United Methodist

Church Cemetery


Fishing Creek Township

Columbia County


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Connie Laubach


Partial Survey



Victor F. ASH 1913-1992


Maggie A. EVELAND 1842-1924


Wesley E. EVELAND 1842-1929


Aaron HESS d. 3/15/1890, aged 76y 7m 7d, same stone as Julian Hess


Aron J. HESS 1852-1928, with Harriet A. HESS 1856-1912


Arthur J. HESS 1883-1959, with Bessie M. HESS 1888-1980


Benjamin HESS 1904-1907, son of Wm. and Willa Hess


B. W. HESS 1841-1919 Sargt. Co. E 209 Res. Penna. Vol., with wife Mary A. HESS 1846-1929


C. Donald HESS 1894-1980, with Carrie C. HESS 1888-1961


Carl W. HESS 1913-1986, with M. Ianthe HESS 1912-2004


Charles E. HESS 1903-1953, Pvt 13th --- BN WWII


Clark HESS 1885-1918, with Pearl HESS 1890-1977, and Harold HESS 1912-1988


Elizabeth HESS d. 12/11/1880, wife of J. H. Hess


Elmer S. HESS 1912-1992, with M. Elizabeth HESS 1926-2005, wed 9/20/1944


George W. HESS 1921-2002, with Frances E. HESS 1919-2004


Graydon M. HESS 11/22/1909-11/8/1995, with Esther M. HESS 5/25/1908-8/24/1987


Harmon J. HESS 1837-1897, Co. H. 198 Regt. Inft. PA. Vols. 1864-5, son of Joseph H. & Elizabeth Hess


Harrison HESS 1843-1923, with wife Lavona HESS 1852-1925(?)


Howard J. HESS 1899-1978, with Effie A. HESS 1899-1979, and Infant Son 1927


J. W. HESS    View 2   1867-1957, with wife Amanda E. HESS 1873-1931


Jos. H. HESS d. 9/2/1892, aged 78y 7m


Julian HESS    View 2   d. 1/21/1895, aged 81y 5m 13d, same stone as Aaron Hess


Kermit W. HESS 1934, with Barbara H. HESS 1941-1943


Lee R. HESS 1947-1985


Marvin HESS 1887-1955, with Nettie HESS 1881-1962


Nancy Culp HESS 1787-1877, wife of Charles Hess


Paul D. HESS 6/25/1914-6/1/1999, PFC US Army WWII


Peter HESS 8/14/1846(?)-1/9/1913, Co. E. 209 Regt.


Richard A. HESS 7/15/1930-12/26/1930


Robert F. HESS 1875-1953, with Lela E. Brittian HESS 1876-1942


Robert L. HESS 1920-1992


Rush B. HESS 3/2/1879-10/8/1965, with Bertha E. HESS 7/24/1878-8/5/1937


Sarah Jane HESS 1836-1906, wife of Harmon J. Hess, daughter of Jacob and Cathrine Markle


W. Wallace HESS 1881-1936, with Willa E. HESS 1882-1958


Walter HESS 1883-1964, with Jennie M. HESS 1885-1959


Zerbin O. HESS 1888-1951, with Nellie W. HESS 1885-1973


Irene S. ?/24/1905-7/1/1906


Charles R. PEALER    View 2   4/15/1873(?)-9/13/1910, son of S. J. and Samantha Pealer


Gertrude M. PEALER 1901-1977


Margaret PEALER 11/10/1810-2/19/1886


Paul PEALER 4/1/1813(?)-10/12/18??


Samuel Jason PEALER 1/18/1833-3/17/1919 Capt. Co. A 74 Regt P.V., with wife Samantha Coleman PEALER





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