Fayette County, PA

Mt. Nebo Cemetery

Saltlick Township, Fayette County, PA

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(photos contributed by Jacque Boyd)

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Beistel, Earnest M., 1915 - 1944, Jesus Wept, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Harry A., 1913 - 1971, Jesus wept, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Harry M., 1873 - 1958, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Emma K., 1877 - 1947, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Ray, 1903 - 1993, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Virgil C., 1898 - 1977, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Campbell, Georgia M., 17 Jul 1917 - 27 Jan 1995, [Beistel], (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Kerschensteiner, Mae Miller, 1899 - 1960, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

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