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Altoona, Blair County, PA

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Africa Family  Contributor: June Weston

Elizabeth A. Africa, 1860-1926  Contributor: June Weston

Warren L. Africa, 1859-1926  Contributor: June Weston

Jacob Dunkel, 1857-1922  Mary Dunkel, 1858-1940  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Martha (Sidler) Dunkle  Contributor: Kat McGuire

William H. Glazier, Jr., 1893-1923  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Allen S. Griffith, 1/8/1921-1/4/1937, s/o A. H. & L. R. Griffith  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Lloyd D. Griffith, 6/18/1917-1/22/1923, s/o A. H. & L. R. Griffith  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Zola M. Griffith, 4/27/1923-7/28/1923, d/o A. H. & L. R. Griffith  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Martin L. Henry, 1864-1948  Ida M. Henry, 1867-1956  Contributor: June Weston

Anna M. Hoffman, 1886-1969  Contributor: June Weston

Lloyd C. Hoffman, 1886-1977  Ruth I. Hoffman, 1887-1976  Contributor: June Weston

Louis F. Hoffman, 1883-1953  Contributor: June Weston

David C. Kinch, 1864-1953  M. Maude Kinch, 1866-1916  Contributor: Tina Ludwig

John L. Kinch, 1889-1985  Edna M. Kinch, 1892-1957  Contributor: Tina Ludwig

Thelma M. Kinch, 1917-1936  Contributor: Tina Ludwig

James Condo Kreamer, 1898-1951  Grace (Musser) Kreamer, 1902-  Contributor: June Weston

Charles Larson, 1867-19--  Augusta Larson, 1869-1936  Contributor: June Weston

David P. Murray, 1857-1943  Mary E. Murray, 1861-19--  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Roland C. Musser, 1899-1983  Ethel C. Musser, 1901-1992  Contributor: June Weston

Charles J. Orberg, 1884-1948  Esther M. Orberg, 1889-1957  Contributor: June Weston

John T. Orr, 12/30/1909-3/1/1999  Meda B. Orr, 11/1/1909-11/15/1983  Contributor: Kat McGuire

David C. Robison, 1857-1930  Contributor: Kim Williams

Dawn Rene Robison, 2/18/1968  Contributor: Kim Williams

Frank R. Robison, 1907-1970  Contributor: Kim Williams

Harvey Hooker Robison, 1863-1947, s/o John C. & Maria (Robertson) Robison  Annie Elizabeth (Leech) Robison, 1867-1954, d/o John & Catherine (Russell) Leech  Contributor: Kim Williams

Mildred E. Robison, 1899-1957  Contributor: Kim Williams

Nellie M. Robison, 1910-1997  Contributor: Kim Williams

Rose Hill Cemetery, Altoona, PA  Entry Sign, Mountains, Long View  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Jennie Simington, 1873-1934  Contributor: Kat McGuire

Joseph Simington, 1880-1957  Jennie Simington, 1873-1934  Contributor: Kat McGuire

David T. White, 5/10/1907-10/25/1968  Anna E. White, 11/15/1909-5/16/1980  Contributor: Tina Ludwig

Samuel F. White, 1884-1940  Blanche O. White, 1886-1974  Contributor: Tina Ludwig

Muriel Leone Youtzy, 12/15/1919-1/29/1920  Contributor: Kat McGuire

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