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Souvenir Edition

Historic Huntingdon,



Huntingdon Old Home Week

September 5-11, 1909


Being a brief account of the history of Huntingdon from its earliest settlements to the present day,

comprising many historical facts, now published for the first time, regarding its formation,

divisions and government, together with its military, educational and industrial progress.


Published by

The Historical Committee

of the

Old Home Week Association

Huntingdon, Pa.


James H. Nale, Chairman
Dr. M. C. Brumbaugh
Cap. John Brewster
Murray Africa, C.E.
Robert A. Orbison, Esq.
Prof. J. H. Brumbaugh
William H. Trude, Esq.
W. A. Maguire
George W. Garrettson


The Historical Committee desires to express its thanks to J. Murray Africa

and R. A. Orbison who have contributed to the subject matter of this booklet,

and to the J. C. Blair Company and E. E. C. Gibbs for illustrations furnished.




1   Charter 12   Court Houses
2   Original Inhabitants 13   Jails
3   Forts 14   French & Indian War
4   Indian Trails 15   American Revolution
5   Public Roads 16   War of 1812
6   Streams 17   Mexican War
7   Settlements & Pioneers  18   Civil War
8   Rev. Fithian's Diary 19   Spanish-American War
9   Turnpikes & Railroads 20   Military Encampments
10   County Formation 21   Battle of North Mountain
11   Townships 22   Early History, Present Condition


Portraits & Illustrations



Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon.
Born Aug. 24th, 1707

Married June 3rd, 1728

Died June 17th, 1791.
Donington Park, Leicestershire, England.
In whose honor both borough and county

are named.
Benefactress of the Rev. William Smith, D.D.



Onojutta - Juniata - Achsinnic

Standing Stone
Erected September 8th, 1896,

as a Memorial to the
Ancient Standing Stone
Removed by the Indians in 1754.

Juniata River,


Looking East From Foot of Third Street,

Huntingdon, Pa.


Looking East From Blair Factory,

Huntingdon, PA



Rev. William Smith, D.D.

First Provost of the University of Pennsylvania

Born Sept. 7, 1727; Died May 14, 1803

Founder of the Town of Huntingdon, Penn'a.


Fac-simile Map of Warrant to

George Croghan,

Dated Dec. 10, 1764, for

Land on Which the

Borough of Huntingdon is



Map of Huntingdon County, Pa.,

as Laid Out by William Smith, D.D.

From the Original in

Possession of

J. Murray Africa, C.E.


Entrance to Blair Park

The Gift of J. C. Blair to

Huntingdon Borough


Blair Factory



The Hub of the Juniata Valley


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