Fetterhoff Chapel

United Methodist Church



Fetterhoff Chapel Road

Guilford Township


formerly a

United Brethren Church


Photos contributed by

Abby Bowman




Complete transcription

of all visible/legible stones

as of 2007


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Margaret ANKABRANDT 5/18/1832-2/28/1896, aged 63y 9m 10d, wife of Adam Ankabrandt


Casper ANKERBRAND 1832-1915, with Susan S. ANKERBRAND 1833-1884


John ANKERBRAND 6/24/1829-6/12/1893 aged 65y 11m 18d, with


Catharine ANKERBRAND  View 2  5/8/1833-5/17/1894 aged 61y 9d


Christina ARION 4/30/1805-2/27/1877, aged 71y 9m 27d, wife of Peter Arion


Margaret ARION 8/15/1831-9/18/1842, aged 8y 1m 3d, daughter of Peter and Christina Arion


Peter ARION 1/18/1805-10/30/1875, aged 70y 9m 2d


Baby Boy BAKER 1961


Dennis L. BAKER 2/2/1931-9/2/1950, PA SGT 27 Infantry, 25 Infantry Div, Korea, BSM-PH


Otis BAKER 12/14/1928-12/2/1988, with Rachel L. BAKER 12/30/1933-7/18/1979


Willie BAKER 1902-1972, with Maude BAKER 1902-1994


Solomon M. BASEHORE 8/15/1856-3/12/1863, aged 7y 6m 27d, son of Solomon and Rebecca Basehore


Cecil R. BEAM 1937-1990


David S. BEAM III 1947-1975


David S. Bing BEAM Jr. 1924-2001


Lisa M. BEAM 1978-1985


Wallace W. BEAM  View 2  1/31/1906-9/29/1988 WWII Veteran, with wife Mary E. Hoover BEAM 4/12/1918-1/11/1955


Jacob BELLAS 5/27/1788-11/30/1865


John BENEDICT 5/20/1808-10/7/1889 aged 81y 4m 18d, with Margaret BENEDICT 8/13/1808-4/4/1890 aged 81y 7m 21d


Henry A. Lincoln BOVEY d. 9/15/1867, aged 1y 11d, son of Solomon B. and Sarah Bovey


Clinton H. BRANDT d. 6/20/1893 aged 37y 9m 1d, with Harry Glen BRANDT d. 4/23/1891 aged 5m, and Elva Pearl BRANDT d. 3/25/1893 aged 5m


Samuel BRANDT d. 4/12/1882 aged 51y 10m 22d, with Mary Ann BRANDT d. 6/4/1895 aged 65y 4m 12d,


Laura Emma BRANDT d. 2/2/1854 aged 5m 5d, and Benj. Rush BRANDT d. 3/4/1882 aged 17y 4m 19d


John H. BUSH d. 5/3/1911 aged 76y, with Mary E. Keller BUSH d. 3/11/1910 aged 78y


Nado CARUSO 2/8/1914-10/12/1992, with Florence G. CARUSO 1/23/1918-7/25/2002, and Doris J. 1/28/1936-7/14/1938


Clarence F. COOK 12/29/1888-8/25/1889, son of E.E. and Emma J. Cook


Frances COOK  Footstone  7/4/1819-9/16/1898, aged 79y 2m 12d, wife of George Cook


George COOK 1/14/1822-4/11/1882


Jeremiah F. COOK 4/17/1857-12/23/1877, aged 20y 8m 6d, son of Adam and Susan Cook


Mary A. Rebecca COOK 4/22/1858-9/24/1859, aged 1y 5m 2d, daughter of George and Frances Cook


Mary Jane COOK 3/9/1833-4/22/1858


Peter COOK  View 2  d. 12/13/1871, aged 81y


Rebecca COOK d. 1867, aged ?y 5m 20d(?), wife of Peter Cook


Harry E. DANSBERGER d. 4/21/1869, aged 10d, son of John W. and Susannah Dansberger


Dorothy P. DEARDORFF 1935-2006


Russell B. DEARDORFF 4/30/1933-9/22/2005, Korean War Veteran


Gerald M. DICE 3/7/1945-1/9/2006, New Franklin Vol. Fire Dept.


Alta Loetitia DUFFIELD  View 2  View 3  4/13/1856-10/3/1856, only child of William J. and Mary Duffield


William J. DUFFIELD 12/14/1826-10/25/1857, eldest son of Josiah Duffield, a member of the German Reformed Church


Della V. ESHELMAN 1890-1976


Robert Eugene ESHELMAN 1/18/1909-4/30/1973, with Nellie Nolan ESHELMAN 12/8/1906-4/?/1993 (per SSDI)


Edward F. ETTER 1877-1937, with wife Annie R. Keller ETTER 1875-1946


H. F. 


Father Co. D 21 PA Cav.


George FETTERHOFF 7/9/1803-3/8/1879 aged 75y 7m 29d, with


Eve FETTERHOFF 6/14/1804-11/26/1885 aged 81y 5m 12d. and


Aaron H. FETTERHOFF  Full View  1/12/1838-8/14/1850 aged 12y 7m 2d


Jacob FETTERHOFF 11/24/1796-3/23/1848, aged 51y 3m 29d


Unknown FETTERHOFF possibly Ezra?, 10/?/1817-1879(?), aged ?y 11m 22d


James W. FLEMINGS 8/22/1846-5/31/1901, Co. C, 11 Penna. Cav.


John W. FLEMINGS 5/5/1858-4/11/1859, aged 11y 6d


Andrew FLICKINGER 4/16/1778-2/28/1857, aged 78y 10m 12d


Elizabeth FLICKINGER d. 3/14/1880, aged 73y 5m 19d


Mary Elizabeth FLICKINGER 10/16/1781-12/4/1862, aged 81y 1m 19d


Catharine FORNEY   View 2  d. 3/16/1858, aged 70y 3m 4d


Charles Alvin FORNEY d. 6/28/1870, aged 2m 28d, son of Samuel B. and M.J.(?) Forney


Henry FORNEY 6/9/1832-1/30/1856, aged 23y 7m 21d


Annie May FORTNEY d. ?/3/1890, aged 15y 8m 29d, daughter of D.P. and Mary E. Fortney


Daniel Peter FORTNEY d. 2/13/1901, aged 53y 1m 26d


Mary E. FORTNEY b. 12/6/1848, aged 31y 3m 13d, wife of Daniel P. Fortney


Anna Elizabeth FREDERICK 8/24(?)/1856-3/15/1863, aged 6y 6m 19d, daughter of Philip and E. Frederick


Emma Catharine FREDERICK 3/10/1862-12/5/1865, aged 3y 8m 25d, daughter of Philip and E. Frederick


Henry D. FREDERICK 7/12/1827-12/26/1879, aged 52y 5m 14d, My Brother


J. Harvey FREDERICK 10/12/1867-4/28/1956, with wife A. Myrtle Dosh FREDERICK 10/21/1868-12/18/1943


John F. FREDERICK 11/27/1853-8/8/1855, aged 1y 8m 12d


Philip FREDERICK 6/10/1823-10/20/1905 G.A.R. marker, with wife Elizabeth Miller FREDERICK 12/14/1830-3/30/1912


Ralph D. FREDERICK 6/2/1927-11/2/1995, with Mabel A. FREDERICK 11/11/1936-11/22/1999


Unknown FREDERICK located between Emma C. Frederick and Henry D. Frederick


Wilbur B. FREDERICK 3/10/1896-4/27/1984, with Irene C. FREDERICK 4/20/1906-4/14/2000, and Robert L. FREDERICK 12/19/1925-11/28/1984


William H. FREDERICK 1855-1935, with wife Lina A. Reichard FREDERICK 1853-1924


Bernard R. FREY 5/2/1831-4/7/1890, aged 58y 11m 5d


Elizabeth FREY d. 4/3/1907, aged 79y 10m 20d


E. J. FRIEDLY d. 8/21/1885, aged 3m 10d, son of D.G. and E.V. Friedly


Emma V. FRIEDLY 6/19/1864-7/21/1885, aged 21y 1m 2d, wife of Daniel G. Friedly


Hannah M. FRINGER 5/17/1839-5/14/1842, aged 2y 11m 27d


Jacob FRINGER 1/10/1805-10/19/1846, aged 44y 8m 9d


Frederick FRY  View 2  10/3/1795-4/18/1855, aged 59y 6m 15d, with unknown stone behind


Hannah FRY 12/8/1799-3/24/1853, wife of Frederick Fry


Mary Ann FRY 11/27/1823-5/29/1854, aged 31y 6m 2d, wife of Samuel Fry


Mary Elmira FRY 3/?/18??-7/1?/1874(?), daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Fry


C. Ray GARBER 12/2/1926-6/4/1991, S2 US Navy


Charles W. GARBER 2/22/1896-5/2/1980, with A. Malinda GARBER 2/27/1897-9/18/1980


George W. GARBER 4/7/1929-10/14/1929, infant son of Chas. and Malinda Garber


John O. GARBER 1920-1980, with wife Rosaline J. GARBER 1924-1991


Helen I. Kaiser GARTSIDE 12/28/1918-1/30/1993, next to Paul Kaiser Sr.


James Emmert GEESAMAN 1948-1959


Adam GEORGE 1842-1925 Co. L 21st PA Cav., with wife Elizabeth C. Ritter GEORGE 1848-1932, and Walter C. GEORGE 1880-1937


Roy Brinton GEORGE  View 2  3/29/1929-3/1/1993 US Army, with Beulah E. GEORGE 9/30/1930-1/13/2003


Children GERHOLD infant son and daughter of J.G. and Lila(?) Gerhold


Harry Francis GILBERT 5/23/1865-11/6/1865, aged 5m 13d, son of Margaret Gilbert


Meda H. GOOD 1894-1895, with Leila R. 1908-1908 and twin Lillian R. 1908-1909, and Margaret 1910-1920, daughters of John H. and Maggie R. Good


Charles I. GOSSARD 7/24/1885-1/12/1962, with wife Lucy B. Cantner GOSSARD 6/3/1887-7/13/1973


Hattie Mae GOSSARD 1885-1962


Howard E. GOSSARD  E. M. C.  Plot  1890-1971, with wife Emma M. Miller GOSSARD 1895-1918


Elenora GOSSART daughter of John H.(?) and Sarah(?) Gossart


Evelyn A. GOSSERT 5/2/1943-3/3/1995


G. Norman GOSSERT 1905-1980, with Hazel I. GOSSERT 1908-1980


Myrtle P. GOSSERT   View 2  12/27/1934-11/22/2000


Jacob E. HARNISH d. 8/20/1872, aged 8d


James A. HASSLER 6/25/1842-1/1/1905, with wife Catharine Heller HASSLER b. 9/15/1839


Alice HELMAN 12/15/1867-6/26/1956


Harvey L. HELMAN 2/18/1865-1/5/1934


Helen E. HELMAN  View 2  1/25/1931-4/2/2002


Infant HELMAN 6/16/1957-6/16/1957, son of Robert and Helen E. Helman Jr.


Charles A. HENRY 1898-1952


Clark G. HENRY 1907-1964


Aaron F. HERMAN 10/15/1850-6/25/1920, with wife Annie M. West HERMAN 5/3/1860-1/6/1925


Annie B. HERMAN d. 9/22/1865, aged 2y 9m 25d(?), daughter of M.S.(?) and L.E.(?) Herman


Benjamin N. HERMAN 9/7/1840-8/31/1861, aged 20y 11m 21d


Calvin Nelson HERMAN d. 9/19/1869, aged 1m 6d(?), son of Jeremiah and Rosannah Herman


Charles Laren HERMAN d. 10/24/186?, aged 7m(?) 17d(?), son of Jeremiah and Rosannah Herman


Clayton Spencer HERMAN d. 4/30(?)/1867, aged 12d, son of Jeremiah and Rosannah Herman


Hannah HERMAN d. 9/17/1852, aged 79y 5m 3d


Helen Rebecca HERMAN 12/6/1838-12/8/1839, aged 1y 2d


Jeremiah HERMAN  View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  10/7/1805-9/5/1872 aged 66y 10m 28d, with Elizabeth HERMAN 1/11/1811-2/18/1885 aged 74y 1m 7d


John HERMAN 4/11/1833(?)-10/17/1863(?)


Joseph HERMAN 9/8/1844-9/12/1845, aged 1y 4d


Theodore C. HERMAN d. 4/17(?)/1863, aged 1y(?) 8m 2d(?), son of John and Sophia Herman


William B. HERMAN  View 2  aged 4m 8d, with Benjamin and Margaret 5/16/1897-7/22/1899, children of A.F. and Anna Mary Herman


George HETTS 1845-1924, with wife Catharine Spangler HETTS 1850-1921


Altie Day HOCKENSMITH d. 7/21/1881, aged 2y 8m 7d, daughter of Samuel and Emma Hockensmith


Rebecca C. Yauckey HOCKENSMITH 3/8/1842-5/22/1913, wife of Geo. M. Hockensmith


George Washington HORN d. 10/8/1855 aged 3y 2m 24d, with Joas Andrew HORN d. 11/7/1855 aged 4y 9m 16d, the beloved and affectionate children of Daniel and Catharine Horn


Clara Elizabeth HOW d. 10/15/1865, aged 9m 8d(?), daughter of Theodore and Sarah How


Infant HOWE d. 3/19/1884, aged 6d, son of Theodore and Sarah Howe


Infant HOWE d. 12/31/1877, aged 3d, son of Theodore and Sarah Howe


Theodore HOWE  View 2  Plot 5/4/1837-10/30/1893, with Sarah A. Herman HOWE 2/1/1843-4/15/1916


Unknown HOWE 


Harry Lee KAISER 6/30/1906-1/18/2003, with Clara Rotz KAISER 2/21/1906-10/22/1978, and Delores 1/12/1934-1/18/1934


Paul C. KAISER Sr. 4/20/1914-12/3/1986, with


Helen J. KAISER  View 2  12/28/1918-1/30/1993


Abraham L. KAUFFMAN 1863-1935, with wife Dora A. KAUFFMAN 1867-1950, and daughter Helen E. KAUFFMAN 1902-1984


Rose E. KAUFFMAN 10/12/1911-5/15/1994


William F. KAUFFMAN 10/15/1896-12/21/1902, with Infant Daughter KAUFFMAN 10/19/1898-11/25/1898, children of A.L. and Dora Kauffman


Katharine KELLER 1/24/1843-5/9/1918, with son Geo. H. KELLER 10/9/1866-8/2/1917


David KELLER  Full View  d. 9/25/1868 aged 74y 11m 14d GAR marker, with Margaret KELLER d. 10/22/1881 aged 88y


Infant KELLER b. 12/10/1865, son of John and Mary A. Keller


John KELLER b. 9/6/1823


Lizzie L. KELLER 11/12/1871-1/27/1892, aged 20y 2m 15d, daughter of J.H.B. and Kate Keller


Mary Jane KELLER 12/17/1866-1/27/1867, aged 1m, daughter of ? and Mary M. Keller


Rebecca KELLER 9/6/1823-10/10/1853, aged 30y 1m 4d


Glenn R. KENNEDY 10/27/1930-2/25/1931, with Infant 5/11/1934, Sons


Harry C. KENNEDY 3/10/1893-7/31/1966 WWII Veteran, with wife Mary Rotz KENNEDY 9/25/1893-5/14/1969


Penny J. KNEPPER 4/20/1969-7/12/1986


Owen C. LAIDIG 1894-1987, with Margaret E. LAIDIG 1913-2000


Malinda A. LANNERT d. 3/14/1913, aged 69y, wife of John P. Lannert


John LEONERD 11/16/1865-9/8/1867, aged 1y 9m 22d




Mable M. LOCHBAUM d. 8/25/1881, aged 4y, daughter of H. and Margaret Lochbaum


Daughter LONG 4/5/1890-6/15/1890, daughter of W.H. and E.R. Long


John D. LOWRY 1898-1899


Rev. Harold V. MARCH 11/26/1913-9/8/1990 United Methodist Minister, with Kline S. MARCH 8/23/1914-7/15/2000


Wilson MARCH 1912-1985, with Vivian MARCH 1913-1995


John A. MARTIN 9/24/1933-5/5/2001, with Edna M. MARTIN 3/29/1934-12/26/2000


Harold L. McCLEARY 10/19/1931-11/7/2005


Richard A. McENTIRE  View 2  1915-1982, US Army W.W. II, 1941-1945, T/4 Med. Det., 290th Inf. 75th Div.


Elsie M. McFERREN 1881-1972


Henry McFERREN 8/1/1819-9/30/1889, aged 70y 2m


Loamah Peter McFERREN 1846-1917, with wife Sophia R. Basehore McFERREN 1853-1920


Harland F. McPHERSON 1912-2003 WWII Veteran, with Mabel R. McPHERSON 1931-1998


Norman W. McPHERSON 4/21/1943-12/31/1997


Anna Mary MEHAFFEY 6/20/1868-7/26/1856, aged 8y 1m 6d


John B. MEISTER  View 2  View 3  6/4/1831-3/3/1895, with Catharine B. MEISTER 9/29/1829-4/18/1913, and son Peter C. MEISTER 3/7/1857-6/2/1899


Amanda G. MILLER 7/26/1843-8/30/1878, aged 35y 1m 4d


Amos MILLER d. 3/17/1901, aged 82y 10m 24d


Charles E. MILLER 4/29/1905-3/6/1964


Clara Susan MILLER 9/4/1866-6/24/1885, aged 18y 9m 20d




Ellis Gordon MILLER 9/2/1868-3/15/1951, with wife Annetta Howe MILLER 8/18/1866-6/27/1959


Elva Ruth MILLER d. 7/24/1899, aged 9m 11d, daughter of H.N. and Effie M. Miller


Emanuel MILLER 9/19/1842-9/9/1869, aged 26y 11m 20d


Frances MILLER d. 12/29/1891, aged 80y 3m 16d, wife of Amos Miller


Harvey N. MILLER 1870-1936, with wife Effie M. Bowman MILLER 1869-1942, Elva R. 1898-1899, Elizabeth J. 1901-1901, and George W. 1909-1924


John Howe MILLER 7/15/1904-3/15/1905, son of Ellis G. and Annetta M. Miller


Louise M. MILLER 11/25/1925-4/25/1926, daughter of Samuel B. and Mae Sellers Miller


Margaret Alice MILLER d. 12/7/1865, aged 8y 5m 10d, daughter of Amos and Frances Miller


Ottomar Amos MILLER 1(?)/25/1868-?/17/18??, son of Emanuel and ? Miller


Alvin E. MYERS 4/24/1886-10/12/1918, aged 32y 5m 18d, son of J.H. and Mary Myers


Mary V. MYERS d. 11/30/1888, aged 24y 1m 6d, wife of W. H. Myers


Russel H. MYERS 8/4/1889-3/22/1901, son of John L. and Emma Yaukey Myers


William NORTON 2/21/1879-4/1/1879, aged 1m 10d, son of William and ? Norton


George OYLER 1849


George OYLER 3/12/1820-10/8/1840(9?), aged 20y(?) 6m 27d


Edna V. PALMER 1/25/1891-8/19/1891


Franklin PATTERSON d. 3/7/1916 aged 87y 6m 6d, with Eliza PATTERSON d. 1/10/1898 aged 66y 10m 25d


Milton H. PATTERSON 8/11/1853-6/3/1875, aged 21y 9m 22d, My Husband


Rall PATTERSON b. 1852, with wife Margaret E. Callaman PATTERSON 7/17/1855-12/28/1927


Benjamin F. PETERS 1845-1925, with wife Maria E. Sowers PETERS 1851-1926


Findlay F. PETERS d. 4/12/1875, aged ?m 21d, son of William H. and Mary Peters


Findlay PETERS 6/10/1819-2/4/1895, with Elizabeth PETERS 7/14/1821-10/23/1902


Mary V. Myers PETERS 2/20/1859-8/14/1902, wife of George W. Peters


Mary PLASTER d. 8/17(?)/1850, aged 12y


Irvin L. POE 1918-1984, with Margaret E. POE 1919-1957, Mary Jane POE 1896-1958, and Sally A.1953(?)-1955


Clara Bell REASNER d. 8/17/1880, aged 20y 5m 24d, daughter of Henry and Maria Reasner


Henry REASNER  View 2  d. 5/24/1892 aged 72y 6m 8d, with Maria H. REASNER d. 4/16/1893 aged 73y 3m 15d


Henry A. REASNER d. 12/15/1861, aged 4y 10m 29d


Kate M. Brookens REASNER d. 3/28/1880, aged 33y 8m 17d, daughter of Henry and Maria Reasner


Alta Brandt REED 1/29/1860-10/17/1898


W. S. REED d. 4/24/1921 aged 82y 8m 16d, with


Ann Rebecca Benedict REED  View 2  d. 11/30/1893 aged 49y 11m 19d


Regina Catharine ? b. and d. 9/7/1851, daughter of Rev.(?) Adam(?) and Elizabeth ?


Mary A. RIDENOUR 4/13/1813-9/30/1890, aged 77y 5m 17d


Joseph B. ROTH 3/15/1838-7/23/1916, aged 78y 4m 8d, Co. I 126 Regt. Pa. Vol., GAR marker


Mary E. ROTH d. 4/14/1910, aged 73y 2m 7d, wife of J. B. Roth


William ROTH  View 2  son of ? Roth


Amos A. ROTZ 1879-1966, with Alice G. ROTZ 1877-1953, and Edna M. ROTZ 1905-1928


Olen S. ROTZ 1918-1990


H. S.  View 2  leaning against stone of Mary E. Fortney


R. S. 


S. S. 


John B. SAUM  View 2  6/4/1845-4/28/1937 Civil War Veteran, with wife Anna M. George SAUM 9/8/1846-4/5/1912


Mazie A. Summers SHANK 2/16/1867-8/25/1887, wife of Charles Shank


Sarah Elizabeth SHOVER 8/15/1850-8/15/1889, aged 39y, wife of William Shover


B. C. SMALL  View 2  View 3  7/12/1819-9/20/1884 aged 65y 2m 8d, with Catharine SMALL 5/12/1826-11/30/1885 aged 59y 6m 18d, and daughter Clara Anna d. 8/1(?)/1858(?) aged 2y ?m 2d


Catharine SMALL 8/26/1816-10/13/1863, aged 47y 1m 18d, wife of Henry Small


Ellsworth B. OTT  View 2  View 3  2/1/1883-2/26/1883 aged 25d, with Ottie Grace OTT 7/24/1881-2/28/1896 aged 14y 7m 4d, children of E.M. and Lillie A. Small


Emma B. SMALL d. 3/25/1874, aged 1y 1m 7d, daughter of Leander H. and A.V.(?) Small


Ephraim J. SMALL  View 2  View 3  3/20/1827-6/3/1896 aged 69y 2m 14d, with wife Margaret Miller SMALL 8/9/1836-10/21/1885 aged 49y 2m 12d


Henry SMALL 12/1/1810-10/30/1882, aged 71y 10m 29d


Henry Bishop SMALL 4/11/1858-8/12/1858, aged 4m 1d, son of Ephr. J. and Margaret M. Small


Howell Dixon SMALL 3/20/1857-10/1/1857, aged 6m 12d, son of Ephr. And Margaret Small


John S. SMALL  View 2  1854-1918, with Judith V. SMALL 1855-1936, Joseph P. SMALL 1895-1895, and Florence E. SMALL 1890-1897


Nellie A. SMALL 3/15/1887-7/2/1887, daughter of L.H. and Agnes V. Small


Rebecca SMALL 3/17/1821-4/28/1898, aged 77y 1m 11d, wife of Henry Small


Sarah Rebecca SMALL 1/5/1849-1/31/1849, aged 26d


Jacob SMITH 1/9/1811-12/31/1883, aged 72y 11m 22d


Sarah SMITH 1/31/1812-1/25/1879, aged 66y 11m 25d, wife of Jacob Smith


Lizzie K. SNYDER 9/23/1870-6/14/1903


Reba May SNYDER d. 9/16/1874, aged 28d, daughter of Emanuel and Emma Snyder


Ann E. SOLLENBERGER d. 12/3/1864, aged 4m 11d, daughter of John and Bell Sollenberger


John SOLLENBERGER  View 2  View 3  4/16/1837-6/2/1866, aged 29y 1m 16d


Mary Kate SOLLENBERGER d. 6/5/1863, aged 7m 10d, daughter of John and Bell Sollenberger


Donald R. SOUDERS 1932-1997


Wayne Chester SOUDERS 3/19/1936-12/8/2002, AIC US Air Force Korea


Abraham E. SOWERS 8/29/1873-3/9/1874, aged 6m 11d, son of Albert and Mary E. Sowers


Albert SOWERS 4/18/1841-4/20/1906, with Mary E. SOWERS 11/23/1847-6/1/1899


Anna Mary SOWERS d. 5/16/1861, aged 23y 10m 5d, wife of Hiram Sowers


Barnhart SOWERS 1/22/1810-1/28/1855, aged 45y 6d


Clara Ann SOWERS d. 4/16/1882, aged 4y 5m, daughter of Albert and Mary E. Sowers


Elizabeth Reed SOWERS d. 8/21/1861, aged 1y, daughter of H. and A.M. Sowers


George SOWERS 7/?/1843-2/24/1855, aged 11y ?m 24d, son of Barnhart and Lucy Ann Sowers


George SOWERS d. 9/8/1863, aged 55y 1m(?) 19d


Harry Dull SOWERS 3/25/1871-4/15/1871, aged 21d, son of Albert and Mary E. Sowers


Hiram SOWERS 1834-1869, with wife Susan A. Benedict SOWERS 1840-1929, and John B. SOWERS 1864-1898


Infant SOWERS son of Hiram and S.A. Sowers


John SOWERS 12/25/1838-5/9/1862, aged 23y 4m 15d, son of Barnhart and Lucy A. Sowers


Lucy Ann SOWERS 2/10/1817-1/30/1871, aged 53y 11m 20d, wife of Barnhart Sowers


Rebecca SOWERS d. 9/8/1863, aged 22y 5m 15d


Rebecca SOWERS d. 4/14/1884, aged 74y 5m 8d


Unknown SOWERS 4/?/1905-?/?/1905, son of John and ? Sowers


William Roy SOWERS  View 2  d. 2/5/1889, aged 1y 8m 15d, son of Albert and Mary E. Sowers


Aaron SPANGLER d. 1/16/1863


Alice A. SPANGLER d. 10/18/1865, aged 2y 7m 4d


Anna Eliza SPANGLER 11/24/1856-4/28/1861(?)


Catharine SPANGLER 3/10/1821-6/23/1896, aged 75y 3m 13d


Edward SPANGLER d. 11/12/1865, aged 11m 14d


Eliza SPANGLER d. 2/16/1848, aged 42y 8m 11d


Elizabeth M. SPANGLER d. 4/28/1874, aged 32y 8m 16d, wife of John B. Spangler


John SPANGLER 8/16/1801-12/18/1875, aged 74y 4m 2d


John B. SPANGLER  View 2  View 3  View 4  View 5  d. 1904 aged 76y 7m 17d, with wife Mary C. SPANGLER d. 1863 aged 39y, Samuel d. 3m 17d and Elmore H. d. 1897 aged 25y 7m 5d


Margaret SPANGLER 2/7/1847-1/28/1862, aged 15y 11m 21d, daughter of John and Eliza Spangler


Solomon SPANGLER d. 2/19/1848, aged 6d


Frederick STONER 1817-1887, with wife Margaret Pitman STONER 1817-1904


A. Clarkson SULLIVAN 10/27/1878-8/12/1898, Troop A. 5th U.S. Cav.


Emerson M. SUMMERS d. 12/8/1894, aged 14d, son of Jacob and Adda K. Summers


Infant SUMMERS d. 3/18/1890, aged 21d, son of Jacob and Adda K. Summers


Martin L. SUMMERS 1843-1911 210 Reg't. PA Inf., with wife Sarah J. Howe SUMMERS 1847-1927, and daughter Oda R. 1878-1900


Ann Elizabeth THOMSON 4/20/1825-11/23/1892, aged 67y 7m 3d, wife of Charles Thomson


Charles THOMSON 1/11/1826-3/26/1899, aged 73y 2m 15d


Clayton H. THOMSON 8/25/1868-3/12/1869, aged 6m 18d, son of Charles and Ann E. Thomson


William J. THOMSON 4/1/1856-6/29/1861, son of Charles and Ann E. Thomson


Barbara TINDALL 1942-1989


Benjamin TOLBERT b. 1795, d. aged 68y 11m 11d


Daryl Lynn WAGNER 9/17/1969-10/22/2005


Everett C. WAGNER  View 2  2/24/1911-8/8/2001, with Viola Beam WAGNER 9/20/1913-12/8/1979


Harold D. WAGNER 8/3/1942-10/18/2003


Anna M. WALTER d. 10/3/1853, aged 1y 26d


Hiram WALTER d. 2/21/1805, aged 5m 10d, son of P. and M. Walter


George B. WELLS 1886-1952, with Margie B. WELLS 1890-1979, and Ralph G. WELLS 1911-1942


Charles B. WELSH d. 4/30/1862, aged 3y 5d


Jacob WHITMORE  View 2  12/25/1795-5/5/1870, aged 74y 2m 9d, next to J.W. stone


Nancy WHITMORE  View 2  d. 4/25/1853, aged 61y


Alice Helman WOLFE 12/15/1867-6/26/1956


Ada M. YAUKEY 8/19/1894-11/30/1978


Adam H. YAUKEY d. 3/20/1866, aged 3y 5m 10d, son of Daniel and Sarah Yaukey


Anna Eliza YAUKEY 11/1/1851-11/16/1861, aged 10y 15d, daughter of John and Catharine Yaukey


Barney YAUKEY  View 2  b. ?/17(?)/1856


Catharine YAUKEY  Footstone  12/6/1809-3/21/1882, aged 73y 3m 15d, wife of John Yaukey, Preached by Rev. Wallace


Daniel YAUKEY Sr. 6/9/1809-5/19/1886, aged 76y 11m 10d


Daughter YAUKEY b. 4/2/1835, daughter of Daniel and P.(?) Yaukey


Flora Emma YAUKEY 6/27/1858-3/3/1859, aged 8m 4d (sic), daughter of John and Rebecca Yaukey


Frank Blanchard YAUKEY d. 4/9/1889(?), aged 6m, son of J.S.(?) and M.E. Yaukey


Hezekiah YAUKEY  View 2  4/27/1846-2/26/1906 GAR Marker, with wife Elizabeth Kauffman YAUKEY 12/23/1847 -9/18/1942


J. Augustus YAUKEY 1861-1950, with Minnie Staley YAUKEY 1868-1939


Jere S. YAUKEY 1849-1918, with wife Margaret E. YAUKEY 1856-1945, and Frank B. 1887-1888


John S. YAUKEY d. 10/13/1871, aged 39y 9m 5d


Mary YAUKEY 11/9/1811-8/24/1863, aged 51y 9m 15d, wife of Daniel Yaukey


Sarah YAUKEY 11/27/1818-9/7/1883, aged 64y 9m 10d, wife of Daniel Yaukey


Sarah Anna YAUKEY d. 6/25/1851(?), aged 1y ?m 9d(?)


Sarah Rebecca YAUKEY 4/19/1853-8/3/1855, aged 2y 3m 15d, daughter of Daniel and Polly Yaukey


John YOCKEY  Footstone  Plot  View 2  7/30/1807-7/21/1885


Oscar Smith YOCKEY 8/6/1880-9/7/1907, aged 27y 1m 1d, son of W.W. and Mary Yockey


William W. YOCKEY 5/5/1855-1/10/1912, with wife Mary A. Hassler YOCKEY 3/17/1855-12/19/1930


Hiram YOUKEY d. 8/17/1861, aged 22y 5m 22d


Adam Lee YOUNG 6/25/1970-5/9/1989


Joanne Klenzing YOUNG 2/16/1932-10/31/1976





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