Skinner Family



Three Mountain Road, Horse Valley

Letterkenny Township, Franklin County


Located on private property behind and

to the left of the old Skinner tavern



Photos contributed by

Jane Stewart Atwell




John SKINNER  d. 11/21/1801, aged 68y


John SKINNER  d. 1819, aged 54y


Mary SKINNER  d. 6/21/1799, aged 56y, wife of John Skinner (d. 1801)


Sarah SKINNER  d. 3/9/1834, aged 68y, wife of John Skinner (d. 1819)


Skinner Family  From right to left: John Skinner d. 1801, Mary his wife, d. 1799, Sarah wife of John Skinner d. 1834 and John Skinner d. 1819






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