Cherry Grove Cemetery

Clay Township, Huntingdon County, PA

Latitude 40-09-22N, Longitude 078-00-55W
Cherry Grove

Tombstone Photos Norman Nead, 2008.
Photographed & contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Norman Nead .

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Janice Ann Anderson, 5/30/1947-8/2/2001  Tammy Ann Anderson, 1/22/1967-1/22/1967

Fred Grosh Angle (2), 1/27/1918-3/2/1005  Dorothy V. (Nead) Angle, 7/8/1924-

Reuben E. Appleby, 1906-1992  Mary R. Appleby, 1914-1993

Henry H. Arnold, 1910-1998   Sadie M. Arnold, 1908-1998

Lee M. Arnold (2), 8/24/1929-9/2/1998, PFC US Army 

Roy William Arnold (2), 2/4/1917-6/28/1968, S2 US Navy, World War II  Vivian (Bowman) Arnold, 1915-1996

Glenn Eugene Auker, 8/12/1957-7/2/1996, SP4 US Army

Charles Lester Bailey (2), 1/13/1911-12/21/1989, Tec 4, US Army World War II  M. Faye Bailey, 1/10/1914-12/10/1994

Catherine J. Baker, d. 3/8/1910, w/o John C. Baker

John C. Baker, d. 8/27/1893, aged 75y 3m 2d, Co. E, 18 Regt. P.V.

Donald F. Barber (2), 7/11/1920-8/16/2006, US Army, World War II  Evelyn J. Barber, 3/21/1922-5/25/2007

Walter S. Barnet (2), 4/12/1894-9/13/1977, Pvt US Army, World War I  Mae (Wible) Barnet, 9/28/1905-6/14/1993

Robert Baughman, 10/16/1924-10/2/2006*  Grace Alice Baughman, 6/17/1915-5/19/1986

Charlene A. Benson, d. 2/13/1959

Donald M. Benson, 2/24/1925-4/24/1999  Lillian M. Benson, 1/31/1928 2/5/2007

Edgar H. Benson, 3/28/1920-3/1/2005

Franklin T. Benson, Jr., 1961-1967  Judy D. Benson, 1955-1955  William B. Benson, 1864   c/o Franklin T. & Dora A. Benson

Harry E. Benson (2), 1890-1948  Rhoda E. Benson, 1897-1938 

Berlyn Clay Black (2), 1894-1958, Corp. Co. C, 325th Inf., 82nd Division, World War I  Lila P. Black, 1903-1980

Carrie May Black, 1932-1935

Dallas S. Black, 1921-1998 

Desler Ira Black, 1895-1979, Pvt. US Army, World War I

Earl Denver Black, 1926-1964  Infant Son Black, 1922-1922

Elsie G. Black, 5/27/1900-7/31/1997

Emmitt Grant Black (2), 11/27/1924-3/4/1991, Pfc. US Army, World War II  Doran E. Black, 1953-1960

F. Asbury Black, 1846-1923  Rachel A. Black, 1843-1887

H. Scott Black, 1891-1976  Ida E. Black, 1899-1973

Harvey Nelson Black (2), 1890-1989, Pvt. US Army, World War I  B. Ruth Black, 1900-1974

Henry C. Black, 1853-1926  Mary L. Black, 1860-1941

Ira Desler Black, 9/23/1895-3/1/1979

James Wilday Black (2), 1888-1967, Pvt Co. D, 121st Machine Gun World War I  Mary C. Black, 1903-1985 

Lawrence A. Black (2), 1907-1973  A. (?Arks) Black, d. 1998  George A. Black, 1939

Verna B. Black, d. 1/30/1893, aged 6d, d/o H. C. & M. L. Black

Andrew Bolinger, d. 2/23/1880

Elizabeth Bolinger, d. 4/11/1880, w/o Andrew Bolinger

Emmett V. Booher, 2/5/1934-7/17/1998

Blaine B. Booth, 1886-1940

Della E. (Booth) Bowers, 1890-1971

James H. Bowman, 5/27/1918-3/24/2001

Velda (Fields) Bowman, 2/26/1932-1/11/1980

Thomas M. Britt, 1891-1958  Virginia M. Britt, 1908-1975

Charles C. Brown, 2/14/1909-3/6/1998  Elizabeth J. Brown, 6/19/1912-6/7/1985

Ernest H. Brown, 1894-1972  Ruth E. Brown, 1897-1971

Charles W . Bunnell, 1904-1991  Irene N. Bunnell, 1896-1975

Infant Daughter Carlisle, d. 5/8/1965, c/o James & Stella Carlisle

James D. Carlisle, 6/18/1926-11/24/2001  Stella F. Carlisle, 5/20/1939-1/3/2004

Cherry Grove Cemetery Sign

William Clark, 9/18/1912-4/5/1998  Ethel G. Clark, 5/1/1920-6/24/2000


U.S. Grant Cornelius, 1868-1955  Lilly A. Cornelius, 1874-1947

Milton L. Covert, 3/24/1908-9/16/1994  Elizabeth L. Covert, 10/10/1910-2/23/1999

Ruth H. Cramer, 9/23/1919-10/17/1995

H. Irvin Crider, 1878-1923  Estella C. Crider, 1888-1973  Gertrude A. Crider, 1912-1927


Emory Cromwell, 1895-1936

Grace Cromwell, 1898-1985

Olive B. Cromwell, 7/5/1891-6/10/1975

Oscar D. Cromwell, 8/18/1884-12/16/1965

Herman Robert Crotsley (2), 3/16/1927-3/1/1991, Tec 5, US Army, World War II  Gloria (Starr) Crotsley, 1929-1977

Julia A. Culbertson, d. 4/17/1907, aged 51y 9m 20d, s/o Samuel Culbertson

Albert L. Curfman, 1862-1949  Anna Curfman, 1871-1956

Aley F. Cutshall, 1864-1952  Mary B. Cutshall, 1889-1981

H. Allen Cutshall, 10/15/1910-2/4/1993  H. Mae Cutshall, 12/9/1918-

Pearl A. Cutshall, 1898-1939

Richard C. Cutshall, 1898-1953  Carrie P. Cutshall, 1906-1976

Robert H. Cutshall, 1/4/1928-12/20/1994

Roy H. Cutshall, 1907-1972  Blanche R. Cutshall, 1909-1988

Immanuel Church (2, 3)

Harry Franklin Davis, 8/26/1932-2/5/2007

Mary J. Detwiler, d. 4/?15/1910, w/o S. F. Detwiler

S. F. Detwiler, d. 3/3/1900, aged 45y Miles R. Detwiler, aged 10y  Lilly M. Detwiler, aged 2y

Billie Jo Elliott, 1969-2000

John R. Everhart, Sr., 1904-1006  Verna B. Everhart, 1906-1967

Ferrenberg [Ferrenburg]

Berlyn H. Ferrenberg, 1924-1943, Corporal, Battery A, 778th

Etta S. Ferrenberg, 1889-19--

Gerald K. Ferrenberg, 1921-1921

Harold G. Ferrenberg, 1908-1927

Harry Allen Ferrenberg, 1882-1937

Ivan Ferrenberg, 1922-1944  Sgt. HQ Co. 1st BN 119th Inf. 30th Div.

Margarette B. Ferrenberg, 1911-1917

C. [or G.] W. Fields, d. 4/14/191?, aged 71y 1m 22d

Edith Jane Fields, d. 2/23/1903, aged 1y 2m 8d

George R. Fields, 1893-1957  Viola J. Fields, 1889-1969  Alice M. Fields, 1920-1921  Verna E. Fields, 1926-1930

Harold A. Fields, 1940-1988

Harriet M. Fields, 4/17/1919-4/15/1993  June Z. Fields, 5/14/1925-1/13/2003

Jesse Fields, 1868-1936  Eurith Fields, 1866-1944

John A. Fields, 1903-1978

Amos B. Fix, 1887-1966

Daniel Fix, 1861-1929  Amelia C. Fix, 1866-1943

Essie Fix, 1893-1929

George A. Fix, 12/11/1907- 8/12/1908

G. R. Fix, 1888-1919

Iva L. Fix, 4/15/1916-6/1/1985

John W. Fix, 1864-1945  Sadie R. Fix, 1863-1934

Mack S. Fix, 1885-1952  Anna G. Fix, 1890-19--

Myrtle I. Fix, 1900-1972

Sheldon E. Flasher (2), 2/18/1910-12/6/1992, S1 US Navy  Opal F. Flasher, 12/25/1914-7/13/1988

Frank M. Fleck, 1904-1951  Emma P. Fleck, 1918-1993

Infant Son Fleck, 1935-1935, s/o Frank & Emma Fleck

Clyde A. Frain (2), 10/9/1925 [1926]-4/25/1969, Tec 4 US Army, World War II

Edward A. Frain, 1923-1984

Blanche E. Gartland, 8/13/1918-8/23/1997


Baby Gladfelter, 1898

David Gladfelter, 1875-1940

Infant Son Gladfelter, d. 2/11/1884?, aged 6d

Jennie Gladfelter, 1870-1936

Rebecca Gladfelter, w/o Samuel Gladfelter

S. G. Gladfelter, 11/7/1838-5/9/1909  Rebecca Gladfelter, 3/16/1838-12/31/1922

Samuel Gladfelter, d. 11/26/1884, aged 75y 6m 8d

Adam Andrew Gludfelter, d. 10/14/1863, aged 20y? 7m 26d

Anna R. Gludfelter, d. 12/2/1869, aged 2y 6m 27d, d/o S. G. & R. T. Gludfelter

Harry W. Gludfelter

Infant Gludfelter, d. 12/20/1895, c/o D. & J. Gludfelter

Infant Son Gludfelter, d. 6/13/1866, s/o S. G & R. T. Gludfelter

Lilly May Gludfelter, d. 12/10/1890, aged 1y 2m 17d

Lizzie A. Gludfelter, d. 2/14/1873, aged 3y 5m 4d, d/o S. G. & R. T. Gludfelter

Caleb Greenland, d. 9/21/1893, aged 87y 9m 3d

Charles S. Greenland, 1916-1945, Pfc. Co. I 255th Inf. 7th Army Div., World War II

Dale Greenland, d. 5/1/1929, s/o J. Roy & Lucy Greenland

Harry C. Greenland, 4/15/1910-12/10/1989*  Musetta L. Greenland, 10/11/1914-1/10/2000*

Infant Greenland, 1956-1956, c/o R. B. & R. D. Greenland

Infant Son Greenland, 1948-1948, c/o Guy & Helen Greenland

James B. Greenland, d. 3/2/1887

James R. Greenland, 1902-1985  Lucy F. Greenland, 1906-1977

Jane Greenland, 1881-1967

John I. Greenland, 1876-1963  Olive S. Greenland, 1880-1933

Miriam Jean Greenland, 9/13/1933-5/26/1979

Moody E. Greenland, 1900-1989  Mildred R. Greenland, 1902-1982

Peggy Hope Greenland, 1946-1937, d/o J. Roy & Lucy Greenland

Ralph F. Greenland (2), 6/14/1921-9/1973*, Cpl. Army Air Force, World War II

Samuel Andrew Greenland, 1905-1975  Lillian Hoffman Greenland, 1909-2000

William Guy Greenland, 1907-1966  Helen G. Greenland, 1912-2002

William H. Greenland, 1843-1910, Pvt. Co. G, 16th Regt. Pa. Cav., Civil War  Elizabeth Greenland, 1854-1918


Allen Grissinger, 1859-1929  Adaline Grissinger, 1863-1936

Annie E. Grissinger, 1860-1910

Christena Grissinger

Infant Son Grissinger, d. 12/291888

Edward S. Grissinger, d. 7/27/1887

Elden M. Grissinger (2), 4/18/1924-11/30/1996, EM1 US Navy, World War II  Mary A. Grissinger, 1928-1998  Mark E. Grissinger, 1959-1974 

Ernes S. Grissinger, 1901-1976  Bertha M. Grissinger, 1905-1985  Dorothy M. Grissinger, 1930-1931

Ernest W. Grissinger, 7/5/1928-3/28/2007

Eve Grissinger, (2), 4/15/1787-6/15/1862, w/o Adam Grissinger

Harry W. Grissinger, 1887-1975  Amanda Grissinger, 1884-1968

Harvy Daniel Grissinger, 12/16/1883-9/1/1886

Infant daughter Grissinger, 8/5/1891-8/9/1891

Infant son Grissinger, d. 12/29/1899

Infant son Grissinger, 7/12/1902-7/22/1902

Infant son Grissinger, 1/25/1904

Ira C. Grissinger, 12/9/1899-2/1/1964  L. Mae Grissinger, 5/1/1903-3/12/1941   Infant son Grissinger, 3/17/1941

Jennie Grissinger

Jerry G. Grissinger (2), 11/25/1939-3/17/2002

John A. Grissinger, 9/29/1870?, s/o John & Maria Grissinger

John Alfred Grissinger, 8/13/1894-4/12/1911

John Grissinger

John R. Grissinger, 1895-1944  Rhoda A. Grissinger, 1902-1988  Helen Ruth Grissinger, 1926-1927

John S. Grissinger, 1855-1921

Julia A. Grissinger, d. 9/23/1910, w/o Martin Grissinger

Julia B. Grissinger, d. 1/?, dau. of Jno. & Mary Grissinger

Martin Grissinger, d. 5/19/1886, aged 1m 23d

Martin A. Grissinger, 1887-1976  Violet M. Grissinger, 1894-1995

Samuel A. Grissinger, 1861-1897  Lavina Grissinger, 1857-1941

Samuel R. Grissinger

Warren M. Grissinger, 8/21/1922-3/13/1999

William Grissinger, 1861-1909

Zilda May Grissinger, 1/30/1889-8/15/1893

Martha R. Hamilton, 2/22/1922-7/2/2005

Melvin V. Hamilton, 3/25/1920-9/26/1994

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