Published by the Senior Class of M. S. Hershey High School

Hershey, Pennsylvania




Adams - Bomgardner



"Hokie Gosh!"
Football (3, 4); Basketball (4); Track (3, 4); Hi-Y (3, 4).
PERSEVERANCE is an admirable trait in humans. Carlos has shown just how much of that trait he possesses. During his senior year, "Ben" went out for football in earnest, and, altho' he lacked the required number of minutes to be awarded a letter, Coach Brittain presented him with one for the fine qualities he had shown during the season. "Ben" plodded along, working hard, never complaining. He made a place for himself on the track team by earnest endeavor. Carlos will succeed in the world, and he is working hard to become a carpenter.



"Oh, hush up!"
Commercial Club (3); Hi-Y (3, 4), Secretary (4); President Kodak Club (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); "Building a Nation."
OF ALL the people who annoy us in the Choclatier room - and then when we try to talk and be agreeable he wants to study and tells us, "Oh, hush up!"
Bernard's favorite occupation is arguing in Problems class. There is no question on earth that does not have an opposite side, and "Barney" takes that side. He is fond of taking pictures and we wonder if that is why we see him strolling away from the building at all hours of the day. Oh, yes, he's a woman-hater, but we wonder - ?



Football (3, 4); Hi-Y (3, 4); Basketball (3, 4); Baseball (3, 4); Mixed Chorus (4); Senior Athletic Club (4); Vice-President of Class (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4).
"TAM" waited until his junior year before he decided to come to Hershey High School, but he found instant popularity and friends. He likes sports very much and puts himself earnestly into winning the game. His only misfortune is that he had to exist until his senior year before Elinor came to Hershey, but once she did, "Tam" showed his initiative and cut in before anyone else had a chance. In the short time he was with us Stanford engaged in many activities and was senior class vice-president. After he is graduated "Tam" expects to go away to college, but as yet has not decided which one it will be.



P. A. D. Club (4).
MYLES is a carpenter, consequently his handiwork may be noticed on several houses roundabout Hershey which were built by high school carpenters. He is industrious and quiet, and has followed his career in high school diligently. "Bommy" has the aspects of a silent observer - taking in much - saying little. We hope the knowledge he absorbs will help him in later life at his occupation of carpentry.


Brenberger - Cline



"Git the hang out!"
Broadcaster Staff (3); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); Hi-Y (3, 4); P. A. D. Club (4); "Building a Nation."
MANY people say things which they imagine are funny, but it takes a real humorist to make casual remarks which will send a crowd into laughter. And "Bob" is a humorist. There is a certain something about the way he drops words here and there that is really funny. He is well known as a singer of no small ability and appeal. "Bob" is a machinist, and expects to further his education after he leaves high school as an apprentice in the Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Company in Rhode Island.



"Can you feature that?"
Sigma Gamma (4); Tri-Hi-Y (4); Senior Council (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); "Bab."
LOIS came to our class in her senior year, but it didn't take her long to find many friends. From her very first day, "Pretzel" has found herself involved in most of the activities of the class. Lois is a very efficient typist, and, of course, she claims that she wants a position in an office, but we're wondering if some "nice young man with rosy cheeks" won't interfere. There are few remarks you can make to Lois that will go without a witty reply. Her stock of words of a slangy nature is really amazing. But behind all the jovial nature she possesses, lies an intelligent mind.



Hi-Y (3); Senior Sports Club (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); Broadcaster Staff (4); "Pioneer's Papoose."
A CAPTIVATING smile is this gentleman's chief asset. It brings him many friends and attracts customers to the soda fountain counter of the store. One of "Ken's" outstanding characteristics is dodging work whenever possible, altho' one would never believe it, to see him shaking up sodas. In spite of the fact that he is slightly on the wrong side of the avoirdupois line, "Ken" is a good dancer, and can't make his feet behave when he hears music. He expects to attend the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy after graduation.



Track (3, 4); Hi-Y (3, 4); Science Club (3); Student Council (4); Baseball (4); Debating Team (4); Broadcaster Staff.
A VALUABLE asset to the track team, the debating team - oh, to just lots of things. Porter has taken the Preparatory Course - with success. He was interested enough in journalistic endeavors to secure a position on the Broadcaster Staff as Associate Editor. "Darwin," as his many friends know him, expects to take up a business course, but has not yet decided upon a school. The best of luck, Porter. Wear rubber heels so you won't scratch your desk-top.


Colangelo - Eby



"Did you kids hear - ?"
Mixed Chorus (2, 3, 4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Commercial Club (3); Sigma Gamma (4); "Page the Prince"; "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Spanish Moon"; "Building a Nation."
MARION has an unruly mop of black hair as tumbled as her gay spirits. She is noted for saying and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. "Curly" can be serious when lessons are unfinished, but is usually seen laughing, cause or no cause. Marion has followed the Commercial Course in her high school work, and aspires to become somebody's busy stenographer. Depend upon the skill in your finger-tips, Marion, when you apply for a position.



Football (2, 3, 4); Hi-Y (3, 4); Track (3, 4); Mixed Chorus (4); Baseball (4); "Building a Nation."
JOHN is so quiet-looking, but those people surprise us sometimes. We imagine he would be retiring, but he is always among the jolliest. "Johnny" made a good showing in his years of track work, as well as football and baseball. In his high school work, John has taken up printing, and in the future we may find him standing beside some monster press, watching the daily edition roll off; or judging from the efficient manner in which he announced the Vocation School assembly program, we may hear his silver-toned tenor over the ether.



Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (2, 3, 4); Basketball Mgr. (4); Class Treasurer (1, 2, 3, 4); CHOCLATIER Staff, Business Mgr. (4); Varsity H Club (3); Broadcaster Staff (3, 4); Hi-Y (3, 4); "Bab"; "Spanish Moon"; "Building a Nation."
IF THERE ever was a business man in the making, here he is. "Pete," as his record shows, is the treasurer or business manager of something or other most of the time. He also devotes much time to the football team, baseball team, and - well, we don't have the space or ambition to list the rest. But he surely knows how to write out checks. In whatever occupation you place your lot, "Pete," either with Grace, or alone (we guess not), we hope you'll have plenty of money in bank for which to write out checks.



"Oh, my goodness."
Oratorical Contest (1); Dauphin County Commercial Contest (2); Commercial Club (3); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Sigma Gamma (4); Broadcaster Staff (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4).
HERE is a girl with plenty of ambition. "Ester's" dexterous fingers have won her honors as a typist. She is very fond of drawing and possesses great talent and much patience in this line. Estella has taken the Commercial Course in high school, and plans to enter a business office after graduation. She has always attained high marks in her courses, but every now and then we noticed drawings on the margins of her compositions!


Emerick - Espenshade



"Come on!"
Mixed Chorus (4); Orchestra (1, 2); Hi-Y (3, 4).
CHARLES - how odd the name sounds - we know him as "Emerick" - took the Preparatory course until the vocational unit was completed. Then he became a machinist in the making. He is sure to be successful if he puts as much effort to his work as he does in talking to girls. "Emerick" has an infectious smile and knows how to flash it - at the girls. He plays the cornet with more success than can be imagined of a cornetist. We'll look for you in the machine shop, "Emerick," probably that of the General Electric.



Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4), President (4); Treasurer of the Sigma Gamma (4); Dramatic Club (3); Mixed Chorus (3); Debating Club (2, 3, 4); Debating Team (3, 4); Broadcaster Staff (4); "That's That"; "The Pioneer's Papoose"; "Page the Prince"; "Spanish Moon"; "Building a Nation."
A PERSON of dependable and reliable nature can be found as long as Anna is there. She has held many positions of responsibility and trust, and was elected Ti-Hi-Y president in her senior year. Ana writes compositions and stories which show more than an average amount of talent. A convincing proof of the high nature of Anna's work is her award as an Eagle Scout, an honor attained by very few people. "Ann" will win her way in the world.



Harmonica Band (2); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); French Club (4); Sigma Gamma (4).
WHO is that peering out from that mop of raven-black hair! Why, I declare, it's Anna Esbenshade. "Shady" has sparkling black eyes and an equally sparkling fair smile which may be used some day to "bring the class to order." No, she probably wouldn't frown, it's not her nature. Of all things which Anna does not care for, receiving hard questions in health is most of them. We hope she won't encounter much of this when she attends West Chester State Teachers' College.



"Where shall I put this?"
Dauphin County Commercial Contest (2); Commercial Club (3); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); Sewing Club (4); Sigma Gamma (4).
AND here is another one - the class seems full of them - those shy-appearing girls with a world of friendliness behind their quietness. Mabel has taken up the Commercial Course in a very serious way. She aspires some day to reap the harvest of her study by securing a position in an office. She has those valuable qualities which an office needs - the ability to do quietly, quickly, and efficiently whatever is given her to do.


Evans - Frehn



"You don't say!"
Mixed Chorus (4); Hi-Y (3, 4); "Building a Nation."
HERE is a young lad who comes from the Hershey Industrial School. Most of his time is spent in the machine shop where he is being skillfully trained and filled with knowledge so that he may be able to compete with others when he enters his life's work. "Bob" participates in athletics at the Industrial school, but most of his spare time is spent with a certain damsel of the Junior class.



"Oh, ya will, will ya?"
Declamation Contest (1); Track (1); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Broadcaster Staff (3); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4), Secretary (4); Dramatic Club (3); Cheer Leader (3, 4); President of Sigma Gamma (4); Mixed chorus (4); CHOCLATIER Staff; "Page the Prince"; "Spanish Moon."
HERE is a girl who goes everywhere and is in every activity that comes along. "Rainey" is a good sport and is always eager to help out in any affair. She is Sigma Gamma president and has directed that group with great success. As the captain of the cheering squad, she helped her colleagues to bring victories to Hershey High School. She was a prominent member of the basketball squad for four years.



Football (2, 3, 4); Baseball (2); Basketball (2); Mixed Chorus (2, 3); Orchestra (2, 3); Hi-Y (3, 4); Varsity H Club (3); P. A. D. Club (4); Broadcaster Staff (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); Senior Council, President (4); "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Spanish Moon"; "Bab"; Band (3).
"WEB" is a young gentleman who hails from the great metropolis of Sand Beach. Ever since his arrival at Hershey High he has been an active member of our class. He was a member of the football team, on which he filled a backfield position. He has also had parts in several dramatic productions, in which he played his roles very well. Besides the activities mentioned, our friend showed his interest for music. Next fall "Web" will enter New York University to take up Journalism. Good luck!



"Pipe down!"
Class Secretary (2, 4); Sigma Gamma, Secretary (4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Dramatic club (3); Mixed Chorus (4); Broadcaster Staff (1); CHOCLATIER Staff (1, 4); String Band (2); "Bab"; "Page the Prince"; "Spanish Moon."
THIS little girl is the secretary of our class and she is a very capable one. No doubt it is because she has taken the Commercial Course. If you are looking for a real friend who is liked by everyone, just take a glance at "Ruthie." She has proved her business ability in various ways and will be an asset to any firm. During her spare time she worked as a telephone operator which was invaluable experience.


Gish - Gruber



"Oh, yea!"
Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Embroidery Club (3, 4); Mixed Chorus (4); Sigma Gamma (4).
"GISHIE" is one of the quiet lassies of the class, but this statement does not always hold true; for when she is in the cloakroom with a few other girls, they make more noise than a hundred boys. "Gishie" comes from the gigantic metropolis of Stoverdale where she hopes to establish a bakery. If she can recall a few French words and mentions them, it will undoubtedly have a preeminent effect on the cakes. The old gang which graduated in '32 is confident of your success.



"You ain't so hot!"
Mixed Chorus (4); Hi-Y (3); P. A. D. Club (4); "Building a Nation."
BROWN and Sharpe, seems to be quite a prominent place, for here is another student who has expressed his desire of entering that institution. "Hank" has not taken a very active part in school activities, but has shown a keen interest in them. He always took a short walk with friends during the noon hour; no doubt this was merely for the exercise. After you leave Hershey High, remember that the Class of '32 is backing you and wishing you success, "Hank," old boy!



"Oh, you burlap!"
Basketball (2, 4); Baseball (3); Hi-Y (3); "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Building a Nation."
WHEN the Trade School opened at the beginning of the second semester of 1930, "Tony" decided to change his course of study and to learn a trade. Even though he was not among the regular classes thereafter, he was with the class part of the time. "Tony" is a jolly fellow and a good friend of everyone. He seemed to be interested in sports and also in the fairer sex; but you can't blame him for that. This youth hopes to acquire a position in some printing establishment. Best luck, "Tony."



"Quit your swearin!"
Commercial Club (3); Broadcaster Staff (4); Hi-Y (3, 4)
THIS young gentleman comes from the great city of Palmyra. He may seem quiet sometimes, but if you really want to see how active he is, slip up behind him when he is among the girls of the commercial section. That is where John shines. Recently he has become interested in an underclassman. Enough said! In addition to the mentioned activities he exerts some efforts in regular school work and in boosting the athletic teams. The class wishes you luck, "Johnnie" when you enter Central Pennsylvania to further your education.


Haldeman - Hiler



"More beer and bigger pretzels!"
Senior Athletic Club (4); Hi-Y (3, 4); Latin Club (3); Orchestra (2, 3); Band (2, 3).
OUR classes have been well entertained since this young man became one of our members. He often has the class in uproars as he reads and recites in his peculiar Dutch dialect. One of Jay's hobbies is arguing in Problems, but he is very seldom given a chance to give his ideas about Prohibition. After leaving Hershey High, which he loves so dearly, Jay expects to join the Navy.



"Oh, my!"
Band (2, 3); Orchestra (1, 2); Football (2, 4); Basketball (2, 4); Broadcaster Staff, Advertising Mgr. (4); CHOCLATIER Staff, Advertising Mgr. (4); Senior Athletic Club, Secretary (4); Hi-Y (3, 4); Declamation (1); "Building a Nation."
SAILORS have a girl in every port, but "Joe" is slightly different, he believes in having a girl in every town. Judging from the size of the letters he receives, the paper industries cannot be affected by the depression. "Wise-cracking" is one of his favorite hobbies. "Joe" took an active part in athletics and other school activities. He found that Advertising Manager of the Broadcaster and CHOCLATIER was a large-sized job.



"How's business?"
Hi-Y (3, 4); Mixed Chorus (2, 3, 4); President (4); Chemistry Club (3); Dramatic Club, Treasurer (4); CHOCLATIER Staff, Associate Editor (4); "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Spanish Moon"; "Bab"; "Building a Nation."
OF COURSE there is really no need to introduce this industrious young man, for his friendliness and personality have made him a popular member of our class. "Freddie" is a good student, his literary ability being displayed as an Associate Editor of the Choclatier. He participated in sports at the Hershey Industrial School and was an active member of our class, taking part in several dramatic productions. "Freddie" will either become a chemist or work in an office.



"Be seein' ya, when I'm sober."
Future Farmers of America, Kodak Club (4).
MY, WHAT a name! But don't let that bother you for he's a pretty good fellow in spite of his title. Bruce drives one of those things called Fords; you've heard of them. He was the only member of our group who took up Agriculture in the Vocational High School, which shows that at least one person in the Class of '32 will uphold the great occupation of farming. Bruce will learn more about his chosen work at Penn State. You have our best wishes, Bruce Kenneth Stewart Hiler. As our book goes to press, however, we find that Bruce lacks the necessary credits and we regret to say that he will not be graduated with the class.


Hipple - Keener



"I ain't not!"
Mixed Chorus (4); Hi-Y (3, 4).
IT SEEMS as though most of the Senior boys come from the Hershey Industrial School, for here is another one. "Hip," the big boy with the blonde hair, is a member of the Vocational unit and is specializing in Printing. You will find that he is a good sport; always willing to do his bit. "Hip's" desire of entering some printing establishment will not be in vain because with his training and the wishes of the Senior Class he is sure to succeed.



"Get out!"
Basketball (2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3, 4); Broadcaster Staff (3); Managing Editor (4); Football Manager (4); Hi-Y President (4); Class President (4); Senior Council (4); Senior Athletic Club, Treasurer (4); "Spanish Moon"; "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Bab."
WHO is that handsome young man? That is "Bill" who is one of our best athletes, a southpaw of no mean ability. "Bill" is one of our most popular boys and has been elected president of several organizations. During the first three years "Bill" stayed away from the girls, but this year a certain Junior struck the "lost chord" in his heart. He is expecting to enter a higher institution for a course in science. If the leadership ability you have developed in high school does not fail you, success awaits you, "Bill."



Basketball (3, 4); Football (4).
HERE is another printer who likes to print better than to eat. He is not very fat as you can see, but this is because he works hard. "Jeff" has always shown great school spirit in the sports in which he participated.
"Jeff" expects to get a job with a newspaper company soon after graduation. "Jeff" leaves an imprint on every girl's heart that he smashes into; that is probably one of the arts they learn in the printing industry.



"Oh, shut up!"
Latin Club, Sec.-Treas. (3); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Sigma Gamma (4).
RUTH is a rather industrious member of the Class of '32. She likes Latin better than any other subject and devotes a great deal of time to studying the language of the Romans. She has played a violin in the high school orchestra for several years. Sometimes "Keener" is quiet and other times noisy, but unfortunately - she is bashful. After finishing her high school career, "Keener" expects to continue her education at Shippensburg State Teachers' College. The Class of '32 wishes you success and has already formed a picture of you before your first class.


Kern - Lengle



Hi-Y (3, 4), Commercial Club (3); Treasurer of Kodak Club (4); "Building a Nation."
"KERNY" is one of the boys who would be a billionaire if silence were golden. Harold has selected the Commercial Course at Hershey after graduating from the eighth grade at the Hershey Industrial School. "Kerny" expects to extend his knowledge further at a Forestry school in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mr. "So-and-So" says our forests need attention and the Class of '32 is expecting great things of you, "Kerny."



"Is that so!"
Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Mixed Chorus (2,4); Commercial Club (3); Sigma Gamma (4); "Pioneer's Papoose": "Spanish Moon"; "Bab"; "Page the Prince."
OH! ANOTHER fair young damsel who is a well-known member of our class. She has won many friends in school and has been active in school work. For four long years this maiden has been training so that after graduating she may engage in office work. She is uncertain whether it will be office or house work. It all depends whether or not "Popeye" will "pop" the question. All we can do for you, Anna, is to wish you much happiness.



"Oh, yeah!"
Broadcaster Staff (2); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Treasurer (4); Sigma Gamma (4); "Page the Prince"; "Spanish Moon"; CHOCLATIER Staff, Alumni Editor (4); Mixed Chorus (2, 3, 4); Declamation (1); Dramatic Club (3).
HERE, friends, is one of the popular girls of the Senior Class. She has won many friends during her high school career and this may be attributed to her fine personality. "Sue" has been an active member of the group and has made quite a name for herself as a singer. Our little classmate has interests in various lines, but is known best for her musical talent which she displayed to us quite frequently. "Sue" expects to enter the Polyclinic Hospital in Harrisburg, to become a nurse. If ever you feel sick, just go there and "brown-eyes Susie" will help you to recover.



"Hi, Kid!"
Hi-Y (3); P. A. D. Club (4).
"SCOOP" is a great sport - that's everyone's idea. He loves a good joke and a hearty laugh, would rather play than work, and is usually seen in the company of the ladies. Francis is a carpenter, and thus far has devoted himself to making houses for others, but we should not be surprised if, in the near future, one should see him laboring on one for himself - perhaps a bachelor's quarters but more likely not. Francis comes from the Industrial School, which probably explains his taste for the fair sex as well as his refreshing sense of humor.


Lingle - Pelino



Football (2); P. A. D. Club (4); Hi-Y (3).
ALBERT, who is a very studious young man, hails from Palmdale and is a member of the Carpentry Department of the Vocational School. He is the pride of Shakespeare's store, and spends most of his spare time riding the roads of Middletown in his Ford. Albert experiences no difficulty in mastering his subjects and is one of the pace-setters in the Vocational Department. After graduation, "Al" expects to obtain a carpentry job with the Hershey Estates.



"If it weren't for my sense of humor I'd go nuts!"
Dramatic Club (3); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Broadcaster Staff (3, 4); Senior Council (4); Athletic Association Sec. (4); Sigma Gamma (4); Editor-in-Chief CHOCLATIER (4); "Spanish Moon"; "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Building a Nation."
WHO is that with the lovely raven locks? It is none other than our versatile Dorothy. She has an unlimited capacity for work, especially if it is literary work. "Dot" has no end of ideas and a very pleasing way of putting them into effect. Her choosing the Commercial Course indicates that she is preparing for a stenographic career, but we shall be disappointed if some future "best-sellers" do bear the name of Dorothy Mays _____. That blank can be filled by anyone who observes the student parade to and from school.



"Isn't it swell, kid?"
Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4), Sigma Gamma (4); Mixed Chorus (4); Broadcaster Staff (4); "Spanish Moon"; "Page the Prince."
EDITH is one of those happy occurrences - a real friend. Whenever "Edie" is found - there you will see one or more girl friends. Although she has stayed away from the opposite sex in her high school career, we believe that the "strictly business" slogan will fail for lack of support once she leaves high school for a business office. Even though she finds outside diversions "Edie" is bound to succeed because of the whole-heartedness with which she pursues whatever she sets out to do.



"Love 'em and leave 'em"
Mixed Chorus (2, 3, 4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Sigma Gamma (4); Dramatic Club (3); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); "Page the Prince"; "Pioneer's Papoose."
MARY is that industrious person you see strolling about with just simply sheafs of work for other people. Her typing ability has won "Popelina" a place where few may tread. In spite of her "love 'em and leave 'em" motto, Mary pays little attention to the opposite sex. Surely, where thoughts are centered so busily about studies - and some pleasure, of course - success is bound to come. Mary will look for employment as a stenographer after graduation.


Petrucci - Robertson



Mixed Chorus (3, 4); Commercial Club (3); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); President of the Dramatic Club (4); Sigma Gamma (4); "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Building a Nation."
HERE is another exponent of "good things come in small quantities." "Shorts," as her name implies, may lack in stature, but she surely makes it up in happiness. Eva is a regular "Pollyanna" girl - always laughing and frequently talking. "Shorts" has shown herself to be possessed of a goodly quantity of executive ability and charm, both traits which are not lost upon the opposite sex. Eva's trimness would grace any business office well, if she allows her business head to rule her heart and deserts the home for the office.



"Hey, Sweetheart!"
Hi-Y (3, 4); P. A. D. Club; "Building a Nation."
LLOYD, better known as "Raffensparger" is a high-pressure salesman from Carmany's store, where most of his time out of school is spent. Lloyd is another senior who has gone vocational-minded, making Machine Shop Practice his choice. Although he is very active at times, Lloyd is also one of the Vocational School's most studious seniors. That big, brown coupe also seems to make him a favorite among fellow students.
After graduation, Lloyd intends to enter the Browne and Sharpe Apprenticeship School where he will take a course in Machine Shop Practice.



Commercial Club (4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Sigma Gamma (4); Broadcaster Staff (4).
OF ALL the perpetual laughs - here she is! This little girl is always traveling around behind a flashing smile - a very contagious smile. Sara has taken the Commercial Course and expects to utilize her training at the desk of a business office. Of course, there is a chance that her lovely smile will gaze from the window of her little home, but if she does work in an office, she is sure to be successful - unless she dyes her hair!



Hi-Y (3, 4); P. A. D. Club; Athletic Association; Baseball (4).
"BENO" another product of the Industrial School, is that institution's most athletic figure. He is an all-around sport and has majored in baseball, basketball, and football, having many H. I. S. letters to his credit. In his senior year he was a member of Hershey High's pitching staff. As a student of Machine Shop Practice in the Voca-School, "Beno" hopes to obtain employment in the Hershey Chocolate Corporation Machine Shop as soon as he has finished his high school work.


Rockwell - Saufley



Sigma Gamma (4); Tri-Hi-Y (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); Mixed Chorus (4); "Bab."
OF ALL the fair maidens in the senior class, it is needless to say that "Lee" is outstanding. She came to Hershey High in her senior year, and her winning smile and personality immediately found their way into the hearts of all her fellow students. Playing the role of "Bab" in the senior class play of the same name, she more than proved her ability as an actress. After graduation from Hershey High, "Lee" intends to continue at an institution of higher learning, where she expects to qualify herself for a position as teacher of Home Economics.


"Holy hang!"
Mixed Chorus (2, 3, 4), Secretary (4); Class Secretary (3); Broadcaster Staff (3, 4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4), Vice-President of Sigma Gamma (4); Assistant Basketball Manager (3); Senior Council (4); "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Spanish Moon"; "Page the Prince"; "Bab."
YES, she's a heartbreaker. Gladys is no small combination of talents and whims. In addition to her typing and musical ability. "Buts" possesses a rare art in the field of acting and ensnaring of the opposite sex. But anyone with such a captivating smile and hearty laugh is sure to be successful - perhaps famous. We predict that she will not be long in an office - not thru lack of ability, but through some man's stubbornness of nature.



Hi-Y (3, 4)
ALTHOUGH he is the class' smallest in stature, Kenneth is by no means the weakest in speech. He always has a friendly word or two at hand for everyone and takes great pleasure in doing something for his fellow students. His choice as a student of Printing in the Vocational School is quite adverse to his favorite hobby, for Kenneth's greatest enjoyment comes from "operating" on bicycles and motorcycles. "Ruppy's" greatest ambition is to be employed as a printer in a local newspaper establishment.



"Aw, shucks!"
Travel Club (3); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Mixed Chorus (4); Dramatic Club (4); Sigma Gamma (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4).
UNASSUMING litter farmerette! We are firmly convinced that clear country air makes clearer minds - and more brilliant ones. You would be convinced of this fact, too, if you ever should hear Ruby air her sweet, unaffected ideas in a very low, cultured voice, but the occasion is rare. Although Ruby's time is absorbed by many classes, she always manages to stand near the head in her studies. She reads shorthand in an endless, rapid stream, and has acquired such proficiency in typing that she is usually doing work for some teacher.


Seavers - Shank



"Oh, darn it!"
Dramatic Club (3, 4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Sigma Gamma (4); "Page the Prince"; "Spanish Moon."
OF COURSE, we all have our interests. Mary's chief interest is named "Dick." She can be seen after Tri-Hi-Y Meeting, Sigma Gamma Meeting, and just plain meetings, strolling homeward or maybe not so homeward, with Dick. "Seavers" has taken the Commercial course, and aspires to be a typist, hoping, of course, that she won't have much shorthand. Mary is an industrious worker, and the results she brings in during cake or wreathe sales are proof enough of this.



Hi-Y (3); P. A. D. Club (4); "Building a Nation."
PAUL, better known as "Corporal," is another of the group of seniors hailing from the Industrial School. He is a member of the Printing Department of the Vocational School and is quite an expert at the linotype. Paul is one of the quiet type and never speaks unnecessarily, believing that noise is annoying. After leaving Hershey High, he hopes to obtain a position as a printer in some large city, where he may use his ability to the best advantage.



"Oh, my heavens!"
Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Harmonica Club (2); Needlecraft Club (3); Mixed Chorus (4); Sigma Gamma (4); "Page the Prince."
REBA is such a quiet little mousie that we hold her up as a silent partner in the brain corporation. Reba has always made a good showing in her school work. Her hair has just enough curl to it, and her eyes are a source of envy - such a stormy, yet tranquil blue. She is a busy little housekeeper, and if we are any judge, we'll wager there is no dust in the corners of her rooms. Reba, in her unostentatious way, has been a valuable addition to the organizations she has joined in school, and we believe she will be just as valuable in any field of activity she chooses.



"Well, I'll be - ?"
Hi-Y (3, 4); Debating, Captain of Negative Team (4); Kodak Club, President (4); Commercial Club (3).
FOLKS, don't be alarmed when I tell you that this is "Einstein the Second." He doesn't want anyone to know it, but after he finishes storing up knowledge, he intends to show the real Einstein a few things; please don't tell Einstein about it, for it may spoil "Red's" plans. This representative from Bull Frog Valley is also quite a debator, this forte being proved by the fine work he did as Captain of the Negative Team.
After graduation "Red" will enter some higher institution of learning to study Mechanical Engineering. His success is assured if he does his work as he did it at Hershey High.


Shively - Snyder



"Oh, hang!"
Class President (3); Track (3, 4); Hi-Y (3); Athletic Association President (4); Senior Council (4); P. A. D. Club (4); "Pioneer's Papoose"; "Bab"; "Building a Nation."
"BILL" is probably the most popular Industrial School boy in the Class of '32, as can be seen by his list of activities. He is another of the mainstays on Industrial School athletic teams, being a letter man in both baseball and basketball. He was also a member of the Hershey High Track Squad in his junior and senior years. His winning smile has won the hearts of all his fellow students, as well as those of many others, and no favor is too much for him to do.
"Bill" is a member of the vocational Department and a student of Machine Shop Practice. He expects to be employed in the Hershey Chocolate Corporation Machine Shop, when he has completed his high school course.



"Stick up your mitts!"
Dramatic Club (4); Mixed Chorus (3); Hi-Y (3, 4).
"AL," a product of the Hershey Industrial School, is the class pugilist, as is shown by his favorite expression.
He is quick-tempered, but those who know him find him a sincere friend and one who is always willing to help.
He is a great sport enthusiast and is a member of the Industrial School basketball and baseball teams. It seems that "Al" has chosen the vocation of coaching for his occupation when his school days are over. The Class wishes you the best of luck, "Al," and sees a successful future for you.



"Boy, she's hot!"
Football (1, 2, 3); Basketball (2, 3); Hi- (3, 4); Science Club (3); Senior Athletic Club (4).
BARR, alias General H. B. "Popeye" Snavely, is one of the prominent "bad-boys" of the class, and his friends must always be on the lookout for one of his pranks. Barr won much fame during his senior year through his splendid service on the varsity football team. He is a very active chap and is always ready to come back for more no matter what he may be up against. He intends to enter Penn State College where he will take a course in either engineering or business.



"Yes Sir! Yes Sir!"
Hi-Y (3, 4); Mixed Chorus (4); P. A. D. Club (4); "Building a Nation."
"CAKIE" is this chap's name, but do not let the name infer too much, for he is human and not anything to eat. For some unknown reason boys from the Industrial School have a tendency to take up shop work and this lad is no exception. Printing has been his choice of vocations. After leaving Hershey High he hopes to get a job as a printer.


Sponaugle - Walmer



"Come on, Gang!"
Football (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Baseball (4); Broadcaster Staff (3, 4), Editor-in-Chief (4); Vice-President of Class (2); Varsity H Club (3); Hi-Y (3, 4); "Spanish Moon."
AS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of the Hershey Broadcaster, Boyd has filled the position very well. His sincere efforts have shown that a thing can be a success if you are really determined. This country lad displayed much ability as an athlete - especially in football and basketball. Besides participating in these activities, "Okie" has maintained a high standing in his scholastic work, and will probably attend Penn State.



"Well, gee whiz!"
Mixed Chorus (2); CHOCLATIER Staff (2) Football (2, 3); Assistant Basketball Mgr. (3); Commercial Club (3); Hi-Y (3, 4); Debating (4); Broadcaster (4); Associate Editor of CHOCLATIER (4); Track Manager (4); "Spanish Moon."
GAZE upon the countenance of a future business man. "Ollie" has put much of his time acting as business manager for some organization or other, but this has not prevented his class marks from soaring at the head of the list. "Ollie" has shown his ability as a speaker on the Debating Team. As a sophomore he devoted much time to football, but later abandoned this for executive positions. As a track manager his efficiency cannot be surpassed. Oliver expects to take a course in accounting at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.



"Oh, yeah!"
ACCORDING to George's list of extra-curricular activities, it appears that he is evidently not interested in them. He was one of the group who changed his course of study during the Sophomore year, when the new Vocational School was opened. Since then this curly-haired lad has been practicing and gathering information so that some day he will become an expert machinist.
"Trumpie" is a fine chap and a good friend. If you don't believe us just get acquainted with him and you will soon find out.



"Oh, darn it!"
French Club (3); Commercial Club (3); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Sigma Gamma (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4).
OH, those blue eyes! Emma has them - and curly lashes. Although she has taken the Commercial Course, we wouldn't be surprised to see her nimble fingers gracing a home instead of busily flying over typewriter keys in someone's office. "Blue Eyes" is an accomplished typist, and is hoping to find occupation on someone's office force. If there is any room for advancement, we predict that Emma's industrious work will promote her to higher positions.


Welchans - Zimmerman



"My Dad!"
Mixed Chorus (2, 3, 4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Home Economics Club (3); Sigma Gamma (4).
IF YOU see a happy smile beaming up the corridor, you know Lillian is back of it all. "Lou" possesses a jolly spirit which is well accented by her friendly spirit. Although she has taken the Preparatory Course, Lillian expects to work for a time after her graduation. Then she wants to go to Normal School to prepare herself for the profession of a music teacher.



"I'll get ya fer that!"
Football ( 1, 2, 3, 4); Captain (3, 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4); President of Class (2); Hi-Y Treasurer (3, 4); Broadcaster Staff (3); Varsity H Club (3); Mixed Chorus (2); Athletic Assoc. Treas. (4); Senior Athletic Club President (4); CHOCLATIER Staff (4); "Spanish Moon"; "Bab"; Senior Council (4); "Building a Nation."
BY GLEANING back over the last four years, records show that "Duke" has been quite active and popular. He is one of the best athletes of the class, being on the Hershey High football team for four consecutive years. Not only has his ability been shown in athletics, but also in scholastic achievements and various activities in which he participated. In addition to school work, Paul has devoted some time to a certain senior girl - aw, use your imagination. The 'farmer lad' is planning to take a course in coaching.



"Who, me?"
Domestic Arts Club (3, 4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4); Sigma Gamma (4).
SOME people are noted for having looks which unintentionally deceive. Eleanor is one of those people. She is, in appearance, shy, bashful, and quiet, but the idea vanishes when she speaks. Eleanor is jolly and friendly, and what shyness she possesses she hides behind a cheerful smile. And what intelligence that little head holds under those curls! Not that Eleanor would admit it - no, she's not that type. She actually seems to enjoy study; however, we predict a future of homemaking - for Merle.



"Come on! Come on!"
Hockey (1); Track (1); Basketball (1,2); Manager of Girls' Basketball (4); String Band (3); Red Cross (4); Sigma Gamma (4); Tri-Hi-Y (3, 4).
ALTHO' she deserted the sports world for her studies in the latter years of high school, somehow we always think of "Zimmie" as the ideal all-around girl. She takes a medium amount of interest in school work and a like amount of interest in pleasure. Though she no longer plays basketball, Mildred was placed as the team's Manager, and she has filled that position well.


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