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Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Ken Schultz and Margaret Gagliardi



Wm. H. ATTICKS 11/2/1849-6/5/1901, with Mary Rupp ATTICKS 1850-1925


Annie BRAME 7/15(?)/1853(?)-4/8/1883, aged 29y 8m 24d, daughter of Samuel and Maria Brame


Samuel BREHM 3/22/1817-2/28/1885(?), aged 67y 11m 6d


Rebecca CASSEL 1795-1895, with Leah CASSEL 1812-1905, and Jestina CASSEL 1834-1906, see photo for David Krepps


Catharine b. 10/18/1854(?), wife of Jacob ?


Anna E. COCKLEY 6/30/1846-4/22/1923


David COCKLEY 5/15/1836-7/10/1916, Co. C. 177 Reg. Pa. Inf., GAR


Jacob COCKLEY 1801-1882, with Elizabeth COCKLEY 1808-1892


Benjamin F. DEIMLER 5/26/1844-10/5/1910, aged 56y 4m 9d


Jacob DEIMLER 6/1/1840-1/28/1918, with wife Mary E. Reigle DEIMLER 2/17/1840-10/9/1899, and Samuel DEIMLER 2/8/1873-4/7/1898


Mary C. DEIMLER 3/26/1857-1/4/1938, aged 80y 9m 14d


Alice S-ney ESHENAUR 1853(?)-9/2(?)/1868(?), aged 13y(?), daughter of S. H. Eshneaur


Luther E. ESHENAUR 3/6/1885(?)-12/12/1900, aged 16y 9m 6d


Samuel H. ESHENAUR 9/4/1851-8/15/1908, aged 56y 11m 11d, "Father"


John ESHENHOUR 6/16/1829-5/18/1879, aged 50y 10m 27d


Lizzie ESHENHOUR d. 12/16/1871, aged 1y 8m 25d, daughter of John and Nancy Eshenhour


Mary ESHENHOUR d. 12/23/1871, aged 1y 9m 2d, daughter of John and Nancy Eshenhour


Nancy ESHENOUR 9/21/1831-12/30/1899, aged 88y 3m 9d, wife of John Eshenour


Adam FISHER 12/31/1817-6/1/1885, aged 67y 5m 16d


Esther FISHER 5/26/1821-11/14/1890, aged 69y 5m 18d, wife of Adam Fisher


Maria GEIDERS 10/2(?)/1816-3/28/????


Martha HUMMEL 6/27/1815-8/27/1900, wife of Samuel Hummel


Samuel HUMMEL 7/6/1801-5/14/1888


Catharine KISSLE 8/10/1801-4/21/1867, aged 65y 8m 11d


Henry KISSLE 12/30/1795-3/20/1876, aged 80y 2m 20d


David KREPPS 1830-1916


John W. MANN 3/24/1834-7/22/1894, aged 60y 3m 28d


Sarah MANN 5/14/1837-10/5/1915, aged 78y 4m 21d, wife of John W. Mann


Daniel ONEAL 12/6/1824-10/13/1909, with wife Mary C. 10/22/1826-9/28/1899,
and Elizabeth 1862-1932


Catharine PAGE 11/6/1848-1/30/1870, aged 21y 2m 21d, daughter of ? Page


Daniel PAGE 12/15/1826-9/15/1880, aged 53y 9m 15d


Ester PAGE 8/31(?)/18??-4/6/18??, daughter of Samuel and Mary Page


Franklin PAGE 8/31/1860-2/12/1870, aged 9y 5m 12d, son of S. and M. Page


Sarah PAGE d. 4/2?/18??, wife of Daniel Page


Abraham B. REIST 1/7/1849-1/19/1914, aged 65y 12d


Catharine Brehm REIST 11/4/1848-10/16/1880, aged 31y 11m 12d, wife of Abraham B. Reist


Mary REIST 5/7/1857-?/6(?)/1???, wife of Jacob Reist


Ruth M. RINE 1903-1998, nee Paxton


William N. RINE 1900-1968


Hetta ROOP d. 1/2/1834, aged 79y 9m 2d


Peter ROOP 1/9/1791-4/22/1868, aged 77y 3m 13d


Barbara RUPP b. 8/10/1793, aged 63y 1m 10d


Christian RUPP 1788-1872, with wife Mary RUPP 1800-1872, Samuel 1824-1887, and
wife Fanny 1829-1916


David RUPP 11/6/1824-9/23/1896, with wife Leah Cockley RUPP 4/20/1832-3/22/1919,
and Fannie 3/18/1851-6/22/1940


Jacob RUPP d. 3/22/1826, aged 73y 8m


Jacob RUPP b. 9/?/1793, aged ?


Johannes RUPP Sr. 8/11/1750-3/9/1824, aged 73y 7m 3w 5d


Nancy RUPP 10/18/1822-8/26/1901, aged 78y 10m 8d


Elizabeth SHEETS 1/17/1821-2/1/1881, aged 60y 1?d


Mollie SHEETS 10/17/1823-1/9/1893, aged 69y 2m 22d


Mathias SHEETZ 2/6/1789-4/7/1873, aged 84y 2m 1d


Henry P. SHROY 11/12/1829-12/26/1886, aged 57y 1m 14d, Co. G(?) 201 Regt. Pa. Vol.


Rosie Ann SHROY 7/1/1820-5/8/1914, aged 93y 10m 7d


Lizzie A. SHUEY 8/12/1869-4/16/1889


Esther SHUIL d. ?/17/1867(?), wife of Jacob Shuil


Jacob SHUIL d. 9/18/1848, aged ?1y 6m ?d


Harry E. SNYDER 6/28/1868-7/9/1948, with wife Emma L. Snyder 4/6/1867-10/28/1918


Laura A. Ricker SNYDER 11/15/1869-10/22/1911, wife of J. H. Snyder


William R. SNYDER 9/23/1836-3/26/1897


Henry B. STAUB 5/9/1846-5/29/1929, aged 83y 11d


Mary G. STAUB 10/24/1843-12/9/1907, wife of Henry B. Staub


Henry STAUFFER 4/12/1817-4/3/1886, aged 68y 11m 21d


Levi STAUFFER 10/5/1856-3/14/1884, aged 27y 5m 9d


Sarah STAUFFER 10/12/1818-4/16/1889, aged 70y 6m 4d


Barbara ULRICH b. 12/7/1835, wife of Solomon Ulrich


Solomon ULRICH 12/4/1833-1/24/1907, Co. H. 127 Regt.


Alma Mae WHISLER 7/21/1893-10/12/1896, aged 3y 2m 21d, daughter of N. W. and Agnes Whisler


Earl WHISLER 1/6/1895-9/23/1895, aged 8m 17d, son of N. W. and Agnes Whisler


Abraham WITMER 10/28/1818-2/21/1890, aged 71y 3m 23d


Catharine WITMER 2/2/1819-1/22/1892, aged 72y 11m 20d


Adam ZEITERS 9/7/1843-5/24/1904, aged 60y 8m 17d


Martha ZEITERS 3/18/1844-12/17/1915, aged 71y 8m 29d




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