Zion Lutheran

Church Cemetery

aka Klinger's


Lykens, Dauphin County



Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Ramona Rickert



Sarah COLEMAN 9/21/1844-8/5/1885, aged 40y 10m 14d, daughter of Solomon and Susan Coleman


Solomon COLEMAN 1/6/1812-12/26/1879, aged 66y 11m 20d


Susannah COLEMAN 12/15/1811-3/27/1889, aged 77y 3m 12d, wife of Solomon Coleman, nee Stang


Angelina KLINGER 7/17/1831-3/12/1880, aged 48y 9m 25d, wife of Moses Klinger, nee Schoffstall


Elizabeth KLINGER 2/20/1805-9/12/1885, aged 80y 6m 22d, wife of George P. Klinger, nee Stein


Eva KLINGER 2/20/1798-8/26/1863, aged 65y 6m 6d, wife of George Klinger, nee Stein


George KLINGER 3/17/1795-9/18/1866, aged 71y 6m 1d


George P. KLINGER 1/7/1798-9/16/1880, aged 82y 8m 9d


Magdalena KLINGER 7/1770-1846, wife of Alexander Klinger, nee Haag


Moses KLINGER 12/1/1827-8/1/1901, aged 78y 8m


Pheoby KLINGER 10/2/1839-1/22/1875, wife of Philip Klinger, nee Koch


Maria MAURER 5/24/1804-9/24/1853, aged 49y 4m, wife of Abraham Maurer


John J. PAUL 9/23/1817-1/4/1884, aged 66y 3m 11d


Christianna SCHEIB 11/29/1807-7/7/1886, aged 78y 7m 8d, wife of Michael Scheib, nee Alspach


Michael SCHEIB 2/21/1804-11/5/1877, aged 73y 8m 14d


Hannah SHADE 3/13/1810-10/21/1894, wife of John Shade, nee Hoffa


John SHADE 3/15/1808-8/19/1869, aged 61y 5m 4d


Joseph TOBIAS 5/13/1798-3/7/1844, aged 45y 9m 24d


Polly TOBIAS 3/8/1802-1/1/1891, aged 88y 9m 23d, wife of Joseph Tobias, aka Anna Maria, nee Wiest


Samuel WEIST 8/21/1795-1/3/1867, aged 71y 4m 12d


Barbara Fick WIEST 1/29/1774(?)-9/11/1855, aged 79y 7m 15d, wife of Jacob Wiest


Elizabeth WIEST 11/22/1825-7/29/1881, aged 55y 8m 7d, wife of Jacob K. Wiest, nee Trautman


Jacob Klinger WIEST 6/23/1826-10/23/1878, aged 52y 4m


John WIEST 2/14/1794-10/10/1881, aged 87y 7m 28d


Elizabeth WILLIARD 3/5/1835-4/19/1869, aged 34y 1m 14d, wife of Jacob Williard, nee Ossman


Elizabeth WILLIARD 12/2/1834-7/19/1868, aged 33y 6m 25d


Jacob WILLIARD 2/14/1833-8/4/1865, aged 32y 5m 20d


John WILLIARD 11/15/1805-9/29/1880, aged 74y 10m 11d


Mary WILLIERD 6/24/1806-12/24/1884, aged 78y 6m, wife of John Willierd
(name spelled Williard on his stone), nee Ossman




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