Methodist Episcopal



Williamstown, Dauphin County



Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Ethel (Yerges) Copeland



Allen R. EVANS 1904-1988, with Thelma EVANS 1909-1972


Annie Ellen EVANS 1900-1978


David EVANS d. 12/6/1906, aged 41y 9d


Harry H. EVANS 1870-1936, with wife Emma EVANS 1876-1960


Roy M. EVANS 1917-1980, CPL US Army WWII


Thomas H. EVANS 1901-1945, with baby Larry L. EVANS 1942 aged 4d


William H. EVANS d. 7/6/1906, aged 38y 8m 4d


Earl L. MICHAELS 1911-1941, with Ruth M. MICHAELS 1915-1949


Frank A. MICHAELS 1905-1966


Helen Marion MICHAELS 1911-1960, nee Evans


Wayne D. MICHAELS 1910-1994, with Annie S. MICHAELS 1914-1985


Charles A. SCHLEIN 1932-1937


Charles H. SCHLEIN 1887-1958, with Carrie M. SCHLEIN 1899-1965


Harry SHOMPER 1871-1942, with Ellen L. SHOMPER 1875-1934


Russell H. SHOMPER 1898-1981, with Ethel Mae SHOMPER 1896-1978, and Russel D. SHOMPER 1926-1981


Emma I. SHUTT 1865-1923, wife of Chas. H. Shutt


Leroy F. SHUTT 12/12/1935-12/12/1986


William J. SHUTT 1910-1970, with Vanelia M. SHUTT 1914-1975




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