Hilltown Baptist

Church Cemetery


Hilltown Township



First church built in 1737 by

Rev. William Thomas,

who donated four acres to the church.


Partial Transcription


Contributed by Robert E. Seeley



Dinah MATHIAS wife of Rev. Joseph Mathias, daughter of Benjamin Mathews and Dinah Thomas


John H. MATHIAS 6/22/1811-10/30/1881 elected Deacon 7/21/1855, with wife Jane Mason MATHIAS 10/28/1819-12/28/1897


Rev. Joseph MATHIAS 5/1778-3/12/1851, husband of Dinah Mathews. According to the book "Walking Down Memory Lane" by Edna M. Lewis Loux, he was baptized 9/29/1799 and was Pastor from 1804-1850 at Hilltown Baptist Church.


Benjamin MORRIS 9/7/1748-4/2/1833, aged 84y 6m 25d, husband of Mary Mason and son of Morris Morris and Gwentley Thomas, Rev. War Veteran and was a clockmaker.


Burgiss A. MORRIS d. 12/20/1847, aged 40y 11m 8d, husband of Mary Raile, son of Isaac Morris and Rachel Matthews


Catharine MORRIS d. 10/27/1838, aged 60y 1m 17d, buried next to Jehu's stone and believed to be his sister and daughter of Benjamin Morris and Mary Mason


Eliza MORRIS d. 8/28/1803, aged 38y, first wife of Isaac Morris, nee Mathias


Isaac MORRIS d. 9/12/1843, aged 79y 1m(?) 8d, husband of Elias Mathias and Rachel Matthews, son of William Morris and Ann Griffith


Jehu MORRIS d. 3/17/1833, son of Benjamin Morris and Mary Mason


Mary MORRIS 7/1/1751-1/7/1813, aged 62y 1m, wife of Benjamin Morris, nee Mason


Mary MORRIS d. 6/20/1837, aged 21y, wife of Burgess Alison Morris, nee Raile


Oliver G. MORRIS 1837-1918 son of Burgess Morris and Mary Raile, with wife Susanna Snyder MORRIS 1840-1913, children John D. 1861-1864, Allison M. 1866-1866, Arthur S. 1877-1886, and Mary M. HAMILTON 1870-1940


Morris MORRIS d. 11/19/1767, aged 56y, husband of Gwentley Thomas, son of Cadwallader Morris and Elizabeth Morgan (sister of Sara Morgan mother of Daniel Boone) who grew up in the Morgan Log House.


Rachel MORRIS d. 8/1856, aged 85y 5m 7d, wife of Isaac Morris, nee Matthews


Daniel PUGH d. 9/7/1813, aged 82y, husband of Rebecca Thomas, Revolutionary War Veteran


Rebecca PUGH 11/27/1740-6/19/1819, wife of Daniel Pugh, daughter of John Thomas and Sarah James


Ann THOMAS d. 11/5/1752, aged 72y, wife of Rev. William Thomas, maiden name believed to be Griffith


Asa THOMAS d. 5/10/1839, aged 82y, husband of Martha James, son of Thomas Thomas and Mary Williams, Revolutionary War Veteran - fought 9/11/1777 at The Battle Of Brandywine under Gen. John Armstrong.


Eber THOMAS d. 10/16/1807, aged 36y, husband of Zillah Thomas, son of Manassah Thomas and Elizabeth Evans


Elias THOMAS d. 6/25/1814, aged 69y 5m ?d, husband of Elizabeth Howell, son of Ephraim Thomas and Eleanor Bates, Revolutionary War Veteran


Elizabeth THOMAS 10/13/1740-7/6/1821, wife of Elias Thomas, nee Howell


Elizabeth THOMAS 11/14/1786-11/6/1855, wife of Josiah Thomas, nee Hoffman


Essachar THOMAS d. 1/24/1860, aged 80y, husband of Ann, son of Elias Thomas and Elizabeth Howell


Gwentley THOMAS d. 11/11/1767, aged 56y, wife of Morris Morris, daughter of Rev. William Thomas


Josiah THOMAS 4/13/1784-8/20/1856, husband of Elizabeth Hoffman, son of Asa Thomas and Martha James


Manassah THOMAS d. 2/7/1802, aged 81y, husband of Elizabeth Evans, son of Rev. William Thomas and Ann, Revolutionary War Veteran


Martha THOMAS d. 4/11/1854, aged 89y, wife of Asa Thomas, nee James


Rev. William THOMAS d. 10/6/1757, aged 79y, First minister of Lower Baptist Church. Born in 1678 in Llamvenarth, Monmouthshire, Wales. He and wife Ann came to America when Rev. Thomas was age 34. He and Ann arrived Feb. 14, 1712.




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