?0, aged ?2y 10m ?d, son of Jacob and Barbara Netzley


Henry C. NETZLEY 4/1/1856-2/25/1883(?), son of Henry and Mahala Netzley


Isaac C. NETZLEY d. 5/10/1919, aged 85y 10m 3d


Mahala C. NETZLEY d. 9/30/1912, aged 87y(?) 7m 18d


Benj. H.(?) NORTON 1845(?)-1860(?)


Sarena NORTON 10/3/1842-5/10/1869, aged 27y 7m 7d


Roy S. OBERHOLTZER 7/7/1910-12/25/1982, with Mabel I. OBERHOLTZER 9/21/1912-10/2/2002


Carl C. OWENS 1925-2002


A. C. R.(?) between Edward and Henry Reemsnyder


W. R. with REDCHEY stones


Habe R. RABUCK 10/9/1934-8/22/1998, Korea 1950-1955


Reuben M. REDCHEY 9/3/1897-9/26/1900, aged 3y 23d, son of Susan Hecker


Susanna REDCHEY 4/23/1819-12/28/1892, aged 73y 8m 5d, wife of Wm. Redchey


William REDCHEY 7/7/1851-4/29/1874, aged 23y 4m 22d


William REDCHEY d. 8/21(?)/1899


Annie Cray REEMSNYDER 6/26/1865-8/4/1877, aged 12y 1m 8d, daughter of Henry and Mary J. Reemsnyder


Edward S. REEMSNYDER 1862-1930


Henry REEMSNYDER M.D. 11/15/1825-11/13/1877, aged 51y 11m 28d, Civil War veteran


Henry Cray REEMSNYDER d. 2/16/1859, aged 4y 2m 27d, son of Wm.(?) Henry and Mary J. Reemsnyder


Mary Jane Cray REEMSNYDER 11/2/1833-4/25/1919, aged 85y 5m 23d, daughter of Henry and Eliza Cray, wife of Dr. Henry Reemsnyder


Eva REGER(?) 3(?)/31/1770-?/11(?)/1841, aged 70y 11m(?) ?d, wife of Richard(?) Reger(?)


Felicia L. RUPP 7/30/1985-10/1/1998


E. M. S. 


W. S. 


Sarah  d. 3/27/18??, aged 83y(?) 1m 14d(?), next to Mary Ann Heistand




Emeline SCHEAFFER d. 2/4/1847, aged 1m


Clifford N. SCHLEGEL 5/31/1928-12/1/2003, Korea 1950-1955


Jacob B. SHIRK 1/24/1799-5/17/1840, aged 41y 3m 24d


Annie SLICK d. 3/6(?)/1852, aged 6y, daughter of ? Slick


Barbara SLICK 3/13/1764-12/9/1848, aged 84y(?) 8m 26d


Elizabeth SLICK ?/?/1794(?)-9/10/1863, aged 7?y 6m(?) 2d, wife of Jacob(?) Slick


Elizabeth SLICK d. 7/29(?)/1842(?), aged 2m, daughter of ? Slick


Henry M. SLICK d. 1875(?) aged 1y(?), with Lydia d. 2/17/1860(?) aged 2y


Israel SLICK 1821(?)-1889(?), with wife Elizabeth


Jacob SLICK Sr.(?) d. 1(?)/26/1814(?), aged 53y(?)


Jacob SLICK 1763-1840


Jacob SLICK d. 1(?)/?/18??, aged 76y(?) ?m 29d(?)


Annie SNYDER 7/3/1846-1/31/1888, aged 41y 6m 28d, wife of William Snyder


Annie SNYDER 1846-1888


Baby SNYDER(?) in the middle of SNYDER stones (Possibly child of Peter and Ellen Snyder)


Catharine SNYDER 5/30/1823-8/25/1881, aged 58y 2m 26d, wife of Israel Snyder


Catherine SNYDER 3/4/1862-12/31/1917, aged 55y 9m 27d, wife of William Snyder


Ellen Mary SNYDER 1/13/1855-6/25/1889, aged 34y 5m 12d, wife of Peter Snyder


Infant SNYDER 1881-1881, son of Peter and Ellen Snyder


Israel SNYDER 5/18/1818-4/4/1874(?), aged 57y(?) 10m 18d(?)


M. W. SNYDER 1898(?), aged 32y 8m ?d, Co. K. 191st(?) PA INF


Martin SNYDER son of ? and ? Snyder


Mary M. SNYDER 6/21/1833-?/28/1879, wife of Martin W. Snyder


Mary M. SNYDER 1833-1879


Peter SNYDER 9/7/1853-11/26/1900, aged 47y 2m 19d(?)


William ? SNYDER 5/?/1882-?/?/1907(?), aged ?y ?m 16d


William SNYDER 5/9/1845-9/24/1915, aged 70y 4m 15d


? Gross STINEMETZ d. 7/16/1839, aged 1y 9m 12d


Peter STOCK d. 4/27/1842, aged 8m 13d, son of Peter(?) and Sybilla(?) Stock


Allen STROHL d. 7/31/1863, aged 34y 8m 29d


Amelia STROHL 1857-1861, with Infant Son STROHL 1861, children of Allen and Elizabeth Strohl


Amelia STROHL d. 11/13/1861, aged 4y(?) 10d, daughter of Allen and Elizabeth Strohl


Jacob STROHL 1761-1828, PVT Continental Line Revolution War


Thomas Jefferson STROHL d. 7/30/1850, aged 7m 10d, son of ? and Mary A. Strohl


William STROHL d. 12/16/1921 aged 86y 9m 3d, with Catharine STROHL d. 4/5/1915 aged 72y 10m 26d


Elizabeth STROHLE 8/2/1795-2/16/1873, aged 77y 9m 14d, wife of John Strohle


John STROHLE d. 1/4/1845(?), aged 49y 10m


Jacob STROL aged 73y(?)


Maria STROL d. 1845(?), aged 87y 7m


Allen B. UHRICH 11/18/1858-1/6/1941, aged 82y 1m 18d


Emma UHRICH 12/12/1887-12/7/1927, aged 39y 11m 25d, daughter of A.B. and Kate Uhrich


Kate Snyder UHRICH d. 9/22/1903, aged 34y 2m 9d, daughter of John and ? Snyder, wife of Allen B. Uhrich


UNKNOWN d. 8/18,????, aged ?y ?m 17d


UNKNOWN This stone erected ----- ----- memory by his affectionate wife Mary


UNKNOWN Son of ?, b. 5/2?/18??


UNKNOWN/ILLEGIBLE stones:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  


UNNAMED Located between Mary M. Snyder and Elisabeth Glehs, Inscription: You who come my grave to see, Prepare yourselves to follow me, Prepare in time make no delay, For youth and age will soon decay.


M. V.  possibly Maria Varnes, d. 5/17/1837, aged 35y, wife of John Varnes, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Bushong


Albert H. WEISE d. 4/1/1901, aged 1m 6d


Alice M. WEISE  View 2  1914-1956


Catherine WETZLER 1863-1913


Unknown WETZLER 


Walter WETZLER aged 8m ?d, son of ?


William  with Sarah 


Johan Christian WILMS 1738-3/1802, aged 63y 10m 8d


Sarah WILMS  Stone 2  1770-1799


A---- WISE 


Anna Maria WOLF wife of Christian Wolf, aged 57y(?) 4m ?d


Henry WOLF b. 1798, d. ?


John G. WORTH 9/10/1826-8/13/1893, aged 66y 11m 3d


Mary Matilda WORTH 2/27/1836-2/19/1886(?), wife of John G. Worth


Maria Magdalena WREIGHT b. 1722


Elizabeth WRIGHT 6/4/1759-2/20/1842, aged 82y 9m 16d, wife of John Wright


John WRIGHT 12/17/1755(?)-6/16/1807, aged 51y(?) and 1(?)d less than 6(?) months, This Stone is Erected to his Memory by his Affectionate Wife Elisabeth


Sarah WRIGHT d. ?/27(?)/1790, aged ?y 9m 4d


Thomas WRIGHT d. 1/27/1803(?), aged 3y(?) 8m


D. George YEAKEL 1794(?)-1/27/1837(?), aged ?y


Nicolaes ZELL d. 11/29/1794, aged 73y(?) 3m(?) ?d


Barbara ZINK d. 10/4/1874, aged 70y 9m 8d




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