Mount Etna Children's Cemetery

Catharine Township, Blair County, PA

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Directions: From Hollidaysburg go east on Rt. 22, about 13 miles or so. Make right turn onto Etna Furnace Road (TR461). Drive about 2 miles or so to the site of the old iron furnace. If you stand in front facing the row house next to the old blacksmith shop, the cemetery is due north up the hill. Follow the line of telephone poles up the hill (a very steep climb) to the top where you will reach a open field surrounded by a wire fence. Facing the field, look to your left, at the wooded area surrounded by a separate fence. The cemetery is in this wooded area towards the open field. Follow the wooded area's fence down the hill about 30-40 yards, and you will see a gate. Go through the gate, and walk up the hill, and you will see the stones are scattered about the site.

The cemetery is in abandoned condition, and in complete disarray. All but 2 of the stones are unseated and laying on the ground.

The cemetery now lies on private property, and the owner desires that you first seek permission before entering the site.

George L. Alexander (2, 3, 4), 25 Nov 1853 aged 2Y 2M 2D, s/o William & Hannah

Margaret Chilcote (2, 3, 4, 5), 15 Oct 1854 Aged 1Y 1M 28D, d/o Benjamin & E.

Rachel Iowa Gardner (2, 3, 4, 5), 31 Aug 1854 aged 1Y 2M 8D, d/o Andrew & Catharine

George W. Hatfield (2, 3, 4), 27 Sep 1854 aged 2Y (4?)M 12D

[H]anry Huntington,(2), 10 Aug 1832 In Memory, s/o Neba Huntington esqr. of Lebanon, who died of the Small pox, Aged 28Y

Edmond Leeper, (2, footstone), 16 Jun 185(8?) aged 3Y 11M 26D, s/o David & Mary

C. Freemont Mentzer (2, footstone), 06 Mar 1857 aged 11D, s/o J.B. & Lydia

Catherine Mentzer (2), 14 Aug 1852 aged 2Y 3M, d/o Joseph B. & Lydia

Howard I. Ross (2, footstone), 01 Aug 1859 age 10M 14D, s/o William & Nancy

Unknown #1, (2, 3)

Unknown #2, (2)

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Unknown Footstone, (2, 3)

Unknown J. C., (2, 3)

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