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Filename Description Date Submitter
mcelhatton-p.txt McELHATTON, Patrick; Notice of Naturalization (1912) Oct 2006 Dan Lindley
wright-w.txt WRIGHT, William; Declaration of Intent to Naturalize (1828) Jul 2003 Rosanne Wright
ships-indx.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; Index of names 1681-1687 Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ships1681.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; 1681 ("Thomas and Anne") Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ships1682.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; 1682 ("Antelope", "Elizabeth Anne and Catherine", "Freeman", "Friends' Adventure", "Friendship, "Hester and Hannah", "Lion", "Morning Starr", "Providence", "Samuel", "Society", "Submission", "Unicorne", "Welcome") Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ships1683.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; 1683 ("America", "Briston Comfort", "Comfort of Bristol", "Eliz. and Mary", "Endeavr.", "Lion of Liverpool", "Liver (Levee)", "Morning Star", "Providence", "Samuel and Mary", "Unicorne of Briston", "Welcome") Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ships1684.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; 1684 ("Vine") Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ships1685.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; 1685 ("Bristoll Merchant", "Charles", "Ffrancis and Dorothy", "Rebecca", "Vnicorne") Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ships1686.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; 1686 ("Amity", "The Desire", "The Jeffries" or "The Jeffry") Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
ships1687.txt Early Chester County Arrivals; 1687 ("The Margaret") Feb 2003 Sandra Ferguson
delaware1684.txt The "Delaware" Arrivals; 1684 Dec 2003 Sandra Ferguson
endeavor1683.txt The "Endeavor" Arrivals; 1683 Dec 2003 Sandra Ferguson
merionpassengers.txt Arrivals from Merion MM Minutes Mar 2005 Eliz Hanebury
quakers01.txt Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia; 1682-1750 Nov 2003 Sandra Ferguson
naturalize01.txt Naturalization Abstracts; 1832 May 2006 Nancy Annie Odegard

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