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Photos contributed by

Dan Lindley



James R. ADAMS  2/15/1845-2/2/1900, with wife Sophia M. Christ ADAMS 1/18/1857-2/9/1931


Adam ANDREWS  d. 6/26/1878, aged 15y 3m 7d


Paolo BAGLIONE  6/22/1872-4/26/1918


Catharine B. Bowers ALVAREZ  1900-1944, wife of Dr. George G. Alvarez


John A. BOWERS  1874-1936, with Genevive 1898-1918, and Catharine B. 1900-1944 wife of Dr. George G. Alvarez


John M. BROWN  1816-1895, with wife Margaret 1824-1884, Katherine 1852-1924, Barbara 1854-1899, David M. 1863-1899, and Mary L. 1867-1939


Clara M. CAPUTO  194?-1992


---rila V. CHRIST  3/17/????-9/27/1901?, Infant(?) of ? Christ


Adam CHRIST  3/31/1831-2/21/1910, with wife Anna Mary Fries CHRIST 7/1832-8/3/1900


George M. CHRIST  1869-1945


John CHRIST   Close-up  1869-1945


Michael K. CHRIST  1857-1932 with wife Barbara C. Hoffman CHRIST 1856-1939


Edward Kerr CLARK  6/29/1863-3/7/1945, with wife Mary Fitzpatrick CLARK 1/23/1874-12/20/1963


John M. COOK   Close-up  d. 12/30/1869, aged 22y


Adam CRIST  1871-1960, with wife Mary J. Wise CRIST 1876-1947


Agnes M. CRIST  1916-1938


Bernard G. CRIST  1919-1976, with Janet L. CRIST 1920-1997


Bernard P. CRIST  8/23/1893-7/19/1947, with wife Besse A. GERDES


Edgar A. CRIST  1882-1940


Elizabeth C. CRIST  1882-1959


George E. CRIST  11/4/1865-2/22/1951, with wife Margaret A. Babner CRIST 9/9/1867-3/20/1948


George Francis CRIST  10/27/1913-5/4/1918, with brother Charles Robert CRIST 5/27/1915-5/4/1918, and mother Mary Hamsher CRIST 7/13/1888-7/22/1937


Herbert A. CRIST  6/28/1909-5/30/1980, with Mildred S. CRIST 5/18/1910-12/8/1998


Ida Norcross CRIST  1914-1951


James R. CRIST  1880-1947


John CRIST   Close-up   1799-1/22/1889


Louis P. CRIST  6/10/1898-10/25/1962, Maryland PVT Co A 16 Armd Repl Bn WWII


Norman L. CRIST  1919-1997


Norman V. CRIST  1896-1978, with Virginia L. CRIST 1893-1965


Raymond J. CRIST  1907-1987, with Hilda M. CRIST 1916-1979


Robert V. CRIST  1899-1927


Sophia CRIST   Close-up   7/1799-12/22/1874, wife of John Crist


Theodore J. CRIST  1897-1918


Ann CUMMINGS  d. 1/23/1867, aged 51y


Daniel CUMMINGS  d. 9/17/1843, aged 37y


Thomas B. CUMMINGS  d. 8/7/1850, aged 4y 7m


Eve Elizabeth -----  8/25/17??-10/2/18??, aged ?y 1m 13d, wife of George -----


Howard FAHNESTOCK  4/28/1853-1/4/1904


Susan FAHNESTOCK  3/2/1817-10/9/1895


Francis FATH  1856-1893, with wife Rosa S. Hoffman FATH 1849-1930


Edgar M. FLORIG  1909-1983, with Gail G. FLORIG 1918-1992


John N. FLORIG  4/29/1907-11/3/1951, with Helen E. FLORIG 11/8/1908-12/8/1945


Robert M. FLORIG  6/14/1946, with Edgar T. FLORIG 4/27/1949


Catharine V. GILES  d. 6/27/1881, aged 7y 11m 15d, daughter of Jacob and M.E. Giles


Jacob GILES  8/2/1834-8/13/1921, with wife Margaret E. GILES 11/5/1843-1/14/1931, and Simon J. GILES 5/5/1877-11/21/1925


Charles F. HAMBURG  6/15/1859-9/4/1890, aged 31y 2m 16d


Francis P. HAMBURG  10/10/1835-2/5/1906, with wife Sarah A. Feezer HAMBURG 3/9/1836-11/23/1912


Rev. Ambrose P. HAYDEN S.T.L.  5/6/1901-12/27/1967, ordained 5/29/1926


Harry G. HAYDEN  1864-1933, with wife Jane E. McLaughlin HAYDEN 1868-1930, and Thomas A. HAYDEN 1892-1951 Sgt. R.U. 321st Motor Transport Corp. WWI


Richard Bruce HAYDEN  1899-1919, S.O.T.C. Sec. A, State College


T. Gloyd HAYDEN  1868-1934, with wife Mary M. Christ HAYDEN 1877-1965, Rosalie 1904-1905, Martha S. 1908-1908, and Joseph A. 1902-1927


Peter HELFRICK  2/23/1812-1/17/1889, with wife Barbara b. 3/30/1815, same stone as Anna B., Catherine, and Eva


Christine Byrne HESS  9/8/1869-6/23/1954


John G. HESS  3/19/1847-6/8/1913, with wife Mary B. Remmelt HESS 1/18/1853-1/21/1920, and son Owen C. 1/18/1889-4/12/1892


HOSKINSON Children   View 2    View 3  Stephen D. d. 9/7/1848 aged 1y 6m,
George H. d. 8/11/1855 aged 7m, Patrick B. d. 11/22/1856 aged 1y 8m,
Children of J.T. & S.C. Hoskinson


Sarah C. Brown HOSKINSON   View 2  12/10/1823-11/29/1875,
wife of J. T. Hoskinson Sr., daughter of Patrick Brown


Ambrose KIMPEL  d. 2/6/1890, aged 16y 7m 5d, son of William and Catharine


Catharine KIMPEL  d. 4/23/1890, aged 47y 5m 15d, wife of William Kimpel


John W. KIMPEL  d. 9/11/1893, aged 27y 9m 18d


William KIMPEL  d. 6/11/1905, aged 75y 3m 27d


C. Edward KLENZING  1/12/1873-5/19/1939


Helena KLENZING  1851-1926, with son John 1870-1872


Anna B. KLINGLEY  d. 8/22/1874 aged 11m 4d, with Catherine aged 11m, children of Aug. and Barbara Klingley, and Eva aged 22m dau. of John and Barbara Smith, same stone as Peter and Barbara Helfrick


Augustus KLINGLEY  d. 10/1/1877 aged 45y, with Barbara Helfrick KLINGLEY 8/17/1845-8/16/1892


Anna Catharine KRAMER  d. 4/22/1893, aged 68y 4m 8d


Gottlieb KRAMER  5/4/1821-3/15/1875, aged 53y 10m 11d


Marguerite G. KRAMER  7/15/1921-2/24/1922


Peter McGAFFIGAN  d. 6/5/1867, aged 73y


Rose Gambell McGAFFIGAN  d. 3/20/1858, aged 72y, wife of Peter McGaffigan


Flaviano MERLETTI  1854-1930, with wife Rita Digidio MERLETTI 1854-1929


Francisco MERLETTI  12/4/1878-12/29/1944, with Lucia MERLETTI 2/8/1884-8/23/1968


Sabatino MERLETTI  4/16/1882-10/1/1917


Mary Merletti MILLER  5/18/1924-10/18/1977, wife of Robert C. Miller


Peter MILLER  d. 2/17/1890 aged 75y 6m 5d, with wife Anna Barbara MILLER d. 5/12/1890 aged 69y 11m 13d


Myrtle M. MOSER  6/6/1880-4/18/1974


Francis C. NOEL, V.F.   View 2   2/2/1859-3/27/1939, for 46 years Rector of Corpus Christi Church


Christian OSTERMAN  d. 6/11/1879, aged 72y 9m 24d


Joseph OSTERMAN  3/12/1847-5/8/1929, with Alice 1879-1881 and Olive 1890-1892


Louisa H. OSTERMAN  d. 4/9/1861, aged 49y 9m 11d


Frederick E. PETERS  4/10/1834-7/6/1914, with wife Mary E. Sanders PETERS 12/26/1843-2/26/1909, and Amelia M. PETERS 4/1/1873-11/13/1938


Barbara REMMEL  6/15/1826-9/26/1895, aged 69y 3m 11d, born in Depperts ----hessen Germany


Mary A. Raifsnider REMMEL  1868-1943, wife of William B. Remmel


Michael REMMEL   View 2  10/28/1814-9/28/1886, aged 71y 11m, born in Germany


William B. REMMEL  1864-1935


Jacob D. RICKRODE  1862-1919, with wife Mary M. RICKRODE 1864-1957, and Florence M. RICKRODE 1895-1895


John P. RICKRODE  1857-1894, with wife Louisa A. RICKRODE 1857-1916, and daughter Mary Louise RICKRODE 1890-1890


William S. RICKRODE  7/29/1900-9/7/1959, with wife Florence C. Kirkpatrick RICKRODE 7/11/1901-5/22/1971


RITTER , with Boniface, John, Daniel, Henry, Martin and Catherine, see individual photos


Boniface RITTER  5/14/1876-2/12/1881, with John A. RITTER 3/10/1874-3/22/1874, same stone as Daniel, Martha, Henry, Martin & Catherine


Daniel T. RITTER  1867-1922, with wife Martha A. RITTER 1877-1947, same stone as Boniface, John, Henry, Martin & Catherine


Henry J. RITTER  1870-1944, same stone as Boniface, John, Daniel, Martha & Catherine


Martin RITTER  1/30/1828-4/15/1886, with Catherine RITTER 1844-1931, same stone as Boniface, John, Henry, Daniel & Martha


John ROBINSON  d. 8/31/1875, aged 80y


Francis ROBISON  d. 6/20/1877, aged 41y


Nancy ROBUISON  d. 2/8/1888, aged 89y, wife of John Robuison (surname spelled ROBINSON on his stone)


Joseph SALMENTO  5/29/1959-6/3/1969


Amelia SCOTT  d. 10/15/1873, aged 42y, wife of G. W. Scott


George W. SCOTT  d. 5/31/1895, aged 92y


Margaret E. SHATZER  5/26/1873-5/5/1953


Philip SHEETZ  d. 6/12/1885, aged 83y 4d


Eva SMITH  aged 22m dau. of John and Barbara Smith, same stone as Peter and Barbara Helfrick, and Anna & Catherine Klingley


Jennie STAVOLO  11/26/1911-7/25/1912, daughter of G.S. and Nellie Stavolo


M. C. WARNER  1811-1888, with Samuel Warner, Sr., see other photos


Samuel WARNER, Sr.  1809-1898, with M. C. Warner 1811-1888, see individual photos


Samuel WARNER, Sr.  1809-1898, with M. C. Warner, see other photos






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