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Eliza BEAR  2/8/1814-3/28/1896, aged 82y 1m 20d


Eliza A. BLACK  d. 12/10/1872, aged 56y 3m 13d


Isabella BLACK  3/7/1846-10/19/1924, beside Emma Boyd


Isabella BLACK  View 2 d. 10/24/1811, aged 53y(?) 3m 11d, on Forbes obelisk


John BLACK  d. 1/18/1842, aged 63y 10m 14d, on Forbes obelisk


Martha BLACK  d. 2/24/1851, aged 1y 11m 5d, on Forbes obelisk


Robert McQuin BLACK  6/26/1823-12/23/1901


Sarah BLACK  4/30/1823-8/14/1902, on Forbes obelisk


W. Edwin BLACK  d. 5/5/1860, aged 2y 3m 14d, on Forbes obelisk


William G. BLACK  d. 11/24/1875, aged 61y 7m 23d, on Forbes obelisk


William G. BLACK  with wife Susan, no dates


Emma J. BOYD  5/20/1854-10/12/1907, beside Isabella Black


Josiah CAROTHERS  1787-1870, with wife Mary Bliss CAROTHERS 1789-1873, Josiah S. CAROTHERS 1820-1898 and his wife Mary Campbell CAROTHERS 1832-1887


Jane CONNELLY  d. 7/14/1864, aged 72y 6m 20d


Jane CROCKET  d. 1/25/1814, aged 48y, wife of George


Daniel DENNY  d. 10/18/1834, aged 72y


John DENNY  d. 10/3/1834, aged 68y


John FLEMING  d. 3/24/1814, aged 54y


FORBES  obelisk


Andrew FORBES  d. 8/16/1854, aged 71y


James FORBES  d. 5/17/1800, aged 28y


Jane FORBES  d. 10/3/1830, aged 78y


Jane FORBES  d. 2/14/1802, aged 21y


John FORBES  d. 9/8/1823, aged 78y, Revolutionary War


John P. FORBES  d. 9/1/1829, aged 41y


Richard FORBES  d. 8/30/1823, aged 33y


Mary GREASON  d. 11/2/1854, aged 68y


William GREASON  8/17/1805-11/22/1877, aged 71y 11m 5d


Andrew Parker HENDERSON  12/11/1825-9/16/1913


Edward Parker HENDERSON  10/5/1838-2/10/1901


Elizabeth Parker HENDERSON  4/8/1799-2/2/1860, wife of Wm. M.


John Webster HENDERSON  5/18/1856-7/24/1922


Margaret Ann Webster HENDERSON  12/5/1825-9/19/1908, wife of Robert Miller Henderson (d. 1/29/1906)


Rebecca HENDERSON  12/30/1864-6/7/1925


Robert M. HENDERSON  11/20/1863(?)-8/15/1883


Robert M. HENDERSON  9/27/1866-8/14/1868


Robert Miller HENDERSON LL.D.  3/11/1827-1/29/1906


William M. HENDERSON  5/28/1795-10/16/1886


William M. HENDERSON  12/14/1836-3/12/1862, w/Sarah E. HENDERSON


Mary KINKEAD  d. 8/17/1758, aged 13y, daughter of John Kinkead


Mary LAIRD  10/31/1741-2/4/1833, wife of Samuel Laird, daughter of James Young


Samuel LAIRD  Esq., d. 9/27/1806, aged 74y


James McALLESTER  d. 4/23/1855, aged 77y


Andrew McALLISTER  d. 11/1804 aged 73y, w/wife Margaret McALLISTER d. 8/1804 aged 61y


Archibald McALLISTER  d. 6/1/1858, aged 85y


Eleanor McALLISTER  d. 1/2/1858, aged 74y


Hannah McFARLAN  4/14/1766-5/31/1769


James McFARLAN  12/24/1695-10/31/1770


John and Alexander McKEHAN  "Here lies the body of John & Alexander"


Marcus Acheson McKNIGHT  1899-1990, w/wife Harriet B. Hazzard McKNIGHT 1897-1972


Mary MYERS  d. 11/21/1842, aged 30y 5m, wife of Benjamin MYERS


Mary O'DONNAL  d. 10/14/1747, aged 60y


Andrew PARKER  d. 4/10/1803, aged 43y, same stone as Richard


Richard PARKER  d. 3/4/1864, aged 67y, same stone as Andrew


Mrs. Mary Denny RAMSEY  d. 4/27/1842, aged 66y


Revolutionary War Plaque  Close-up  A plaque honoring the Revolutionary War soldiers was erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in grateful appreciation of the services of these soldiers of the Revolutionary War who lie buried here.

Captain Alexander Parker       Captain William Drennan

James Carothers, Sr. James Parker
David Denny William Parker
John Fleming John Dunbar
Andrew McAllister Edward Weakly
John Anderson John Forbes
Samuel Laird James Kenney
Alexander McKahan

John RODGERS  "Here lies the body of John Rodgers"


Alexander SANDERSON  d. 6/14/1823, aged 28y, of N.M. Towwnship


John SANDERSON  d. 8/12/1831, aged 80y, of N.M. Towwnship


Lydia SANDERSON  d. 7/4/1813, aged 60y, of N.M. Towwnship


James WEAKLY  d. 6/16/1772, aged 68y


Jane WEAKLY  d. 11/30/1768, aged 53y, nee Wilson, wife of James Weakly


Thomas WITHERSPOON  d. 3/22/1759, aged 57y


James YOUNG Seiner  d. 2/22/1747, aged 79y


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