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Emmanuel's Church Cemetery, Tusseyville

bitner-barbara.txt Barbara BITNER, 1844 Feb 2005 Jesse Davis
bitner-david.txt David BITNER, 1857 Feb 2005 Jesse Davis
bitner-eliz.txt Elizabeth BITNER, 1783-1852 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
bitner-henry.txt Henry BITNER, 1862 Feb 2005 Jesse Davis
colyer-mary.txt Mary COLYER, 1857 Feb 2005 Jesse Davis
colyer-wm.txt William COLYER, 1837-1909 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
hubler-klinefelter.txt HUBLER / KLINEFELTER Family Feb 2005 Jesse Davis
tate-ethel.txt Ethel H. TATE, 1977 Feb 2005 Jesse Davis

Pine Hall Cemetery, Ferguson Township

corl-daniel.txt Daniel Otis & Elsie (CRAMER) CORL May 2005 Terry Griffith
cramer-jacob.txt Jacob & Elizabeth M. (REISH) CRAMER May 2005 Terry Griffith
cramer-john.txt John & Christina CRAMER May 2005 Terry Griffith
cramer-john-a.txt John A. CRAMER May 2005 Terry Griffith
cramer-wm-m.txt William M. & Elizabeth L. (MARKLE) CRAMER May 2005 Terry Griffith
hoy-joseph-h.txt Joseph H. & Mary E. (CRAMER) HOY May 2005 Terry Griffith
pine-hall.txt Pine Hall Cemetery, Ferguson Township May 2005 Terry Triffith
tressler-david.txt David & Hannah M. (CRAMER) TRESSLER May 2005 Terry Griffith

Reformed and Lutheran Church Cemetery, Tusseyville

nevel-george.txt George NEVEL, 1886-1911 Feb 2005 Jesse Davis

Zion Hill Cemetery, Tusseyville

zion-hill-sign.txt Zion Hill Cemetery Feb 2005 Jesse Davis
confer-john-w.txt John William CONFER, 1859-1928 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
cooney-geo-m.txt George McClellan COONEY, 1862-1937

Doubalinia C. COONEY, 1867-1950

Jan 2005 Jesse Davis
coulter-frances-e.txt Frances E. (FOHRINGER) COULTER, 1996 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-bill-n.txt Billy N. HORNER (2), 1927-1975 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-harry.txt Harry W. HORNER, 1900-1968 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-harvey.txt Harvey M. HORNER, 1880-1952

Mary C. HORNER, 1880-1948

Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-james.txt James HORNER, 1857-1913 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-john-h.txt John H. HORNER, 1917-1945 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-marlin.txt Marlin W. HORNER, 1933-1969 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-mary.txt Mary HORNER, 1900?-1913 Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-orvis.txt Orvis Lee HORNER, 1889-1963

Sara Belle HORNER, 1886-1961

Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
horner-kline.txt HORNER-KLINE Family Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
klinefelter-fred.txt Fred W. KLINEFELTER, 1886-1950 Jan 2005 Jesse Davis
lingle-calvin.txt Calvin L. LINGLE, 1885-1975

Mary (NEVEL) LINGLE, 1904-1942

Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
slaterbeck-arthur.txt Arthur L. SLATERBECK, 1871-1947

Ida (STOVER) SLATERBECK, 1870-1939

Mar 2005 Jesse Davis
weaver-harry.txt Harry D. WEAVER, 1887-1930

Minnie M. WEAVER, 1892-1971

Mar 2005 Jesse Davis



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