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Amey ALLISON  d. 4/10/1838, Aged 69y


Wm. Everett AMBLER  2/9/1900-7/11/1954


Harriet ARTERS  5/28/1???-11/2/1887(?), Aged 72y ?m 17d, Wife of Robert Arters


Robert ARTERS  1/26/1812-9/7/1856, Aged 44y 7m 12d


Arild Redman BROWN  1939-1997


William R. and E. Olive BROWN  William 1897-1952, E. Olive 1897-1986


Perry and Sarah BRUBAKER  Perry 1816-1907, Sarah 1826-1893


Elizabeth B. CHEYNEY  1873-1947


William I. CHEYNEY, Jr.  1901-1948


Mary CHURCH  d. 10/15/1839, aged 49y 1m 25d, Wife of Thomas M. Church


Thomas M. CHURCH  Bangor Episcopal Churchyard, Churchtown, Contributor: Dan Lindley


Martha Bennett COSBY  7/18/1929-2/19/1962, Daughter of Halcourt T. and Martha P. Cosby


S. Frank and Mary A. COX  S. Frank 1854-1917, Mary 1849-1932


Margaret A. CROSS  8/9/1825-2/25/1869, Wife of William Cross, Daughter of David and Harriet Evans


Edward and Rachel DAVIES  Edward d. 5/17/1853 In his 74th year, Rachel d. 7/6/1824 Aged 42y


Edward DAVIES  Close-up view


Rachel DAVIES  Close-up view


Thomas H. DAVIES  d. 5/15/1859, Aged 48y


Frank J. DAVIS  1877-1941


Minnie S. DAVIS  1880-1945


Matilda DEAN


Abraham DIEARDORF  6/26/1804-1/14/1859, Aged 54y 6m 18d


William and Annie EPPEHIMER  William d. 1836, Annie d. 1835


David EVANS  d. 1/8/1801, aged 43y 6m


David EVANS  11/6/1833-6/3/1869, Aged 35y 4m 28d


David EVANS  d. 12/9/????, Aged 62y 3m ?d


Elizabeth EVANS  Wife of Adam Evans


Harriet EVANS  8/9/1803-3/8/1882, Aged 78y 6m 27d, Wife of David Evans


John EVANS  d. 1/25/181?, Aged 18y ?m ?d


Jonathan Jones EVANS  d. 1/7/181?, Aged 9y 8m 10d, Son of John Evans


Joshua EVANS  d. 4/21/1813, aged 80y?


Nathan EVANS  Photo 1 of 3


Nathan EVANS  Photo 2 of 3


Nathan EVANS  Photo 3 of 3, d. 12/23/1763


Margaret McCarty FERGUSON  7/12/1925-1/29/1974, Daughter of Edna Frederick and Richmond Jones Ferguson, Fifth Great Grand-Daughter of David Jones, Mother of Andrew Ferguson Brumbach and Christine Ann Brumbach


Anna E. Frempt FLICKINGER  11/8/1847-7/29/1899, Wife of John G. Flickinger


John G. FLICKINGER  3/6/1845-5/20/1914


Amos F. GARMAN  6/15/1853-2/27/1854, Son of Philip and Elizabeth Garman


Emma GARMAN  7/19/1868-1/15/1873, Daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Garman


Hiram GARMAN  10/9/1857-1/30/1859, Son of Philip and Elizabeth Garman


Leonard GARMAN  1/2/1762-2/5/1849, PVT. REV. WAR


Mary E. Troop GARMAN  4/13/1770-7/24/1855


Philip GARMAN  3/27/1859-1/3/1873, Son of Philip and Elizabeth Garman


GENTRY-EVANS-FROGGATT  Margaret Wilson GENTRY 1905-1994, Andrew J. GENTRY 1905-1996, Lydia Deborah EVANS 1901-1987, Vigilant Anthony EVANS 1898-1971, George Thorpe EVANS 1925-2002, Rachel Mae FROGGATT 1999-1999




Francis GILLESPIE  d. 2/13/1861(?), Aged 14(?)y


Francis GILLESPIE  d. 12/??/1853, Aged 87y 2m 23d


Sarah GILLESPIE  d. 9/27/1860(?), Aged 83(?)y 5(?)m 8(?)d


Edward HAWKIN  d. 8/3/1842, Aged 1m 12d, Son of John and Elizabeth HAWKIN


George L. and Mary Elizabeth HERR  George 1912-2004, Mary 1914-2003


Elizabeth HERRINGTON  d. 3/22/1897 Honeybrook, PA


Henry HOFFMAN  10/??/1780(?)-3/??/1841(?), Aged 60y


Blanche H. HUDSON  1874-1951


Barbara HUSTON  d. 12/15/1828, Aged 75y


Elizabeth HUSTON  d. 10/??/18??, Aged 12(?)y


John HUSTON  d. 2/5/1829, Aged 73y


Douglas Hancock JACOBS  7/5/1863-2/8/1916, Captain in U.S. Army


George W. JACOBS  d. 1830, Aged 31y


Mary F. JACOBS  2/25/1806-10/8/1897, Widow of Coleman R. Jacobs


Samuel F. and Lucy Cray Owen JACOBS  Samuel 10/30/1829-11/13/1868, Lucy 1/13/1831-7/23/1884


Samuel O. JACOBS  d. 4/??/1856, Aged 29y


Elizabeth A. JAMESON  1832-1920


William A. JAMESON  12/11/1856-11/19/1863, Son of Jacob and Elizabeth Jameson


C. Stewart JONES  6/11/1882-9/26/1955


Caleb and Hannah JONES  Caleb d. 1/26/1809 Aged 66y, Hannah d. 7/6/1809 Aged 73y(?)


Caleb and Hannah JONES  Full view


Caleb and Hannah JONES  Close-up View 1


Caleb and Hannah JONES  Close-up View 2


JONES  David, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Margaret


David and Elizabeth JONES  David 1709-1784 Born Wales, Elizabeth 1713-1779


Hannah JONES  d. 12/27/18--(?), Aged 73y 10m 18d, Consort of David Jones, Esq.


John JONES  6/24/1737-12/1?/1798(?), Aged 57y ?m


Jonathan and Margaret Davis JONES  View 1, Jonathan 1738-1782 Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line in the Regular Continental Army, Margaret 1736-1819


Jonathan and Margaret Davis JONES  View 2, Jonathan 1738-1782, Margaret 1736-1819, Wife of Jonathan Jones


Jonathan JONES  Bottle next to grave


Jonathan JONES  Revolutionary War Marker


Doris Brown LEECH  1932-1979


LINCOLN  Abraham, Mary, Sara J. and Elizabeth


Abraham and Mary LINCOLN  Abraham 7/12/1812-2/11/1900, Mary Daughter of Abraham and Sara J. Lincoln


Edward and Sarah Ann LINCOLN  Edward 10/10/1837-6/5/1912, Sarah 2/12/1844-12/2/1918


Sara J. and Elizabeth LINCOLN  Sara 6/23/1819-2/17/1900 Wife of Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth 11/10/1840-6/26/1904


Cyrus LOMAS  Born Jan. 6 year of Independence, Died May 26, 18?8


Josephine B. and Phyllis C. MCCARTHY  Josephine 1918-1993, Phyllis 1921-2001


William James MCGILL  1821-1840


George MILLER  d. 11/18/1863(?), Aged 78y


Mary MILLER  d. 3/18/1906, Aged 79y 2m 9d


Sarah MILLER  d. 12/11/1840, Wife(?) of George Miller


Corinne Elizabeth MITRANI  1926-1996


Ann MURPHY  d. 11/9/1901, Aged 91y 9m 15d


Jane MURPHY  d. 2/14/1909, Aged 77y 2m 25d


William MURPHY  1/17/1830-1/18/1914


John and Mary OTTENKIRK  John 4/5/1803-8/10/1895, Mary 7/14/1806-3/30/1886


Martha A. OTTENKIRK  Bangor Episcopal Churchyard, Churchtown, Contributor: Dan Lindley


Elizabeth Darling Drown PHELPS  1/10/1872-1/27/1962, Wife of Ziba Bennett Phelps


Ziba Bennett PHELPS  12/8/1870-11/2/1961


Ziba Bennett PHELPS, Jr.  1/14/1906-4/11/1955, Son of Ziba Bennet and Elizabeth Drown Phelps


Ellen QUAINTANCE  3/12/1787(?)-11/1?/1877(?)


James QUAINTANCE  d. 7/7/1865, aged 81y 3m


Jane QUAINTANCE  4/28/1841(?)-10/26/1889


Margaret QUAINTANCE  1/24/1820(?)-??/??/1882(?)


Mary QUAINTANCE  12/10/1815-8/13/1883(?)


Mary E. QUAINTANCE  4/27/1822-4/3/1903, Aged 80y 11m 8d, Wife of Benoni(?) Quaintance


Wm. H. QUAINTANCE  d. 11/11/1865, Aged 16y 10m 15d


Belle Yoder RENNINGER  1855-1930


Davis RENNINGER  1868-1923


George and Catharine RIGG  George 9/8/1804-2/22/1868, Catharine 12/8/1808-7/20/1896


George and Catharine RIGG  Bangor Episcopal Churchyard, Churchtown, Contributor: Dan Lindley


Isabella and John RIGG  Isabella 3/15/1835-4/7/1841, John 3/3/1833-6/15/1841, Daughter and Son of George and Catharine Rigg


Andrew ROBESON  d. 9/5/18??, Aged 67y 7m


Catharine C. ROGERS  7/7/1840-11/17/1914, Daughter of Lot and Martha Rogers


Lot ROGERS  10/4/1802-5/15/1877


Martha Jenkins ROGERS  11/13/1805-5/24/1878, Wife of Lot Rogers


S. Pearson SAMPLE  1/1/1834-11/18/1902


Rachel Ann SCOTT  d. 10/12/1865, Aged 15y 4m 12d, Daughter of Anthony and Maybeth(?) Scott


Samuel SMITH  1/28/1783(?)-10/11/1863


Lydia B., L. Kathryn and Margaret TIFFANY  Lydia 1838-1937, L. Kathryn 1877-1932, Margaret 1877-1951


Hannah TRIPPLE  5/1/1803-5/30/1881, Aged 78y 29d


John TRIPPLE  8/12/1806-5/14/1851, Aged 44y 9m 2d


Harry F. WEAVER and Agnes Y. Weaver WALLACE  Harry 1/1/1867-2/18/1907, Agnes 1866-1962


J. Roy and Mary H. WEAVER  J. Roy 1887-1961, Mary 1865-1921


Emma E. WHITAKER  6/9/1849-2/23/1897, Aged 47y 8m 1d


Frank WILSON  3/24/1871-10/8/1962


Harold F. and Susie C. WINTERS  Harold 12/13/1898-1/6/1972 PFC Military Police Co. #1 WWI, Susie 1/15/1910-9/12/1992


Barton WITMAN  8/23/18?5(?)-8/14/1900(?), Aged 76y 11m 22d


Caroline M. WITMAN  5/19/1845-2/12/1927, Aged 81y 8m 24d, Wife of Barton Witman


Catharine WITMAN  10/22/1801(?)-3/2?/1867(?), Wife of William Witman


Harriet WITMAN  11/3/1828-3/9/1861, Daughter of William and Catharine Witman


Robert D. WITMAN  7/4/1873-2/15/1940, Aged 66y 7m 11d, Son of Barton and Caroline Witman


Susanna WITMAN  7/22/1829-8/26/1839(?), Daughter of Wm. and Catharine Witman


William WITMAN  10/7/1839(?)-8/8/1871(?)


Josephine Johnston YODER  d. 12/31/1893, Aged 62y 9m 22d, Wife of Levi B. Yoder


Levi B. YODER  Corp. Co. B. 11 Regt. PA CAV 1861-1864, Reinlisted Co. D. 1 Regt. Delaware Vol. 1864-1865


Levi B. YODER  d. 10/7/1880, Son of Samuel and Mary Yoder


Levi B. YODER  d. 9/1/1906, Aged 75y 6m 19d, A soldier of the Civil War for 4 yrs. a Justice of the Peace


Margaret K. YODER  d. 1/1/1900, Aged 63y 9m 12d


Martha YODER  d. 5/12/1880, Aged 79y 8m 12d


William YODER  d. 9/23/1880, Aged 78y 3m 7d


Abraham YOHN  d. 8/22/1868, Aged 10y 6m 9d, Son of Thomas and Annie Yohn


Annie L. YOHN  11/9/1832-11/2/1918, Aged 85y 11m 23d, Wife of Thomas Yohn


Thomas YOHN  10/8/1831-3/23/1889, Aged 57y 5m 15d


William Yoder YOHN  10/8/1860-2/20/1885, Aged 24y 4m 12d, Son of Thomas and Annie L. Yohn


Margaret ZELL  d. 7/1/1857, Aged 88y, Wife of the late Adam Zell


Mary ZELL  8/16/1808-2/10/1882, Aged 73y 7m




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