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Christina R. Bergantz, d. 12/21/1909, a. 30y 11m 8d?

Lewis Bergantz, d. 7/9/1890, a. 41y 10m 21d

Samuel L. Bergantz, d. 3/21/1863, a. 1y 11m 19d, s/o L. & Christina R. Bergantz


Lettie (Corbin) Bumgardner, 6/3/1901-8/13/1985

Raymond T. Cepek, 7/29/1896-6/11/1976

Thelma Evelyn (Kyle) Cepek, 1/16/1899-12/1/1970

C. W. F. Corbin, 1861-1921  Mary Corbin, 1870-1919  Anna Josephine Corbin, 1891-1910

Joseph S. Corbin, 5/1/1890-11/8/1944

Pryor Corbin, 3/19/1898-2/22/1952

Walter A. Corbin, 1900-1965

Mary Foster, 9/23/1827-1/1/1924

Rebecca Gorsuch, 7/2/1826-4/28/1904

Amanda Green, 9/23/1845-5/24/1879

Charles E. Grove, d. 2/19/1894, a. 25y 5m 14d

David Grove, 4/2/1826-4/21/1898

Dorcas C. Grove, 1892-1933

Infant Son of David & Mollie J. Grove

Infant Son of David & Mollie J. Grove

Mary Grove, d. 9/7/1874, a. 79y, w/o John Grove

Mary J. Grove, d. 3/3/1864, a. 29y 7m 12d, w/o David Grove

Milton Roy Grove, d. 7/16/1891, a. 7y 9m 9d, s/o D. & L. Grove

Samuel C. Grove, 8/10/1920-2/26/1991  Verna M. Grove, 5/1/1933-12/25/2003

Walter A. Grove, 1892-1957

Ronald L. Guyer, 3/20/1931-10/13/1992  Betty M. Guyer, 7/6/1930-2/27/1990

Amelia Hooper, 1871-1918

Andrew Kemp, d. 6/29/1841?, a. 22y 9m 28d

Joseph Kemp, d. 2/23/1856, a. 75y 11m 9d

Mary Kemp, d. 12/23/1857, a. 70y 10d

Henry Krueger, 1892-1965

Marian (Kyle) Krueger, 1903-1959

Harry D. Kyle, 1902-1946

Harry M. Kyle, 1874-1945  Anna M. Kyle, 1874-1947

Leah Lewis, 1832-1920  Mary Jane Lewis, 1858-1878  Bertha H. Lewis, 1868-1871

John S. McCartney, d. 4/23/1861, a. 2y 8m 14d, s/o Robert & Mary McCartney

George E. Moore, 8/14/1964-5/8/1982

Wanda J. Moore, 6/16/1932-5/23/1983

Olive (Hooper) Myers, 5/1/1909-4/29/1965

John Silknitter, d. 4/20/1873, a. 38y

John Silknitter, d. 9/30/1871, a. 35y

Sarah Silknitter, d. 4/20/1872, a. 70y

Charles W. Steel, d. 8/--/1862, a. 2y

Emily J. Steel, d. 4/16/1903, a. 45y 7m 27d, d/o Samuel & Harriet G. Steel

Harriet G. Steel, d. 7/4/1899, a. 61y 1m 12d, s/o Samuel Steel

Henry Steel, d. 1/4/1895, a. 71y 4m 27d

Jenet M. Steel, d. 4/27/1876, a. 12y 5m 4d?, d/o Samuel & Harriet G. Steel

John Steel, d. 4/21/1870, a. 75y 7m

Mallie J. Steel, d. 12/27/1896, a. 50y 5m 13d, w/o Henry Steel

Mary E. Steel, d. 9/6/1858, a. 60y 10m, w/o John Steel  Susan Steel, d. 10/4/1861, a. 29y 6m, d/o J. & M. E. Steel

Rebecca P. Steel, 8/7/1969-11/1/1909

Samuel H. Steel, 1876-1950

Samuel S. Steel, 1834-1908, Pvt. Co. K, 202d Regt., Civil War

Myrna Rae (Cepek) Sweeney, 2/3/1934-6/7/1992

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