Slate Hill



Yardley-Morrisville Road & Mahlon Drive


Lower Makefield Township

Bucks County


Contributed by Chris Clemmer


Below is a complete photo inventory of all

visible stones found in October 2007.


There are also over

275 unmarked graves.



Elizabeth D. ABRAMS 1850-1918


William J. ABRAMS 3/20/1850-8/20/1906


Adelaide d. 3/20/1861(?), aged 8y 2m 18d


Abram(?) ANDERSON 


Albert ANDERSON d. 1/11/1885, aged 60y


Elias ANDERSON d. 3/?/1816(?), aged 46y(?) 6d


Huldah Ann ANDERSON d. 3/4/181?, aged 5y 11m 20d, daughter of ? S. Anderson


Sarah ANDERSON d. 5/24/1859, aged ?y, 8m 8d(?), wife(?) of Elias Anderson


Kitty ASH same stone as James & Ann Stuart, Mary Downey, and Margaret Devlin


Henry BAKER d. 12/23/1827, aged ?0y


Mary B. BAKER d. 10/16/1832, aged 53y(?), wife of Henry Baker


Samuel BAKER d. 4/18/1813, aged 64y 2m 11d


Samuel BAKER Jr. d. 2/28/1816(?), aged 25y 6m 1d


Susannah C. BOOZ d. 6/22/1853, aged 38y, wife of Peter Booz


Abraham BROWN d. 10/25/1896, aged 94y


Adonijah BROWN 10/11/1796-2/26/1878


Elwood BROWN d. 7/8/1886, aged 42y


Isreal BROWN 


Rachel BROWN d. 2/2/1891, aged 86y


Susana BROWN d. 2/19/1867, aged 52y


William H. BROWN d. 8/2/1907(?), aged 40y


Sarah BUNYAN d. 3/29/1833, wife(?) of Elijah Bunyan


Charles CHAMBERS 2/22/1812-3/21/1896


Ebenezer CHAMBERS d. 5/?0/1907(?), aged ?y


Ebenezer CHAMBERS d. 9/17/1904, aged 79y(?)




Hannah CLARK d. 5/24/1893, aged 50y


James E. CLARK d. 11/10/1895, aged 36y


Jane CLARK d. 5/19/????, aged 33y(?)


Mary CLAWSON d. 2/23/1848(?), aged 83y, widow of Wm. Clawson


Margaret CLOSSON d. ?/19/1817(?), wife of William Closson


Susan CLOSSON d. 5/?/1810(?), wife of William Closson


William CLOSSON d. 3/24/1863, aged 58y(?)


George CONGO d. 2/22/1901, aged 55y, Co. A 22 ? Col. Infy.


Aaron I. COOK d. 6/24/1891, aged 77y


Abigail S. COOK 1854-1856


Jane COOK 1840-1843


Laetitia R. COOK d. 2/26/1873(?), aged 59y, wife of Aaron Cook


Lucilla COOK d. 10/26/184?, aged ?y, wife of David T. Levins


Lucilla L. COOK 1842-18??


Sarah B. COOK d. 7/16(?)/1911, aged 60y(?), daughter of ? And Laetitia Cook


William DEMBY 10/9/1845-10/1/1888, with William Arthur DEMBY 11/5/1887-5/1/1888(?)


Ann DERBYSHIRE ?/23/1779(?)-?/29/1836(?)




Margaret DEVLIN with James & Ann Stuart, Mary Downey and Kitty Ash


Mary DOWNEY with Kitty Ash and James & Ann Stuart


Henry(?) DUBOIS ?/28/1851-1/2/1863, son of Charles(?) and Mary(?) Dubois


Alexander DUNCAN d. 4/8/1883, aged 38y, son of James and Mary Duncan


Andrew DUNCAN d. 2/?/1858 aged 10y, with Robert DUNCAN d. 2/3/1858 aged 6y, sons of James and Mary Duncan


James DUNCAN d. 8/23/1880, aged 83y


Mary DUNCAN d. 2/27/1890, aged 93y


William DUNCAN d. 8/12/1887, aged 52y, son of James and Mary Duncan, So. K. 35th Regt. N.J. Vol.


Jefferson ELY d. 3/18/1896, aged 56y(?), Co. K(?) ? Regt.


Emma d. 1846(?)


Nellie M. FRY 1841-1912


Hiram FRYE d. 9/6/1888, aged 51y


Elizabeth FURMAN 8/?/18??-?/28/188?, wife of Jonathan Furman Sr.


Jonathan FURMAN Sr. d. 11/8/188?


Torbut GANGES d. 7/15/1897, aged 59y, Co. H. 32nd Regt. Cal. Vol.


William GANGES d. 12/31/1901, Co. H. 32 Regt. U.S. Col. Vols.


Cora E. GILBERT d. 4/7/190?, aged 16y


John GILES 3/20/1808-1/4/1864


Harriet GIRTON(?) 1821-1902


Jane S. GIRTON 9/22/1822-5/7/1889


John S. GIRTON 4/27/1817-9/8/1891


Maria Caroline GIRTON 7/24/1846-7/10/1860, daughter of John & Jane Girton


Unknown GIRTON d. ?/29/186?, aged 20y 2m 1d


Geo. W. GREGAR 11/13/1879-4/19/1884


Henry GREGAR 2/28/1881-7/21/1881


Lorena M. GREGAR 4/19/1883-2/18/1884


Samuel HARMAN d. 7/25/1901, aged 59y, Co. F. 24 Regt. U.S.C.T.


Joseph B. HEATON d. 3/16/190?, Co. H 138 Regt. Penn. Vol.


William H. HILL d. 7/16/1904, aged 76y, U.S. Navy


Ellen V. Long HOFFMEISTER 1/16/1874-7/27/1894, wife of William Hoffmeister


Katie HOFFMEISTER 1/19(?)/1893-8/13/1893, daughter of William and Ellen V. Hoffmeister


Jasper A. HOUGH d. 5/22/1906, aged 52y


John HOUGH d. 12(?)/30/1809(?), aged 60y


William M. HOUGH d. 7/30/1854 aged 54y 6m 17d, with Mary D. HOUGH d. 12/11/1895 aged 88y, and daughter Elizabeth D. d. 1/19/1835 aged 1y 10m 8d


John HOWELL d. 3/3(?)/1816(?), aged 43y(?)




Illegible Stones:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 


J. J. 


James -------s 


Alfred JERAULD Jr. 1832-1909, husband of Martha E. White Jerauld, Co. A 9 Regt. Rhode Island Vol. Infantry


Martha E. White JERAULD 1854-1918, wife of Alfred Jerauld Jr.


Andrew M. JOHNSON 12/21/1850-6/11/1914(?)


Bertha A. JOHNSON daughter of A----- and Carrie Johnson


Elizabeth JOHNSON d. 8/19/1870, aged 53y, wife of James Johnson




Jonathan JOHNSON 10/23/1809-8/15/1885


Rebecca JOHNSON 2/?/????-12/?/1887(?)


Joseph KNOWLS d. 2/?/1760, aged 43y


Charles E. LEEDOM 2/4/1832-1/28/1897(?)


John LEEDOM 1/23/1830(?)-?/21(?)/1897


Joseph S. LEEDOM son of Elijah and Mary Leedom


Mary LEEDOM 6/16/18??-8/11/????, daughter(?) of E. Leedom


Alice A. LEWIS d. 8/8/18??, aged 17y(?), wife(?) of Charles Lewis


Charles LEWIS d. 8/11/1896(?), aged 69y


Charles W. LEWIS d. 3/18/1885, aged 18y 2m 11d


Helen A. LEWIS d. 8/3/1880(?), aged 3y, daughter of Elmer S. and Evlyn M. Lewis


Sarah LEWIS d. 9/?/1880(?), aged 8y(?)


William LEWIS d. 4/12(?)/187?


John LOVE b. Ireland, d. 9/6/1849(?)


Alethia MAIS 8/18/1816-10/6/1856(?), wife of ? Mais, daughter of ?


Jessie R. MATLOCK 5/10/1898-5/15/1900, daughter of Benj. & Louisa Matlock


Thomas MAYS 1862-1913, with wife Betty MAYS 1875-1914


Edward McGINNIS d. 12/26/1906, aged 67y, Co. G 5th Reg. PA. Cav.


Timothy McGINNIS d. 12/?/1866 aged 72y(?), with wife Hannah McGINNIS d. 3/10/1874 aged 74y


Annie McLEES d. 4/11/1860 aged 4y, with Mary J. McLEES d. 9/6/1860 aged 9m


Maria McLEESE d. 9/27/1879, aged 16y 8m, daughter of James(?) and ? McLeese


William McLEESE d. 1875


Thomas MILLER d. 4/18/1884, Co. F 24th Regt. U.S. Colored Troops


John MOORE d. 7/8/1849, aged 60y


LeRoy MOORE 1900-1908


Mary MOORE d. 1/4/1848(?), aged 2y, daughter of James P.(?) & ? Moore


Jefferson MOSLEY d. 10/2?/1908, Co. E. 25th U.S. Col. Troops


John NEELD 4/21/1777-11/15/1858


Joseph NEELD d. 1(?)/18/1847(?), aged 80y(?)


Mary NEELD 12/25/1779(?)-2/20/1846, wife of John Neeld


Rosamond NEELD d. 8/19/1874, aged 57y


Thomas NEELD d. 10/18/1861(?), aged 21y 6m


William NEELD d. 3/13/186?, aged 61y, son of Joseph and Martha Neeld


William P. NEELD d. 10/23/1863, aged 26y


Cormack NICKLESON d. 12/13/1831(?)


Elizabeth B. OGELBY d. 2/19/1876, aged 59y, wife of John L. Ogelby


John D. OGELBY d. 11/16/18??, aged 2?y


John L. OGELBY d. 3/13/1864, aged 57y


Ann OPPY d. 12/27/1844, aged 81y(?), wife of Benjamin Oppy


Hester POWNALL d. 6/2/1871, aged 73y


Anna H. RICHARDSON d. 3/16/1881, aged 57y 3m 1d


Homasen RICHARDSON d. 10/1/1855, aged 71y 6m, Our Mother


Joseph RICHARDSON d. 5/15/1846, aged 63y 1m, Our Father


Joseph T. RILEY d. 11/30/1917, aged 77y, Priv. Co. E. 2 Reg. N. J. Cav


Elizabeth ROBISON wife of James


John ROSE d. 12/29/188?, aged 53y, Co. D. 51 Regt. Pa. Vet. Vol.


Matthew ROSE d. 9/22/1874 aged 31y, with Susie E. ROSE d. 2/22/1875 aged 11m


Susanna ROSE d. 9/4/1851(?), wife of Thomas Rose, formerly widow of Jacob Shick(?)


Joseph SHARP 1698, son of Christopher


Anna L. SHRUBEY d. 9/22/1898, aged 29y, daughter of James and Eliza Shrubey


Mary SLEIN d. 6/10/1876, aged 83y, a native of the Coutny Antrim Ireland


Danil R. SNYDER d. 11/6/1885, aged 73y 9m 26d


Jane D. SNYDER d. 6/10/1885, aged 72y 2m 11d


Charles SOPRIS d. 1879, aged 70y, erected by ?, I.O. of O.F. No. 426 Pa.


Anna Girton SOUTH 10/14/1841-6/15/1904, wife of Isaac W. South


Baby SOUTH son of Isaac W. and Anna G. South


Child SOUTH of Isaac W. and Anna G. South


James STEWART d. 11/23/1857, aged 40y(?)


Isaiah STOCKTON 10/1/1817-3/25/1891


John STOCKTON d. 8(?)/19/18??, aged 77y


Mary STOCKTON d. 4/14(?)/1851, aged 75y 10m 5d, widow of John Stockton


Mary STOCKTON 3/26/1813-5/18/1862, daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Derbyshire


Sarah STOCKTON 2/6/1810(?)-3/29/1899(?)


Mary STRADLER d. 7/29(?)/1889(?), aged 55y(?)


Anna R. STRUTHERS 8/22/1841-4/10/1905, wife of William R. Struthers


James STUART with Ann Stuart, Margaret Devlin, Mary Downey and Kitty Ash


Moses H. SUBER d. 10/3/1863, 1st Lieut. Co. I 20 Pa. Cav.


Patrick TRACY d. 10/31/1887, Co. B(?)


Jacob VANARTSDALE d. aged 45y


Charles E. VANHORN d. 4/6/1872, son of John and Ellen Vanhorn


George W. VANHORN d. 1/22/1844(?), aged 3y 11m 15d, son of John and Ellen Vanhorn


Joseph VANHORN d. 10/3/18??, aged ?8y


Margaret(?) VANHORN d. 1828(?), aged 76y(?) 6m 3d


Patterson VANHORN d. 1879(?)


Thomas S. VANHORN 12/1/1824-9/3/1892


William VANHORN son of John and Eliza Vanhorn


Mary Estella VAN PELT 10/9/1878-6/12/1883, daughter of John and Isabella Van Pelt


John VANSANT d. 12/18/1849(?)




Joshua VANSANT d. 2/21/18?1, aged 75y


Barbara VANZANT 9/19/1791-11/27/1872


Mary E. WHARTON d. 8/25/1889, aged 45y


Rebecca D. WHARTON 1872-1872


Ulysses C. WHARTON 8/16(?)/1868-9/17/1929


Amanda WHITE daughter of George and Mary White


Anderena WHITE d. 9/14/1849(?), aged 3y 5m, daughter of Charles and Ann White


Ann WHITE d. 8/18/1849, aged 48y, wife of Charles White


Charles A. WHITE d. 11/2/1863, aged 56y


Harvey G. WHITE d. 1/20/1864, aged 53y


Leah C. WHITE d. 11/23/1834(?), aged 26y(?), wife of Ephraim A. White


Martha B. WHITE d. 2/3/1859(?), aged 48y, wife of Charles A. White


Mary Ella WHITE d. 4/?/1866, aged 18y, daughter of Charles A. and Martha B. White


Orlando WHITE 3/5/1851-2/24/1900


Elen WILLIAMS d. 2/26/1872, aged 54y, wife of George Williams


George C. WILLIAMS 8/11/1835-10/31/1911, son of A.W. and L. Williams


Ann WORTHINGTON d. 3/13/1865, aged 86y




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