Shore Cemetery

aka Shore Valley Cemetery

Clay Township, Huntingdon County, PA

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Tombstone Photos Dale Long & Adrienne Crone, 2007
Contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Dale Long & Adrienne Crone

Beaver, Elizabeth, 1853-1942

Black, Infant Son, 6/21/1858, s/o J. A. & E. W. Black

Black, Joseph McClellan, 7/23/1894-?, s/o John & Elizabeth Black

Bolinger, Catharine, 9/1/1854, aged 2y 2m 10d, d/o John & Jane Bolinger

Bolinger, Jane, 3/21/1861, aged 42y 11m 5d, w/o John Bolinger, d/o Robert McNeal

Curfman, Calvin E., 9/16/1865, aged 10m 4d, s/o Daniel L. &  Margaret E. Curfman

Gaster, Infant, 4/30/1899-5/2/1899, s/o S. S. & M. B. Gaster

Horton, Emanuel, 11/6/1855-5/23/1881  Horton, Ann E., 7/19/1855-4/1/1934

Ketteman, Andrew, 4/16/1847, aged 72y 1m 15d, War of 1812

Ketteman, Elizabeth, 2/12/1861, aged 80y 7m 17d, w/o Andrew Ketteman

Ketteman, Jacob G., 3/12/1862, aged 52y 6m 18d

Long, Annie M., 10/1/1844-7/29/1913, w/o Eli Long

Long, Eli, 9/18/1838-6/3/1900, Co. G, 202 Regt. P.V.I.

McNeal, Catharine, 4/16/1857, aged 72y 17d, w/o Robert McNeal

McNeal, Robert, 1/31/1859, aged 80y 1m 6d

Newman, F. Delbert, 3/12/1895, aged 5m 6d, s/o J. M. & E. B. Newman

Newman, Olive, 2/22/1895, d/o J. M. & E. B. Newman

Nicholson, David P., 1847-1869

Nicholson, Evaline S., 1853-1863

Nicholson, Martha E., 1851-1862

Nicholson, Mary Ann, 1860-1862

Nicholson, Thomas J., 1/17/1802-5/17/1875  Nicholson, Jefferson T., 3/30/1845-9/7/1863, Co. B, 46th Regt. P.V.I.

Rinehart, Barbara C., 12/20/1862, aged 4y 24d, d/o J. & I. Rinehart

Rinehart, Curtis L., 2/10/1898-9/2/1898, s/o H. & E. Rinehart

Rinehart, Emma, 4/1882, infant d/o Jacob & Irena Rinehart

Rinehart, Irena, 10/8/1836-12/27/1897

Rinehart, Jacob, 5/24/1837-10/26/1897

Rinehart, John C., 8/26/1865, aged 4y 10m 11d, s/o J. & I. Rinehart

Rinehart, Joseph A., 8/9/1872, aged 2y 3m 9d, s/o Jacob & Irena Rinehart

Rinehart, Sarah F., 4/11/1863, aged 23d, d/o J. & I. Rinehart

Rupert, Henry F., 1/1/1902, aged 18y 3m 27d

Rupert, Herrington, infant son of [unreadable] Rupert

Rupert, John, Sr., 9/15/1853, aged 67y 5m 19d

Rupert, John, 11/19/1896, aged 68y 10m 5d

Rupert, Lily J., 7/18/1871-10/24/1908, w/o W. J. Rupert

Rupert, Margaret, 3/18/1919, 71y 6m 23d

Rupert, Rachel, 2/8/1828-2/2/1909

Rupert, Rebecca, 3/11/1850 2?y 4m 3d

Rupert, Samuel, 12/8/1824-3/8/1908

Rupert, William John, 8/1/1873-11/1/1959  Rupert, Lily Jane, 7/18/1871-10/24/1908, w/o W. J. Rupert

Shore, Andrew, 5/24/1881

Shore, Catharine, 5/16/1856, aged 42y 4m 9d, w/o Joseph Shore, d/o A. & M. Skipper

Shore, Elenor G., 3/23/1871, aged 80y 4m 5d, s/o John Green & Abm. Shore, d/o H. & M. Kemp

Shore, Eli E., 1842-1904  Shore, Angeline, 1833-1905

Shore, Elizabeth, 4/26?/?, w/o Enoch Shore, d/o J. & N. Dachenbach

Shore, Emily, 1/28/1877, aged 59y 5m, w/o A. Shore

Shore, Hannah, 3/5/1860, aged 76y 1m 11d, w/o John Shore, Sr.

Shore, Hinton M., 11/1/1856, aged 7m 3d, s/o E. & E. Shore

Shore, John, Sr., ?/30/18??, aged 65y

Shore, John C., 1/5/1905, aged 65y 1m 28d

Shore, Nancy J., 4/17/1889, aged 43y 8m 2d, w/o J. C. Shore

Stevens, Clara Alice, 5/8/1861, aged 1m 11d, d/o D. F. & E. Stevens

Stevens, David F., 1/15/1883, aged 74y 9m 9d

Stevens, Elizabeth, 1/28/1888, aged 70y 6m 2d, w/o David F. Stevens

Stevens, Sarah Ellen, 1/3/1863, aged 1y 9m 6d, d/o D. F. & E. Stevens

Wagner, Joseph, 10/17/1877-2/3?/1906

Wagoner [Wagner], John P., 1/31/1894, Co. K, 202 Pa. Inf.

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