St. Peter's

Union Church


(aka Hoffman's)



Lykens Township




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Photos contributed by

Ramona Rickert



Magdalena BATDORF 8/9/1823-5/3/1891, aged 67y 8m 24d, wife of Peter Batdorf


John BELLON d. 11/5/1892, aged 72y(?), 5m(?) 22d(?), member of Co. I(?) 137(?) Reg. Pa. Vol.


Sarah BELLON 1829-1916, wife of John Bellon


Ann BERGSTRESSER 10/8/1779-5/27/1854, aged 74y 7m 19d, wife of John B.


John BERGSTRESSER d. 3/27/1833(?), aged 57y(?) 8m 20d


Rebecca Lubolt BOYER 7/10/1836-12/4/1854, aged 18y 5m 24d(?), wife of Josiah Boyer, daughter of Samuel and Catharine Lubolt


Nicholas BRESSLER d. 11/6/1825, aged 74y 7m


Catarina Hoffman BUFFINGTON 1/16/1783-?/18/1855, aged 72y ?m 2d, wife of Johannes Buffington, daughter of Johannes(?) and Ann Hoffman


David BUFFINGTON 6/8/1780-4/11/1815(?), aged 35y(?) 10m 3d


Isaac BURD 12/1832-1/1865


Andreas DANIEL 1/25/1829-1/22/1847, aged 17y 27d, son of Andreas and Susan Daniel


Andreas DANIEL 2/25/1757-5/25(?)/1841


Andreas DANIEL 2/24/1797-5/7/1840, aged 43y 2m 13d


Catarina DANIEL d. 12/9/1853, aged 9m 14 d, daughter of Geo. And Susanna Daniel


Catharina DANIEL 10/10/1793-4/14/1842, wife of Heinrich Daniel


Elizabeth DANIEL 1/29/1844-3/10/1862, aged 18y 1m 12d, daughter of John Geo. And Susannah Daniel


John Geo. DANIEL 8/13/1801-12/4/1871, aged 70y 3m 21d


Margareth DANIEL 8/22/1799-3/31/1839, aged 39y 7m 9d, wife of John Geo. Daniel


Marie DANIEL 3/18/1818-6/8/1839, aged 21y 2m 20d, wife of Johan Daniel


Simon DANIEL 12/30/1819-3/22/1884, aged 64y 2m 22d


Susan DANIEL 12/29/1818-6/18/1885, aged 66y 5m 19d, wife of John G. Daniel


Susanna DANIEL 11/20/1798-8/17/1855, wife of Andreas Daniel


Susanna DANIEL 3/15/1768-6/17/1851, aged 83y 3m 2d, wife of Andreas Daniel


William DANIEL 8/2/1833-11/8/1862, aged 28y 3m 6d, son of John Geo. And Margareth Daniel


Catharine DEIBLER 11/14/1801-3/31/1867, wife of Matthias Deibler


Cevilla DEIBLER 8/17/1860-5/5/1861, aged 8m 18d, daughter of Geo. S. and Elizabeth Deibler


Elizabeth DEIBLER 1/7/1821-9/21/1893, aged 72y 8m 14d, wife of George Deibler, former wife of John Rickert


George DEIBLER d. 7/4/1890


Johann George DEIBLER 9/30/1786-11/5/1824


Matthias DEIBLER 3/13/1794-2/10/1875, aged 80y 10m 27d


Anna Maria FORNEY 9/9/1798-8/6/1873, aged 74y 10m 27d, wife of John Forney


Catharine FORNEY 11/15/1807-2/15/1863, aged 55y 10m 29d, daughter of George and Catharine Forney


John FORNEY 8/7/1791-5/2/1866, aged 74y 8m 25d


Susan FRANZAN d. 1/8/1829


Heinrich GUNDERMAN 3/30/1836-12/3/1855, son of Michael and Rebecca Gunderman


Jacob GUNDERMAN 5/21/1860-10/19/1886, aged 26y 4m 28d, son of Michael and Rebecca Gunderman


Michael GUNDERMAN d. 7/12/1889, aged 80y 4m 3d


Rebecca GUNDERMAN d. 6/23/1892, aged 75y 5d, wife of Michael Gunderman


J. Matthias HAAG 5/7/1774-4/4/1831, aged 56y 10m 27d


M. Susanna HAAG 6/30/1778-7/12/1824, aged 46y 13d


Henry HARTMAN 10/14/1752-10/14/1836, PVT Farmer's Co Miles Regt Rev War


Charles P. HOFFMAN d. 12/13/1872, aged 6m 29d, son of Jonas and Sarah Hoffman


Christina HOFFMAN 6/11/1773-2/12/1815


Daniel HOFFMAN 2/19/1800-1/16/1823, aged 22y 10m 27d


Elizabeth Miller HOFFMAN 11/8/1811-10/30/1836, aged 24y 11m 21d, consort of Amos Hoffman, daughter of Henry and Catharine Miller


Harvey M. HOFFMAN d. 5/17(?)/1866, aged 8m 15d(?), son of Jonas and Sarah Hoffman


Johannes HOFFMAN 2/10/1776-6/18/1814, son of Daniel Hoffman, husband of Elizabeth(?)


Jonas W. HOFFMAN d. 2/14/1887 aged 48y 7m 29d Co. H(?) 103(?) Reg. PA. Vol., with Sarah A. HOFFMAN d. 10/11/1912 aged 72y 1m 3d


Luzzetta HOFFMAN 11/?/18??-9/1/189?, aged 10m ?d, daugher of Daniel Hoffman and wife Hannah born Freein(?)


Phebe Bergstresser HOFFMAN b. 10/6/1813, m. 10/11/1831, wife of Jonathan Hoffman, daughter of John and Phebe Bergstresser


J. HOOBER 1840


Elias HOOVER d. 3/20/1900, aged 76y 7m 17d


Elizabeth HOOVER 9/4(?)/1826-5/13(?)/1856, aged 29y 8m 9d wife of Elias Hoover, with Frederick Hoover d. ?


John HOOVER 9/17/1796-3/17/1877, aged 80y 6m


Charley L.(?) HUBER 3/8/1855-11/24/1862, aged 7y 8m 16d, son of Jacob and Magdalena Huber


Isaac HUBER 2/28/1851-5/17/1863, aged 12y 2m 19d, son of Jacob and Magdalena Huber




Mary Snyder IMSCHAFFSTALL 5/18/1813-2/14/1863, aged 49y 9m 18d(sic), wife of Christian Imschaffstall, born in Ritschment(?) Township Berks Co PA


John IMSCHAFSTAL d. 18??, aged 31y 3m 20d


Elizabeth IMSCHOFFSTALL d. 7/11/1831, aged 64y 3m 8d(?)




Sarah IMSCHOFFSTALL b. 11/4/1799, wife of Jacob Imschoffstall


Mary Magdalene IMSHOFFSTALL d. ?/5/1828(?), aged 46y 10m(?) ?d, wife of Jonas Imshoffstall


Frederick KISSIGER 1762-11/5/1821(?)


John KROUTHOFF d. 3/25/1890, aged 27y 3m


Adie C. LAUDENSLAGER 11/27/1864-5/29/1866, aged 1y 6m, daughter of John and Julian Laudenslager


Joseph LAUDENSLAGER d. 9/8/1855, aged 32y(?) 4m 25d


Sarah LAUDENSLAGER d. 1/5/1856, aged 32y 7m 2d wife of Joseph Laudenslager, with Aaron d. 1/7/1856 aged 1m(?) 6d son of Joseph and Sarah


William LEDICH 12/17/1792-10/17/1871, with Magdalena Bechtel LEDICH 11/16/1797-2/16/1871


Catharine Williard LUPOLT wife of Samuel Lupolt, daughter of Peter and Catharine Williard


Samuel LUPOLT 9/15/1801-3/1/1871, aged 69y 5m 14d


Solomon MARTZ 10/31/1808-10/28/1850, aged 41y 11m 28d


A. Margaretha MEUNCH 6/24/1770-2/19/1834, aged 63y 7m 23d


Carl MEUNCH 1/7/1769-1/8/1833, aged 64y 1d


Elisabeth MEYER 9/6/1787-7/2/1826, aged ?y ?m 26d


Eva Catarina MEYER 3/26/1773-10/1/18??, married Peter Meyer 9/26/1796, nee Hoffman


George MEYER 2/8/1803-4/19/1826, aged 22y 3m 13d


Peter MEYER 12/27/1775-9/4/1834, aged 58y 8m 8d, husband of Catarina nee Hoffman


John H. MINNICH 1/23/1873-9/29/1874, aged 1y 8m 6d, son of Uriah and Lucy Ann Minnich


Elizabeth MOYER 9/6/1787-7/2/1826, aged 38y 9m 26d


Eve Christina MOYER 10/21/1778-3/27/1812, aged 33y 5m 6d, wife of Jacob Moyer


Henry MOYER 4/12/1810-9/7/1863, aged 53y 4m 25d


Jacob MOYER 2/22/1774-2/6/1859, aged 84y 11m 14d


Magdalena MOYER 5/19/1780-10/17/1864, wife of Jacob Moyer


Michael MOYER 1/9/1808-9/28/1826, aged 18y 8m 19d, son of Jacob and Eve Christina Moyer


Sarah MUENCH 10/24/1814-1/23/2879(?), wife of Jacob Muench, nee Meyer


Martha Ann NAGLE 12/20/1866-2/10/1871, aged 4y 1m 20d, daughter of John P. Nagle and Sarah Imschoffstall


Margaretta POTTEICHER(?) wife of Peterm daughter of John & Margareth


Hanna RAMBERGER 8/10/1807-8/14/1858, aged 51y 4d, wife of Johanne Ramberger, daughter of Jacob Hoffman


Revolutionary War Plaque  View 2

Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in grateful appreciation of the services of these soldiers of the Revolutionary War who lie buried here:


John Hoffman, 174?-1???


Privates John Bo-----, 17??-1???

Nicholas Bressler, 1751-1825

Andreas Daniel, 1757-1841

Mathias Deibler, 1794-1875

John Nicholas Hoffman, 1748(?)-18??

Jacob Huber, 17??-?

Henry Umholtz, ? - 1826(?)

John Peter Willard, 1745-18??

Located and verified by the Harrisburg Chapter of the D.A.R.

Henry RICKERD 3/30/1802-12/8/1864, aged 62y 8m 9d




John RICKERT aged 32y


Martin RICKERT 9/17/1804-3/22/1871, aged 66y 6m 5d


Daniel RIEGEL 9/21/1774-11/29/1803, husband of Catharina Harman


Jacob RIEGEL 12/5/1808-5/31/1838, aged 29y 5m 26d


Johan Jacob RIEGEL 8/7/1790-7/19/1846, husband of Anna Hartman


Johannes RIEGEL 9/16/1772-6/14/1838


Infant RIEGLE d. 7/30/1869, aged 2d, daughter of Harrison and H. Riegle


Infant RIEGLE d. 8/19/1868, aged 2d, son of Harrison and H. Riegle


Infant RIEGLE 6/2/1875-6/3/1875, aged 1d, son of Harrison and H. Riegle


Infant RIEGLE d. 8/5/1867, aged 2d, daughter of Harrison and H. Riegle


Susan RIEGLE 12/24/1787-3/20/1871, aged 83y 2m 26d, wife of John Riegle, nee Scheetz


Lydia ROMBERGER 12/14/1827-6/17/1870, aged 42y 6m 3d, wife of Isaac Romberger, nee Michael


Susannah RUTTER d. 2/12/1844, aged 1y 5m, daughter of Jacob G. and Sarah Rutter


Susanna SAHLER (Seiler), 4/18/1780-3/?/1852, aged 72y 11m, wife of Johannes Sahlor, daughter of Peter Trautman


Abraham SCHAFFIMSTALL 12/19/1825-10/23/1858


John A. SCHAFFNER 2/8/1847-2/3/1860, aged 12y 11m 25d, son of Jacob and Susannah Schaffner


Anna SCHMELTZ 10/4/1829-10/19/1891, aged 62y 15d, wife of Solomon Schmeltz


Solomon SCHMELTZ 1/31/1823-8/6/1889, aged 66y 6m 6d


Infant SCHNEIDER 1860, son of Enoch and Luzetta


Leonhart SCHNEIDER 5/1/1772-1/17/1815


Jonas SCHREFFLER d. 8/24/1852, aged 35y 7m 7d


Catharine SCHWEITZER 11/6/1855-3/13/1858, aged 2y 4m 7d, daughter of William and Susanna Schweitzer


Maria SCHWEITZER 12/6/1853-2(?)/?/1858, daughter of William and Susanna Schweitzer


Angaline SEARER 12/28/1822-6/15/1863, aged 40y 5m 17d, wife of George Searer


George SEARER 3/22/1811-10/29/1881, aged 70y 7m 7d


Henry SHUBART bereft of his parents by a sudden death 8/6/1829, aged 2y


Susanna SIERER 4/22/1789-5/18/1852, aged 63y 27d


Sarah H.A. SMITH d. 11/3/1860, aged 2y 6m 2d, daughter of Emanuel and Elizabeth Smith


Anna Mary SNYDER d. 1/2/1836, aged 37y 11m 27d, wife of John Snyder


Enoch SNYDER 9/22/1833-1/8/1863, aged 29y 3m 16d


John SNYDER 8/1/1795-5/4/1850, aged 54y 9m 3d


Johannes SPETH 3/14/1786-12/12/1856, aged 70y 8m 28d(?)


Dina SWEITZER 11/6/1855-?/17/1874, daughter of William and Susan Sweitzer


John SWEITZER 5/19/1862-4/17/1865, aged 2y 10m 28d


Henry UMHOLTZ 8/10/1857-1/11/1858, aged 5m 1d, son of John and Magdalena Umholtz


Johannes UMHOLTZ 8/11/1770-7/26/1856, aged 85y 11m 16d


Luseta UMHOLTZ d. 7/21/1851, aged 10m 1d, daughter of Johan and Machtalena Umholtz




Catharine WEAVER 3/4/1802-7/19/1872, aged 70y 4m 15d, wife of John George Weaver, daughter of John and Maria Christiana Bishoff


George WEAVER 11/29/1841-8/29/1861, aged 19y 9m, son of John G. and Catharine Weaver


John Geo. WEAVER 12/10/1801-4/13/1873, aged 71y 4m 3d


Catharina WEBER 11/?/1767(?)-1/?/1838(?), aged ?8y 4m(?), daughter of Jacob and Margaret Peiffer(?), wife of Peter


Peter WEBER 1/17/1766-5/14/1839, aged 73y 4m, son of Peter and Maria Eliz.


Amanda WELKER 3/29/1842-11/21(?)/1863, aged 21y 8m 22d, daughter of Jacob and Julia Ann Welker


Emma R. WELKER 7/29/1872-10/24/1873, aged 1y 2m 25d, daughter of Benj. And Elizabeth Welker


John WELKER 3/15/1870-8/26/1871, aged 1y 5m 11d, son of Benj. And Elizabeth Welker


Minnie J. WELKER 7/3/1872-7/19/1873, aged 1y 16d, daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth Welker


Henry H. WILLARD 2/22/1839-5/29/1864, aged 25y 3m 7d, CPL Co. D 64(?) Reg


Catharina WILLIARD 12/7/1778-1847(?), wife of Peter Williard, daughter of Andreas and U.M.(?) Hoffman


Catharine E. WILLIARD 4/12/1798-8/22/1877, aged 79y 4m 10d, wife of Saml. Williard


Charles F. WILLIARD 8/30/1866-4/15/1886, aged 19y 7m 15d, son of Elias S. and Chestiann Williard


Johan Peter WILLIARD 2/2/1745-8/15/1821, aged 76y 6m 13d, Veteran


Magdalena WILLIARD 10/6/1745-10/2/1822, aged 76y 11m 26d, wife of Johan Peter Williard


Samuel WILLIARD 5/6/1779-6/9/1853


Abraham L. WILLIER 3/14/1858-1/3/1863, aged 3y 9m ?d, son of George R. and Sarah Willier


Isaiah WILLIER 8/25/1848-5/16(?)/1863, aged 14y 8m 21d, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Willier


Marian WILLIERD d. 1/15/1855, aged 1m 5d, son of Geo. R. and Sarah Willierd


Lucetta WISE 6/14/1826-1/22/1902, aged 75y 7m 8d, wife of Peter Wise


Peter WISE 4/4/1822-9/9/1884, aged 62y 5m 5d


Sarah WISE 12/3/1844-3/28/1875, aged 30y 3m 28d, daughter of Peter and Luzetta Wise


Elizabeth WOMMER 9/2/1786-6/12/1853, wife of John Wommer


Susan YEAGER 8/25/1790-9/14/1849, aged 59y 20d, daughter of Geo. Buffington




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