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beccaria-highschool.txt Beccaria Township High School, Coalport, ca. 1940 Nov 2012 Ellis Michaels
bthsgrad7285gph.txt Beccaria Township High School Graduates, 1919 Aug 2014 Melissa Jaarsma
blaincit7288gph.txt Blain City Grade School, ca. 1919 Aug 2014 Melissa Jaarsma
bradford-consolidated-school.txt Bradford Consolidated School, ca. 1925 May 2009 Ellis Michaels
centresc3235.txt Centre School at Hyde, 1908 Aug 2007 Claire White
clearfield-high-school.txt Clearfield High School, 1925 May 2009 Ellis Michaels
clearfield high-school-02.txt Clearfield High School Jun 2009 Ellis Michaels
highschool-clearfield.txt Clearfield High School, ca. 1909 Jul 2009 Ellis Michaels
3wardschool-clearfield.txt 3rd Ward Public School, Clearfield, ca. 1909 Feb 2011 Ellis Michaels
thirdwardschool-clearfield.txt Third Ward School, Clearfield, ca. 1916 May 2011 Ellis Michaels
1933-1934.txt Directory Of Teachers of Clearfield County 1933-1934 Nov 2010 Ellis Michaels
convent-dubois.txt DuBois Convent and Parochial School, ca. 1910 Aug 2009 Ellis Michaels
dubois-gradeschool1893.txt DuBois Grade School 1893 Jul 2009 William Barron
dubois-high-school.txt DuBois High School, Pa., ca. 1913 Jun 2009 Ellis Michaels
highschool-dubois2.txt DuBois High School, ca. 1930 Mar 2011 Ellis Michaels
highschool-dubois.txt DuBois High School, Pa., ca. 1950 Aug 2009 Ellis Michaels
fourthwardschool-dubois.txt Fourth Ward School House, DuBois, ca. 1911 Sep 2011 Ellis Michaels
ginterschool-gulich.txt Ginter Grade School, ca. 1912 Jul 2009 Shawn McCormick
ginter-1912.txt Ginter Grade School, Miss Iva Ginter teacher, ca. 1912 Aug 2009 Shawn McCormick
school-grampian.txt School Building, Grampian, ca. 1908 Oct 2011 Ellis Michaels
grassflat-roster-1896.txt Grassflat Class Roster 1896-1897 Aug 2011 Jeni Hill Ertmer
huston-graduation-1915.txt Huston High School Graduation Program 1915 Mar 2010 Chris Painter
huston-graduation-1940.txt Huston High School Graduation Program 1940 Mar 2010 Chris Painter
huston-graduation-1950.txt Huston High School Graduation Program 1950 Mar 2010 Chris Painter
huston-reunion-1985.txt Huston High School 87th Reunion - 1985 Mar 2010 Chris Painter
hyde-consolidated-school.txt Hyde Consolidated School Building, ca. 1925 May 2009 Ellis Michaels
hyde-elemantary-1931.txt Hyde Elementary School 1931 Jul 2008 Claire White
hyde-elementary-1937.txt Hyde Elementary School 1937 Jul 2008 Claire White
highschool-karthaus.txt High School Building, Karthaus, ca 1912 Jun 2011 Ellis Michaels
morrisdale-homecoming1951.txt Morris Township High School Alumni Homecoming 1905 - 1951 Aug 2009 Ellis Michaels
mahaffeyschool-elementary.txt Mahaffey School, Room No. II, ca. 1890 - 1900 Aug 2009 Ellis Michaels
mahaffeyschool-high.txt Mahaffey School, ca. 1890 - 1900 Aug 2009 Ellis Michaels
school-mahaffey.txt Mahaffey School, Mahaffey, ca. 1910 Mar 2010 Ellis Michaels
morannel6384gph.txt Morann Elementary School, ca. 1930, Gulich Tp. Apr 2011 Betty Tazreak Davies
moranngr6775gph.txt Morann Grade School, ca. 1940, Gulich Tp. Feb 2012 Betty Davies
morrisdale-1926.txt Morrisdale High School Graduating Class, 1926 Aug 2011 Jeni Hill Ertmer
pealeschool-1896.txt Peale School Class - 1896 Aug 2011 Jeni Hill Ertmer
penfield-graduation-1904.txt Penfield High School 1904 Graduation Announcement, image 1 , 2 , 3 Mar 2010 Chris Painter
schoolhouse-rockton.txt Rockton School House, date unknown Jul 2009 USGW Penny Postcard
rosebud17286gph.txt Rosebud Grade School, 1919 Aug 2014 Melissa Jaarsma
schools-clearfield.txt Schools of Clearfield Town and Borough, 1917 Jan 2011 Ellis Michaels


Clearfield High School

bison-1930.txt Bison 1930 - Clearfield High School Sep 2010 Ellis Michaels

DuBois High School

clipper-1925.txt Clipper 1925 - DuBois High School Oct 2010 Ellis Michaels


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