United Methodist

Church Cemetery


York and Street Roads

Lahaska, Bucks County


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Mabel V. BAKER 1886-1957, wife of David Baker


Bennie CARVER 


Hattie S. CARVER d. 2/7/1876, aged 3y, daughter of ? And S. M. Carver


Susanna M. CARVER 6/4/1830-12/15/1918


William W. CARVER 9/13/1827-1/19/1903


Margaret Naylor CATHERS  wife of Thomas, "Sister"


Grace COOPER d. 11/18/1868, aged 69y(?)


Mealy DAVIS d. 11/6/1826




Wm. Raymond FLINN 1886-1952, with Marietta C. FLINN 1883-1971


Ely R. GRIFFITH d. 7/23/1922 aged 67y, with Elizabeth W. GRIFFITH d. 4/5/1897 aged 63y 6d


Joseph S. GRIFFITH 1865-1914


L. S. G. 


Lydia S. GRIFFITH d. 10/8/1869, aged 1y 11m 18(?)d, daughter of Ely P. and Elizabeth W. Griffeth (sic)


Mary C. GRIFFITH 8/21/1863-9/5/1881, daughter of Ely P. and E. W. Griffith


William A. HAVENS 1884-1951, with Kathryn K. HAVENS 1886-19--


Ruth C. HEINEMEYER 10/28/1909-2/7/1984, Womens Overseas Service League


Clyde M. HELLER d. 6/2/1893, aged 4y(?) 6m 19d, son of F. E. and S. A. Heller, "Our Brother"


Frederick HELLER 1843-1919


George M. HELLER 6/20/1872-3/7/1943


Sarah Ann Mahan HELLER 1839-1907, wife of Fred E. Heller




Casper KECK 1815-1899 ? Regt. Penna. Vol. GAR, with wife Catherine KECK 1814-1895


Frederick KECK 1856-1941, with wife Mary E. KECK 1866-1923


E. S. M. 


Charles Holcombe MAGILL 8/24/1895-2/22/1988, CPL US Army WW I


David H. MAGILL 2/2/1893-2/27/1955


Katie H. MAGILL 10/13/1868-8/29/1913


James M. MILNOR 


L. N. 


Hanna M. NAYLOR d. 2/9/1889, aged 28y 10m 1d, wife of Robert M. Naylor


Henry NAYLOR d. 4/13/1816, son of Wm. And Elizabeth Naylor


Andrew J. OTT 1864-1957, with Wilhelmina M. OTT 1870-1953, and Helen Fischere OTT 1902-1968


Catherine OTT  2/24/18xx Aged 37 yr 8 mo 27 days


Charles S. PAST d. 4/8/1889, aged 19y, erected by his grandfather Wm. Past


Howard PAST 


Mary K. PAST 


Caroline PEARSON 1842-1907, wife of Merrick Pearson


Reba Magill QUINN 6/1/1897-2/24/1991


Andorah REFSNIDER(?) 1/4/1860-11/14/1860


C. A. SLIFFER d. 7/10/1841


Unknown SLIFFER d. 5/26/1819


Estella SODEN d. 4/16/1932, aged 75y 11m, wife of Lemuel F. Soden


Estella SODEN d. 9/13/1895, aged 12y 20d, daughter of Lemuel F. and Estella L. Soden


Lemuel F. SODEN d. 12/24/1934, aged 84y 10m, husband of Estella L. Soden






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