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Partial Transcription


Photos contributed by

Ken Schultz and

Margaret Gagliardi

except where noted below.



Olive Landis BARTON 1881-1966


Solomon BECK 10/22/1836-12/1/1924, with wife Catharine Sheely BECK 4/18/1834-7/25/1905


Cora M. BOYER 1874-1917


Mary BROWN d. 1/19/1875, aged 68y 2m 13d, former consort of Jacob Rupp Dec'd


Mary DILL d. 2/18/1894, aged 71y 2m 21d


Edgar S. EBERLY 1874-1958, with wife Edith S. EBERLY 1880-1947, and son Roy E. 1903-1904


Ann E. EPPLEY 12/25/1812-4/30/1899, aged 87y 5m 5d


Isaac Gibson HAPPERSETT 2/24/1847-9/8/1907, Contributor: Harry Habbersett


Clara E. LANDES d. 4/30/18--, daughter of Jacob and Mary Landes


John Franklin LANDES d. 12/27/1861, aged 9y 12d, son of Jacob and Mary Landes


John B. LANDIS 8/21/1841-10/31/1905, with wife Barbara Hessin Merkel LANDIS 8/12/1846-8/20/1898, Victor Merkel LANDIS 12/25/1871-12/30/1871, and Olive Landis BARTON 1881-1966


Friederich LANGER 11/6/1757-5/24/1816, aged 59y 6m 18d


Anna LONG d. 10/2/1876, aged 77y 10m 6d, wife of Frederick Long


Frederick LONG d. 3/16/1876, aged 81y 5m 25d


Jacob LONG d. 4/26/1877, aged 79y 1m 6d


Mary LONG-DILL d. 2/18/1894, aged 71y 2m 21d


Cornelius MILLER 8/10/1810(?)-8/7/1861, born in Niagara Co. New York, died while sojourning in Cumberland Co. Pa.


John H. MILLER 12/8/1823-1/20/1903, with Susan MILLER 7/31/1826-8/10/1903


Ward D. MILLER 1874-1953, with wife Mary E. Anderson MILLER 1880-1930


William G. MILLER 4/28/1868-2/4/1937, with Helen M. MILLER 7/25/1890-5/10/1983


Elisabeth RUPP 3/4/1734-6/14/1804, aged 70y 3m 10d, wife of Jonas Rupp


Jacob RUPP 3/19/1806-1/14/1844, aged 37y 9m 23d, son of Martin and S--nna Rupp


Jonas RUPP 10/5/1729-5/21/1801, aged 71y 7m 18d, Revolutionary Patriot 1729-1801, Placed by Cumberland County Chapter D.A.R.


Mary RUPP d. 1/19/1875, aged 68y 2m 13d, former consort of Jacob Rupp Dec'd


Adam ZIMMERMAN d. 7/18/1870, aged 8m 20d, son of Peter E. and Elizabeth Zimmerman


Anjaline ZIMMERMAN d. 8/12/18--, aged 2m 6d(?), daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Zimmerman


Jacob Henry ZIMMERMAN d. 12/?/18?2, aged 2y ?m ?d, son of Peter E. and Elizabeth Zimmerman


John B. ZIMMERMAN d. 8/7(?)/1868, aged 6m 5d, son of Peter E. and Elizabeth Zimmerman


Peter E. ZIMMERMAN 6/6/1834-1/21/1916, with wife Elizabeth Eichelberger ZIMMERMAN 4/11/1835-4/21/1905


Rose Anderson ZIMMERMAN 1873-1918


William L. ZIMMERMAN 1875-1943, with Rosella ZIMMERMAN 1873-1918




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