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Margaret BEATTY 2/1800-9/8/1897


Thomas CAMPBELL d. 6/16/1839, aged 67y, husband of Rebecca


Elizabeth CREE d. 2/11/1858, aged 85y(?) 5m(?) 1d, wife of James Cree


James CREE d. 2/11/1858, aged 81y 4m 22d


Elizabeth DAVIS 3/1818-10/20/1838, Aged 20y 7m 2d, with Isabel K. DAVIS nee Montague 6/24/1819-1/16/1892 aged 72y 6m 22d, wives of J. V. Davis


Elizabeth ELLIOTT d. 7/8/1852, aged 75y


Elizabeth ELLIOTT d. 10/21/1847, aged 54y, wife of George Elliott


James ELLIOTT d. 10/30/1878, aged 89y 7m(?) 29d, War of 1812 Veteran


Maggie Witherow ELLIOTT d. 8/22/1879, aged ?6y ?m 25d, wife of F. W. Elliott, daughter of John W. and Isabella Witherow


Robert ELLIOTT 10/28/1782-11/24/1861, born near ? Co. Va., died in Fannettsburg, husband of Mary L. Linn, father of Caroline H. Walker and Martha E. Montgomery


John FINLEY 1804-1870, with second wife Elizabeth FINLEY 1824-1908, son of Samuel Finley and father of Samuel Walker Finley


Samuel FINLEY d. 5/20/1848, aged 67y, husband of Elizabeth Walker Finley, father of John Finley


Samuel Walker FINLEY d. 12/17/1850, aged 2y 17d, son of John and Eliza Finley


Mary GEDDES 10/25/1791-1/8/1864, aged 72y 2m 13d, wife of Thomas Geddes, nee Craighead


Thomas GEDDES d. 9/3/1830, aged 51y, husband of Mary


Daniel HUSTON 1/4/1769(?)-9/18/1852


JONES Children of John E. and Elizabeth T. Jones, probably Commodore, Denton, and Clara Jones


Eliza A. JONES 1/22/1822-11/7/1895, wife of John E. Jones, nee Little


Jennings L. JONES 4/17/1827-9/7/1897, with Elizabeth B. JONES nee McDonald 3/13/1831-6/7/1908, erected by W.E. and R.K. Jones


Jesse M. JONES 10/7/1820-9/26/1864, with Mary Geddis JONES 11/8/1823-2/17/1907, same stone as Martha, Jesse and Ellie


Jesse R. JONES 8/30/1857-10/26/1863, with Ellie JONES 4/3/1862-7/25/1865, same stone as Martha, Jesse M. and Mary


John A. JONES d. 12/4/1868, aged 84y 4m, husband of Sarah McElvey Jones, father of Samuel and John E. Jones


Martha A. JONES 5/4/1853-4/24/1857, same stone as Jesse M., Mary, Jesse and Ellie


Mary S. JONES d. 4/6/1880, aged 90y, wife of Samuel Jones, nee Somerset, mother of Jennings and Jesse M. Jones


Samuel JONES 2/10/1851-5/18/1885, son of Jesse M. and Mary Geddis Jones


Samuel JONES d. 3/22/1870, aged 79y, husband of Mary Somerset Jones, father of Jesse M. and Jennings L. Jones


Sarah JONES d. 9/19/1830, aged 45y, wife of John A. Jones


Isabella "Bell" McALLEN d. 6/25/1858, aged 30y, wife of R. W. McAllen, with Roberta Bell d. 3/15/1858 aged 5m(?)


Donald M. McALLEN 5/11/1885-9/30/1940 son of John F. McAllen, with Sadie L. Traxler McALLEN 9/11/1894-5/20/19??


J. H. McALLEN 1850-1918, son of Robert and Isabella McAllen


John F. McALLEN 1/7/1824-5/15/1887, aged 63y 4m 8d


Moody E. Nimmon McALLEN 5/17/1830-8/8/1880, wife of John F. McAllen


Nancy J. Wineman McALLEN 1851-1909, wife of John F. McAllen


Robert Franklin McALLEN 1882-1946, with Nell Park McALLEN 1882-1963, son of John F. and Nancy J. Wineman McAllen


Robert Franklin McALLEN d. 3/15/1852 aged 9m 2d, with Thomas Franklin McALLEN d. 1/12/1861 aged 2y 8m 22d, sons of John F. and Elizabeth M. McAllen


Sarah McALLEN d. 9/12/1865, aged 62y 8m(?) 18d(?), second wife of John McAllen, nee Skinner


T. C. McALLEN 1854-1919 son of Robert and Isabella McAllen, with wife Arabella Magee McALLEN b. 1846, and daughter Jane I. McALLEN 1884-1913


Willie McALLEN d. 1/30/1889, aged 18y 9m 19d, son of John F. and Moody E. McAllen


Rev. Robert D. McCLURE 2/7/1909-6/26/2005, with wife Mary Jane Riggs McCLURE 12/30/1908-8/21/1978


Steven Oliver McCURDY 1834-1888 1st Lieut. Co. G. 126 Penna. Vols., with wife Isabella Witherow McCURDY 1839-1916, Franklin 1875-1876 and Mary Belle 1861-1916


Rev. Amos A. McGINLEY, D.D. 3/4/1778-5/1/1856, born near Fairfield Adams County Pa, graduated at Dickinson College, licensed to preach the Gospel by the Presbytery of Carlisle 10/1801, installed pastor of the United Churches of Upper and Lower Path Valley 11/1802, resigned his charge 4/1851, died at Fannettsburg


Anna McGINLEY 4/7/1778-4/23/1861, wife of Rev. Amos A. McGinley, same stone as Amos, nee Blythe


Martha Scott Elliott MONTGOMERY 5/15/1812-3/22/1863, wife of Dr. James Montgomery, daughter of Robert Elliott


John S. NIMMON 10/26/1821-12/4/1902 Major 11th Regt. PA. Cavalry, with wife Sarah M. Flickinger NIMMON 2/28/1830-10/2/1876, son of Adams and Mary Skinner Nimmon


Mary M. NIMMON d. 10/27/1869, aged 76y 2m 15d, wife of Adam Nimmon, nee Skinner


Augustus J. NOBLE d. 11/19/1902, aged 70y 10m 16d, son of William Noble (d. 1874)


Eliza Jane NOBLE d. 7/14/1849, aged 27y 10m 24d, wife of Wm. Noble, nee Aikens


John NOBLE d. 6/2/1862, aged 77y, son of Joseph, husband of Sarah


Joseph NOBLE d. 11/13/1823, aged 70y 6m, husband of Susannah McClelland Noble, father of John Noble


Mary NOBLE 11/11/1836-9/15/1900, aged 63y 10m 4d, daughter of William Noble (d. 1874)


Samuel W. NOBLE 1878-1955, with Rhea Blair NOBLE 1881-1950, son of William R. Noble


Sarah NOBLE d. 8/15/1864, aged 67y 5m 15d, wife of John Noble Senr., nee Harris


William Rufus NOBLE 1833-1904, with wife Sarah E. Wilhelm NOBLE 1843-1906, Myra Belle NOBLE 1876-1907, and Lucy Blair(?) NOBLE 1880-1957


William NOBLE d. 9/13/1874, aged 87y 1m, husband of Mary


Belle M. NOONAN 1857-1912, daughter of Wm. and Martha Noonan


Mary NOONAN d. 10/29/1853, aged 80y, wife of Patrick Noonan, mother of Wm. Noonan


Minnie C. NOONAN 12/26/1876-10/6/1894, aged 17y 9m 10d, granddaughter of Wm. and Martha Noonan


Robert M. NOONAN 3/19/1851-3/23/1897 son of Wm. and Martha Noonan, with first wife Catherine Hashinger NOONAN 6/8/1853-9/20/1881


Wm. NOONAN 8/1818-2/1893, with Martha NOONAN d. 4/30/1886 aged 5?y 11m(?) 9d(?)


Ortha B. PARK d. 7/22/1869, aged 19y 3m 2d, eldest daughter of John and Jane Park


Susan PATTERSON d. 2/16/1896, aged 80y


Eleanor RAMSEY d. 10/17/1862, aged 76y, wife of Robert Ramsey, mother of Mary Ann, nee Walker


Robert RAMSEY d. 1/21/1856, aged 72y, husband of Eleanor, father of Mary Ann Skinner


John T. ROSENBERRY 1869-1930, with wife Mary C. Gamble ROSENBERRY 1863-1930


Joshua ROWE d. 8/23/1888, aged 84y


James B. SEIBERT 8/27/1847-5/7/1904, with wife Priscilla Skinner SEIBERT 1850-1917 daughter of William and Mary Ann Skinner


John S. SKINNER d. 8/11/1873, aged 72y 6m 27d


Mary Ann Ramsey SKINNER d. 12/9/1879, aged 69y 3m 15d, wife of Wm. W. Skinner, daughter of Robert and Eleanor Ramsey


Robert Walker SKINNER 4/11/1834-1/15/1850, son of William and Mary Ann Skinner


Wm. W. SKINNER d. 8/19/1867, aged 58y 7m 17d, husband of Mary Ann, father of Priscilla and Robert


Albert Gilson STEWART d. 4/12/1848, aged 11m 13d, son of Cragehead and Mary J. Stewart


Margaret TYPER d. 2/19/1887, aged 85y 5m, wife of Andrew Typer, nee Campbell


Ann Skinner WALKER 8/13/1789-5/20/1881, wife of James Walker, sister of William, Mary, John S. and Sarah, mother of John H. Walker


James WALKER d. 5/3/1873, aged 38y 6m 27d, son of John and Sarah Walker


James WALKER d. 5/9/1849, aged 52y 10m 9d, husband of Ann, father of John H., brother of Eleanor, John and Samuel


Jane L. WALKER d. 3/1/1845, aged 28y, also her two infant daughters sleep by her side, first wife of John McGinley Walker, daughter in law of Mary McConnell Walker (wife of Alexander), nee Coyle


John WALKER d. 8/2/1841, aged 60y 4m 2d, brother of Eleanor, James and Samuel


John WALKER Jr. d. 1/24/1853, husband of Sarah, father of James


John Henderson WALKER 4/27/1834-12/16/1900, with wife Caroline Holliday HENDERSON 2/14/1831-12/3/1900, same stone as S. Elmer Walker and wife Adaline


Mary WALKER d. 3/5/1846, aged 68y, wife of Alexander Walker


Richard Ramsey WALKER 7/26/1904-2/2/1924, son of S. Elmer and Adaline Walker


Robert E. WALKER d. 5/25/1865, aged 3y 10m 28d, son of John H. and Caroline Walker


S. Albert WALKER 1/29/1854-4/23/1916, with wife Anna McAllen WALKER 6/8/1861-1/9/1953, daughter of John and Moody McAllen


Samuel WALKER d. 9/3/1834, aged 40y 3m 28d, husband of Martha


Samuel F. WALKER d. 7/1/1870, aged 88y 4m


Sarah WALKER d. 3/13/1878, aged 81y 8d(?), wife of John Walker


S. Elmer WALKER 1872-1924, with wife Adaline Seibert WALKER 1874-1940, same stone as John Henderson Walker and wife Caroline


Mary E. R. WIDNEY d. 3/25/1876, aged 73y 6m 5d


J. McGinley WILHELM 1838-1921 Co. H. 126 Reg. and Co. B. 203 Reg. PA Inf., with wife Mary E. Flickinger WILHELM 1842-1897, infant son 1876-1876, Thomas A. 1882-1887, and infant son and daughter 1886-1886


Jacob B. WINEMAN 1842-1918, husband of Juniata June Ramsey Wineman (1853-1887)


Warren Walker WINEMAN 1878-1940, with wife Elsie Cornelia Jones WINEMAN 1877-1958, son of Jacob B. Wineman


Eliza A. WITHEROW 2/12/1825-10/3/18?9, daughter of John W. and Susan Witherow


Isabella WITHEROW d. 6/6/1885, aged 80y 4m 6d, wife of John W. Witherow, nee Widney


Jane WITHEROW d. 2/3/1856, aged 73y, wife of James Witherow, parents of John W., Noah and Mary Witherow


John WITHEROW d. 5/18/1864, aged 69y 10m 5d, husband of Susan (same stone)


John W. WITHEROW d. 6/2/1855, aged 45y, Beloved. Lamented. By Isabella, son of James and Jane Witherow


Lucy P. WITHEROW 6/23/1918-10/17/2003, Wilson College Class of 1941


Mary A. WITHEROW d. 3/17/1880, aged 74y 11m 2d, daughter of James and Jane Witherow


Noah M. WITHEROW d. 8/13/1890, aged 78y, son of James and Jane Witherow


Susan WITHEROW d. 10/14(?)/1846, wife of John Witherow (same stone), nee Typer, mother of Eliza, Margaret and Isabella


James Edward YETTER 1884-1941, with wife Helen Beatrice Messick YETTER 1884-1936





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