Yellow Springs Cemetery

aka Henry's Church Cemetery

Catharine Township, Blair County, PA

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All photos and contributed by Abby Bowman & Ellis Michaels, unless otherwise noted

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Donald L. Anders, 11/26/1932-11/7/1968

George E. Anders, 7/24/1918-12/12/2000, Cpl. U.S. A.A.C. World War II

Raymond B. Anders, 1928-1957, U.S. A.A.F.

Roy Anders, 1894-1967  Myrtle I. Anders, 1898-1964

Herman L. Anderson, 1899-1992  Esther M. Anderson, 1897-1981

Alfred D. Aurandt, 1875-1982  Martha E. Aurandt, 1878-1945

Catharine S. H. Aurandt, d. 11/28/1903, a. 66y 7m 28d, w/o Jacob Aurandt

Daniel Aurandt, 1829-1915  Malinda Aurandt, 1830-1918

David Aurandt, d. 6/9/1849, a. 58y 3m 17d

Ellis M. Aurandt, 1883-1915

George W. Aurandt, 7/1/1845-9/18/1916  Rebecca Aurandt, w/o George W. Aurandt

Harry H. Aurandt, d. 5/21/1862, a. 1m, s/o Jacob & C. S. H. Aurandt

Harvey S. Aurandt (2), s/o David Aurandt

Jacob Aurandt, 10/8/1831-9/9/1908

Jacob B. Aurandt (2, 3), d. 9/10/1860, s/o D. Aurandt

James C. Aurandt, 1870-1913

Laura R. Aurandt, d. 2/5/1870, d/o Jacob & C. S. H. Aurandt

Margaret S. Aurandt, d. 7/28/1885, a. 88y 1m, w/o David Aurandt

Massey M. Aurandt, 1864-1916

Paul S. Aurandt, 1902-1965, Pvt. 636 Tk. Des. Btn. U.S. Army World War II

William J. Aurandt, d. 5/18?/1887, a. 3y 7m 29d?

William L. Aurandt, 2/13/1921-5/2/1979, Cpl. U.S. Marines World War II

Sarah Baird, d. 1/18/1891, a. 83y 3m 1d, w/o Jonathan Baird

Clement E. Barkley, 1890-1953

Samuel H. Beck (2), 1896-1975  Leona T. Beck, 1896, 1947

Leonard L. Bennett, 1923-2003, 890 CML Co. AO (MH) World War II

Annie Berkholder, a. 11y 16d, d/o J. M. & L. Berkholder

Richard A. Bigelow, 8/1/1958-5/16/2003

William H. Bigelow, 5/16/1934-5/10/1992

Stephenson E. Blake, 1972-2005

Irma E. Bousum (2), a. 1yr 4m 7d, d/o J. M. & N. T. Bousum

James M. Bousum, 3/30/1867-12/6/1936  Nora T. Bousum, d. 9/5/1908, a. 34y 4d  Richard Paul Bousum, 8/26/1896-3/25/1974

Fred C. Brantner, 10/4/1890-3/24/1980  Elsie M. Brantner, 1/9/1900-4/23/1992

James Edgar Brantner, 11/9/1912-1/10/1984

Mollie C. Brantner, 1874-1966  Catherine M. Brantner, 1908-1993

N. Jane Bumgardner, 11/26/1927-6/27/2001

Harrison M. Burns, 1867-1937

Lucy A. Burns, d. 3/7?/1880, a. 38y ?m 16d, w/o George Burns, d/o Jonathan & Sarah Beard

Suzanne Colyer Capute, 12/20/1946-3/11/2005

James Clark, d. 3/13/1868, a. abt. 75y

Cecil H. Colyer, 1903-1976

Charles C. Colyer, 1884-1957  Margaret S. Colyer, 1877-1955

Solomon Conaway, d. 2/25/1870?, a. 13y 9m 27d, s/o Isaac & Mary Conaway

Bertha Mae Conner, 1919-1999

Leo R. Conner, 1941-1970

Raymond Guy Conner, 1899-1963  Alice Maud Conner, 1908-1997

Estella V. Cunningham, 1886-1943

Harry G. Cunningham, 1880-1964  Margaret A. Cunningham, 1899-1931

Infant Cunningham, d. 7/3, 1904, d/o H. G. & B. L. Cunningham

R. Paul Cunningham, 1885-1966

W. Paul Cunningham, 1919-1991

Nettie Davis-Combs, 1881-1966

Ivan Wayne Davis, 1898-1919

Winfield S. Davis, d. 12/6/1862, a. 2y 2d, s/o Joseph & Eve Davis

George L. Dean, d. 1/10/188?, a. 11m 24d, s/o J. S. Dean

Infant Dell, d. 1949, d/o James & Margaret Dell

Marian E. Dell, 1919-1975

R. Clair Dell, 1886-1968  Alda B. Dell, 1889-1977

Robert Dell, 1918-1942

Christiana Delozier, d. 9/15/1881, a. 36y 21d, w/o Daniel Delozier

Daniel Delozier, d. 1/4/1884, a. 46y 7m

? Downing, d. 2/8/1878, a. 1y 11m 8d, d/o D. Downing

Charles W. Downing, 1886-1965  Anna B. Downing, 1888-1964

David Stewart Downing, 1870-1951  Maude Beck Downing, 1864-1956

Edna B. Downing, 1913-1976  Helen E. Downing, 1908-1972

James W. Downing, d. 8/11/1881, a. 81y 24d

James W. Downing, d. 6/21/1876, a. 1y 8m 8d

Mary M. Downing, d. 2/22/1880, a. 71y 8m 14d

Delila Dunlap, d. 4/23/1861, a. 5y 11m 21d, s/o Joseph & Nancy Dunlap

Charles A. Dunn, Sr., 8/3/1927-9/30/1985, Seaman 1/C US Navy World War II

Harry F. Eastep, 12/16/1875-12/11/1886

Eric G. Eckblade, 1902-1957  Helen M. Eckblade, 1906-1976

Harold G. Eckblade, 8/1/1929-2/8/1979  Yoshiko Eckblade, 9/10/1933-9/7/1984

Linda Kay Eckblade, 23/13/1948-5/21/1948, d/o Eric G. & Helen M. Eckblade

Robert E. Eckblade, 1935-1992

Phyllis F. Edelen, 1920-1993

Andrew Foster England (2), 4/20/1987-3/2/1996

Foster W. England (2), 3/11/1906-8/16/1995, Pvt. US Army Air Corps  Frances C. England, 1916-1983

R. Raymond England, 1/30/1895-12/27/1981  Emma England, 11/17/1907-5/23/1996  Carol Ann England, 3/18/1938-9/14/1961

Bertie V. Estep (2), d. 6/27/1873, a. 3y 10m 12d, d/o Wm. & Anna Estep

Katy A. Estep, d. 6/20/1862, a. 3y 5m 18d, d/o George & Elizabeth Estep

Molley A. Estep, d. 12/30/1865, a. 5w 2d, d/o George & Elizabeth Estep

Nannie Estep (2), d. 12/15?/1972?, 6y 10m

Nannie Estep, d. 4/?/1864, d/o George & Elizabeth Estep

Howard W. Fagan, 1892-1978  Ethel M. Fagan, 1895-1952

J. H. Fagan, 1867-1924

Mary C. Fagan, 1867-1930

Donald E. Farringer (2), 7/23/1929-7/30/2005 

John Fay, 1884-1955

Edith A. Fink (2), d. 11/5/1898, a. 5y 1m 8d, d/o B. F. & D. Fink

Thomas W. Fisher, 11/6/1920-4/10/2000

Ella C. Flaig, 1870-1963

Gerald K. Flaig, 1917-1957, Master Sgt. 648th Eng. Topographic Btn. World War II

David Warren Focht, 1/28/1889-6/18/1962  Flora May Focht, 10/3/1887-7/27/1960

Glenn D. Focht (2), 2/19/1920-8/11/2002, Cpl. 12th Inf. 4th Div. US Army, World War II

Howard M. Focht, 1912-1966  Sylvia A. Focht, 1912-1988

Lorraine A. Focht, 4/21/1916-11/2/1995

Margaret E. Focht, 7/20/1931-7/8/1980

Catharine Foglezang, 2/1/1799-8/13/1988, a. 78y 6m 12d

David E. Fonner, 1902-1966, Pfc. 3rd Service Com. US Army World War II

Grace N. Fonner, 1/2/1908-3/29/2002

Frank Forshey, 2/26/1892-9/25/1984  Joanna Walker Forshey, 2/20/1893-5/7/1956

Oscar D. Forshey, 1/7/1922-11/19/1973, Pfc. US Army World War II

Paul M. Forshey, Sr. (2), 12/10/1925-7/18/1986, Cpl. US Army World War II

Raymond F. Forshey, 12/26/1920-10/18/1983, Pfc. US Army World War II

Cath. Free (2), 3/1/1827-10/6/1896

Geo. W. Free, 5/15/1818-3/2/1891

Saml. B. Free, 11/16/1864-10/3/1896

William Lloyd Free, d. 3/21/1877, a. 5y 5m 18d, s/o G. W. & C. Free

Charles M. Gardner (2), 1866-1951  Lucy M. Gardner, 1874-1941

Ella I. Gardner, 1874-1920

Martin Gates (2), 4/28/1838-9/21/1914

Florence C. Gormish, 1914-1998

G. Marion Gray, 2/5/1918-12/3/1981, Sgt. US Army World War II

George W. Gray, 4/1/1893-5/20/1953  Luella B. Gray, 8/5/1894-1/28/1970

Nancy Gray (2), 2/9/1876, a. 42y, w/o G. W. Gray

William W. Gray, 1865-1941  Loretto Gray, 1872-1955

George Landis Greaser, 3/30/1949-4/2/2005

Ernest E. Grove, 1915-2003  Clara R. Grove, 1918-2000

George H. Grove, 1907-1961

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