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Here are some tips from the PAGenWeb Tombstone Project

Search the Chester Co., PAGenWeb Archives Tombstone Images

NOTE: This search tool is a work in progress and currently not all of the images are searchable.

Dan Lindley is willing to take pictures of tombstones in the cemeteries to which he has made a contribution to the PAGenWeb Archives.  Most of the Cemeteries to which he has access are in Northern Chester County, Pennsylvania. If you are unsure of your cemeteries location, send the request to be considered. Please provide as much of the following information as possible. People have a tendency to give only the information they ‘think’ he needs. He doesn’t like to guess or figure out all the details if he doesn’t have to. The more information he gets, the easier the task. Please remember- he volunteers to do this photography.

And he hates “shot gun blast” requests- “Give me all the Jones’s in the ABC Cemetery.” If he happens to run across other graves in your cemetery with the same surname(s) as your photo request, he will include them in the contribution to the page. Send an email and reply in the form of a list- not a narrative.

  1. Full Name- First, Middle and Last (really essential) a. Add relationship (wife, husband. Brother, sister,...) to another if pertinent
  2. Date of Birth (not essential, but nice to have)
  3. Date of Death (really essential Month/Day/Year) a. Most cemeteries have burials in chronological order, so just a year makes the search more arduous, just a month and year makes it a little less arduous, Month Day and Year gets him out into the field to take the picture.
  4. Do you know which cemetery the burial is in?
    1. No? Who knows if he’ll find them, but you can try.
    2. Wow, do you know the plot number?
  5. What funeral Home provided the services or burial? a. This can tell what cemetery the burial is in if you don’t know. But then that takes some research on Dan’s part and delays the process.
  6. Do you have an obituary, and can you provide it in the email?
    a. If you send him the obituary Cyndie is really good about including that with the picture that he sends back.
  7. Last known address is some times helpful if you don’t know the cemetery. (City and State is sufficient) exact address is a plus.

When he finds and photographs your stone, he will send it to Cyndie and send you an email telling you to look for it. Be patient! Then you can download it and share it with your family- or direct them to the web site.

OK- there’s the ground rules. Let Dan know if he can help!

Chester County File Manager - Gary Caldwell

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