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Hummelstown, Dauphin County



Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Jon Rhan



Ellen ALLAMAN  2/1/1788-2/27/1871, wife of Jacob Allaman


Ellen ALLAMAN  1/9/1838-12/9/1867


John BALE  Sergeant Co. C. 4th Reg. U.S.I.


Mary A. BALE  4/9/1842-2/4/1917, Nurse in Co. C. 127 R.P.V., Mother


Thomas S. BALE  10/14/1874, Son


William BALE   1/28/1862-8/9/1864, with Sadie BALE 6/21/1866-1/28/1868, and Ellen ALLAMAN 1/9/1838-12/9/1867


Harry O. BODENHORN Close-up 1  Close-up 2 1870-1948, with M. Elizabeth BODENHORN


Clayton M. EARLY  1869-1934, with Minverva L. EARLY 1865-1940


Clara Thompson ERBY  2/27/1884-11/3/1928, wife of Geo. Erby


Phyllis L. FOULTZ  1916-1973


Muriel L. HAIR  4/4/1933-12/6/2001


Arthur J. HOLTZMAN  2/14/1909-3/8/1954, with Katheryn M. HOLTZMAN 12/14/1913-7/12/1944


John LUTZ  1823-1890, with wife Eliza LUTZ 1832-1920, and Sallie LUTZ 1859-1873


Nancy RAHN  d. 1/22/1861, aged 60y(?) ?m 2?d, wife of Jacob Rahn (name spelled RHAN on his stone)


Adam RHAN  2/19/1833-12/12/1899, aged 66y 9m 23d


Annie E. RHAN  12/2/1887-3/26/1897, aged 9y 3m 26d, daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth Rhan


Caroline Heisey RHAN  7/12/1860-12/3/1914, aged 54y 4m 21d, wife of Charles R. Rhan


Edgar Foster RHAN  1892-1944


Effie E. RHAN  d. 12/18/1872, with Adam N. RHAN d. 12/18/1872 aged 1y(?) 3m(?)


Eliza M. RHAN  d. 1/28/1863, aged 30y 1m 2d, wife of Henry Rhan


Elizabeth J. RHAN  2/25/1864-2/3/1942


Emily Jane RHAN  1899-1941


Frances S. RHAN  12/20/1836-4/22/1910, aged 73y 4m 2d, wife of Adam Rhan


George A. RHAN  1892-1961, with Maud M. RHAN 1890-1967, and Violet M. RHAN 1900-1922 (see other photo for George Augustus Rhan)


George Augustus RHAN  1/6/1892-4/11/1961, PA PVT 316 AUX RMT DEP QMC WWI (see other photo with Maud M. and Violet M. Rhan)


Henry RHAN  4/11/1813-1/27/1869, aged 55y 9m 16d


Henry Eliot RHAN  d. 2/11/1863, aged 17d(?), son of Henry and Eliza(?) Rhan


Jackie Chester B. RHAN  3/11/1934-5/22/1951


Jacob RHAN  8/2/1805-3/10/1844, aged 38y 7m 8d


Jacob T. RHAN  7/19/1861-2/23/1937, with Elizabeth H. Hoffsmith RHAN 1/18/1863-12/12/1905, Jacob T. RHAN 9/6/1889-4/1/1963, and Emma E. Kline RHAN 10/8/1879-5/11/1963


John A. RHAN  1899-1960, with Anna M. RHAN 1900-1983, and Allen Jr. 1921-1922


John C. RHAN  d. 7/14/1895(?)


John C. RHAN  1889-1964


John C. RHAN Close-up  1844-1918, with  Elizabeth Deater RHAN  1849-1881, and
Sarah Bale RHAN 1845-1895


Raymond L. RHAN  6/27/1921-7/13/1921


Robert R. RHAN  2/1/1878-1/27/1959, with Mary E. RHAN 8/28/1885-11/8/1975, and Infant Son 8/30/1922


Sarah J. Brooks RHAN  2/13/1820-1/19/1892, aged 71y 11m 6d, wife of John C. Rhan


William RHAN  1871-1950


William H. RHAN  d. 6/29/1911, aged 61y 8m 4d


Annie E. Martin RHEN  2nd Stone  12/24/1851-7/10/1932, aged 80y 6m 16d, wife of Joseph R. Rhen (same stone)


Bernice E. RHEN  2nd Stone  6/21/1884-8/28/1889, with Clare M. RHEN 3/26/1881-2/28/1889, children of Joseph R. and Annie E. Martin RHEN (same stone)


John H. RHEN  d. 3/17/1892, aged 62y 11m 5d


Harry RHEN  6/21/1870-8/12/1872


Joseph R. RHEN  2nd Stone  4/22/1838-5/18/1913 aged 75y 26d Co. E 3G Regt. P.V.I., GAR Marker, with wife Annie RHEN 1/17/1840-12/17/1871 aged 31y 11m, same stone as Bernice, Clare, and Annie E. Martin RHEN


Sarah RHEN 


Sarah A. RHEN  d. 12/12/1890, aged 57y 11m 22d, wife of John H. Rhen


Charles W. RITZ  12/4/1884-8/12/1946, with Stella M. RITZ 10/30/1891-3/7/1969


George S. SEIBERT  1900-1972, with Caroline M. Wise SEIBERT 1907-1980


John H. SHUEY  2/16/1834-3/22/1923 aged 89y 1m 6d, with wife Sarah C. SHUEY 1/12/1839-11/27/1910 aged 71y 10m 15d


George S. SEIBERT  Private Co. D. 101. Regt. PA Vol. Inf.


Bethier J. THOMPSON  3/18/1828-2/6/1901, Aged 72y 10m 18d


Mary THOMPSON  d. 1/5/1934


Harry W. WISE  5/30/1883-10/20/1918, with Ida May Rhan WISE 9/21/1883-2/8/1955


Annie L. WOLFERSBERGER  11/11/1896-6/18/1897, aged 7m 7d, daughter of Christian and Carrie E. Wolfersberger (same stone)


Christian WOLFERSBERGER  4/18/1868-5/8/1933 aged 65y 20d, with wife Carrie E. WOLFERSBERGER 1/11/1872-8/31/1936 aged 64y 7m 20d, same stone as Annie L.


Ida M. WOLFERSBERGER  9/2/1877-5/16/1903, aged 25y 8m 14d, wife of David Wolfersberger


Leroy W. WOLFERSBERGER  9/22/1894-6/29/1973, PA PVT US Army WW II


Leroy W. WOLFERSBERGER  1894-1973, with wife Bertha M. WOLFERSBERGER 1893-1917, wife Sophia N. WOLFERSBERGER 1902-1984, and Imogene O. 1918-1918


Walter R. WOLFERSBERGER  2/25/1900-11/25/1947, with Ema G. WOLFERSBERGER 3/23/1900-2/2/1987


Reuben W. WOTRING  12/22/1940-7/27/1999, "Pud"


Thomas B. WOTRING  2/8/1945-5/19/1970




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