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Marriage Notices by Date

File Name Description Date Contributor
globe-1883-01.txt January 1883 Huntington County Marriages Dec 2000 Kathryn M. Doyle
globe-1886-03.txt March 1886 Huntington County Marriages Dec 2000 Kathryn M. Doyle
swn-1895-3-21.txt Licenses, Semi-Weekly News, March 21, 1895 Aug 2006 JRB
nej-1904-11-16.txt Marriage Licenses, New Era Journal, November 16, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
nej-1905-2-8.txt Marriage Licenses, New Era Journal, February 8, 1905 Mar 2005 Judy Banja

Marriage Notices by Name of Groom 

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africa-cunningham.txt Walter G. AFRICA to Maude CUNNINGHAM, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
africa-spang.txt Luden AFRICA to Eva SPANG, 1887 May 2008 JRB
albright-mccool.txt Thomas B. ALBRIGHT to Ella McCOOL, 1917 Nov 2008 JRB
alden-coleman.txt Bradford R. ALDEN to Anne C. COLEMAN, 1842 Jul 2008 JO
allen-appleby.txt Carlos W. ALLEN to Mary K. APPLEBY, 1899 Sep 2007 JRB
amon-mccartney.txt William AMON to M. A. McCARTNEY, 1851 Jul 2008 JO
appleby-shearer.txt James Donald APPLEBY to Miss Pearle SHEARER, 1916 Nov 2007 DKW
archey-patton.txt Frank ARCHEY to Nina PATTON, 1891 Jul 2010 JRB
armstrong-nielson.txt Andrew ARMSTRONG to Jane NIELSON, 1818 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
arnold-cree.txt John C. ARNOLD to Deborah CREE, 1905 Mar 2005 Judy Banja

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bade-benson.txt James M. S. BADE to Hannah BENSON, 1871 Jul 2010 GB
baker-hazzard.txt E. D. BAKER to Anna M. HAZZARD, 1889 Jul 2008 Sharon Miller
baker-grazier.txt J. Ressler BAKER to Mollie GRAZIER, 1873 Jul 2010 GB
baker-deford.txt Joseph BAKER to Phebe P. DEFORD, 1847 Jun 2008 JO
banks-nankeville.txt Clarence M. BANKS to Freda V. NANKEVILLE, 1918 May 2008 JRB
barbour-frampton.txt James BARBOUR to Rebecca FRAMPTON, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
bare-spanogle.txt Peter M. BARE to Catharine SPANOGLE, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
barkstresser-carson.txt Frederic BARKSTRESSER to Elizabeth CARSON, 1839 Jul 2008 JO
barr-tumbleson.txt J. C. BARR to Mattie TUMBLESON, 1867 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts
barrick-miller.txt Henry BARRICK to S. H. MILLER, 1854 Mar 2009 Nancy Lorz
beard-smith.txt Jacob BEARD to Elizabeth SMITH, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
beels-lobb.txt Orlando BEELS to Elizabeth LOBB, 1873 Jul 2010 GB
bell-louden.txt Calvin Earl BELL to Lulu Marion LOUDEN, 1906 Aug 2006 Lucinda Hatton
bell-norris.txt Harry Harper BELL to Nellie A. NORRIS, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
bennett-troxell.txt Samuel D. BENNETT to Hannah E. TROXELL, 1895 Aug 2006 JRB
benton-fulton.txt John BENTON to Mary A. FULTON, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
benton-nale.txt William BENTON to Mary E. NALE, 1877 Apr 2007 Debbie Riley
bernstein-greenberg.txt Gilbert BERNSTEIN to Minnie GREENBERG, 1888 Jun 2008 JRB
berry-tumbleson.txt Edward BERRY to Mary TUMBLESON, 1868 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts
best-meckbach.txt Paul K. BEST to Elizabeth W. MECKBACH, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
bice-hanawalt.txt William J. BICE to Sue HANAWALT, 1868 Jul 2008 JO
black-mcelheny.txt John BLACK to Jane McELHENY, 1816 Jan Kuhn  
book-clark.txt Samuel K. BOOK to Tersie B. CLARK, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
briggs-etters.txt Francis BRIGGS to Minnie ETTERS, 1900, Sep 2007 JRB
brooks-stewart.txt William E. BROOKS to Jeanette S. STEWART, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
broombough-mccarl.txt Albert BROOMBOUGH to S. Jane McCARL, 1868 Jul 2008 JO
brown-ramsey.txt Edward E. BROWN to Lucinda RAMSEY, 1889 Mar 2009 JRB
brown-fee.txt Isaac BROWN to Ellen FEE, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
brubaker-houck.txt S. Cloyd BRUBAKER to Cora HOUCK, 1893 Apr 2005 S. M. (Sana) McGhee
brumbaugh-stuard.txt Moses R. BRUMBAUGH to Florence STUARD, 1890 Mar 2009 JRB
buckwalter-bailey.txt Benjamin BUCKWALTER to Rebecca BAILEY, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
burket-kinch.txt Clayton G. BURKET to Mary KINCH, 1898 Jul 2010 JRB

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cadwallader-law.txt Joseph CADWALLADER to Mary LAW, 1806 May 2008 Rob Wilson
campbell-booher.txt Hance CAMPBELL to Catharine BOOHER, 1839 Jun 2008 JO
campbell-patton.txt J. Milo CAMPBELL to Edith PATTON, 1899 Aug 2007 JRB
carr-mccarl.txt James A. CARR to Tillie McCARL, 1888 Jun 2008 JRB
carr-williams.txt William K. CARR to Adelaide WILLIAMS, 1887 May 2008 JRB
case-bair.txt Howard E. CASE to Sadie BAIR, 1888 Jun 2008 JRB
civils-howard.txt Theophilus H. CIVILS to Cora G. HOWARD, 1879 Oct 2006 JRB
clifford-park.txt Herbert J. Clifford to Fern L. Park, 1946 Apr 2012 Wendy Walton
cofield-hartman.txt Albert M. COFIELD to Elizabeth HARTMAN, 1918 May 2008 JRB
coltebaugh-walter.txt George COLTEBAUGH to Lydia WALTER, 1834 Jul 2008 MS
concle-peightal.txt Edward CONCLE to Catharine PEIGHTAL, 1856 Jul 2008 JO
corbin-rohm.txt James CORBIN to Grace W. ROHM, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
cornelius-leffert.txt James CORNELIUS to Anna M. LEFFERT, 1849 Jul 2008 JO
cornelius-hudson.txt Edwin M. S. CORNELIUS to Annie M. HUDSON, 1884 Mar 2009 JRB
cornett-talbert.txt John L. CORNETT to Harriet TALBERT, 1839 Jul 2008 JO
coulter-drake.txt Joseph COULTER to Jane DRAKE, 1810 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
couts-mccoy.txt Samuel COUTS to Susan McCOY, 1858 Apr 2009 JRB
cox-daywalt.txt Samuel M. COX to Sarah DAYWALT, 1868 Jul 2008 JO
cozzens-fryer.txt James COZZENS to Maria FRYER, 1863 Jul 2008 JO
cramer-elder.txt George CRAMER to Margaret ELDER, 1846 Jul 2008 JO
crissman-byers.txt John CRISSMAN to Susannah BYERS, 1821 Jul 2008 Jessica Orr
crownover-gregory.txt John CROWNOVER to Eliza A. GREGORY, 1854 Mar 2009 Nancy Lorz
crownover-french.txt W. G. CROWNOVER to Ella FRENCH, 1887 May 2008 JRB
curtis-fry.txt John CURTIS to Barbary FRY, 1845 Jul 2008 JO

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david-dell.txt George W. DAVID to Katie DELL, 1889 Jul 2008 Sharon Miller
davis-wiley.txt Rev. DAVIS to Widow WILEY, 1810 Jun 2008 JO
deahl-geisler.txt Christopher DEAHL to Barbara GEISLER, 1867 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts
deeter-hardy.txt Charles DEETER, Jr., to Annie Elizabeth HARDY, 1897 Oct 2006 JRB
dell-morrow.txt Alexander DELL to Annie MORROW, 1872 Nov 2008 MS
dell-stever.txt Isaac DELL to Matilda STEVER, 1858 Jul 2008 JO
dell-pheasant.txt Luden DELL to Annetta T. PHEASANT, 1887 May 2008 JRB
delo-moore.txt T. B. DELO to Dosia E. MOORE, 1871 Nov 2008 MS
dill-royer.txt M. Thompson DILL to Lillian ROYER, 1905 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
dilling-brumbaugh.txt Samuel DILLING to Harriet BRUMBAUGH, 1884 Mar 2009 Abby Bowman
doiver-stonebraker.txt J. A. DOIVER to K. P. STONEBRAKER, 1869 Mar 2009 Dave Roberts
dorris-simpson.txt Thomas DORRIS to Mary SIMPSON, 1871 Jul 2008 JO
doyle-long.txt James G. DOYLE to Mary A. LONG, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
doyle-black.txt Shirley E. DOYLE to Mary H. BLACK, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
drennen-port.txt William DRENNEN to Livinia S. PORT, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
duffy-grove.txt Platt DUFFY to Elizabeth GROVE, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
duncan-weller.txt David H. DUNCAN to Ida WELLER, 1899 Aug 2006 JRB
duncan-kyle.txt Samuel DUNCAN to Margaret KYLE, 1816 Jul 2008 Jessica Orr
dunlop-davis.txt John DUNLOP to Eleanor DAVIS, 1807 Jul 2008 JO

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eastine-nail.txt Tusing EASTINE to Martha A. NAIL, 1849 Jul 2008 JO
elder-reed.txt Robert ELDER to Elizabeth REED, 1816 Jul 2008 JO
emery-row.txt William S. EMERY to Martha ROW, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
emrick-bailey.txt Jacob EMRICK to Harriet BAILEY, 1871 Jul 2010 GB
enis-mcelwaine.txt Alexander ENIS to Rebecca McELWAINE, 1821 Jun 2008 Jan Kuhn
etnier-seibert.txt L. S. ETNIER to Mary J. SEIBERT, 1887 May 2008 JRB

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fayres-lee.txt Moses FAYRES to Mrs. LEE, 1807 Jul 2008 JO
fee-porter.txt George FEE to Mary PORTER, 1820 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
fetrough-mcmillan.txt Andrew FETROUGH to Debra D. McMILLAN, 1846 Jun 2008 JO
fisher-wilcox.txt A. P. FISHER to Hattie J. WILCOX, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
fisher-africa.txt Isaac FISHER to Rhoda AFRICA, 1853 Jun 2008 JO
fittery-wehr.txt Joseph FITTERY to Sadie WEHR, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
flemming-flemming.txt Robert FLEMMING to Martha FLEMMING, 1823 Jul 2008 JO
fluke-kerr.txt Samuel FLUKE to Lilly KERR, 1815 Jul 2008 JO
foust-tate.txt W. Harry FOUST to Lottie E. TATE, 1905 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
french-hammond.txt David H. FRENCH to Mary B. HAMMOND, 1889 Mar 2009 JRB
funk-buckley.txt John FUNK to Ada BUCKLEY, 1871 Jul 2010 GB

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gahagan-brown.txt John GAHAGAN to Leah BROWN, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
gahagen-caragher.txt Adam GAHAGEN to Catharine CARAGHER, 1807 Jul 2008 JO
galloway-goodman.txt William M. GALLOWAY to Laura M. GOODMAN, 1889 Jul 2008 Sharon Miller
garner-a-mccall-a.txt Anderson GARNER to Annie McCALL, 1889 Mar 2009  
garner-mccall.txt Phillip GARNER to Eleanor McCALL, 1856 Apr 2007 Betty Ross
geesey-port.txt Edwin G. GEESEY to Bessie J. PORT, 1899 Aug 2007 JRB
gehrett-barnes.txt George E. GEHRETT to Carrie R. BARNES, 1888 Jun 2008 JRB
geissinger-streightiff.txt  Marion Clair GEISSINGER to Hannah Mary STREIGHTIFF, 1919 Jul 2006 Jessica Orr
goodman-prideaux.txt E. E. GOODMAN to Sallie H. PRIDEAUX, 1877 Apr 2007 Debbie Riley
gordon-price.txt John F. GORDON to Martha E. PRICE, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
gray-robbins.txt Charles GRAY to Anna ROBBINS, 1900 Oct 2007 JRB
gray-watson.txt George GRAY to Mary J. WATSON, 1863 Jul 2008 JO
grazier-beck.txt Israel GRAZIER to Caroline BECK, 1861 May 2006 SW
greene-lester.txt B. M. GREENE to Emma LESTER, 1868 Jul 2008 JO
greenland-campbell.txt Hiram GREENLAND to Sarah CAMPBELL, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
gregory-friedley.txt James GREGORY to Catharine FRIEDLEY, 1854 Mar 2009 Nancy Lorz
guyer-taylor.txt George GUYER to Jane TAYLOR, 1859 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts

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haffly-works.txt Jesse C. HAFFLEY to Caroline M. WORKS, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
hagey-white.txt Nicholas HAGEY to Margaret WHITE, 1846 Jul 2008 JO
hall-biles.txt A. HALL to Hannah BILES, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
hamer-shingler.txt Ernest C. HAMER to Ella SHINGLER, 1905 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
hamilton-henderson.txt W. S. HAMILTON to M. S. HENDERSON, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
hampson-postlethwait.txt Walter HAMPSON to Mary A. POSTLETHWAIT, 1846 Jul 2008 JO
hampton-williamson.txt Ambrose HAMPTON to Ellie WILLIAMSON, 1918 May 2008 JRB
hannawalt-cozzens.txt Wesley HANNAWALT to Mary J. COZZENS, 1896 Aug 2006 MFS
harnish-rosevear.txt Lynn Hileman HARNISH to Mary ROSEVEAR, 1918 Jul 2010 JRB
harnstean-stark.txt Henry HARNSTEAN to Elizabeth STARK, 1849 Jul 2008 JO
harshbarger-itinger.txt Floyd C. HARSHBARGER to Lettie B. ITINGER, 1918 May 2008 JRB
hartsock-corbin.txt Paul W. HARTSOCK to Bathsheba CORBIN, 1917 Mar 2009 JRB
harvey-gardner.txt Henry L. HARVEY to Elizabeth A. GARDNER, 1858 Jul 2008 Dave Roberts
hatfield-blake.txt George F. HATFIELD to Ida BLAKE, 1888 Jun 2008 JRB
hazzard-bowers.txt William HAZZARD to Eliza BOWERS, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
heiffner-geissinger.txt Adam HEIFFNER to Mary GEISSINGER, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
heimrich-henderson.txt Charles F. HEIMRICH (HUMRICK, HUMRICH) to Annie HENDERSON, 1889 Aug 2007 JRB
hench-comp.txt Norman McP. HENCH to Charlotte M. COMP, 1899 Aug 2007 JRB
henderson-kyle.txt John HENDERSON to Jane KYLE, 1819 Jul 2008 Jessica Orr
henderson-spangler.txt W. C. HENDERSON to Sadie SPANGLER, 1868 Jul 2008 JO
heskitt-singleton.txt E. HESKITT to Bertha K. SINGLETON, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
hess-parks.txt Ray HESS to Ora PARKS, 1918 May 2008 JRB
hewit-west.txt Nicholas HEWIT to Mary A. WEST, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
hicks-cramer.txt Thomas HICKS to Bessie B. CRAMER, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
hoch-keys.txt Simon S. HOCH to Mary KEYS, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
holman-stewart.txt Frank HOLMAN to Nellie D. STEWART, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
hoover-lower.txt Elmer G. HOOVER to Rachel LOWER, 1885 Jun 2006 JRB
horton-houck.txt P. A. HORTON to B. Vance HOUCK, 1887 May 2008 JRB
houck-fry.txt Ira Alvin HOUCK to Anna Mary FRY, 1918 Dec 2004 Judy Banja
householder-ridenour.txt George HOUSEHOLDER to Mary RIDENOUR, 1823 Jul 2008 JO
hovater-isenberg.txt M. A. HOVATER to Clara B. ISENBERG, 1890 Mar 2009 JRB
huston-locke.txt Clyde E. HUSTON to Lucille LOCKE, 1918 Jul 2010 JRB

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ingram-nicholson.txt William INGRAM to Mary NICHOLSON, 1817 Jul 2008 JO
isenberg-isenberg.txt Benjamin ISENBERG to Anna M. ISENBERG, 1849 Jul 2008 JO
isenberg-banton.txt C. D. ISENBERG to Margaret BANTON, 1893 May 2008 JRB
isenberg-littleton.txt Jesse B. ISENBERG to Bess LITTLETON, 1916 May 2008 JRB
isenberg-ewing.txt Joel ISENBERG to Ann EWING, 1846 Jun 2008 JO
isenberg-camberlain.txt John ISENBERG to Mary CAMBERLAIN, 1850 Jul 2008 JO
isenberg-hamer.txt Joseph ISENBERG to Mary HAMER, 1852 Jul 2008 JO
isett-bell.txt John S. ISETT to Mary A. BELL, 1825 Jul 2010 MS

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jackson-echley.txt Thadeus JACKSON to Margaret E. ECHLEY, 1863 Jul 2008 JO
johnson-chaplin.txt A. L. JOHNSON to Mae CHAPLIN, 1899 Aug 2006 JRB
jones-mcclellan.txt William JONES to Margaret McCLELLAN, 1845 Jul 2008 JO

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kamberlain-stewart.txt John KAMBERLAIN to Elizabeth STEWART, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
keiper-foster.txt Samuel C. KEIPER to Emaretta FOSTER, 1884 Mar 2009 JRB
keith-baker2.txt Frank A. KEITH to Martha J. BAKER, 1888 Jul 2008 Jessica Orr
kennedy-nale.txt Wm. Olin KENNEDY to Araminta NALE, 1875 Jul 2010 MS
kerr-hill.txt Thomas KERR to Widow HILL, 1811 Jun 2008 Jan Kuhn
ketterer-curry.txt George H. KETTERER to Bertha CURRY, 1916 May 2008 JRB
king-kippert.txt J. William KING to Fannie KIPPERT, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
kinsole-wolverton.txt William KINSOLE to Anna M. WOLVERTON, 1851 Jul 2008 JO
kitter-gordan.txt Edward KITTER to Anna GORDAN, 1871 Jul 2008 JO
kneese-brown.txt Henry KNEESE to Nancy E. BROWN, 1839 Jun 2008 JO
krider-baker.txt Samuel F. KRIDER to Savilla BAKER, 1872 Nov 2008 MS
krider-shank.txt Chilion D. KRIDER to Clara SHANK, 1872 Mar 2009 JRB
kurts-crownover.txt Clyde P. KURTS to Amanda CROWNOVER, 1905 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
kurtz-greenland.txt B. W. KURTZ to Alice E. GREENLAND, 1899 Nov 2008 JRB
kyer-ealy.txt Martin KYER to Mary EALY, 1858 Apr 2009 JRB

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lauver-oppel.txt Albert G. LAUVER to Olive OPPEL, 1918 May 2008 JRB
leberd-heifner.txt Faires LEBERD to Rebecca HEIFNER, 1851 Jul 2008 JO
leeper-hirst.txt James LEEPER to Emma HIRST, 1917 Nov 2008 JRB
leffard-ross.txt Jack R. LEFFARD to Catherine Virginia ROSS, 1948 Apr 2005 Judy Banja
lesher-boyer.txt L. R. LESHER to Emma M. BOYER, 1918 May 2008 JRB
lightner-stryker.txt Lewis LIGHTNER to Caroline STRYKER, 1849 Jul 2008 JO
lindsey-mccune.txt Alex. LINDSEY to Amelia McCUNE, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
lindsey-simonton.txt Jacob LINDSEY to Miss SIMONTON, 1820 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
little-thompson.txt Jacob F. LITTLE to Annie E. THOMPSON, 1868 Jul 2008 JO
litzel-robinson.txt John LITZEL to Margaret ROBINSON, 1899 Jul 2008 JRB
liveringhouse-isenberg.txy Robert Paul LIVERINGHOUSE to Anna Ruth ISENBERG, 1919 Jun 2005 Judy Banja
lloyd-bell.txt Harry LLOYD to Lizzie J. BELL, 1887 May 2008 JRB
lloyd-peightal.txt John S. LLOYD to Maggie M. PEIGHTAL, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
locke-need.txt Allen LOCKE to Ermina NEED, 1888 Jul 2008 JRB
logan-campbell.txt Thomas LOGAN to Lettie CAMPBELL, 1879 Aug 2007 JRB
long-moore.txt John LONG to Elizabeth MOORE, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
love-emerick.txt David LOVE to Amie EMERICK, 1867 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts
lutz-garver.txt Isaac LUTZ to Sarah J. GARVER, 1844 Jul 2008 JO

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madigan-posthlewaite.txt John MADIGAN to Dorothy POSTHLEWAITE, 1921 Aug 2007 MFS
madison-merritts.txt Joseph W. MADISON to Arietta E. MERRITTS, 1869 Mar 2009 Dave Roberts
manna-herncame.txt John MANNA to Flora HERNCAME, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
marks-moist.txt Charles C. MARKS to Laura B. MOIST, 1918 May 2008 JRB
marshall-mcdermett.txt George MARSHALL to Jane McDERMETT, 1817 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
martin-smith.txt Carl MARTIN to Pearl SMITH, 1916 May 2008 JRB
massey-jackson.txt Robert MASSEY to Miss JACKSON, 1820 Jul 2008 JO
mcalester-itinger.txt Robert McALESTER to E. ITINGER, 1851 Jul 2008 JO
mccahan-cramer.txt James McCAHAN to Catharine CRAMER, 1846 Jul 2008 JO
mccahan-patton.txt James McCAHAN to Mary PATTON, 1817 Jul 2008 JO
mccarty-roberts.txt John McCARTY to Amelia ROBERTS, 1806 May 2008 Rob Wilson
mcchesney-shugert.txt Samuel McCHESNEY to Hannah M. SHUGERT, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
mcclain-crotsley.txt James McCLAIN to June CROTSLEY, 1884 Mar 2009 JRB
mcconahy-miller.txt Walter L. McCONAHY to Florence MILLER, 1918 May 2008 JRB
mcconnel-madewell.txt Alexander McCONNEL to Elizabeth MADEWELL, 1850 Jul 2008 JO
mccracken-kuyler.txt Joseph McCRACKEN to Christena KUYLER, 1842 Jun 2008 JO
mcdivitt-cheney.txt Nathan McDIVITT to Susannah A. CHENEY, 1848 Jun 2008 JO
mcdonald-wolverton.txt W. H. McDONALD to Araminta WOLVERTON, 1863 May 2008 Marlene Stone
mcelwain-miller.txt Roy E. McELWAIN to Olive G. MILLER, 1918 Dec 2004 Judy Banja
mcintyre-colbert.txt Robert McINTYRE to Elizabeth COLBERT, 1872 Mar 2009 MS
mcginnes-laughlin.txt J. H. W. McGINNES to Kate G. LAUGHLIN, 1851 Jul 2008 JO
mckibben-walls.txt Robert McKIBBEN to Mary WALLS, 1889 Jun 2006 SW
mcmahan-mcmonigal.txt McMAHAN to Rebecca McMONIGAL, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
mcmonegal-jackson.txt James McMONEGAL to Jane JACKSON, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
mcmurtrie-mcconnell.txt David McMURTRIE to Martha McCONNELL, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
mcnamara-patton.txt James McNAMARA to Martha PATTON, 1823 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
mcquaid-patton.txt James McQUAID to Elizabeth PATTON, 1840 Jul 2008 JO
meredith-meredith.txt William MEREDITH to Frances Meredith, 1849 Jul 2008 JO
mierly-reed.txt Oscar M. MIERLY to Isabel REED, 1919 Apr 2005 Judy Banja
miller-leister.txt Bert MILLER TO Bertha LEISTER, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
miller-smith-1887.txt Miles A. MILLER to Susannah J. SMITH, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
miller-smith-1839.txt Samuel MILLER to Elizabeth SMITH, 1839 Jun 2008 JO
miller-app.txt William G. MILLER to Minnie B. APP, 1916 May 2008 JRB
milliken-porter.txt Samuel MILLIKEN to Mary E. PORTER, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
mills-morningstar.txt Jesse MILLS to Alice MORNINGSTAR, 1877 Apr 2007 Debbie Riley
minehart-barrick.txt Christian MINEHART to Rosanah BARRICK, 1842 Jun 2008 JO
moebus-swaeble.txt Andrew MOEBUS to Margaret SWAEBLE, 1854 Mar 2009 Nancy Lorz
montgomery-corbin.txt James MONTGOMERY to M. J. CORBIN, 1867 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts
moore-schell.txt Mr. MOORE to Miss SCHELL, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
moore-stoutenberger.txt William MOORE to Ellen STOUTENBERGER, 1846 Jul 2008 JO
morder-rudy.txt Harry MORDER to Clara RUDY, 1919 Sep 2007 JRB
morgan-lee.txt Jonathan MORGAN to Miriam LEE, 1860 Jul 2008 JO
morgan-rohrback.txt Allison MORGAN to Lizzie ROHRBACK, 1871 Nov 2008 MS
morningstar-apgar.txt Lewis A. MORNINGSTAR to Florence V. APGAR, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
morrison-thompson.txt John Colving MORRISON to Maud THOMPSON, 1915 Nov 2012 Dave Roberts
musser-gates.txt Wallace MUSSER to Wilda E. GATES, 1899 Oct 2007 JRB
myers-eyer.txt Henry W. MYERS to Amanda EYER, 1867 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts

  N  top

nail-phesant.txt Daniel NAIL to Rebecca PHESANT, 1839 Jun 2008 JO
neff-harnish.txt Benjamin NEFF to Lettie HARNISH, 1899 Aug 2007 JRB
neff-metz.txt Rudolph NEFF to Frances C. METZ, 1854 Mar 2009 Nancy Lorz
neff-mong.txt William A. NEFF to Elizabeth MONG, 1856 Jul 2008 JO
neil-brooks.txt Ira F. NEIL to Nettie BROOKS, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
nelson-heffner.txt John NELSON to Elizabeth HEFFNER, 1846 Mar 2009 JRB
nesbit-brooks.txt Alexander NESBIT to Martha RAMSAY BROOKS, 1816 Jul 2008 JO
nevill-houck.txt Henry H. NEVILL to Clarissa HOUCK, 1872 Nov 2008 MS
newcomer-clark.txt Judson E. NEWCOMER to Rena C. CLARK, 1895 Aug 2006 JRB
newell-dorris.txt Andrew NEWELL to Margaret DORRIS, 1818 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
norris-hoover2.txt Washington NORRIS to Kate HOOVER, 1863 Jul 2008 JO

  O  top

orbison-kay.txt James H. ORBISON to Agnus C. KAY, 1854 Mar 2009 Nancy Lorz
orbison-hamill.txt Thomas E. ORBISON to Elizabeth HAMILL, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
orbison-elliot.txt W. M. ORBISON to Eleanor ELLIOT, 1808 Jun 2008 Jan Kuhn
orlady-frazier.txt Henry ORLADY to Annabel FRAZIER, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
orr-moore.txt William ORR to Margaret MOORE, 1845 Jul 2008 Jessica Orr

  P  top

partchey-kinch.txt William E. PARTCHEY to Bertha K. KINCH, 1891 Mar 2009 JRB
parks-clark.txt David M. PARKS to Amanda CLARK, 1868 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts
patton-bell.txt Frank B. PATTON to Margaret Estella BELL, 1907 Aug 2006 Lucinda Hatton
patton-anthony.txt William PATTON to Henrietta ANTHONY, 1815 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
peters-piper.txt Jacob PETERS to Ann M. PIPER, 1842 Jul 2008 JO
peterson-gallaher.txt Jacob C. PETERSON to Martha C. GALLAHER, 1860 Jul 2008 JO
pheasant-hartman.txt Alfred B. PHEASANT to Inez B. HARTMAN, 1918 May 2008 JRB
pinnell-morrison.txt Jesse PINNELL to Julian MORRISON, 1807 Jul 2008 JO
piper-hamer.txt William PIPER to Elizabeth HAMER, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
porter-chaney.txt Carl PORTER to Charlotte CHANEY, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
price-beers.txt Benjamin F. PRICE to Annie J. BEERS, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
price-bilger.txt Lewis H. PRICE to Bertha M. BILGER, 1918 Jul 2010 JRB
priesley-magee.txt Marmaduke S. PRIESLEY to Jane MAGEE, 1810 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
price-smith.txt David PRICE to Mary SMITH, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
prideaux-wallace.txt William H. PRIDEAUX to Florence B. WALLACE, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
putt-states.txt Henry C. PUTT to Annie E. STATES, 1887 May 2008 JRB
pyles-conrad.txt Fred D. PYLES to Mary K. CONRAD, 1918 May 2008 JRB

  R  top

ramsey-lane.txt Robert E. E. RAMSEY to Sarah Y. LANE, 1889 Jul 2008 Sharon Miller
rankin-selfridge.txt John C. RANKIN to Anna M. SELFRIDGE, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
raybold-smaltz.txt David RAYBOLD to Catharine SMALTZ, 1852 Jul 2008 MS
reed-henderson.txt Frank REED to Lucy HENDERSON, 1918 May 2008 JRB
reed-cunningham.txt Harry REED to Isa CUNNINGHAM, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
reed-freeman.txt Henry S. REED to Anna FREEMAN, 1899 Aug 2006 JRB
reed-clark.txt William D. REED to Mary CLARK, 1862 May 2008 Marlene Stone
riley-kyler.txt John H. RILEY to Anna May KYLER, 1889 May 2006 SW
ripple-mosser.txt John E. RIPPLE to Mamie MOSSER, 1902 Feb 2006 Sue Palmer
ripple-vanzant.txt Paul W. RIPPLE to Mary VANZANT, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
robison-woomer.txt John ROBISON to Laura WOOMER, 1892 Mar 2009 JRB
rosenbery-grow.txt David ROSENBERY to Ellen GROW, 1860 Jul 2008 JO
ross-carr.txt John W. ROSS to Sarah A. CARR, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
rowe-grazier.txt Jesse ROWE to Effie K. GRAZIER, 1900 Oct 2007 JRB
rowe-shank.txt E. C. ROWE to Mollie M. SHANK, 1878 Jul 2010 JRB
rupert-trimble.txt John H. RUPERT to Jennie G. TRIMBLE, 1879 Oct 2006 JRB

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saxton-white.txt John SAXTON to Ann WHITE, 1850 Jul 2008 JO
schreffler-mountz.txt James W. SCHREFFLER to Pearl E. MOUNTZ, 1887 May 2008 JRB
seidle-houck.txt John E. SEIDLE to Sarah HOUCK, 1863 Jul 2008 JO
semini-seinsolts.txt David SEMINI to Magdaline SEINSOLTS, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
shade-ashman.txt John A. SHADE to Ellen C. ASHMAN, 1846 Jun 2008 JO
shaver-king.txt John SHAVER to Sarah KING, 1846 Mar 2009 JRB
shearer-orr.txt John SHEARER to Mary Hale ORR, 1868 Jul 2008 Jessica Orr
shenefelt-watson.txt John B. SHENEFELT to Mary E. WATSON, 1877 Apr 2007 Debbie Riley
shenefelt-hamer.txt Miles C. SHENEFELT to Sara U. HAMER, 1918 May 2008 JRB
shomo-henry.txt Solomon SHOMO to Nancy HENRY, 1839 Jun 2008 JO
shomo-shaw.txt William SHOMO to Margaret SHAW, 1842 Jul 2008 JO
shultz-graffius.txt Philip SHULTZ to Cathrine GRAFFIUS, 1806 May 2008 Rob Wilson
simpson-simpson.txt James SIMPSON to Lydia SIMPSON, 1821 Jun 2008 Jan Kuhn
simpson-shipley.txt Matthew SIMPSON to Nancy SHIPLEY, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
slack-crownover.txt Charles SLACK to Rachel CROWNOVER, 1840 Jul 2008 JO
slack-mccrum.txt Job SLACK to Martha McCRUM, 1871 Jul 2008 JO
smith-durborrow.txt John C. SMITH to May DURBORROW, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
smith-galbraith.txt Samuel H. SMITH to Emma GALBRAITH, 1890 Mar 2009 JRB
smith-semple.txt Thomas SMITH to Jane SEMPLE, 1812 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
smith-ramsey.txt W. H. SMITH to Nancy RAMSEY, 1834 Jul 2008 MS
smith-antony.txt William M. SMITH to Eliza ANTONY, 1809 Jul 2008 JO
snack-sullivan.txt Jacob C. SNACK to Mary A. SULLIVAN, 1888 Jun 2008 JRB
snare-mcingtire.txt Abraham SNARE to Jane McINGTIRE, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
snare-gardner.txt Simpson SNARE to Mary J. GARDNER, 1875 Jul 2010 MS
snook-westbrook.txt Howard F. SNOOK to Kate WESTBROOK, 1889 Jul 2008 Sharon Miller
snyder-pheasant.txt James SNYDER to Eve C. PHEASANT, 1858 Jul 2008 JO
spangler-fetterhoof.txt Jno. G. SPANGLER to Lucretia FETTERHOOF, 1888 Jun 2008 JRB
speer-parkes.txt L. M. SPEER to Claudia E. PARKES, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
speer-bailey.txt Robert E. SPEER to Emma BAILEY, 1893 May 2008 JRB
stallman-hinish.txt Grant STALLMAN to Martha B. HINISH, 1918 May 2008 JRB
steele-miller.txt Fred A. STEELE to Emma S. MILLER, 1921 Aug 2006 MFS
steiner-smith.txt George H. STEINER to Jane E. SMITH, 1847 Jul 2008 MS
stell-bumgardner.txt Samuel STELL to Nettie M. BUMGARDNER, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
sterrett-carson.txt John B. STERRETT to Maggie C. CARSON, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
stever-quarry.txt George STEVER to Margaret J. QUARRY, 1858 Jul 2008 JO
stewart-walker.txt David STEWART to Sarah WALKER, 1822 Jul 2008 JO
stewart-heffner.txt Oliver STEWART to Martha HEFFNER, 1879 Aug 2007 JRB
stine-heck.txt Samuel STINE to Lydia HECK, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
stitler-phinney.txt Jonathan STITLER to Jane PHINNEY, 1861 May 2006 SW
stouffer-nelson.txt Calvin STOUFFER to Alice NELSON, 1871 Jul 2008 JO
stouffer-moffet.txt L. C. STOUFFER to Nettie MOFFET, 1887 May 2008 JRB
swartz-hack.txt Henry SWARTZ to Louisa HACK, 1871 Nov 2008 MS
stroup-spangler.txt George W. STROUP to Kate SPANGLER, 1880 Jul 2010 JRB
swine-isenberg.txt David B. SWINE to Ellen M. ISENBERG, 1871 Jul 2008 JO
swivles-vanzandt.txt James SWIVLES to Tillie VANZANDT, 1884 Mar 2009 JRB
swoope-dean.txt Caleb SWOOPE to Ann DEAN, 1841 Jul 2008 JO
swoope-mierly.txt William SWOOPE to Almonia MIERLY, 1872 Mar 2009 JRB
swope-whitehead.txt George F. R. SWOPE to Amelia W. WHITEHEAD, 1875 Jul 2010 MS

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taylor-cupp.txt Edwin S. TAYLOR to Margaret J. CUPP, 1916 May 2008 JRB
taylor-wible.txt Frank TAYLOR to Marie WIBLE, 1918 May 2008 JRB
taylor-moore.txt George TAYLOR to Priscilla MOORE, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
taylor-thompson.txt Harry T. TAYLOR to Sarah L. THOMPSON, 1893 May 2008 JRB
taylor-palmer.txt Henry TAYLOR to Isabella PALMER, 1868 Aug 2007 Sue Palmer
temple-qumly.txt J. P. TEMPLE to C. Ann QUMLY, 1871 Jul 2008 JO
thomas-stover.txt Jacob L. THOMAS to Carrie STOVER, 1899 Sep 2007 JRB
thompson-dean.txt John THOMPSON to Mary DEAN, 1844 Jul 2008 JO
thompson-isenberg.txt John R. THOMPSON to Amelia ISENBERG, 1858 May 2008 JRB
toliver-ellet.txt Moses TOLIVER to Frances ELLET, 1868 Jul 2008 JO
tracy-hollingshead.txt Charles F. TRACY to Minty HOLLINGSHEAD, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja

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vanbuskirk-wharton.txt Lawrence D. VAN BUSKIRK to Nellie P. WHARTON, 1887 May 2008 JRB
vandeevender-enyart.txt Isaac VENDEEVENDER to Polly ENYART, 1807 Jul 2008 JO
viviloff-smith.txt Milow VIVOLOFF to Edith SMITH, 1918 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
voluntine-trout.txt William VOLUNTINE to Jane E. TROUT, 1842 Jul 2008 JO

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wagoner-pheasant.txt William WAGONER to Sarah PHEASANT, 1860 Jul 2008 JO
waite-hyskell.txt George C. WAITE to Kate HYSKELL, 1889 Jun 2006 SW
wallace-patton.txt Francis B. WALLACE to Amelia PATTON, 1841 Jul 2008 JO
warefield-baker.txt Harry B. WAREFIELD to Mary H. BAKER, 1900 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
warfel-bowers.txt William G. WARFEL to Bertha H. BOWERS, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
wartz-magill.txt Isaac WARTZ to Carrie MAGILL, 1904 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
westbrook-claubaugh.txt Alexander WESTBROOK to Anna CLAUBAUGH, 1845 Jul 2008 JO
weston-dixon.txt M. R. WESTON to Maggie DIXON, 1867 Nov 2008 Dave Roberts
white-snyder.txt Jacob A. WHITE to Ella SNYDER, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
wible-hudson.txt Clair Chester WIBLE to Elinor Mary HUDSON, 1948 Apr 2005 Judy Banja
williams-beatty.txt Joseph WILLIAMS to Rachael (FEE) BEATTY, 1811 Jul 2008 Jan Kuhn
williams-yocum.txt Samuel WILLIAMS to Annie M. YOCUM, 1891 Jul 2010 JRB
wilson-groom.txt William WILSON to Matilda GROOM, 1842 Jul 2008 JO
wilt-rutherford.txt David S. WILT to Ruth A. RUTHERFORD, 1888 Jul 2010 Michael S. Caldwell
winter-glunt.txt John WINTER to Mary GLUNT, 1846 Jun 2008 JO
wood-lovell.txt Horatio C. WOOD, Jr., to Alice L. LOVELL, 1899 Sep 2007 JRB
wood-orlady.txt J. A. WOOD to Martha C. ORLADY, 1887 Jun 2008 JRB
woods-shellenberger.txt John WOODS to Sarah SHELLENBERGER, 1850 Jul 2008 JO
wordick-dickson.txt Frederick WORDICK to Orian DICKSON, 1858 Nov 2008 Jul 2008
wright-glasgow.txt Newton WRIGHT to Mollie GLASGOW, 1884 Mar 2009 JRB

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young-gardner.txt Peirce YOUNG to Wilmina GARDNER, 1863 Jul 2008 JO


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