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This Hewitt Cemetery Project was copied by permission from the Elk County PAGenWeb Project

Contributed by the Mt Zion Historical Society and Bob Nay

     Hewitt Cemetery Clearfield Co., PA as developed by Helen Scott Lovenduski and others for the Mt Zion Historical Society in January 2009. Special thanks to Chris Painter for sharing many of the tombstone photos for this cemetery. Hewitt Cemetery even though it is in Clearfield County has graves of those that lived in or near Bennett's Valley. We thank Helen and the Society for use of this cemetery transcription. Many old grave markers are very difficult to read. In addition, occasionally a typing mistake occurs. We apologize for any errors which may occur, and would appreciate any information that would help keep update this list as I have already done.

     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY: Located on the left, going North, off Route 255, at Mill Run, Clearfield County, Penna., 21 miles north of Du Bois, Penna.

Tombstone Photos - (partial survey)

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B(Probably Browell) R.N. GAR

BELL, Frankie S.,  July 14,1890 - Aug 10,1897 "Our Darling"




BLISS, ELECTRA, (Erona Brown), ( 1811) - Oct 3, 1884, Age 73 yrs 8M 8Dys, Wife of S.W. Bliss

BLISS, GEORGE, ( Jul. 27, 1837 ) - Dec 26, 1902, Aged 65yrs 5M 29 Ds, Son of Samuel Ward Bliss and Electra Brown Bliss

BLISS, SAMUEL W(ard)., ( Nov. 12, 1805) - Dec 9,1878,  Age 73 yrs 27 Dys

BROWELL, EDITH J., ( Jan. 23, 1881) - Aug 23,1902, Aged 21 yrs 7 ds, Dau. Of R. A. & M.J. Browell

BROWELL, Robert N., Apr. 20, 1881 - Nov. 2, 1887, Son of R.A. and M.J.

BROWN, HANNAH, d. July 8, 1855, in her 80th yr., "Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord"

CHALLINGSWORTH, DAVID, d. Dec 16,1897, aged 9 yrs, Son of John and Elizabeth

CHALLINGWORTH, JAMES, d. June 4, 1897, Aged 5 yrs 5m 5 dys, Son of John and Elizabeth

COOK, ELIZABETH, (Lucore), d.  March 6,1875, Aged 65 yrs 10m 21Ds, "Let her rest"

COOKER, F.R., Mar 1,1844 - Mar 12, 1936, "Father"

COOKER, L. ZELINA, April 28, 1849 - Oct 5, 1899, "Mother"

GRAY, CLARA A.,1865 - 1928

GRAY, Rachel, Nov 4,1888 - Aug 24, 1911, "Death is eternal life, Why should we weep?

GRAY, SAMUEL H., 1851 - 1915



HEVENER, GLEN F., d. Oct 16,1898, Age 1yr 3m 13 Dys, Son of J.A. & V.M. Hevener

HEVENER, JOHN, 1836 - 1915

HEVENER, PAUL R., Aug 18, 1898 - Aug 18, 1898, Son of J.A. & V.M. Hevener

HEWITT, ARRILLA, d. Dec 29, 1870, in her 54th yr, Wife of John B. Hewitt

HEWITT, ARVILLA, d. May 19,1882, Age 64 yrs 10M 11 Ds, "Was a kind & affectionate wife, mother & Friend"



HEWITT, EBENEZER, d. June 18, 1871, In his 89th yr, "In this work I had tribulations, In Christ if have peace"

HEWITT, EBENEZER J., d. Nov 7, 1878, Aged 24 yrs 8M & 11 dys, Son of Thomas and Ann Hewitt

HEWITT,  ERMINA, d. Jan 1, 1855, In her 26th yr.

HEWITT, HARRIET ANN, d. July 20, 1859, Aged 2yrs 8m & 24 dys, Daughter of T.W. & A Hewitt

HEWITT, J. CURTIS, d. Aug 22,1875, Age 21yrs 13ds, Son of J.B. & A. Hewitt

HEWITT, JOHN B., d. Oct 4, 1897, Age 82yr 5M 20 Ds, "The morning cometh", Monumental Bronze Marker


HEWITT, SARAH, d. Jan 22,1854, in her 67 year, "Not dead but sleepeth"

HEWITT,  Thomas W., (view 2 , 3), d. 16 May 1898, aged 80Y 4M 4D

HEWITT, ANNA, (view 2 , 3), d. 23 Apr 1907, aged 81Y 6M 4D

HEWITT, THOS. R., 1860 - 1928, "At Rest"

HEWITT, WILLIAM H., d. Feb 17, 1873, aged 18yrs 1m 24dys, Son of C.A. & Mary A. Hewitt

JACOBSON, George S., d. 16 Apr 1891, aged 17Y 10M 22D

KOOKER,  EMMA CURTIS,  d. April 23, 1869, Aged 28 days, Daughter of F. & Z. Cooker

LETTS, CHESTER A., d. Oct 10, 1888, aged 4yrs 11M 28d, "In Heaven"

LETTS, LAURA MAY BELLE, (view 2), d. April 20,1872, aged 11days, Daughter of T.W. & Susan Lett

LIBBEY, EMMA I., d. Aug. 10, 1872, Aged 11yrs 3 M, Daughter of J.G. & R.A.

LUCORE, MOSES W., d. Aug 31, 1875, aged 38Y 5M 23D,  1st Lieut. Co. C. 42 Rgt. PA. Bucktails

McGRINDER, ANN, d. Dec 6,1901, Aged 76 Yrs, "At Rest"

McGRINDER, JOHN, d. May 5, 1895, aged 68yrs 9 Mos, GAR flag marker

MOOREHOUSE, EDYTHE L., Daughter of Samuel & Emma, 1904 - 1930

MOOREHOUSE, SAM, 1867 - 1941


MOOREHOUSE, WILLIAM M., Sept 17, 1893 - April 27, 1899, "Gone but not forgotten"


SMITH, ELIZA M., 1863 - 1919, (maybe nee Park)

SMITH, J. W., 1884 - 1938, (may be called Henrey)

WALKER, KATIE, d. July 10, 1896, aged 28 yrs 3m & 18ds, Wife of David Walker

WALKER, THOMAS, Nov 10, 1829 - June 22, 1896, Jesus said be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life"

WHITEHOUSE, ELIZABETH, Feb 25,1844 - Sept 12, 1908, w/o S. Whitehouse, "At Rest"

WHITEHOUSE, SAMUEL, May 12, 1838 - July 7, 1900, "He has laid life's burdens down"

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