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Dauphin County, Pennsylvania


Containing Sketches of Representative Citizens, and
Many of the Early Scotch-Irish and German Settlers.
Chambersburg, Pa.: J. M. Runk & Company, 1896


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Local and Family History


1 The Early Settlers - Scotch-Irish and German
2 John Harris, Trader and Pioneer - Early Assessment Lists
3 Summary of Events up to the Struggle for Independence
4 Historical Resume' from 1785 to 1896
5 Early Settlers and Settlements In the "Upper End"
6 Genealogical Notes
7 Some Early Dauphin County Families - John Harris, the Founder

John Allison

George Balsbaugh

Adam Baum

John Brubaker

William Clark

John Cochran

Robert Crawford

Philip Enders

Diedrick Fahnestock

Frederick Fetterhoff

John Fox

James Geddes

Barnhart Geiger

William Harris

Patrick Hayes

Andrew Hershey

John Peter Hoffman

Marcus Hulings

Frederick Hummel

Patrick Kelly


Benjamin Landis

John George Larue

John Philip Leebrick

Martin Lehman

Paul Lingle

Richard McClure

Joseph Mitchell

Jacob Nissley

Thomas Renick

William Sawyer

Daniel Shelly

John Simpson

Sloans of Hanover

Andrew Stewart

Lazarus Stewart

Henry Umholtz

Adam Weise

John Wiggins

Robert Young


8 Some of the Industries of the City and County




Samuel Agnew

Samuel Ainsworth

Frances (Gemberling) Albright

James Alricks

James Anderson

Samuel J. Anderson

Robert Auchmuty

Francis Asbury Awl

Jacob Awl

Jacob Michael Awl

John Wesley Awl

John Ayres

William Ayres

William Ayres


Joel Bailey

Leroy Franklin Baker

John Barnett

George Beatty

James Beatty

Julius Augustus Beck

William Bell

Luther Stedman Bent

George Bergner

William Bertram

Alfred T. Black

Andrew Krause Black

Samuel Black

Frederick Boas

Frederick Krause Boas

Jacob Boas

William Dick Boas

Aaron Bombaugh

Abraham Bombaugh

Jacob Cauffman Bomberger

John F. Bowman

Adam Boyd

Innis Brice

John Hanna Briggs

Mercer Brown

William Brown

Peter Brua

Charles J. Brubaker

John Conrad Bucher

John Jacob Bucher

George Buehler

William Buehler

James Burd

Michael Burke

H. Wells Buser


James Calder

William Calder

William Calder

James Cameron

John Cameron

Simon Cameron

William Cattrell (Ketterell)

Samuel B. Caveny

Thomas Morris Chester

John Joseph Clyde

William Cochran

Eli H. Coover

James Cowden

John Wallace Cowden

Matthew B. Cowden

William Kerr Cowden

Cornelius Cox

John Bowes Cox

Richard Moore Crain

William H. Crook

Edward Crouch

James Crouch


William Howard Day

Henry C. Deming

John Shelly Detweiler

William Radcliff DeWitt

William Radcliff DeWitt

Luther De Yoe

George Dock

Philip Dougherty

John Downey

Simon Duey


Aaron Daniel Seth Early

Thomas Early (Oehrle)

Jacob Rupley Eby

Maurice C. Eby

Oliver Edwards

Casper Egle

Valentine Egle

William Henry Egle

James Elder

John Elder

Robert Elder

Thomas Elder

Daniel Eppley

Benjamin F. Etter


John Fager

John Henry Fager

Henry Farnum

William Findlay

Isaac S. Finney

James Fleming

Robert Fleming

Robert Jackson Fleming

Samuel Fleming

John Montgomery Forester

Christian Henry Forney

Wien Forney

John Forster

Thomas Forster

John Fox


Lewis H. Gause

John White Geary

William Wallace Geety

William J. George

John W. German

David McConaghy Gilbert

Rachel (Marks) Graydon

William Graydon

Innis Green

Timothy Green

Jacob Greenawalt

Jeremiah K. Greenawalt

Theodore D. Greenawalt

Abraham Gross


Hother Hage

Jacob M. Haldeman

Samuel S. Hall

Adam Boyd Hamilton

Hugh Hamilton

John Hamilton

Thomas Allen Hamilton

John W. Hammond

John Andre Hanna

George Washington Harris

Robert Harris

Charles A. Hay

Samuel Wallace Hays

William Wallace Hays

Richard W. Hayward, Jr.

John E. Heller

Andrew Jackson Herr

Daniel Herr

Gabriel Hiester, Jr.

John Hildrup

Samuel Hill

Stephen Hills

Henry F. Holler

Samuel Holman

Charles J. Howell

Francis H. Hoy

B. Franklin Hoyer

George Hoyer


Philip Irwin


George W. Jackson

Joseph Jefferson

John Bucher Johnson

Ovid Frazer Johnson

Andrew J. Jones

Thomas MacDowell Jones

Uriah James Jones

Benjamin Jordan


John Keagy

John Kean

John Brua Keefer

Anthony Kelker

Frederick Kelker

Frederick Kelker

Henry Anthony Kelker

Immanuel Meister Kelker

John Kelker

Rudolph Frederick Kelker

Emanuel Keller

John Peter Keller

William Keller


George S. Kemble

Martin Kendig

George G. Kennedy

William H. Kepner

Germanus Kohl

David Krause

Ellis N. Kremer

Christian Kunkel

George Kunkel

John Christian Kunkel


Robert Alexander Lamberton

Aaron M. Landis

Samuel Landis

David Henry Earnest LaRoss

Samuel M. Lawrence

Eli Lewis

Frederick W. Liesmann

John George Lochman

John S. Longenecker

Anthony Wayne Loomis

John Luther


William Maclay

Thomas Francis Maloney

Daniel C. Maurer

Mathias Wilson McAlarney

James McCammon

John McCammon

Henry McCormick

James McCormick

James McCormick

Duncan McCready

Andrew S. McCreath

Thomas McGovern

Samuel McIlhenny

John P. Melick

Justus A. Melick

Benjamin F. Meyers

William H. Middleton

Charles A. Miller

Andrew Mitchel

Andrew D. Mitchell

Joseph Montgomery

Rachel (Rush) Boyce Montgomery

James K. Moorehead

Charles Mowry

John George Muller

Ellis Lewis Mumma

James Murray

John Murray

John Murray

Patrick Murray


John Neagley

Newton E. Noblet


David A. Orr

John G. Orr

Christian H. Orth

Edward L. Orth

Leander N. Ott


Ebenezer G. Painter

John D. Patterson

James Peacock

John George Pfuhl

Hugh Pitcairn

William Plunket

David Rittenhouse Porter


Thomas Ramsey

Adam Read

Thomas Jefferson Rehrer

John Reily

John A. Reily

Luther Reily

John Ringland

John Roan

Alexander Roberts, Sr.

Edmund W. Roberts

Philip Robinson

Thomas Hastings Robinson

Joseph Ross

Robert James Ross

C. Landis Rudy

Joseph Rudy

Abner Rutherford

John Rutherford

John Brisban Rutherford

John Parke Rutherford

Levi Rutherford

William W. Rutherford


Richard Sanckey

Alfred Sanderson

Milton H. Sangree

James Savage

Oliver Washington Sees

William Edward Sees

Christian Seiler

Jeremiah Seiler

William Sergeant

Franz C. Seubert

William Shammo

Jeremiah Francis Shanahan

Henry Jackson Sheafer

Michael Sheafer

Daniel Sheesley

Joseph Sherer

George J. Shoemaker

David Shope

Francis Rawn Shunk

James Findlay Shunk

George Washington Simmons

Oliver B. Simmons

Seneca G. Simmons

Ashbel Green Simonton

William Simonton

William Simonton

Murray Simpson

Alexander Sloan

John A. Smull

George Smuller

James Snodgrass

Charles Albright Snyder

Clarence E. Spayd

John W. Spayd

E. J. Stackpole

Wesley M. Stanford

Matthew Steckley

James Steele

Andrew Stewart

David Stewart

George B. Stewart

Hugh Stewart

Robert Templeton Stewart

Samuel Stewart

Milton H. Stine

Silas C. Swallow


Martin Thomas

James Baxter Thompson

John Till


James C. Verbeke

William K. Verbeke


Joseph Wallace

William Wallace

Charles P. Walter

Beverly R. Waugh

James Wallace Weir (2)

John Andrew Weir

Benjamin J. Wiestling

Jacob Hugo R. Wendel

Peter Wenrick

Michael Whitley

Thomas T. Wierman

George P. Wiestling

Joshua M. Wiestling

John Peter Willard

Edward C. Williams

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Lowe Wilson

John Winebrenner

Jesse Wingert

Henry Orth Witman

John Otto Witman

R. E. Witman

Daniel Worley

James Worrall

Frances Wyeth

John Wyeth


Josiah Carothers Young


Andrew U. Zarker

George Ziegler

Zimmerman Family

George Zimmerman

Henry Zimmerman

Philip Zimmerman


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