Mennonite Cemetery

Martinsburg, North Woodbury Township, Blair County, PA

Contributed and by Terry A. McGuire unless otherwise noted

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Eugene D. Bowser, 1914-1952

Kenneth Dale Bowser, 1942-1945

Lawrence H. Bowser, 1888-1945  Orpha L. Bowser, 1898-1964

Marjorie JoAnn (Luke) Bowser, 1931-1960

Tammy Lou Bowser, 1958-2007

William Harry Bowser, 12/15/1936-12/25/1936

Howard M. Ebright, 1867-1955

Roy M. Griffith, 5/7/1918-11/26/2004  Victoria O. (Bowers) Griffith, 12/19/1919-4/25/2008  m. 9/29/1937

Mary F. Hartman, 1/21/1893-11/6/1972

Samuel M. Hartman, 1851-1933  Priscilla M. Hartman, 1857-1923

Calvin R. Hollopeter, 10/30/1930-1/8/2000  Mark Hollopeter, n.d.  William Hollopeter, n.d.

Reuben L. Hollopeter, 1889-1969  Margaret M. Hollopeter, 1893-197?  John L. Hollopeter, 1920-1936

Walter M. McIntyre, 11/17/1913-1/22/2009  Harriet K. McIntyre, 10/25/1920-12/20/2001

Jacob Levi Ott, 8/6/1973-9/9/2003

Clinton H. Shirk, 1874-1960  Daisy F. Shirk, 1882-1955  Elizabeth Shirk, 1904-1923

Gary Ray Steele, 7/17/1945-12/30/2007

Jackie R. Wertz, 1946-1940

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