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Fishing Creek Township

Columbia County


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Partial Survey



Lester C. ASH 1921-2000, with Betty J. ASH 1923-2004


Aaron BENDER d. 1/14/1900, aged 85y 7m 27d


Anna M. BENDER    --------  F.P. & E. Bender


Emandus BENDER 1840-1896, with wife Mary C. BENDER 1842-1911, and Ora Blanche BENDER 1868(?)-1956


Frank P. BENDER 1851-1934, with wife Eliza Pealer BENDER 1850-1931, and daughter Anna Maude BENDER 1876-1880


Ivan H. BENDER d. 10/7/1898, aged 5m 23d, son of Walter and Blanche BENDER


J. Lee BENDER 1871-1948 Husb., with wife Hattie E. BENDER 1876-1961


Mary Agnes BENDER 1877-1880


R. Donivan BENDER 1902-1962, with B. Marie BENDER 1901-1959


Rebecca Markle BENDER    View 2 

3/25/1843-10/4/1908, husband was member of Co. A 178 Regt., Also Co. H 198 Regt. P.V. Infantry


Salome BENDER 1/25/1849-7/8/1917


Salome BENDER d. 11/4/1865, aged 56y 11m 16d, wife of Aaron BENDER


Samuel BENDER 2/18/1836-11/23/1887, with wife Elizabeth BENDER 7/5/1839-4/26/1896


Thomas Clement BENDER 1873-1933, with Gertrude BENDER 1879-1960


Walter R. BENDER 1879-1936, with wife Eva Blanche Lunger BENDER 1875-1924, and son Ivan Harold BENDER 1898


Ruth DEITTERICK 1918-1926


Alfred E. EVELAND 1904-1976, with Bernice B. EVELAND 1901-1975


Alvah B. EVELAND 1880-1955, with Susie M. EVELAND 1880-1961


Cletus W. EVELAND 1908-1977, with Gladys A. EVELAND 1912-1998


John W. EVELAND 1876-1955, with Effie E. EVELAND 1875-1967


Lendon EVELAND 1913-1950


Robert V. EVELAND 10/31/1920-7/29/1997


Velma EVELAND 1900-1913


Sarah H. Pealer FRITZ   View 2  View 3     1857-1941 "Aunt Sallie", with Eli PEALER 1844-1886 "Uncle Eli"


Alfred H. HESS d. 8/28/1910, aged 53y


Arden D. HESS 1/3/1931-9/16/1997


Benjamin C. HESS 9/12/1822-1/11/1899, with wife Mary M. HESS 1/11/1819-1/26/1859, and wife Mahala HESS 9/17/1823-1903


Harmon R. HESS 1906-1978 Father, with Vida D. HESS 1909-1935 Mother


J. F. HESS 1853-1938, with wife Alice HESS 1857-1920


John HESS d. 10/11/1868, aged 71y 3m 21d


Josiah HESS   View 2    4/19/1829-4/29/1896, aged 67y 10d


Kathryn Z. HESS 1886-1968, Daughter


Magdaline HESS d. 7/1?/1870, aged 70y 6m 6d, wife of John HESS


Martha A. HESS d. 11/28/1866, aged 6m 5d, daughter of B.C. and M. HESS


Martha Edgar HESS 1859-1944, Mother


Matilda HESS d. 2/11/1896, aged 73y 8m 1d


N. Wesley HESS 1853-1930, with wife Mary A. HESS 1857-1894, and Kathryn Z. HESS 1886-1968


Oran R. HESS 1898-1946 Father, with Alzine B. HESS 1902-1985 Mother


Oscar Jones HESS   View 2  

1855-1939 Father, with Effie Creasy HESS 1857-1941 Mother, Elmer C. HESS 1893-1951, and Mary M. HESS 1861-1951


Reuben HESS   View 2    d. 6/4/1866, aged 41y 9m 22d


Ruric C. HESS 1893-1952 Father, with Angie M. HESS 1895-1968 Mother


Russell W. HESS 6/1/1965-6/24/1965, Son


Sheldon G. HESS 7/20/1919-9/3/2002, with Mary E. HESS 7/4/1919-5/1/2001


W. Bruce HESS 1861-1945, with Alice M. HESS 1863-1918


A. Gwynn LAUBACH 1898-1933, with Florence M. LAUBACH 1898-1969


Darwood LAUBACH 1921-1999


Fred J. LAUBACH 1929-1930, with Infant 1930, and Infant 1931


G. H. LAUBACH 1868-1955, with Cora May LAUBACH 1869-1953


Philip M. LENKER   View 2 

7/14/1870-1948(?), with wife Sadie May Pealer LENKER 8/23/1876-1/10/19?7, wife Josephine LENKER 4/13/187?-?/20/1???, and Ella May LENKER 4/29/1873-1/11/1881


Abraham PEALER d. 9/28/1869, aged 23y 11m 24d, son of Abraham and Sarah PEALER


Eli PEALER   View 2   View 3  

1844-1886 "Uncle Eli", with Sarah H. Pealer FRITZ 1857-1941 "Aunt Sallie"


Frank D. PEALER 1906-1993, with Elda K. PEALER 1906-1973


Frank M. PEALER 1845-1924, with wife Rebecca C. PEALER 1852-1930, son Forester PEALER 1878-1886, and daughter Edna PEALER 1884-1918


H. Dean PEALER 1907-1982, with Ruth A. PEALER 1911-1999


John PEALER 1813-1865, with wife Caroline PEALER 1814-1894, and children Mary M. PEALER 1846-1848, Matilda PEALER 1836-1851, and Sarah A. PEALER b. 1848


P. Edward PEALER 1918-1997 Father, with Wanda G. PEALER 1950-1967 Beloved Dau. & Sister


Percy A. PEALER   View 2   View 3   View 4 

1897-1946, with F. Marion PEALER 1880-1947, and Emma B. PEALER 1880-1967


Veterans Memorial 




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