Altoona Mirror's Souvenir


containing an Account of the Semi-Centennial Celebration of the


War Governors' Conference


held in Altoona, Pa. September 24, 25, 26 and 27, 1912



1862 - 1912


Altoona, PA: Mirror Printing Company, [January 1,] 1913.


Presented to Subscribers of the Altoona Mirror January 1, 1913

Extra Copies, 25 Cents


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Theo. W. ALLEMAN, Marshal of Firemen's Division

Edwin M. AMIES, Marshal of Military Division

Charles F. ANDERSON, Wholesale Merchants' Parade

A. B. CLARK, Chairman Amusement Committee

H. J. CORNMAN, Industrial Parade

E. B. GREENE, Chairman of Decorations Committee

W. J. HAMOR, Financial Secretary

A. T. HEINTZELMAN, Vice Chairman

C. H. HEINTZELMAN, Corresponding Secretary

Hon J. D. HICKS, General Committeeman

Capt. J. C. LONG, Advocated War Governor's Memorial

W. L.  LONGENECKER, Retail Merchants' Parade

Geo. F. MARSH, Chairman Invitations Committee

H. K. MCCAULEY, Manufacturers' Parade

Captain W. T. MILLER, Grand Army Division, Military Parade

C. L. NONEMAKER, Marshal, First Division

C. A. PRESTON, Chairman of Transportation Committee

L. Z. REPLOGLE, Hotels and Entertainment

Rev. Dr. Morgan M. SHEEDY, Marshal of the Parochial Schools

J. E. SHUTE, Auto parade

Harry SLUTZKER, Treasurer

Col. A. S. STAYER, Military and School Children's Parade

J. B. STOUCH, Chairman Badges and Privileges

J. V. TAYLOR, Chairman Publicity Committee

W. B WARD, Marshal of Clubs and Societies

W. C. WESTFALL, Civic and Industrial Parade


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Postcard of Taft at the Loyal War Governors Parade

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