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Partial Transcription


Contributed by Robert E. Seeley



H.H.B with M.C.B, contributor's family believes this is Harvey Bloom, Peter's father, and his mother.


Amanda BLOOM d. 10/9/1892, aged 10y 8m 9d, daughter of Henry Bloom and Mary Clymer


Blanche E. BLOOM 4/23/1896-1/14/1948, with Cleveland BLOOM 1/7/1894-11/06/1972, children of Frank H. Bloom and Addie Smith


Calvin H. BLOOM 4/20/1864-6/15/1912, son of William Bloom and Sarah Hunsberger


Christine BLOOM 3/22/1795-10/1/1877, nee Heller, born Richland Twp., married Peter D. Bloom 5/8/1823 Tochickon Ref. Church, Bedminster Twp.


Edward C. BLOOM 1908-1974, WW II Veteran


Edward H. BLOOM 2/1/1862-8/1/1946 son of William Bloom and Sarah Hunsberger, with wife Carrie M. BLOOM 1874-1927, and daughter Mildred I. 1905-1907


Frank H. BLOOM 11/14/1852-4/20/1941, with wife Addie BLOOM nee Smith 8/18/1860-8/26/1931 daughter of Henry and Barbara Swartley Smith, and son Harry BLOOM 2/3/1895-4/25/1943


Harvey BLOOM 4/8/1824-7/15/1868, son of Peter Bloom and Christine Heller


Henry H. BLOOM 9/14/1832-12/21/1895, husband of Mary Clymer, son of Peter Bloom and Christine Heller


Madeline BLOOM 1/13/1910-11/1/1989, with Beatrice GODSHALL 5/30/1902-2/17/1994


Mary BLOOM 1903-1999


Mary Clymer BLOOM 10/25/1836-1/8/1898, nee Clymer, wife of Henry Bloom


Peter BLOOM 10/26/1792-6/30/1875 (on cemetery records), married Christine Heller 5/8/1823 in Bedminster Twp. According to W.W.H. Davis History Of Bucks County, Peter D. Bloom was born 10/26/1777 in Hunterdon County, NJ at Little York and died 6/5/1875. Peter was twice elected State Representative by the Democratic Party In Pa. He worked for his Uncle at a tannery at Leidytown for 8 years. The father of Peter, according to Davis, is Harvey Bloom.


Wilhelmina BLOOM 7/21/1861-2/22/1916


William BLOOM 8/26/1825-1/15/1909 son of Peter Bloom and Christine Heller, with wife Sarah BLOOM nee Hunsberger 3/22/1827-12/29/1904, daughter of Samuel Hunsberger and Maria Erdman


William Packer BLOOM 2/24/1860-11/1/1928, son of William Bloom and Sarah Hunsberger


Emaline KILE 12/28/1836-1/16/1866, nee Bloom, wife of Henry Kile, daughter of Peter Bloom and Christine Heller


Francis KILE 6/12/1818-4/21/1893, and wife Catherine KILE 7/28/1818-5/2/1900


Henry B. KILE 2/28/1828-8/15/1897, husband of Emaline Bloom


William H. MOORE Jr. 1897-1963, WWI Veteran


Henry SMITH 5/14/1806-1/9/1862, with wife Barbara SMITH nee Swartley 8/20/1816-1/1/1901, and daughter Emaline SMITH 12/27/1844-1/31/1863


Lizzie SMITH 9/8/1852-10/26/1931 daughter of Henry Smith and Barbara Swartley, with Frank BLOOM b. 6/8/1839 and Naomi BLOOM 4/15/18?3-8/19/1953 Frank & Naomi are husband & wife and Naomi maiden name is Wright. It is also believed that Frank is the son of Frank Bloom and Addie Smith.


Bertha A. SWARTLEY 12/8/1887-4/15/1971, with Alma A. SWARTLEY 2/13/1895-2/11/1987


Howard A. SWARTLEY 5/9/1886-12/15/1923


Sallie J. SWARTLEY 11/2/1861-11/3/1933


William R. SWARTLEY 10/4/1854-2/17/1922




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