Church of the Brethren



Shank's Church Road

Antrim Township


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman




Complete transcription

of all visible/legible stones

as of August 2006


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Alice  daughter of ?


Bruce A. ANGLE  1883-1963, with Maude B. ANGLE 1877-1959


A. E. B.


E. B.  Next to Daniel, Ida, and Annie Black


C. Nevin BARNHART  Fire Dept. marker  4/25/1941-10/5/1996


Charles W. BARNHART  9/4/1920-6/5/1985, with Janet R. BARNHART 11/16/1919-9/15/1993


Anabel(?) BEAHM  d. 1977(?), same plot as J.C. and Martha E. Beahm


J. C. BEAHM   1864-1957 Teacher and Minister, with wife Martha E. BEAHM 1881-1937
Father stone  Mother stone 


Daniel L. BLACK  1868-1928, with wife Ida Leight BLACK 1864-1941, and daughter Annie M. BLACK 1895-1940, also see photo for "E. B."


Harry BOVEY  son of Jacob D. and Sarah C. Bovey


Jacob D. BOVEY  d. 4/4/1913, aged 75y 9m 15d




Sarah Catherine BOVEY  d. 3/11/1900, aged 56y 7m 21d, wife of Jacob D. Bovey


Unknown BOVEY(?)  located with Bovey stones


Geo. W. BREWBAKER  d. 1/21/1903, aged 74y 6m 16d


John BREWBAKER  View of plot  GAR marker located in front of wife Matilda's marker


Matilda BREWBAKER  d. 8/2/1875, aged 75y 1m 24d, wife of John Brewbaker (dates per earlier transcription)


Virginia M. Weaver CASH  1928-2000


John C. CHRISTYE  3/14/1870-10/17/1943


Lewis CLARK  d. 3/20/1916, aged 82y, GAR marker, Co. D. 158th Reg't. Pa. Inf.


David W. CLINE  d. 12/28/1908, aged 69y 1m 5d, with Mary J.


Mary J. CLINE  d. 8/20/1907, aged 69y(?) 6m 14d, with David W.


William M. CLINE  10/3/1863-6/7/1946, with wife Emma K. Hoffman CLINE 12/11/1866-1/30/1952


Harry A. COLDSMITH  1882-1964, with Anna M. COLDSMITH 1885-1964


Infant COLDSMITH  daughter of H.A. and A.M. Coldsmith


David R. CONNER  11/10/1934-7/27/2004, with Louise D. CONNER 2/8/1935-12/17/1992


William Patton CONRAD  1910-1992, with Pearl Angle CONRAD 1908-1978


Hetty J. COOK  1876-1939, wife of Kenneth A. Cook, same stone as Kenny A.


John H. COOK  7/4/1903-9/22/1996


Kenny A. COOK  10/19/1875-3/31/1948, husband of Hattie Stumbaugh Cook, same stone as Hetty J.


COSEY Family , erected by Anna M. Cosey, Calvin L. 1853-1934, Catherine 1840-1914, and Anna M. 1876-1960


Katie E. COSEY  3/1/1883-6/11/1916, with Jacob W. COSEY 10/17/1913(?)-10/8/1969(?)


Catharine CRAMER  d. 10/19/1883, aged 54y


Cornelius D. CRUNKILTON  12/16/1863-3/8/1930, with Effie C. CRUNKILTON 9/28/1865-9/20/1910


Infant CRUNKILTON  d. 10/8/1903, daughter of John H.(?) and Grace Crunkilton


Infant CRUNKILTON  d. 9/18/1914, daughter of John H.(?) and Grace Crunkilton


Joseph H. CRUNKILTON  4/3/1838-11/21/1912, with Elizabeth CRUNKILTON 9/14/1836-1/5/1910, and son Joseph B. 1876-1956


Ann Elizabeth CRUNKLETON  d. 3/26/1845, aged 6y 6m 15d


David L. CRUNKLETON  12/28/1840-5/25/1875, with wife Sarah J. CRUNKLETON 8/7/1840-2/14/1908


Lewis J. CRUNKLETON  1862-1920, with wife Effie G. Gordon CRUNKLETON 1864-1936, and Walter E. CRUNKLETON 1895-1935


Mary CRUNKLETON  1/9/1814-3/19/1895, aged 81y 2m 10d, with Samuel J.


Samuel J. CRUNKLETON  10/13/1812-9/26/1863, aged 50y 11m 26d(sic), with Mary




Alvin H. DALEY  1926-1958, WW II Veteran


Charles K. DALEY  12/22/1942-12/25/1942, with Nancy Lou DALEY 8/27/1945-8/28/1945


Charles S. DALEY  1922-1997, with Hazel E. DALEY 1924-2004


Charles R. DALEY  1889-1984, with Edna B. DALEY 1892-1983


Harvey L. DENTLER  11/6/1914-2/20/1999, with Anna C. DENTLER 7/26/1917-7/31/2000, and Nelson E. 7/8/1940-7/9/1940


Ida M. DENTLER  1/25/1901-2/27/1980


Jessie L. DENTLER  1903-1937


John W. DENTLER  1923-1925


Len M. DENTLER  1916-1917


Leslie L. DENTLER  1882-1968, with M. Katie DENTLER 1897-1982


Richard E. EBERSOLE  1/9/1926-3/4/1926


Jacob A. FOUTZ  d. 11/12/1859 aged 1y 19d, with Ida E. d. 8/10/1862 aged 6m 26d, John F. d. 3/20/1863 aged 1m 18d, and Ellen C. d. 8/3/1868, foutz.jpg View of plot Children of Michael and Rebecca Foutz


Michael FOUTZ  d. 6/7/1876, aged 49y 6m 12d,  Views of plot: 1 2 , Broken stone


Rebecca E. FOUTZ  d. 5/9/1885, aged 49y 2m 29d, wife of Michael Foutz


Julian McAfee FRAZER  2/7/1871-1/23/1946


Henry S. GAYMAN  1890-1963, with Hattie C. GAYMAN 1889-1966


David GEARHART  View of plot   d. 9/21/1904, aged 63y 8m 29d, GAR marker


Emma F. GEARHART  d. 2/3/1900, aged 14y 5m 3d, daughter of Henry and Christina Gearhart


Frainey GEARHART  10/22/1809-6/23/1890, aged 80y 8m 1d, wife of Jacob Gearhart


Harry N. M. GEARHART  1874-19--, with wife Annie M. Helm GEARHART 1878-1928


Henry GEARHART  1850-1922, with wife Christiana 1852-1928


Jacob GEARHART  3/1/1818-10/9/1850, aged 32y 7m 8d


Josephine GEARHART  next to David, View of plot


Susan A. GEARHART  daughter of Henry and Christiana Gearhart


Unknown GEARHART  View 2  of Emma and Unknown Gearhart


Unknown GEARHART  child of Henry and Christiana Gearhart(?)


William V. GEARHART  1902-1978


Clarence S. GELSINGER  1906-1977, with Evelyn R. GELSINGER 1912-1986, Charles S. 1933-1933, and Carl L. 1935-1935


Paul B. GELSINGER  1908-1965, with Nellie M. GELSINGER 1908-1990


Daniel W. GORDON  5/12/1843-5/18/1878


Emmert(?) GORDON


Ross Snively GORDON  Family stone  with Jane Crunkleton GORDON 1870-4/1/1904, and Hazel May GORDON  2/25/1903-7/23/1906


Unknown GORDON  d. 6(?)/7/1902


George W. GOSNELL  5/7/1879-1/19/1933, with wife Katherine E. GOSNELL 12/25/1870-?


James T. GREEN  1897-1963, with Minnie E. GREEN 1892-?


Elizabeth GRIMES  3/3/1819-2/14/1884, aged 64y 11m 11d, wife of James T. Grimes


Elizabeth HALDEMAN  12/20/1891-11/10/1981


T. U. HALDEMAN  d. 5/20/1916 aged 61y 3m 16d, with wife Nancy L. HALDEMAN d. 3/15/1917 aged 56y 1m 15d


Charles D. HARMON  WW II Marker  1907-1953


Guy N. HARTMAN  with wife Anna Sheely HARTMAN 2/12/1890-4/28/1913, "Watch"


Raymond K. HARTMAN  9/14/1925-9/10/1993, with Betty M. HARTMAN 8/22/1924-2/19/2003


Carrie(?) V. HAUGH  daughter of ? and ? Haugh


Franklin E. HAYS  2/13/1896-1/28/1918


Gail M. HAYS  Family stone  6/6/1898-9/16/1960


Laura E. HAYS  10/22/1869-10/13/1915


Samuel F. HAYS  7/28/1859-5/12/1937


Daniel T. HENRY  7/15/1838-10/4/1909 Co. E. 158. PA. MIL., with wife Fannie HENRY 5/11/1847-10/8/1910


Sarah HEVEL  2/11/1810-4/3/1899, aged 89y 1m 22d, wife of Christian Hevel


Charley B. HICKS  with Willie D. HICKS infant sons of William D. and Catherine E. Hicks


Thomas J. HOEFLICH  b. 3/1/1832, found dead 6/9/1907


Frank E. HOLLENSHEAD  2/10/1887-9/9/1977, with Emma C. Angle HOLLENSHEAD 9/13/1879-3/1/1962


Elizabeth HOLLINGER  4/23/1803-1/18/1891, aged 87y 8m 26d, wife of Samuel Hollinger


Samuel HOLLINGER  1/28/1800-6/18/1883, aged 83y 3m 20d (sic)


Jacob HOSE  6/15/1860-?, with wife Sarah C.(?) HOSE 3/15/1863-5/26/1938


Nathan M. HOSE  1893-1938, with Mary M. HOSE 1902-1935


Paul H. HOSPELHORN  4/25/1908-10/22/1979 PVT SIGN. CORPS U.S. ARMY WW 2, with Hazel A. Daley HOSPELHORN 8/2/1911-4/27/1996


Frank HYKES  1873-1941


Harry V. HYKES  4/13/1911-3/28/1932, aged 20y 11m 15d


Infant HYKES  son of ? Hykes, next to Harry V. Hykes


Preston D. HYKES  1899-1986, with Olive J. HYKES 1903-1978


John E.


Frank M. JOHNSON  1889-1971, with Margaret E. JOHNSON 1887-1983


Hiram JOHNSON  1860-1927, with wife Florence M. JOHNSON 1861-1930


Margaret E. JOHNSON  1917-2000, with son Donald H. JOHNSON 1932-1989


Alice V. JOHNSTON  3/16/1873-12/19/1909, wife of G. M. Johnston


Annie E. JOHNSTON  9/10/1865-3/28/1889, aged 23y 6m 18d, wife of McClellan Johnston


Frank M. JOHNSTON  1888-1939


George M. JOHNSTON  1864-1940


Grover C. JOHNSTON  son of Mc.(?) and Annie Johnston


Carrie M. KELLER  1/22/1897-1/19/19??


George KELLER  1849-1924, with wife Susan Foutz KELLER 1852-1929


Minnie Grace KELLER  d. 6/11(?)/1873(?), daughter of George and Susan Keller


Herbert A. KLINE  1900-1966, with Lillie M. KLINE 1907-1977


Charles D. KRINER  Family marker  3/12/1882-7/13/1953, with Rhoda M. Kriner


Edgar C. KRINER  11/18/190?-7/30/1909(?), son of C.D. and Rhoda M. Kriner


George P. KRINER  2/7/1921-7/28/1921(?), son of C.D. and Rhoda M. Kriner


Sgt. Orville C. KRINER  1918-1943, WW II veteran


Rhoda M. KRINER  1/17/1888-10/31/1947, see photo for Charles D. Kriner


Laura C. LOHMAN  1877-1971


Dale E. MARTIN  2/13/1930-12/26/1988


Diane M. MARTIN  1956-1991


Ira L. MARTIN Sr.  View 2  Family stone , with  Carrie K. MARTIN 1897-1981


J. Earl MARTIN  2/11/1922-9/9/2001, with Ruth M. MARTIN 10/9/1922-11/22/1980


Larry E. MARTIN  9/9/1942-5/31/1993


Wayne E. MARTIN  3/9/1947-10/13/2002, "Shorty"


Alfred McAFEE  d. 5/27/1892, aged 44y 2m 10d, GAR marker, also see photo for Julian McAfee Frazer


Jasper McLANAHAN  d. 1/25/1882, GAR marker




Juanita Kay MEYERS  1965-1978


Catharine MILLER  d. 12/27/1886, aged 86y


Harvey H.(?) MILLER  d. 6/11(?)/18?0, Aged ?y 2m(?) 11d, son of Andrew(?) and ? Miller


Jacob H. MILLER  d. 4/21/1873, aged 60y 4m 18d


Jerome W. MILLER Sr.  8/30/1890-9/18/1975, with Mary F. MILLER 6/10/1891-2/25/1971


Lucy E. MILLER Sr.  3/18/1880-9/12/1899


Mary Catherine Emmert MILLER  1844-1919(?), wife of Andrew R. Miller


Mary K. MILLER  1931-1934


Benjamin E. MINNICH  d. 1/5/1904, aged 57y 7m(?)


David E. MINNICH  11/20/1838-1/6/1925, with wife Catherine Ruhl MINNICH 7/8/1839-9/5/1918


Fannie N. MINNICH  d. 11/13/1919, aged 74y 6m 23d


Joseph S. MINNICH  1874-1890


Lizzie S. MINNICH  d. 4/20/1892, aged 11y 4m 24d, daughter of Benj. and Fanny Minnich


Monroe R. MINNICH  1867-1945


Robert J. MONIGHAN  1892-1972, with Florence M. MONIGHAN 1891-1989


Arlene E. MOWEN  1935-1974


Doris Jean MOWEN  1933-1933, same stone as Harold Mc. and Harry Mc. Mowen


Galen W. MOWEN  7/4/1923-8/12/1998, PFC US Army WW II


George L. MOWEN  Family stone , with Bertha C. 11/25/1915-8/24/2004,
and Doris A.  8/12/1934-9/26/1935(?)


Harold Mc. MOWEN  1912-1912, with Harry Mc. MOWEN 1912-1917, twin children of H.C. and O.V. Mowen, same stone as Doris Jean Mowen


Harry C. MOWEN  1887-1962, with Orpha V. MOWEN 1891-1965


W. Marvin MOWEN  1909-1972


Gladys G. MURITZ  6/2/1927-12/21/1990


Homer Christian MUSSELMAN  3/20/1929-10/22/2005


Paul MUSSELMAN  12/18/1897-8/16/1985, with Minerva E. Kriner MUSSELMAN 4/4/1898-2/4/1974


Calvin C. MYERS  1885-1971, with Carrie M. MYERS 1886-1974


G. Leslie MYERS  1877-1953, with Sarah C. MYERS 1881-1973


John W. MYERS  9/26/1910-?/9/1917, son of C.C. and Carrie M. Myers


Maud G. MYERS  5/20/1920-10/5/2005


Raymond A. MYERS  1919-2003


Sarah Garling MYERS  1/7/1881-3/22/1973, Mother


David NEGLEY  Stone 2  Full view d. 12/8/1897, aged 79y 11m 26d


Sarah NEGLEY  Stone 2  d. 6/17/1904, aged 83y 7m 16d


Fannie E. OBERHOLZER  1912-1999, with Ethel G. OBERHOLZER 1921-2004


Harold H. OBERHOLZER  2/6/1923-3/15/1931, aged 8y 1m 9d


Jacob J. OBERHOLZER  4/7/1886-5/28/1965, with wife Linnie M. Kriner OBERHOLZER 9/27/1888-1/7/1950


Samuel G. PARMER  1/9/1904-10/8/1988, with Anna T. PARMER 10/29/1908-9/27/1975


W. Stanley PENTZ  1901-1976, with wife Maude J. PENTZ 1895-1984


Harvey G. PITTINGER  d. 6/23/1876, aged 17y 3m


Alice C. PLUM  d. 6/6/1930, aged 74y 10m


Eatha E. PLUM  10/28/1889-10/7/1912


Eddie E. PLUM


Harry E. PLUM  d. 4/2/1945, aged 53y(?) 5m


Henry C. PLUM  10/14/1913-4/20/1978, with Mildred K. PLUM 9/11/1916-9/27/2002


Joseph PLUM  d. 9/11/1912, aged 53y 8m 21d


Joseph Ira PLUM  5/29/1911-6/14/1997


William P. PLUM  1889-1920, with wife Ruth C. PLUM 1898-1939


Alvey H. POWELL  1886-1961, with Ruth E. POWELL 1898-1995


Lucy Jane QUEST  4/29/1885-1/8/1942


Dorothy Spangler RICE  1924-1945


Infant RICE  View of plot  b. 6/11(?)/1873(?), aged 1y 22d


Infant RICE  View of plot  d. 9/24/1899, aged 3m, son of John H.(?) and Laura M. Rice


Infant RICE  View of plot  d. 6/26/1902, son of John and Laura M. Rice


Joseph RISER  d. 3/8/1905 aged 71y, with Charles E. RISER d. 5/9/1906 aged 37y


Thomas ROCK  1895-1976 Pvt. Co. H 314 Inf. WWI, with Minta M. ROCK 1896-1979


Nancy R. ROTZ  3/10/1872-12/25/1944


Mary W. RUNYON  2/19/1924-3/26/1973


Abraham SHANK  d. 6/4/1825, aged 38y 8m 16d


Anna SHANK  10/12/1787-1/26/1866, aged 78y 3m 14d, wife of Abraham Shank


Elizabeth Smith SHANK  d. 5/8/1860, aged 46y 8m 22d, consort of John Shank, daughter of Jacob and Catharine Smith


John SHANK  d. 11/17/1877, aged 66y 10m 6d


Rebecca Lindsay SHANK  10/4/1839-11/11/1878, aged 39y 27d, wife of John Shank


Susannah SHANK  d. 4/28/1844, aged 24y 25d


Calvin J. SHEELY  8/11/1846-3/2/1925, with wife Susan Reiff SHEELY 7/6/1853-8/22/1930


Joseph SHEELY  d. 11/7/1889, aged 12y 1m 13d, son of Calvin J. and Susan Sheely


Mary SHEELY  11/7/1819-1/13/1892, aged 72y 2m 6d


C. Eugene SHILLITO  10/21/1916-12/13/1918, son of Florence M. Shillito


Anna C. SHINDLE  daughter of John and Susan Shindle


Jacob S. SHINDLE  d. 3/19/1892, aged 49y 4m 11d


John H. SHINDLE  d. 3/21/1906, aged 24y 7m 21d


Margaret A. SHINDLE  5/26/1898-6/2/1898, daughter of Harry F. and Maggie C. Shindle


Susan A. SHINDLE  d. 1/26/1903, aged 59y 3m 25d, wife of J. S. Shindle


Anna Ruth Ryder SHOWALTER  3/4/1921-5/20/2005


Roy L. SHOWALTER  1906-1956, with Hettie SHOWALTER 1911-2000, WW Veteran


Joshua SKEGGS  2/20/1827-11/9/1910, aged 83y 8m 19d


Sarah H. SKEGGS  d. 8/?/188?, wife of Joshua Skeggs


Bertha M. SNYDER  2/13/1907-4/2/1998


Charles SNYDER  8/1870-2/1947, with Anna SNYDER 7/1866-8/1938


Daniel C. SNYDER  10/12/1895-2/6/1962, PA PVT HO CO 112 INFANTRY WW I


Franklin A. B. SNYDER  5/2/1884-5/31(?)/1884, son of Ellen C. and W.D. Snyder


Solomon SOLLENBERGER  d. 4/4/1906 aged 68y 1m 14d, with wife Fannie SOLLENBERGER d. 8/25/1907 aged 68y 6m 22d, and daughter Annie SOLLENBERGER d. 4/25/1904 aged 34y 9m 11d


William Shane SOUDERS  1966-1967, son of Glenn and Mary Ann Souders


Frances G. SPANGLER  6/4/1929-1/2/1999


Howard W. SPANGLER  10/25/1903-9/15/1996, with Clara I. SPANGLER 12/19/1907-6/19/1982


Merle E. SPANGLER  3/21/1900-7/21/1989, with Ruth A. SPANGLER 9/20/1899-8/10/1939


Paul E. SPANGLER  8/27/1937-9/21/1941, son of H.W. and C.I. Spangler


J. Howard STAHL  1898-1970, with Ruth R. STAHL 1902-1996


Charles Henry STEERMAN  1909-1982 WW II veteran, with Emma R. Winger STEERMAN 1914-2002


Ephraim STUMBAUGH  3/10/1838-3/25/1927, with Susan STUMBAUGH 6/8/1852-3(?)/29/1927


George W. STUMBAUGH  1887-1965


Harry H. STUMBAUGH  1881-1950, with wife Mary L. STUMBAUGH 1887-1962


Dennis Eugene THOMAS  11/9/1945-5/2/2000, BT3 US Navy, TSGT US Air Force


Wilbur R. THOMAS  4/23/1906-3/15/1958


George H. TOSTEN  1896-1969, with Rhoda M. TOSTEN 1897-1937


Daniel R. TRESSLER  1898-1958, with wife Pearl E. TRESSLER 1900-1981


UNKNOWNS:   1  2  3  4  


John H. WALLECH  7/29/1897-2/1/1965


John S. WALLECH  1866-1935, with wife Susan E. WALLECH 1867-1929


J. Ross WEAVER  10/25/1903-1/3/1939, with Mary M.


Jacob A. WEAVER  1880-1964, with wife Lottie B. Plum WEAVER 1883-1974


Mary M. WEAVER  1/24/1905-3/24/1977, with J. Ross


Robert E. WEAVER  2/2/1937-12/11/2004


Bernard WILLIAMS(?)  d. 8/12/1891


John M. WILLIAMS  1862-1936, with Ralph E. WILLIAMS 1923-1969, Rosalie J. 1935-1936, and George 1928-1928


Charles B. WINGERD  1860-1940


Edgar F. WINGERD  1875-1959, with wife Bertha Maye WINGERD 1884-1971


L. B. WINGERD  1868-1933


Lazarus WINGERD  8/27/1821-6/13/1900, with Louisa WINGERD  4/1/1836(?)-3/1/1906, Mother stone  View of plot  Illegible Side


Myrtle E. WINGERD  d. 11/3/1904, aged 34y 4m 29d, daughter of Lazarus and Louisa Wingerd


James F. WINSOR  Family stone  1911-1962, with daughter Donna F. 2/26/1943-6/25/19??, and Bertha E. 1914-?


Belinda Rhea WITMER  1967-1967


Brett Alan WITMER  9/2/1991-5/17/1998


Clarence W. WITMER Sr.  1910-1989, with Mary E. WITMER 1911-2000, and Lois V. 1934-1934


Daniel L. WITMER  1896-1980


Diane Elizabeth Winsor WITMER  8/26/1963-2/23/1996


Evelyn A. WITMER  9/10/1918-4/8/1994, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Witmer


Franklin L. WITMER  10/7/1907-12/30/1989, with Thelma M. WITMER 2/12/1910-7/15/2003


Joanne C. WITMER  7/29/1945-3/9/2003


John M. WITMER  9/25/1892-4/6/1977, with wife Lela Mary WITMER 6/27/1888-10/9/1957


Lois V. WITMER  1934-1934, see other photo with Clarence and Mary E.


Omar D. WITMER Sr.  1922-1976, with Omar D. WITMER Jr. 1947-1967, Vietnam and Veterans of Forein Wars markers


Urtha C. WITMER  4/8/1890-4/29/1960, with wife Susan J. WITMER 8/19/1891-9/6/1948


William Lee WITMER  8/8/1863-8/29/1929, with wife Mary J. WITMER 8/18/1872-3/25/1964


Patricia Ann WOLFF  4/26/1955-8/8/1955


Leah C. YEATES  11/16/1827-2/8/1916


Paul A. YOUNG  1906-1985, with Helen Hayes YOUNG 1906-2002


Aaron D. ZUCK  1906-1935


Alvin G. ZUCK  11/4/1879-2/16/1969, with wife Edith L. Angle ZUCK 9/3/1876-5/22/1950


Daisy Martin ZUCK  1879-1963, wife of Alvin G.


Daniel Ellis(?) ZUCK  d. 8(?)/29/1876, aged 9m(?) 28d, son of John(?) and Maria(?) Zuck






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